"The world is his who can see through its pretension. See it to be a lie, and you have already dealt it its mortal blow." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The Zionist hag and extremely ugly cunt Hillary Clinton trashed the pro-Palestine protests and further added that young people don’t know much about history.

Gee I wonder why she would say such things? She’s a whore for Jews just like all the other pro-Israel politicians in America.

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Israeli envoy Gilad Erdan denounces UNGA move after members voted overwhelmingly for a resolution asking the Security Council to make Palestine, which has UN observer status, a full member. Erdan called the resolution a "clear violation" of the UN Charter and said he is "holding up the mirror" for General Assembly members while shredding the UN Charter.

Webmaster addition: Israel's membership in the UN was contingent on two requirements; a right of return to their homes taken during the Nakba, or financial compensation for the lost homes. Israel never complied. After the shredding of the charter, Israel should be expelled!

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London is not willing to engage with Moscow on the situation around Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia as it refuses to provide information about the former Russian military intelligence (GRU) colonel, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second European Department Sergey Belyaev told TASS in an interview.

The senior Russian diplomat described the incident that took place in the British city of Salisbury in March 2018 as a key irritant in the Russian-British ties. "Six years after the incident, London is still showing reluctance to hold a detailed dialogue both through diplomatic channels and among investigative agencies," he lamented.

The UK Foreign Office said in a note in April that Yulia Skripal had allegedly turned down the proposal offering Russian consular assistance again, Belyaev said. "As before, the English refused to share information about Sergey Skripal," he added as he slammed London’s disregard for its international commitments over this.

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Information on the possible use of chemical weapons in Ukraine at the disposal of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) lacks sufficient support, the agency said.

"Both the Russian Federation and Ukraine have accused one another and reported allegations of use of chemical weapons to the Organization," it said in a statement. "The information provided to the Organization so far by both sides, together with the information available to the Secretariat, is insufficiently substantiated," it added.

All official correspondence by the parties involved on such allegations and accusations has been made available on the OPCW public website and is regularly updated. "We will continue to monitor the situation and maintain our readiness to deploy," the organization added. It noted that it will remain in contact with the parties concerned and invite those that may have substantiated information to share it with the Secretariat. Additionally, the OPCW "will continue to provide support to Ukraine, upon its request, in the field of assistance and protection against chemical weapons" under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

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French residents are tired of the country supporting Ukraine at the expense of its citizens, Christelle Nahan, editor-in-chief of the International Reporters agency who works in Donbass, told TASS in an interview.

"We see that more and more people are getting tired of France's support for Ukraine," Nahan said.

She noted that people were tired of the fact that there was not enough money for the development of infrastructure, hospitals and schools, for pensions and benefits for children.

"But we are just dumping billions into support for Ukraine. The situation in French hospitals right now is a true disaster. People are dying because they are waiting eight hours to see a doctor. This is abnormal," the war correspondent noted.

On April 27, French President Emmanuel Macron said that new arms deliveries to Kiev from Berlin, Washington and Paris in the coming months will help Ukraine fight on.

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With Russia liberating village after village and Ukraine seemingly unable to secure a defensive line ahead of the onslaught, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter predicts that the conflict will end this summer, in line with the timeline established by the Russian Ministry of Defense at the start of this year.

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russia liberated Novokalinovo in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Kiselevka and Kotlyarovka in the Kharkov region, the latest in a string of villages to fall, this rapid deterioration of the frontline was the result of the consistent work of Russian forces to grind the Ukrainians down until they had no reserves to stabilize the front line.

“As we speak, the attritional warfare model has Ukraine losing around 1,500 troops a day. This number is going up now because Russia's expanded its operations into the Kharkov region. So, you can expect this number [to] easily top 2,000 a day,” Ritter told Sputnik’s Fault Lines on Friday.

What the Ukrainians have had to do is pull in reserves and take forces out from other fronts, including the Kharkov front and the Odessa front, to come into the battlefield where they've been eliminated, or they've been worn down and there are no replacements…what's going to happen is Ukraine will be compelled to withdraw reserves from the Kiev region and from Odessa, to go to Kharkov to fill that gap. While they do that, the Russians will then launch a second major attack somewhere in the Zaporozhye area, and Ukrainians are going to be put to the classic horns of a dilemma where if they go north they lose, they go south they lose, if they stay in the middle they lose - there's no good option for them,” Ritter explained, adding that we will then see “the total collapse of the Ukrainian army” and the “rapid withdrawal beyond the Dnepr River” to set up a new defense line, something he does not think the Ukrainians will be able to accomplish.

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The majority of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) will be under NATO command by 2025, with around 35,000 soldiers placed on the “highest levels of readiness,” Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced during a keynote speech at Washington’s Johns Hopkins University on Thursday.

The announcement comes as Germany struggles to resolve major personnel and equipment shortages in its army, with many replacement items purchased for the Bundeswehr being sent to aid Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. A parliamentary report in March revealed that the army is also “aging and shrinking,” with 20,000 unfilled positions and a “very high” dropout rate.

“The security of our allies is our security. Therefore, by next year, the majority of the Bundeswehr will be placed under NATO command,” Pistorius said in his Thursday speech, adding that “approximately 35,000 of them will be at the two highest levels of readiness.”

The minister said Berlin’s focus remains on “protecting our allies on NATO’s eastern flank,” and pointed to Germany’s recent moves to increase its military presence in the region.

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Israel will continue its military campaign against Hamas in Gaza regardless of disapproval from its key allies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said. His remarks came shortly after US President Joe Biden warned the Israeli leadership that any large-scale operation in Rafah would mean a halt in the supply of key defense equipment.

The city in southern Gaza is the last major population center still not under Israeli control. Hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Palestinians have taken shelter there in recent months, with some estimates putting the current population of the city, usually around 400,000, at over a million. Movement of humanitarian convoys bringing food and medicine has reportedly been disrupted as the Israeli offensive continues.

Earlier this week, Israeli troops and tanks entered the eastern districts of Rafah in what itl described as a “limited” operation, after fighter jets bombarded the city.

Speaking on Thursday, Netanyahu stated: “If we have to stand alone, we will stand alone. If we need to, we will fight with our fingernails. But we have much more than fingernails.” He noted that in 1948 Israel gained independence despite an “arms embargo.”

Webmaster addition: Israel did not gain independence in 1948. They simply stole the Palestinians' lands.


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The UK and its allies got tricked into backing a “corrupt mafia state” in Ukraine and getting into a war of attrition against a Moscow-Beijing partnership, Dominic Cummings has said in an interview.

The longtime Tory political strategist led the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit and was one of the key aides to then-PM Boris Johnson until resigning in November 2020.

“We should have never got into the whole stupid situation,” Cummings told the outlet I News in an interview published on Wednesday, commenting on London’s full-throated support for Kiev. He also described Ukraine as a “corrupt s**thole that doesn’t matter at all.”

“This is not a replay of 1940 with the pumpkin [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky as the Churchillian underdog,” he added. “This whole Ukrainian corrupt mafia state has basically conned us all and we’re all going to get f**ked as a consequence.”

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko believes that many countries are losing interest in using the dollar and the euro, and not only Belarus and Russia are abandoning them.

"No one needs neither the dollar nor the euro now. And it is not only in Belarus and Russia. It is happening in many countries," Lukashenko told journalists in Minsk on Thursday.

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On May 9th, Russians celebrated the memory of the military victory against Nazism. This date is one of the most important in the entire Russian national calendar, being the holiday respected by millions of citizens who had their relatives and ancestors killed in the bloody battles against Hitler’s Germany. However, decades after the Russian victory, Nazism has been rehabilitated by the West in Ukraine, generating problems on Russian borders.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on the morning of the 9th the Ukrainian attempt to launch several simultaneous terrorist attacks against the border regions of Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk. The Russian air force intercepted several Ukrainian drones in the airspace of these cities, however, even so, some UAVs hit civilian and residential areas, as well as non-military infrastructure, causing several victims.

Among those injured in the Ukrainian attacks, an 11-year-old child was hospitalized in the Belgorod region after being hit by drone shrapnel. The damage to civil infrastructure was serious in several areas, with many photos and videos circulating on the internet showing fires and the collapse of affected buildings.

In addition to Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk, which are cities regularly attacked by Ukrainians, there were also at least six drone attacks in the Krasnodar region. The main target was an oil facility, with the UAVs causing damage, but without casualties. In the same sense, even Moscow itself was targeted by Ukrainian terrorists, with Russian defense forces neutralizing a drone attack in the outskirts of the Russian capital. Apparently, the Kiev regime tried to disturb Victory Day in as many cities as possible, but the attacks failed to prevent public celebrations.

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Kiev forces launched on May 10 more drones and rockets at four regions in Russia, but most of the projectiles were shot down by Russian air defenses.

In an early morning statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that air defenses intercepted three drones over the Bryansk region, another over the Moscow region and one more over the region of Belgorod. No casualties or damage was reported.

The ministry announced later in the morning in three separate statements that three more drones and two heavy rockets fired from a Ukrainian-made Vilkha multiple launch system were shot down over Belgorod. Again, there were no reports of losses.

While most of the attacks were thwarted, local authorities in the Kaluga region said that a drone struck an oil refinery there.

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, launched eight drone and missile attacks against Israel within 24 hours.

On May 9, the IRI announced in separate statements that it had attacked Ashkelon oil port with an Arqab cruise missile and launched drones at Nevatim air base, a “vital target” in Eilat city, Yafalet base, Leviathan naval gas rig and Ovda air base. Video footage showing the attacks on Ashkelon and Nevatim were released.

The group said in two more statements released early on May 10 that it attacked another “vital target” and a military site in Eilat with drones.

The attacks were carried out in response to Israel’s “massacres” against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, according to the group’s statements.

Hebrew media didn’t report any warnings or interceptions in Israel due to attacks from Iraq. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the attacks failed as the Israeli military has the power to censor all news related to attacks and security incidents in the country.

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The House must impeach President Joe Biden for withholding ammunition from Israel for political reasons, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) suggested Thursday.

Biden made a commitment on Wednesday to stop the shipment of offensive weapons to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to prevent Israel from attacking Hamas in Rafah.

Biden’s decision to withhold bombs from Israel has political implications. Biden’s base wants him to defund Israel, while many moderate Democrats support Israel’s ability to defend itself against terrorists. Biden appears stuck in the middle during an election year as he trails in the polls.

Some Republicans and establishment media pundits immediately characterized the commitment as a “political decision.”

Democrats’ impeachment of former President Donald Trump was for allegedly withholding military aid from Ukraine for political reasons despite Congress authorizing it.

“The House has no choice but to impeach Biden based on the Trump-Ukraine precedent of withholding foreign aid to help with reelection,” Cotton posted on X. “Only with Biden, it’s true.”

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A case of mad cow disease has been confirmed on a UK farm.

The case of the disease, officially called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), was discovered on a farm in Ayrshire in Scotland. The Scottish Government said movement restrictions have been put in place as a precaution at impacted premises and covered animals which have been in contact with the infected case.

The case was identified as a result of routine surveillance and control measures and the animal did not enter the human food chain, officials said. Food Standards Scotland have confirmed there is no risk to human health as a result of what it called "this isolated case".

Further investigations to identify the origin of the disease are ongoing in accordance with standard procedures for a confirmed case of classical BSE, officials said.

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Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis has suggested that the US-led military bloc’s members should “neutralize” Russia’s westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad if Moscow seriously endangers the security of the Baltic states.

Kaliningrad (formerly Konigsberg) belonged to Germany until the end of World War II, when it was handed over to the USSR under the Potsdam Agreement. It remained part of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and, after several consecutive waves of NATO expansion, found itself completely surrounded by the bloc’s members.

In an op-ed for Bloomberg, published on Thursday as Russia was celebrating the 79th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany, Stavridis outlined his views on Kaliningrad as the last remaining nuisance that prevents the Baltic Sea from turning into a “NATO lake.”

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