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Thousands of activists in Bangladesh backed by the ruling party's student wing marched through universities around the country Monday to demand an end to Israel's war on Gaza and the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

Activists of the Bangladesh Chhatra League marched through the campus of the prestigious Dhaka University chanting anti-Israel slogans, carrying Bangladeshi and Palestinian flags and spreading banners saying "Free Palestine, Stop Genocide." Many other students also joined the rally, organisers said.

Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation of nearly 170 million people, maintains no diplomatic relations with Israel and has called for an independent Palestinian state. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, of the ruling Awami League, has slammed Israel over what she has alleged is genocide committed by its government.

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We reproduce the text of a lecture given on May 4 in Boulogne-sur-mer. In it, Thierry Meyssan explains that the current conflict in Palestine is not the fault of the Arab and Jewish populations. It was organized, as early as 1915, by the colonial power, with the idea that the state or states to come would never be able to guarantee their own security. Unbeknownst to them and to their own detriment, the Palestinians and Israelis, by staging the October 7th operation and its aftermath, are simply implementing this policy. By failing to stop the ethnic cleansing of the Gazans, the Anglo-Saxons are not demonstrating their insensitivity, but the fact that they regard the massacres as mere adjustment variables.

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Authored by John Cody via ReMix News,

Rejection of immigrants from Islamic countries has increased in Germany, according to the latest Insa poll commissioned by the Nius media group.

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The most recent survey shows an absolute majority of 52 percent rather agree with the statement that “Germany should generally no longer accept refugees from Islamic countries”. Only 34 percent say “disagree” or “tend to disagree” with this statement.

There is even greater agreement with the statement that “in certain areas of my town or village, I have the feeling that I am no longer in Germany.” According to the poll, 57 percent agree with the statement, while 36 percent do not share this feeling.

The poll further shows that 54 percent of respondents said they were “afraid that Germans will become a minority in Germany.” On the other hand, 37 percent said they were not concerned.

A relative majority supports the theory behind the Great Replacement, which the domestic intelligence agency the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) classifies as a “right-wing extremist” viewpoint.

According to the poll, 45 percent of respondents agree with the statement: “I believe that Europeans are gradually being replaced by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.”

A smaller number of people, 41 percent, reject this statement.

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According to UNRWA’s latest Situation Report, 182 UNRWA workers have been killed and 165 of the agency’s installations damaged in Gaza since October 7 last year.

The Israeli army bombed a building belonging to the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the besieged Gaza Strip late on Sunday, according to local media.

Israel’s state broadcaster KAN said that Israeli forces claimed the building was a “military command center” used by the resistance group Hamas, the Anadolu news agency reported.

Apart from the attack, many were killed in airstrikes carried out by Israeli warplanes on two schools in Gaza where displaced families had taken shelter, the report added.

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The IDF is shooting down a significant number of its own drones in the course of operations, The War Zone (TWZ) reported Thursday, citing a US Marine Corps official.

According to Marine Lt.-Col. Michael Pruden, the IDF destroyed 40% of its own uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). 

Pruden is head of the Marine Air Command and Control Integration Branch of the Air Combat Element Division within the service's Combat Development and Integration Command (CD&I).

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Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times 

Individuals who took COVID-19 vaccines were found to have later suffered from psychosis, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots linked to most of the cases.

A 1-year-old child receives a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination in Seattle, Wash., on June 21, 2022. (David Ryder/Getty Images)

The peer-reviewed systemic review, published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry journal on April 12, examined cases of new-onset psychosis among people who took the vaccines. Psychosis refers to symptoms that occur when an individual has difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy, with hallucinations and delusions being two key types. The review looked at 21 articles describing 24 cases of psychosis symptoms following vaccination. The researchers concluded that “data suggest a potential link between young age, mRNA, and viral vector vaccines with new-onset psychosis within 7 days post-vaccination.”

Collecting data on vaccine-related psychiatric effects is crucial for prevention, and an algorithm for monitoring and treating mental health reactions post-vaccination is necessary for comprehensive management.”

Out of the 24 cases, 13 were female. The median age of participants was 36 years. Twenty-two patients (91.2 percent) had no specific history of somatic illness and comorbidities.

In 33.3 percent of the cases, administration of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine “potentially induced adverse psychiatric events,” the study said. The viral vector AstraZeneca vaccine was linked to psychotic symptoms in 25 percent of cases.

In 45.8 percent of incidences, psychotic symptoms were reported after the first shot and in fifty percent after the second dose.

“Almost all reviewed cases (95.8 percent) presented with psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations (visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile) and delusions (mostly persecutory and delusions of reference).”

The most common form of hallucination was auditory, experienced in 54.2 percent of the cases, while visual hallucinations were experienced by 12.5 percent of patients.

“Motor disturbances, such as increased or decreased motor activity and bizarre behavior, were mentioned in 83.3 percent of cases. In 3 (12.5 percent) cases, a suicidal attempt was described.”

The psychotic symptoms mostly lasted for a period of one and two months.

The patients were treated using various methods including antipsychotics and steroids, but only 12 out of the 24 made a full recovery. The remaining suffered from “residual symptoms such as decreased emotional expressions, low affect, or residual psychotic symptoms.”

In one case, the patient reported a positive COVID-19 test result. “Previous studies have shown that individuals with documented comorbidities and a history of COVID-19 infection exhibit a statistically significant increase in adverse events following vaccination,” the study noted.

Researchers speculated that inflammatory conditions following vaccination may be a reason behind the psychosis. The study found elevated C-reactive protein levels and mild to moderate leukocytes—high white blood cell count—as the most common blood abnormalities. Both conditions have links with inflammation.

Another hypothesis suggested in the study was that post-vaccination psychosis could suggest a manifestation of autoimmune anti-NMDA encephalitis, a condition in which the immune system targets the brain neurons by mistake and causes inflammation.

Researchers noted that instances of anti-NMDA encephalitis have been repeatedly reported after vaccinations against infections like influenza, pertussis, yellow fever, and typhus.

“Considering the potential link between post-vaccination psychosis and autoimmune anti-NMDA encephalitis, it is advisable to consider immunological screening in individuals presenting psychiatric symptoms post-COVID-19 vaccination.”

A third possible reason suggested in the study is that the various speculations and uncertainties regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines could lead to people experiencing “significant stress,” which could end up triggering the development of psychiatric reactions.

The authors received financial support for the review, with the article-processing charge funded by Riga Stradins University, Latvia. Researchers declared no conflicts of interest in the study.

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A disbarred, serial perjurer walks into a courtroom and asks to take an oath . . . No, seriously, this is not a joke. Michael Cohen will soon appear in a Manhattan courtroom in what is sure to be one of the most bizarre moments in legal history.

Cohen nearly comprises the prosecution’s entire case against former President Donald Trump under a criminal theory that still has many of us baffled. It is not clear what crime Trump was supposedly trying to conceal by making “hush-money” payments to former porn actress Stormy Daniels.

What is clear is that none of the witnesses called in recent weeks has had any direct involvement with Trump on the payments.

The witnesses had a lot to say about Cohen, and most of it was not good. They described an unprofessional, self-proclaimed “fix-it man” who created a shell corporation to buy out Daniels with his own money. The money was later paid back by Trump after the election, with other legal expenses.

So Cohen will now make the pitch to the jury that they should put his former client in jail for following his own legal advice.

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Authored by J. Peder Zane via RealClearPolitics,

Journalism may indeed be the first draft of history but that old chestnut can be misleading. Where it suggests a set-in-stone version of events, that first draft is really an unfolding detective story, revised and rewritten as we dig out better answers to the eternal questions of who, what, when, where, and how.

Two of my colleagues at RealClearInvestigations – Aaron Maté and Paul Sperry – recently recast one of the biggest stories of our time: America’s long, strange, and destructive entanglement with Ukraine.

As with all great investigative journalism, Maté and Sperry draw on a wide range of documents and insider accounts to reveal facts the powers-that-be have tried to conceal. While President Biden and many other leaders from both parties cast Ukraine as a bastion of democracy and a beacon of freedom, Maté and Sperry reveal how a decade of anti-democratic interference by Biden and other U.S. officials has led that country to the brink of destruction while corrupting America’s domestic politics.

Their reporting shows that Ukraine is not an independent democracy but a client state of America which has pushed Ukraine into ever-deepening conflict with Russia. It does not excuse Vladimir Putin’s illegal and murderous invasion of Ukraine in 2022, but it shows the massive escalation in a decade-long proxy war the two powers have been conducting on another nation’s soil.

Although this conflict stretches back decades and even centuries, Maté’s April 30 article starts in 2013. That’s when an uprising known as the Maidan movement was percolating in opposition to Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt president, Viktor Yanukovych, who had delayed signing a trade pact with the European Union because he did not want to alienate Russia.

The Maidan movement was soon co-opted by ultra-nationalist groups, some of whose members “openly sported Nazi insignia.” But many American officials, including then-Vice President Biden, saw it as an opportunity to pull Ukraine from the influence of Russia and to undermine Putin.

High-ranking U.S. officials – including senior State Department official Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt – actively advised the movement, which staged a coup in 2014 by storming the Ukrainian parliament. Those same American officials were also involved in naming the new government.

Putin immediately moved to counter growing American influence on his border. Just days after the coup, Russia invaded and soon annexed Crimea. Russophile Ukrainians in the eastern Donbas region followed suit. While Putin publicly told the Donbas forces to seek a diplomatic solution to their claims, American officials, including then-CIA Director John Brennan pushed Ukraine’s new government to armed conflict. As Maté wrote, Ukraine then “descended into a full-scale civil war. Thousands were killed and millions displaced in the ensuing conflict.”

As Putin issued threats that eventually turned into war, the U.S. tightened its grip on Ukraine. U.S. officials, including Biden, vetted appointments and dismissals in Kyiv, shaping, Maté reports, “the personnel and policies of subsequent Ukrainian governments, all while expanding its military and intelligence presence in Ukraine via the CIA and NATO.”

Sperry’s April 17 article changes our understanding of one of the most famous and consequential examples of U.S. meddling – Biden’s December 2015 threat to withhold $1 billion in aid if Ukraine did not fire its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. It has long been known that Shokin had launched multiple investigations into Burisma Holdings, the corruption-riddled energy giant that was paying Biden’s son Hunter millions of dollars. After Shokin was fired, those probes went away.

After this quid pro quo came to light, the Obama administration said that Biden was just carrying out the policy wishes of our government and its European allies. Sperry’s reporting, however, indicates that the U.S. had no such concerns about Shokin in the months before Biden’s threat: “An Oct. 1, 2015, memo summarizing the recommendation of the Interagency Policy Committee on Ukraine stated, ‘Ukraine has made sufficient progress on its [anti-corruption] reform agenda to justify a third [loan] guarantee.’”

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The carbon credit con band plays on...

The most recent chapter in the 'green' initiative has been supermajor Shell being found to have sold 'phantom' carbon credits that were twice the volume of emissions the company actually avoided, according to FT.

Shell has reportedly sold millions of carbon credits, tied to CO₂ removal, to Canada’s main oil sands companies, despite doubts arising over the validity of the claimed emissions reductions.

Keith Stewart with Greenpeace Canada commented: “Selling emissions credits for reductions that never happened . . . literally makes climate change worse.”

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For all its positives, bitcoin is perhaps the only security that prices in the same news over, and over, and over again (especially when the news is bad).

We saw this last month when bitcoin tumbled repeatedly after every single fake attack in the fake "Iran-Israel war", as if it was pricing nuclear Armageddon over and over instead of actually reading between the lines of the staged theater between the two middle-eastern states. It eventually rebounded and recouped most losses but not before finding something else to be just as shocked over, even though this too is not news at all.

Moments ago, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dumped sharply when Bloomberg reported that Ken Griffen's favorite retail frontrunning exchange, Robinhood, has received a Wells Notice, i.e., it has been formally warned by regulators that it may face an enforcement action tied to its cryptocurrency dealings.

The so-called Wells notice - which gives a company time to rebut the agency’s allegations and doesn’t necessarily indicate an enforcement action will follow - from the SEC concerns Robinhood Crypto and its cryptocurrency listings, custody of cryptocurrencies and platform operations, the company said in a regulatory filing Monday.

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Concerns arise over the global monetary system’s stability amidst geopolitical tensions and the risk of a dollar collapse, prompting nations to explore alternative currencies and localize trade. Financial warfare escalates, with countries like Russia and China strengthening ties and seeking to reduce dependency on the dollar.

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Security researchers have uncovered four zero-day vulnerabilities within OpenVPN, the world’s leading VPN solution.

These vulnerabilities pose significant threats to millions of devices globally.

These vulnerabilities, identified by the internal codename OVPNX, affect a wide range of operating systems including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and BSD, impacting thousands of companies worldwide.

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Fast food menu prices purportedly outpace inflation since 2014, but skepticism arises due to perceived inaccuracies in CPI data manipulation. Affordability strains are evident, with a significant portion of Americans sacrificing meals, vacations, and medical treatments to meet housing costs. Homeownership increasingly becomes a luxury amid re-accelerating inflation and the likelihood of interest rate hikes.

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The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project released a memo Thursday detailing recent records the project obtained which show the Biden Administration's coordination with left-wing groups to increase partisan left-wing voter registration.  

In March 2023, the Oversight Project filed a FOIA request with the Department of Justice for all records regarding the department’s current or planned implementation of Executive Order 14019 (“Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting”). Returns show that the Department of Justice hosted a listening session with “voting rights” advocates as part of this implementation but the sessions involved only left-wing 501(c)(3)s discussing voter registration efforts. 

The documents uncovered by the Oversight Project show that the groups that attended the listening session were affiliated – either by political donation or party affiliation – with the Democratic Party. One Green Party-aligned group was in attendance, but not a single Republican. 

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Biden-appointed DC US Attorney Matthew Graves told a federal judge on Monday that Leo Brent Bozell, son of Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell, deserves 12 years prison time for charges related to January 6.

Brent Bozell, a prominent conservative, openly criticizes Joe Biden and George Soros. Now the Biden Regime is gunning for his son with terror enhancement charges.

Last year Leo Bozell, 44, was convicted of all 10 charges, including six felonies and four misdemeanors related to his role in the January 6 Capitol protest.

US District Judge John Bates, a George W. Bush appointee convicted Bozell without a jury.

Webmaster addition: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence. -- The Sixth Amendment

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