"History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh." -- Michael Rivero

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Doomed CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and violence, is looking to cut “more than $50 million” in anchor salaries.

Let’s start with the current salaries. You are not going to believe how much these assholes are reportedly paid per year:

  • Anderson Cooper: $20 million
  • Wolf Blitzer: $15 million
  • Jake Tapper: $8.5 million
  • Chris Wallace: $8 million
  • John Berman, Kate Bolduan, Sara Sidner: $1 to $2 million
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Can America hope to climb past its mountain of $34 trillion of federal debt? With the staggering weight of unfunded liabilities in vital entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare reaching a staggering $212 trillion, any strategy for repayment is met with formidable obstacles. Our guest contributor examines these challenges and arrives at a sobering verdict: the magnitude of the debt renders the prospect of repayment virtually impossible. 

While clearing the debt may be beyond reach, the US can still take decisive action to rein in spending and prevent further exacerbation of its dire financial predicament.

Webmaster addition:  We need to go back to the honest monetary system this nation started with. Private Central Banks, by design, produce more debt than wealth, so escape is impossible. The US fought a revolution to escape the Bank of England, only to have it replaced with the Federal Reserve.

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Current and former U.S officials interviewed by the Wall Street Journal have reported that approximately 1,000 MK-82 227 kilogram unguided gravity bombs are being reviewed for delivery to Israel, among a range of other military equipment intended to further reinforce the Middle Eastern state. The Israel Defence Force has ongoing operations against Palestinian militia forces in the Gaza Strip and against the Lebanese political party and militia group Hezbollah. The Israeli Air Force has also launched multiple air strikes against neighbouring Syria, which escalated considerably since hostilities in Gaza broke out in October. An assessment drafted by the U.S. Embassy in Israel stated that the country has requested an accelerated transfer to defend against “continued and emerging regional threats,” with American assessments highlighting that Israeli military operations were intended “to prevent gross violations of human rights,” and that the country was “a transparent partner” where concerns over possible misuse of American equipment were raised. 

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They are saying “from the river to the sea.”

How long before we can say “from the ocean to the ocean” in reference to American liberation from Jewish occupation?

I feel for the Palestinians, but the biggest reason I feel for them is that we’re in the exact same situation. Theirs is more brutal in some ways, in others ours is more brutal (they don’t have child trannies in Gaza). But we are both occupied, oppressed, repressed, abused, and dominated by the Jews.

It’s one struggle.

It’s time for these leftist protesters to realize that.

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Don’t let the alarmist sound of this column’s title put you off. It is not a “conspiracy theory.” This column is a factual report as you will see if you read on.

Everyone needs to understand that the ruling elite in the US are implementing a decision to redefine democracy in a way that eliminates democracy, makes Congress superfluous, voting pointless, and discards the Constitution as an outdated document inconsistent with the power the ruling elite intend to wield over Americans and the rest of the world.

The decision has been made to redefine democracy from the will of the people to protecting “the sanctity of democratic institutions.” Precisely, what are “democratic institutions”? They are not the institutions, such as Congress and representative government or the rule of law and an independent judiciary, that we currently regard as democratic institutions. “Democratic institutions” are the institutions of the censorship industry, such as the military/security complex, State Department, NATO, CIA, FBI, IMF, World Bank, NGOs, the Atlantic Council, the Aspen Institute, the presstitutes, Black Rock, JP Morgan/Chase and other of the consensus-building institutions that set agendas and control the narratives. To express disagreement with the consensus these elite institutions build is considered to be “an attack on democracy.” In other words, “democracy” is the property of the elite institutions, and the sanctity of these elite institutions must be protected from the people defined by Hillary Clinton as “the Trump deplorables.” The will of the people is eliminated from the picture.

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There’s only one problem with opposing identity politics. All politics is identity politics. Anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a fraud. For example, the American pseudo-conservative Ben Shapiro (born 1984) is a fraud. He’s a strongly identified Jew and Israel-Firster who tells his White followers to eschew identity politics. He wants them to ignore race and emphasize character. He promotes the lie that America is based on ideas, not on identity. As he famously said: “I don’t give a good damn about the so-called ‘browning of America.’ Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” But would Shapiro be indifferent to the “browning” of Israel? Of course not. When he says he opposes identity politics, he means he opposes the wrong kind of identity politics: anything that threatens Jewish interests.

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A small minority of asylum seekers have come to america seeking something other than the american dream. They do not represent the thousands who’ve come here seeking a better life, however their presence is being felt across the city, and the police are playing catch up.

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Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of Global Research, has examined the new French law that defines dissent from official medical narratives as a “sectarian aberration” and criminalizes dissent from medical narratives, such as “the mRNA vaccine is safe and effective.”

The law also creates a new crime called “provocation to abstention from medical care.” A French citizen is guilty of a crime if the person refuses a vaccine or medical treatment handed down by authorities. Had the law been in place during the mass vaccination campaign with the deadly mRNA “vaccine,” all who refused would have received three years imprisonment and paid a 45,000 euro fine. This ensures that next time everyone will receive the “vaccine,” because if you refuse you will be imprisoned and the prison rules will require you to be “vaccinated.”

The new law also protects the pharmaceutical corporations from any accountability for the deaths and health damage their lies caused by criminalizing French citizens–including doctors and medical scientists–who speak against the Covid-19 “vaccines.” This demonstrates the power of Big Pharma over democracy, which with this death blow given to free speech and medical fact no longer exists in France.

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A Tempe, Arizona, neighborhood has been named “Culdesac” and is America’s first example of a 15-minute city, a vision of the World Economic Forum and the globalist cult, who are pitching the concept as being more environmentally friendly. Instead of seeing this development as a dystopian nightmare, Culdesac residents appear to be thrilled at their new way of life, do they have any idea what they have in store for them?

A 15-minute city is a SMART City in an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record even the most intimate, personal details of every individual inhabiting it. 

The globalist goal is to collect the data of every individual and will know:

  • What they eat and drink,
  • Where they go,
  • What they buy,
  • Who they meet,
  • What they think and feel
  • Their opinions and habits
  • Their health and vaccination status. Etc, etc..

In other words, every little detail, and as the oft-quoted Noah Yuval Harari has said, those who own that data will know you better than you know yourself. Yet this all-encompassing surveillance has been justified as we are told that it will be essential for the future of the planet, and to save it from “climate change.”

They also guarantee it will make your life more connected, safer, and healthier and it looks like the Culdesac residents have bought the idea.

12 News report promoted the community as helping with sustainability which includes them giving up their own vehicles as Culdesac is the first community in the nation to be designed around car-free living, but instead of being unhappy about this, the report showed a Culdesac employee who seemed to be thrilled about the alternate transportation provided in the neighborhood due to gas vehicles being prohibited from the area.

The employee told 12 News “Residents can own one [a car] as long as it’s not parked on site. “Can you imagine living on top of your grocery store?” the employee asked the news outlet.

“What’s the appeal of living on top of a grocery store?” asked the People’s voice” who say that “of course, the development will be used to push similar Agenda 2030 nightmare neighborhoods across America.

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State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs

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by Tyler Durden

Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 - 07:10 AM

Authored by Matt Taibbi via Racket News,

A year after its censorship programs were exposed, the Global Engagement Center still insists the public has no right to know how it's spending taxpayer money...

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The State Department is so unhappy a newspaper published details about where it’s been spending your taxes, it’s threatened to only show a congressional committee its records in camera until it gets a “better understanding of how the Committee will utilize this sensitive information.” Essentially, Tony Blinken is threatening to take his transparency ball home unless details about what censorship programs he’s sponsoring stop appearing in papers like the Washington Examiner:

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The State Department tells Congress, which controls its funding, that it will only disclose where it spent our money “in camera”

A year ago the Examiner published “Disinformation, Inc.”, a series by investigative reporter Gabe Kaminsky describing how the State Department was backing a UK-based agency that creates digital blacklists for disfavored media outlets. Your taxes helped fund the Global Disinformation Index, or GDI, which proudly touts among its services an Orwellian horror called the Dynamic Exclusion List, a digital time-out corner where at least 2,000 websites were put on blast as unsuitable for advertising, “thus disrupting the ad-funded disinformation business model.”

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The culprit was the Global Engagement Center, a little-known State Department entity created in Barack Obama’s last year in office and a surprise focus of Twitter Files reporting. The GEC grew out of a counter-terrorism agency called the CSCC and has a mission to “counter” any messaging, foreign or domestic as it turns out, that they see as “undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United States.” The GEC-funded GDI rated ten conservative sites as most “risky” and put the Examiner on its “exclusion” list, while its ten sites rated at the “lowest level of disinformation” included Buzzfeed, which famously published the Steele Dossier knowing it contained errors and is now out of business

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Everything you see or hear coming from the mainstream media is a lie. Not some of it, not most of it, all of it

To substantiate what I’ve just said, let’s look at some recent examples.

In October of 2023, the mainstream media told us that Israel was hit with a surprise attack by Hamas. So applying our rule of opposites, we knew right away that it wasn’t a surprise attack at all.

Sure enough, we now have confirmation that Israel had prior knowledge of the “surprise attack” and actually participated in the attacks themselves. The truth was and is the exact opposite of what the mainstream media reported.

The mainstream media told us that Hamas beheaded forty babies. Once again, by applying our rule of opposites we knew right away that no babies were beheaded. And within 24 hours we had confirmation of how that was the case. The entire story turned out to be a fraud and hoax. There were no beheaded babies.

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The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has proven to be a lucrative opportunity for the American military-industrial complex, with a notable increase in orders for weapons and ammunition from European allies and the Pentagon. The Wall Street Journal reports a sharp uptick in demand, as European nations bolster their military capabilities, and the Pentagon replenishes depleted reserves destined for Ukraine.

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Desperate Palestinians rushing toward aid trucks to fetch food in central Gaza were forced to flee after Israeli troops opened fire on them amid the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in the enclave.

Footage verified by Al Jazeera shows hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza City in the central part of the besieged enclave running to get food items delivered by the United Nations in boxes on the back of trucks as bullets are fired.

“Desperate and hungry Palestinians are running out of options. Under Israeli sniper fire, they are risking their lives to reach one of the few aid trucks entering Gaza City,” said Al Jazeera’s Tareq Abu Azzoum, reporting from Rafah in southern Gaza.

A Palestinian man speaking to Al Jazeera said people lack the minimum necessities of life.

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Rayya, an 89-year-old Palestinian woman, is a survivor of the holocaust that has engulfed the Palestinian population since the Nakba of 1948.  She has now taken refuge in Rafah from the US-backed Gaza Genocide.  Her story is told briefly by her niece, Ghada Ageel, in Al-Jazeera under the headline “In Rafah, the final – and most deadly-stage of this genocide is upon us.”  Rayya’s biography reminds us vividly that history in historic Palestine did not begin on October 7.

There is another reason to read this brief piece on Rayya. The ongoing genocide in Gaza has been so widely reported in social media, over web outlets and in foreign media that it is hard for Western media to completely ignore the massive bombing and daily carnage.

Still the Western has done its best to slant the coverage against Palestinians and toward Israelis.  This is so obvious that it has been shown by quantitative analysis using a word count in the New York Times, Washington Post, and LA Times!  This analysis was reported in The Intercept by Adam Johnson and Othman Ali who conclude that these influential papers “showed a consistent bias against Palestinians,” “disproportionately emphasized Israeli deaths in the conflict” and “used highly emotive language to describe the killings of Israelis but not Palestinians.”

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Family members of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks mourn over their bodies at the morgue of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza, on 15 February.

Israeli troops escalated their attacks on a major hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, on Friday while negotiations toward a prisoner exchange and long-term truce between Israel and Hamas continued.

News reports confirmed that Egypt is clearing land in the northern Sinai to contain people displaced from Gaza in what appears to be a contingency plan for a mass exodus, which Cairo says it opposes.

The development is heightening fears that the threatened incursion into Rafah, where more than a million people are concentrated after Israel ordered the evacuation of other areas of Gaza, would entail not only a bloodbath but also a mass expulsion of Palestinians from their land.

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The Israeli cabinet approved on Sunday a proposal that blocks any acceptance of international pressure to create an independent Palestinian state. The most far-right cabinet in Israel’s history, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and extremist ministers including Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, has been taking decisions so outrageous that it has provoked not only the Palestinians, but also the international community and Israel’s main ally the United States.

Netanyahu has been prosecuting a brutal war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since October. The occupied territory had already been under a comprehensive Israeli-led siege since 2007, the effects of which have been made immeasurably worse by the apartheid state’s aggression. Indeed, Israel’s latest military offensive on Gaza has been denounced by many international leaders, organisations and observers as a genocide.

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Israel’s genocidal moral depravity keeps plunging into new depths.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Kan public broadcaster ran a news program for “the 130th day of the war” hosted by the veteran Ayala Hasson. During the program, she interviewed former Mossad official Rami Igra, who had been head of the spy and assassination agency’s “Captive & Missing Division.” 

Igra echoed President Isaac Herzog’s claim that there are “no uninvolved [civilians] in Gaza.” Igra emphasizes the point by saying “There is no such thing,” as Hasson disrupts him in agreement with an affirming “You’re right, you’re right.” 

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The greatest President of my lifetime, who loves this country and wants to make it great again, was just framed and publicly lynched by the government, politicians, prosecutors and court system of New York City.

Trust me, New York City is going to wish they never played this game. They may not know it yet, but New York City just committed financial suicide.

I was born and raised in New York. I graduated from Columbia University in New York City. My first apartment as an adult was in New York City. Even in the past three decades since I left, I’ve looked forward to my many business trips each year to New York.

I’ve always been proud of being from New York. I’ve given business speeches around the world about using “New York Attitude” to enjoy mega-success in the business world. All ex-New Yorkers live forever in Billy Joel’s words, “in a New York state of mind.”

Not anymore. New York is now dead to me.

New York City has become a cesspool of mental illness, wokeness, communism, and hatred towards conservatives and patriots.

Even worse, the Democrat politicians of New York suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” As a result, they have weaponized New York government against President Trump in a way that represents a combination of Soviet KGB, East German Stasi, and Nazi Gestapo.

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Israel has threatened to invade Gaza's Rafah by the start of Ramadan if Hamas does not return the remaining hostages in a dark ultimatum condemned by international observers.

The United States and other governments, as well as the United Nations, have issued increasingly urgent appeals to Israel to call off its planned offensive on Rafah, where three-quarters of the displaced Palestinian population has fled.

Some 1.2 million people are now taking shelter in sprawling tent encampments without access to adequate food, water or medicine in the city that used to be home to just 250,000. 

But the Israeli government says the city on the Egypt border is the last remaining stronghold in Gaza of the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

'The world must know, and Hamas leaders must know - if by Ramadan our hostages are not home, the fighting will continue everywhere, including the Rafah area,' Benny Gantz, a retired military chief of staff, told a conference of American Jewish leaders in Jerusalem on Sunday.

I doubt Israel will change course even if the hostages are released!

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