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Recent court disclosures give two indications that federal employees could have planted the classified documents used to mire Trump and several aides into a sprawling investigation and an election-interfering court case. The first is the explosive evidence revealed Friday: For 11 months, the special counsel’s office hid that it misplaced some — we don’t know how many or which — of the same allegedly classified documents it claims Trump criminally possessed at Mar-a-Lago.

In that news-dump-timed filing Friday afternoon, the special counsel’s office revealed that when federal agents took boxes of papers from Trump’s home in an unprecedented FBI raid, they took out what they thought might be classified documents the president allegedly was not allowed to possess. They say they marked these documents’ original location in the boxes with “placeholder” sheets of paper marked for an inventory.

Yet after these boxes were removed to the FBI’s Washington field office for further inspection, the special counsel says, they discovered the boxes were not in the same state as when they were seized at Mar-a-Lago. When attempting to piece the boxes back together, the special counsel’s office said, “In many but not all instances, the FBI was able to determine which document with classification markings corresponded to a particular placeholder sheet” (emphasis added).

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he Russian government including President Putin now publicly acknowledges that Western provocations are increasing in scope and seriousness and are spinning the Ukrainian conflict out of control.

The Russian government has stated that the American F-16 aircraft supplied to Ukraine by the idiotic governments of Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium will “be treated as nuclear-capable weapons.”

Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and currently deputy director of the Russian Security Council has declared the West’s leaders to be “infantile morons” whose ignorant arrogance is leading to their destruction.

Alarmed by the increasing likelihood of NATO and US soldiers deployed to Ukraine and by the British Foreign Secretary’s statement that there are no prohibitions on Ukraine’s use of the UK-provided long range missiles to strike deep into Russian territory, President Putin has ordered the Russian Ministry of Defense to conduct exercises to guarantee Russia’s ability to rapidly deploy battlefield nuclear weapons.

Medvedev stated that while the moronic French president speaks of “strategic ambiguity,” for Russia there is no ambiguity. Russia’s “response will not be in Ukraine. There will be no hiding on Capitol Hill, in the Elysee Palace or at 10 Downing Street.”

These developments confirm that I was correct that Putin’s never-ending conflict would permit ever increasing Western interventions until the situation spins out of control. As Putin has never enforced any of his many red lines that the West has crossed in Ukraine, the West no longer regards Russian warnings as meaningful. The warnings are welcomed and used as propaganda to further rouse Western populations to “the Russian threat.”

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Back in mid-February, the mainstream propaganda machine bombarded us with a slew of reports about “big bad Russian space nukes“, claiming that Moscow is using its technological prowess to build strategic space-based weapons. And while it’s true the Eurasian giant is a cosmic superpower and that it certainly has the know-how to accomplish such a feat, the mainstream propaganda machine conveniently “forgot” to explain why the Kremlin would make the decision to expand its space capabilities. Namely, Russia is indeed planning to deploy a nuclear-powered anti-satellite weapon (ASAT), but there’s a massive difference between having thermonuclear warheads pointed at Earth from space and having a nuclear-powered spacecraft. The Russian military is already in possession of the former, as it was the world’s first operator of the FOBS back in the early 1960s.

FOBS, an acronym for the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (СЧОБ in Russian), is a thermonuclear weapon system found on intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), designed to make their range effectively limitless. China tested its own version of the technology only in 2021, while the United States has been unable to create anything similar. Thus, Moscow has had this capability for well over half a century, so why is there such hype over a supposed nuclear-powered ASAT all of a sudden? It’s exceedingly difficult to ignore the fact that this is being used as yet another excuse to push several warmongering agendas at once. First, it furthers the idea that there “cannot be peace” with the Kremlin, and second, it gives Washington DC the perfect excuse to continue militarizing space, started years (or, in reality, even decades) before the special military operation (SMO).

On May 1, in an official statement before the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee On Strategic Forces, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy John Plumb actually explained how the US plans to militarize space to “further its interests”, or more precisely, expand options to continue its aggression against the entire world. The statement reflects on current and upcoming space policies of the Department of Defense (DoD), specifically on the Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 National Security Space Programs. Plumb directly mentioned China and Russia as the primary threats to Washington DC’s increasingly overstretched (neo)colonial empire. The budget predicted for FY 2025 is $33.7 billion, $25.2 billion of which will be “investments for procurement and research, development, test, and evaluation”. To put it into perspective, that’s a third of Russia’s annual military budget.

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UNESCO should be congratulated for awarding the Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize for 2024 to Palestinian journalists covering Gaza. The prize this year was announced in Santiago, Chile in conjunction with World Press Day on 3rd  May  2024.

The prize named in honour of a Colombian journalist murdered in 1986, Guillermo Cano Isaza, is a recognition of the courage shown by journalists who are prepared to carry out their responsibilities in the face of grave danger. Guillermo was a newspaper editor who was a vocal critic of drug barons in his country and in South and Central America.   

It is an indisputable truth that journalists in Gaza have been confronting the reality of death every day of their lives in the last seven months as Israeli bombs rain their congested homeland and Israeli bullets target any child, woman or man who inhabits that narrow strip of land. Up to this point, 7th May 2024, 143 journalists have lost their lives in the Israeli assault on Gaza. This is the largest number of journalists killed in a conflict within a certain period of time in a certain demographic setting.

The number of journalists killed should be viewed in the context of the huge massacre that has taken place in Gaza since October 7th. Israel —mainly its armed forces and Zionist settlers who are allowed to kill Palestinians at random— have annihilated at least 35,000 people in the course of the last seven months. It is heart-rending to know that about 70% of those killed are children and women. Indeed, more children have died in the present conflict in Gaza and the West Bank than in any previous assault upon Palestinian territory since 1948 when the state of Israel was established.

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Boeing's Starliner capsule has left the launch pad.

Starliner and its rocket ride, a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V, rolled off the pad at Florida's Cape Canaveral Space Force Station today (May 8), heading to an assembly building at the site so scientists can replace a misbehaving valve in the launcher's upper stage.

The duo could be back soon, however: They're scheduled to launch no earlier than May 17, kicking off Starliner's first-ever astronaut mission, a trial run to the International Space Station (ISS) called Crew Flight Test (CFT).

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Gender ideologues' narrative around sex-change mutilations and so-called "gender-affirming care" has collapsed in recent months, prompting some Western governments to pump the brakes on the nightmarish medicalization scheme as well as apologies from former collaborators. Nationally syndicated radio host and cofounder of Blaze Media Glenn Beck discussed the fallout and possible next steps Wednesday with one of the people who accelerated this collapse.

In a damning exposé entitled "The Reckoning," Beck shined a light on the dark world of "gender-affirming care." He explored the stories of various victims; spoke to de-transitioner Luka Hein about the fallout of her rushed medicalization; defined key terms and rhetorical tricks exploited by LGBT activists; and both named and shamed a number of perpetrators he indicated ought to be locked up.

Beck also spoke to Environmental Progress researcher Mia Hughes, one of the investigators who dealt a fatal blow to whatever remaining credibility the sex-change regime was believed to possess.

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Pfizer has agreed to settle more than 10,000 lawsuits which alleged that the company failed to warn patients about possible cancer risks caused by the anti-heartburn medication Zantac.

The lawsuits were filed in state courts across the country, but the agreements don’t completely resolve Pfizer’s exposure to the claims linking Zantac and cancer, according to Bloomberg News.

Terms of the settlements were not disclosed.

The Post has sought comment from Pfizer.

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Walking across the stage at graduation is something nearly all parents look forward to. But a Pueblo parent said that has now changed for him because his son and two other Marine graduates have discovered they will not be allowed to wear their dress blues to graduation unless the uniforms are covered by a cap and gown. 

"Being that I'm a veteran, this does ring a hard, emotional bell with me. I must say, my son did earn this title of the United States Marine," said Tom Pencis.

"You might as well put a gown over the United States flag. Are they going to do that? I doubt it," said Pencis.

Thomas Pencis, Jacob Dalton, and Christopher Ferguson graduated early from Centennial High School in Pueblo in the Fall and chose to serve their country. 

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Let’s put two and two together.

Start with what’s happening in America at this very moment.

The anarchy on college campuses. That’s not brain-dead Biden. It’s all Obama. Why do you think it’s all centered around Columbia University?

This all started at Columbia University, Class of 1983. I’m a witness. We were taught to hate America and support socialism and communism. Even back then, all my Columbia classmates wanted “Death to America.” We were taught “Cloward-Piven”- the plan to destroy America, the US economy, the great American middle class, and of course, capitalism.

Who was my college classmate back at Columbia? Obama.

The weaponization of government and persecution of President Trump. That’s not brain-dead Biden. It’s all Obama.

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