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A complaint against Pfizer pharmaceutical was filed to the UK’s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), the regulator responsible for policing promotions of prescription medicines in the UK.
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Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of California…

Prostitutes are now soliciting johns next to a St. Anthony’s K-8 Catholic grade school in Oakland all hours of the day after Governor Newsom signed a law ending loitering arrests for prostitution.

Last summer the Democrat governor signed a state law that prevents police from arresting sex workers loitering for prostitution.

So now the prostitutes are walking around scantily clad and in some even naked next to children and the police can’t make any arrests thanks to Gavin Newsom.

One mother told ABC 7 that the prostitutes literally stand in front of the school gate as they solicit johns.

“Do you see this every day?” ABC7’s Stephanie Sierra asked Rosa Vargas, a mother who sees the loitering prostitutes as she drops her daughter off to school.

“It’s every day, during all periods of the day,” said Vargas.

“Are the women directly in front of the school gate?” Sierra asked.

“Yes,” said Vargas. “Just last week they were blocking the entrance of the parking structure, where they were having basketball games.”

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Jill Biden traveled to Los Angeles to attend the 65th annual Grammy Awards while her invalid husband hid from the public.
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Biden’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is attempting to re-impose onerous restrictions on workers by overturning the Election Protection Rule.
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Three brave Arizona State University Professors have spoken out publicly against colleagues’ attempts to boycott or cancel the upcoming “Health, Wealth, and Happiness” panel discussion at ASU’s Gammage Auditorium
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In Western societies today, telling the truth regarding human biology can have detrimental consequences. A so-called Catholic School suspended a conservative Canadian teenager named Josh Alexander for the remainder of the school year because he refused to abandon his correct beliefs on gender and for standing up for girls uncomfortable with biological males in their restrooms.
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Surfer Bethany Hamilton rose to fame after her remarkable recovery from a shark attack when she was thirteen years old. Her story was dramatized in the movie “Soul Surfer.” She is the author of several inspiring books and a mother to three young sons.
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For more than two years, the mayor of this city near the Minnesota border backed a Chinese company’s plans to build a $700 million corn mill on the outskirts of town, citing the prospect of new jobs, added tax revenue and another place for farmers to sell their corn. 

Then last week Brandon Bochenski reversed course, hours after the release of a letter from an Air Force official declaring the corn-mill project a security risk because of its proximity to the Grand Forks Air Force Base 12 miles away.  

“When it comes to national security, I don’t think the economics matter,” said Mr. Bochenski, a former professional hockey player who previously played in Russia and was elected mayor in 2020. “You’ve got to draw a hard line there.” 

Mr. Bochenski said he and other officials who had supported the project would now block the development by the U.S. branch of Fufeng Group Ltd., 546 -1.62%decrease; red down pointing triangle which still owns the 370 acres of land. Fufeng didn’t respond to a request for comment on what steps it may take.

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Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman was sworn into the US Senate in January. He may be the first US senator on record who cannot think or form complete sentences.
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Bomb shelters across Russia are undergoing systematic inspections and repairs following a Kremlin order to upgrade the country’s crumbling Soviet-era infrastructure, according to current and former officials who spoke to The Moscow Times. 

Many of Russia’s thousands of bunkers, reinforced cellars and other safe hideouts have been mothballed for decades. But as the war in Ukraine drags on, local authorities appear to be spending hundreds of millions of rubles to again make them fit for habitation. 

“A decision to inspect the network of bomb shelters was made by the government in the spring,” said one Russian official, citing knowledge of government meetings that have taken place on the subject. 

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New details have been revealed through recently unsealed Cook County court documents, showing how federal investigators in 2020 gained access to encrypted Telegram messages to uncover “a cross-country network of people sexually exploiting children.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents based in Arizona launched “Operation Swipe Left” in 2020 to investigate claims of kidnapping, livestreaming child abuse, and production and distribution of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). That investigation led to criminal charges filed against at least 17 people. The majority of defendants were living in Arizona, but others charged were residents of Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, DC, California, and South Africa. Ten children were rescued, including four children actively suffering abuse at the time of the rescue. The youngest victim identified was 6 months old, and the oldest was 17 years old.

Telegram became a preferred tool for defendants in this investigation, many of whom believed that police could never access their encrypted messages. At least one federal prosecutor told a judge that authorities never would have gained access; however, one of the defendants, Adam Hageman, “fully cooperated” with investigators and granted access through his account to offending Telegram groups.

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Searching Google for downloads of popular software has always come with risks, but over the past few months, it has been downright dangerous, according to researchers and a pseudorandom collection of queries.

“Threat researchers are used to seeing a moderate flow of malvertising via Google Ads,” volunteers at Spamhaus wrote on Thursday. “However, over the past few days, researchers have witnessed a massive spike affecting numerous famous brands, with multiple malware being utilized. This is not ‘the norm.’”

One of many new threats: MalVirt

The surge is coming from numerous malware families, including AuroraStealer, IcedID, Meta Stealer, RedLine Stealer, Vidar, Formbook, and XLoader. In the past, these families typically relied on phishing and malicious spam that attached Microsoft Word documents with booby-trapped macros. Over the past month, Google Ads has become the go-to place for criminals to spread their malicious wares that are disguised as legitimate downloads by impersonating brands such as Adobe Reader, Gimp, Microsoft Teams, OBS, Slack, Tor, and Thunderbird.

On the same day that Spamhaus published its report, researchers from security firm Sentinel One documented an advanced Google malvertising campaign pushing multiple malicious loaders implemented in .NET. Sentinel One has dubbed these loaders MalVirt. At the moment, the MalVirt loaders are being used to distribute malware most commonly known as XLoader, available for both Windows and macOS. XLoader is a successor to malware also known as Formbook. Threat actors use XLoader to steal contacts' data and other sensitive information from infected devices.

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We got a peak into the way this propaganda machine works on Friday when iHeart, the written news side of iHeart Radio, covered the recent physical assault of a young girl on a school bus.

According to WPLG, the incident occurred in South Florida on Wednesday when, after a short argument, a group of boys from Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead began physically assaulting a small 9-year-old girl. At least one of the boys appears to be at least a few years older than the girl.

In this particular incident, the perpetrators happened to be black while the victim happened to be white.

A video of the assault proceeded to go viral on social media, with many political commentators suggesting it to be representative of a top-down growing acceptance of anti-white racism thanks to the rhetoric being pushed out by the establishment media, Democrats and pro-CRT public school systems.

Moreover, pundits made the point that, had the races been reversed, this story likely would have been front-page news for weeks on end.

Of course, a secular, establishment news site like iHeart did exactly what one would expect by subtly suggesting the incident was a white-on-white assault.

End Wokeness, a popular conservative Twitter account, revealed via screenshots that iHeart’s original featured image for the story showed a stock photo of a small white boy about to punch a small white girl.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to get used to it. One after another, leaders in Europe and the United States are hopping off the fence and expressing their concern about the new government’s plan to weaken the judicial system. Figures who had recoiled from what they viewed as problematic interference in Israeli domestic affairs now state openly their fear of the loss of fundamental democratic principles if the plan is realized. French President Emmanuel Macron is the latest, for now, to weigh in.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke out against the plan last week in a public and polite way at the end of his meeting with Netanyahu. The president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, preceded him when she hosted President Isaac Herzog in late January. She said that she had spoken with him “about the constitutional developments in Israel” and asserted that “the European Union and Israel are bound by strong friendships based on shared values, including democracy and the rule of law. They cannot be taken for granted.” It can be assumed that the topic will remain on the agenda. Netanyahu is likely to hear similar criticism during every visit in the near future to the White House or major European capitals.

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  • A magnitude 7.5 earthquake follows devastating 7.8 earthquake in southeast Turkey, also causing damage in northern Syria.
  • At least 1,014 deaths were reported in Turkey, while 783 people died in Syria.
  • The US Geological Survey said the earthquake was centred about 33km (20 miles) from Gaziantep, a major city and provincial capital. It was about 18km (11 miles) deep, with a 7.5 quake hitting in the same region hours later amid several aftershocks.
  • Dozens of countries have pledge to aid in search and rescue operations.
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On July 29th, 2013, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, led a panel discussion on the imminent threat of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to the U.S. electric grid and other critical infrastructures that sustain modern civilization.

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Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), such as solar (also known as coronal mass ejections, or CMEs), nuclear (as a result of a high-altitude explosion) or non-nuclear (caused by weapons that generate a strong electromagnetic field without using a nuclear explosion), can have similarly significant effects.

Prepper or not, it is important that you examine what may happen during the period immediately following an EMP event and understand its dangers so you can have a plan in place on how to protect yourself and your family from the aftermath. (h/t to

Power outages

An EMP event would destroy the electronics and digital circuitry in the areas of impact – denying electric power to homes, businesses and the military. Business, financial, health and transportation systems are all dependent on electricity, as pointed out by Dr. William Graham, chair of the EMP Commission.

Entire cities would be without electricity for weeks or even months. This means no lights, no heaters, fans or air conditioners, no freezers or refrigerators for food and no televisions, radios and other electronic devices. (Related: 10 things that will still work after an electromagnetic pulse attack.)

The more time passes without electricity, the more stores (corner shops, convenience stores, food marts, mom-and-pop stores, supermarkets and pharmacies) will close their doors for business.

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Per Fox News, “‘In the Brandon Lee case, I was able to convince the DA in Wilmington, North Carolina not to indict,’ Brosnahan added. ‘And I think part of it was that these are supposed to be blanks; when they’re not, it’s scarce. And he thought, I think it was a sad, sad case, which of course it is.’”

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The pontiff repeated his January 25 assertion that 'the criminalization of homosexuality is a problem that cannot be ignored.'

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They love gun control, vowing last summer to “explore every option” to try and raise the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons.
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On Tuesday, Ray Alvarez, the 90-year-old owner of Ray’s Candy Store in the East Village, was brutally beaten by thugs leaving him with a black and swollen eye and a cut on his face. Despite the attack, Alvarez was back at work the next morning.
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As violence continues rising in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, the New York Times is flailing around as it struggles to frame the news. First, Isabel Kershner wrote an astoundingly biased report the other day about Israel’s demolitions of Palestinian homes. But then, today, Patrick Kingsley and Raja Abdulrahim’s front-pager on growing Jewish “settler” violence against Palestinians in the occupied territory, although flawed, did include some truths that the paper has barely reported until now.

First, Kershner. Her article on house demolitions is cunning. As the world’s attention is drawn to what will likely be a Third Intifada, she (and her editors) realized they couldn’t ignore Israel’s long-standing policy of immediately destroying the family homes of Palestinians who carry out deadly attacks. Israel demolishes the homes without offering any evidence that the family was complicit in the attack, and with no due process. She had to report something, but she effectively used “both-sides-ism” to tone down her article. First she reported Israel’s justification for the policy, and then she noted that “critics say” it is “illegal and ineffective.” The uninformed reader is left to wonder; who is right ?

You have to wait until paragraph 21 to stumble across the truth: 

. . . the Fourth Geneva Convention states unequivocally that no protected person — in this case meaning residents of an occupied territory — may be punished for offenses they have not personally committed and that collective penalties are prohibited, as are reprisals against their property.

She then quoted William Schabas, an international legal expert, who said, “There is no debate about this internationally.” Schabus went on to call the demolitions a war crime.

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Conservatives in Oregon fed up with the far-left policies coming from the state legislature in Salem may have hope on the horizon. The Greater Idaho Movement, a secession movement with allies in both the Oregon and Idaho state legislatures, is making progress in its efforts to convince 15 conservative counties in rural Oregon to secede and join Idaho.
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The woke Disney company has once again proven its hateful, anti-American bias.
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing his mission of keeping ‘wokeness’ out of education. In recent, DeSantis has completely defunded all Florida public universities DEI and CRT budgets. The governor is now making waves by challenging universities to eliminate the same equity topics in the classroom.

DeSantis initially rejected the College Board Advanced Placement African American Studies due to incorporating Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter in the curriculum. The College Board made an announcement this week that they have stripped much of the radical subject matter to become more educational. The board also added a new topic “Black Conservatism” as an idea for research projects.

William Jacobson from Legal Insurrection, joined Tony to discuss DeSantis leadership and the current state of CRT within education.

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