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"It will give us, for a course of years, good government and then only end, due to the corruption of the people, in despotism, which will be the only form of government suitable for them." -- Benjamin Franklin on the Constitution Philadelphia, 1789.

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Project Veritas alleges they captured “illegal electioneering” for John Fetterman and Joshua Shapiro on camera that was reportedly filmed at a Philadelphia polling location.

During the video’s intro, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe explains that undercover journalists were “told who to vote for just mere feet outside a polling center” in Pennsylvania. He goes on to claim that this behavior is referred to as “electioneering,” and further alleges that Democrat campaign materials were posted at the polling location.

Posted on: Nov 10 15:18

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his company were ordered Thursday to pay an extra $473 million to victims' families and an FBI agent for calling the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting a hoax, adding to a nearly $1 billion jury verdict issued last month.

Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis imposed the punitive damages on the Infowars host and Free Speech Systems. Jones repeatedly told his millions of followers the massacre that killed 20 first graders and six educators was staged by 'crisis actors' to enact more gun control.

Eight victims' relatives and the FBI agent testified during a month-long trial about being threatened and harassed for years by people who deny the shooting happened. Strangers showed up at some of their homes and confronted some of them in public. People hurled abusive comments at them on social media and in emails. And some received death and rape threats. 

Posted on: Nov 10 15:18

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake joined Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night.

Kari told Tucker Carlson that they will start to see the election going in her direction.

And Kari dropped some incredible news on the 650,000 remaining ballots that need to be counted.

Kari Lake:  Well I feel 100% certain I am going to win.  The question is how big will that win be?  Can you believe this, Tucker?  We still hve 650,000 votes that have not been counted.  And guess who these voters are?   They’re the people who showed up on election day.  They’re the people, 275,000 of them are people who brought their ballot to polls on election day  because they don’t trust the mail and they don’t trust the drop boxes.  So guess who those voters are?  They’re our voters.  And we’re only down by a few thousand votes right now.  When those votes come in we’re going to see a lot of liberal minds kind of blowing up.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:35

Fast forward to last night.  It happened again!

Last night on Frank Speech two separate instances of the drop and roll were recorded in the Michigan governor’s race. 

In the Michigan race there were two batches dropped for Gretchen Whitmer that put her in the lead in the race after she had been trailing for hours.

Then all of the votes after that point in time were in the same ratio.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:34

It’s chess. Okay, no one it’s talking about the fact that Russia is at war with NATO, and that there are untold numbers of mercenaries being paid by MI6 and the CIAda.

What we now have is the US escalating, and Russia responds, and now the US says ‘don’t escalate again, or we will put coalition of the willing forces in UKraine.

The big take from this, is that NATO is mega broken.

So the US completely ignores the fact that Russia said from the outset that external involment will result in those forces being attacked. Now, Russia has hit these forces, because neither side says they are there, but we know different.

Russia shouldn’t be talking to publicly known US officials. Sure, the deep back channel conversations should go on, but anything taking place on the surface, just aids the NWO sect.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:33

This time it is CNN’s own report on its own exit polls that indicates a stolen election.

Today November 9, 2022, updated at 10:49 AM EST, CNN reporters Zachary B. Wolf and Curt Merrill remarked that the widely expected red wave did not materialize and then went on to present data that is inconsistent with the closeness of the voting.

The reporters compare the exit polls from the 2018 elections with those of the 2022 elections. The comparisons show that the Democrats lost support in Tuesday’s elections among women, moderates, youth, people of color, urban voters, college graduates, and independents.

The Democrats’ support among women declined from 19 points favorable to Democrats to only 8 points. Republican support among men rose from 4 points over Democrats to 14 points.

By age, the preference for Democrats over Republicans for 18-29 years of age declined from 35 points to 28 and for 30-44 years of age from 19 points to 4. Republican support over Democrats rose from 1 to 10 points for those 45-64 years of age and from 2 to 12 points for those 65 and older.

White men’s preference for Republicans increased from 21 to 28 points. White women moved from a 50-50 split to an 8 point preference for Republicans. Black women’s preference for Democrats declined from 85 points to 78. Black men’s preference for Democrats declined from 76 points to 65. Latina women’s preference for democrats fell from 47 points to 33; and Latino men’s preference for Democrats fell from 29 points to 8.

Urban voters preference for Democrats declined from 33 points over Republicans to 17 points. Suburban and Rural voters preferences for Republicans rose by 6 points and 15 points.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:31

Over the past several years, companies big and small have been making public their efforts to improve DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiatives. As detailed by Glassdoor, many companies have made the connection that DEI is not only good for society, but also good for business.

However, in recent months there has been a buzz around what some are terming “reverse discrimination” in hiring, wherein companies are passing over members of racial and gender majorities in service of meeting DEI benchmarks. And with the Supreme Court again hearing arguments against affirmative action, these same issues continue to be debated across multiple realms.

To find out how many believe “reverse discrimination” is really an issue affecting their workplace, in November surveyed 1,000 hiring managers across the U.S.

Key findings include:

  • 52% believe their company practices “reverse discrimination” in hiring
  • 1 in 6 have been asked to deprioritize hiring white men
  • 48% have been asked to prioritize diversity over qualifications
  • 53% believe their job will be in danger if they don’t hire enough diverse employees
  • 70% believe their company has DEI initiatives for appearances’ sake
Posted on: Nov 10 14:26

Look in the Constitution; look in the Declaration of Independence, and you will not find this word in either of our two founding documents, the “Supreme Law Of The Land”! What is that mysterious word? It’s DEMOCRACY! Democracy is mob rule about which the “Founders” of America were highly critical. In a democracy, 50% + 1 = the rule of law. Has the majority ever been wrong? Duh! That was a rhetorical question for those whose brains are not thoroughly engaged. The Constitution speaks of a Republican form of government. That’s not a political party but a political concept. The concept is that we are ruled by a “supreme” law, and the elected officials have to work within the restraints and constraints of the Constitution (the Supreme law of the land as it says). What that does is it protects the 50%  1.

When the Constitution declares all men are “created equal”, it is speaking of in the eyes of the law. Obviously short people under 5 feet tall have little chance of playing in the NBA. People who weigh less than 100 pounds likely will not play in the NFL. Someone who is a paralytic will not be playing soccer. The rich man will not be living out of his car, and the poor man will not be living in the lap of luxury. The lazy will likely end up poor, and the resourceful, inventive and industrious likely will prosper and maybe even get rich. Sadly, there are criminal elements who will use the government to gain wealth – they are traitors.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:25

It's a tight contest between Republican Kari Lake, who aligned herself with former President Donald Trump and his false claims of election fraud, and Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, Arizona's current secretary of state who vocally defended the 2020 results in the state after Trump lost to President Joe Biden.

Webmaster addition: Note that mail-in votes are the reason Hobbs is in front!

Posted on: Nov 10 14:24

The voting machines went down. The tabulators failed. The paper ran out. The printer settings were wrong.

“Welcome to the Banana Republic of Biden,” independent journalist Emerald Robinson noted of Tuesday’s vote which only reinforced the Uniparty’s power to “rig the elections against Trump-aligned candidates.”

The few remaining objective reporters in Big Media even admitted that voting machines were malfunctioning across America.

As Robinson noted in a analysis: “The machines were all ‘down’ in Mercer County, New Jersey. They were full of ‘mishaps’ in Harris County, Texas and in Chesterfield County, Virginia and in Bell County, Texas and in Suffolk County, New York. At least 20% of all the machines were ‘not working’ throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. They ‘ran out of paper’ in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In fact, ‘officials say that roughly 44 polling locations in Luzerne County ran out of paper to print ballots.’ Of course, it’s completely normal on Election Day for 44 polling places to run out of paper simultaneously.”

The morning after, the majority in Big Media who long abandoned objectivity were telling Americans that “late arriving mail-in ballots” are still to be counted in order to decide elections in Arizona, Nevada, and elsewhere.

“Democrats needed to disrupt the Republican vote in Arizona to stop Masters and Lake — and what a coincidence! — the machines go down in the red precincts of Maricopa County and keep working elsewhere,” Robinson wrote. “Democrats needed to disrupt the Republican vote to stop Lee Zeldin in New York — and what a coincidence! — the machines go down in Suffolk County! That’s Lee Zeldin’s hometown. If you can believe these obvious lies, you can believe anything.”

Robinson noted that Big Media get their “real time” vote counts from Edison Research.

Notice any spikes in these charts?

Posted on: Nov 10 14:16

Yesterday’s Midterms were not a victory for conservative or progressive ideology, but an assertion of the growing power of geography in American politics. It was less a national election than a clash of civilisations.

Virtually nowhere in blue areas did Republicans make gains. Both the north-east and California – the central players in Democratic Party politics – stayed solidly blue. Even the most well-regarded GOP candidates, such as Lanhee Chen who ran for California state controller, struggled to make inroads in Democratic territory.

Meanwhile, the senators and governors of the leading red states – Texas’s Greg Abbott, Georgia’s Brian Kemp, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Ohio’s Mike DeWine – all won handily. Almost all blue-state governors remained the same as well, although the Democratic incumbents often won by smaller margins.

So, what is happening in this increasingly inexplicable country? Essentially, there are now two prevailing realities in the US. One is primarily urban, single and, despite some GOP gains in this demographic, still largely non-white. It functions on the backs of finance, tech and the service industries. The other is largely suburban or exurban, family centric and more likely involved in basic industries like manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and energy.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:15

Election officials in Maricopa County released an update on the “printer issue” that caused multiple vote tabulators to malfunction on Election Day. One poll worker in the state’s largest county said that “nothing was working” and that voters should submit their ballots to be “counted downtown later tonight.” In total, the issue affected roughly 17,000 ballots, authorities said.

On Election Day, officials announced that about 20% of tabulators at county polling sites were malfunctioning. “We have two tabulators. One of the tabulators is not working, OK? The other tabulator is taking about 75 percent successful,” a poll worker told a lengthy line of voters early Tuesday morning. “So 25 percent of them are being misread, and it could be a printer issue, and it could be a tabulator itself.”

“So when it’s misread, you have an option to put it into what’s called box three, and it gets read. Whether it goes downtown and gets read manually, or whether re-fed into our tabulator, they get read, OK? the poll worker explained. “No, we don’t wanna adjudicate,” one voter could be heard saying.

“So no one is trying to deceive anybody the poll worker said, prompting groans from the crowd. “I don’t trust going in the box, they never make it down there,” one woman said. “I’ll come back.”

Posted on: Nov 10 14:13

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Biden — where the voting machines break down and the tabulators fail and the paper runs out on Election Day!

The rigging was so bad, so obvious, so corrupt that even the corporate media was forced to admit that electronic voting machines didn’t work across America. That was a “conspiracy theory” — you might recall — just the day before.

But — lo and behold ! — the machines were all “down” in Mercer County, New Jersey. They were full of “mishaps” in Harris County, Texas and in Chesterfield County, Virginia and in Bell County, Texas and in Suffolk County, New York. At least 20% of all the machines were “not working” throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. They “ran out of paper” in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In fact, “officials say that roughly 44 polling locations in Luzerne County ran out of paper to print ballots.”

Of course, it’s completely normal on Election Day for 44 polling places to run out of paper simultaneously. Don’t start fueling conspiracy theories by noticing that such a shortage must be deliberate!

Posted on: Nov 10 14:12

Democrats and regime media have been claiming every day for years now that questioning election results is a "threat to democracy" but now that Election Day is here they're already screaming about the GOP committing fraud.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:12

This week’s Big Event – the US midterm election result, it’s proven to be yet another likely scam election. But then how can we honestly expect a different result if the identified problems that rigged the stolen 2020 election have never been fixed or resolved? The definition of stupidity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again, expecting a different outcome each time. We learned the pathetic evidence in detail how the Democrats stole the 2020 election. A majority of Americans even agree that election results were illegally altered and flipped by fraud, yet have the evidence of stuffed ballots and proven mail-in fraud, the tampered Dominion electronic vote flip at 4AM from overseas switching votes via unprotected internet access so that a repeated debacle is inevitably doomed to be painfully repeated on November 8th to even further make more a mockery of the United States as the onetime beacon of democratic freedom. Sadly, the only democratic freedom still alive in America today is the freedom of the Democratic Party to steal yet another national election. Why hasn’t America bothered to even correct these identified election crimes?

Because the Deep State cabal consisting of the Democrats in collusion with the RINO Republicans, the GOP establishment of Bush-McCain-Romney-McConnell types has been allowed to steal yet another super important US election to ensure that our constitutional republic is totally destroyed. And unbelievably, the same swing states identified in 2020 for unlawfully swinging the election are all at it once again – Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan, making certain that the leftist overthrow of America is complete, that fraud will forever rule and that the US has been turned into a bloated, corrupt beyond repair banana republic.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:11

“We were seeing nothing coming in from New York all the evening until all of a sudden we have 99% posted in the governor’s race for New York”

“These districts are using the same exact number of votes with the exact same percentages duplicated over and over again for either person.”

Posted on: Nov 10 14:10

The Chinese Communist Party is expecting Joe Biden to get impeached as a result of these past midterm elections.

In its analysis on Wednesday, the official CCP newspaper Global Times said that a Republican majority in the House would launch several investigations into Biden which would likely lead to his impeachment. 

The Global Times warns that Republicans will now do to Biden “what Nancy Pelosi” and the Democrats did to Trump.

The Chinese Communist Party says it expects more political chaos, instability and hostility toward China coming out of Washington.

Posted on: Nov 10 14:08

“Only one clear truth emerged from this election: this country is evenly divided and each side thinks the other is literally insane.”

Posted on: Nov 10 14:08
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Posted on: Nov 10 13:00
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 10 13:00

 Tennessee lawmakers have filed a bill to ban the controversial practice of pediatric medical gender transition in the state. 

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Posted on: Nov 10 10:47

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics is expected to release Consumer Price Index data Thursday morning that will indicate whether rate hikes from the Federal Reserve have had a meaningful impact on inflation.

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Posted on: Nov 10 10:47

 A former student at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, who set a fire in a residence hall and claimed it was a hate crime against her, has had her single misdemeanor charge dismissed.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 10 10:46

 Investors watching the midterm election results from Wall Street were uneasy as many races still have not been called and control of Congress remains uncertain.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 10 10:45

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, displaying his wokeness in a manner to which many critics took umbrage, will appear on a television show devoted to contestants competing to be the “next global drag superstar.”

Posted on: Nov 10 10:45

Forty-two percent of America’s young-but-cynical Generation Z are dealing with a mental health condition, a new survey finds. A range of these issues were largely identified during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The analysis by Harmony Healthcare IT suggests tens of millions of Gen Z young adults started dealing with a mental health problem in the months immediately following the start of the global pandemic in March 2020. The Indiana-based data management company’s survey highlights a staggering percentage of young adults diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the pandemic.

Three-quarters of these Americans, all under the age of 25, say the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health, with many citing loneliness and uncertainty about the future.

Eighty-five percent of Gen Z respondents say they’re worried about the future in general. The vast majority cite their personal finances, the economy, the environment, and the country’s increasingly polarized political landscape as top concerns.

Nearly 90 percent of Gen Z respondents believe their generation is not set up for success and 75 percent feel they are at a disadvantage in comparison to previous generations (like baby boomers or Gen X) who are at least 42 years-old in 2022. This latest poll portrays Gen Z as overwhelmingly cynical about the post-pandemic world and what role they may one day play in it.

Posted on: Nov 10 10:37

Russia announced on Wednesday that it is pulling out of areas in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson on the west bank of the Dnieper River, which includes the city of Kherson.

Russia Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the move in a meeting with Gen. Sergey Suroviki, who was recently appointed as the commander of Russian forces in Ukraine.

Surovki reported to Shoigu that keeping troops on the west bank of the Dnieper River wasn’t worth the risk over claims that Ukraine could blow up the Kakhovka dam, which would cause major flooding in the region, leaving troops isolated. Russia recently accused Ukraine of shelling the dam using US-provided HIMARS rocket systems.

Posted on: Nov 10 10:36

The European Union’s European Commission on Wednesday proposed a massive aid package for Ukraine worth 18 billion euros ($18.06 billion) meant to help cover the country’s budget deficit for 2023.

The €18 billion would be disbursed through loans throughout 2023 and would average about €1.5 billion each month. The US is expected to put up a similar amount as Ukraine has passed a budget with a $38 billion deficit, and the IMF estimates the Ukrainian government will need between $3 billion and $4 billion each month to get by.

But the EU’s proposed aid is facing resistance from Hungary. “I have made it clear that Hungary is ready to support Ukraine, but we do not wish to contribute to any new loan to be taken up by the EU,” Hungarian Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Posted on: Nov 10 10:35

Truck convoys heading into Syria from Iraq are not uncommon: Iran sends fuel convoys to Lebanon and Syria a couple of times per month. On Tuesday night, one such convoy was hammered by Israeli airstrikes.

Details are emerging slowly, hindered by Israel’s policy of not talking about its attacks. Several vehicles were destroyed during the attack and at least 10 killed, with some reports putting the figure as high as 14.

Reports have some Iranian nationals among the slain in the convoy, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Some are speculating that the convoy was smuggling weapons, since this is often the excuse, at least retroactively, for Israeli attacks.

Posted on: Nov 10 10:34

The Department of Homeland Security is helping to coordinate tech company censorship efforts according to recent reporting. The line between tech firms and the national security state is only getting blurrier.

Posted on: Nov 10 10:33