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At a Build conference event on Monday, Microsoft revealed a new AI-powered feature called "Recall" for Copilot+ PCs that will allow Windows 11 users to search and retrieve their past activities on their PC. To make it work, Recall records everything users do on their PC, including activities in apps, communications in live meetings, and websites visited for research. Despite encryption and local storage, the new feature raises privacy concerns for certain Windows users.

"Recall uses Copilot+ PC advanced processing capabilities to take images of your active screen every few seconds," Microsoft says on its website. 

Suggestion: Use Linux

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Michael Cohen, once a lawyer for Donald Trump, testified on Monday, admitting he made approximately $4.4 million from his books and podcast, which heavily criticize the former president. These revelations came under the rigorous scrutiny of Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, during Trump's ongoing hush money trial.

Blanche's cross-examination aimed to paint Cohen as someone who has consistently profited from denigrating Trump. He probed Cohen about various income sources, including a potential television show and a forthcoming book. Responding to questions about the TV show The Fixer, Cohen clarified it was being shopped around by a friend with his approval, although it has yet to be picked up.

Further, Blanche highlighted Cohen's financial motives, suggesting they could be influencing his testimony against Trump. Cohen, facing Blanche's pointed inquiries, acknowledged that a non-conviction for Trump could paradoxically benefit him, providing more material for future criticisms and projects.

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Migrants are crossing the border now in fear that President Biden may lose re-election and Donald Trump will restore stringent border policies. Migrants like Colombian brothers Ricardo and Sebastian are rushing to the U.S. to avoid Trump's promised crackdown, according to a report in the New York Post.

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Just when people think leftists are done doing crazy things, the shock alarm goes off and jolts folks back to reality. California leftists generally top the list for crazy public services, such as needles for drug addicts provided free on city streets.

The leftists are branching out by servicing others who have a “disorder” by providing another free service. This one appeals to those with a thirsty palate who have no business partaking of another round.

San Francisco is spending millions of dollars to wet the appetite of homeless people who would get escorted out of any respectable bar. The goal apparently is to provide the new city service to lessen the burden from drunks on public services.

From The Daily Wire:
San Francisco is spending around $5 million a year to give vodka shots and glasses of beer to homeless people with severe alcohol addiction in an effort to cut down on calls to police and hospital stays, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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Another Red state is fighting back against leftist ideology that forces new norms in public situations. The left has continued its attempts to undermine the social fabric in an effort to advance its ideology.

The conflict has risen to the point where Republican political leaders at the state level have enacted legislation to halt the advancement of the leftist ideals. The latest move by a Red state governor will likely upset leftists who don’t like any reversal of their ideological progress.

The legislative move is designed to keep separate human genders in public restrooms. Republican legislators called the new law a win for men and women in Mississippi.

From the Daily Caller:
Men are now barred from using women’s public restrooms in Mississippi, the state’s governor announced Monday.

Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves announced on social media he signed the SAFER Act into law on Monday morning. The law prohibits people in Mississippi from entering restrooms and other sex-exclusive areas in public buildings that do not align with their biological sex, according to the legislative text.

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For a while now, Donald Trump has been calling for debates against Joe Biden. Unsurprisingly, Trump thinks he can humiliate Biden during a live debate. Some speculated that Biden would not bother to debate. After all, he won’t have his cheat cards to rely on.

Last week, however, Biden’s campaign agreed to attend two debates. One will happen over the summer, the other just before early voting begins.

Right now, we don’t know how Biden will perform during these debates. This is a huge risk to his campaign, should he crumble in front of Trump and the whole country. Liberal commentator Bill Maher seems to know why Biden is taking this risk. And he had no problem sharing it with everyone.

From The Post Millennial:
“To me it says Biden knows he’s losing because otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed,” Maher commented during Friday’s show.  “Only the loser wants to debate.” …

“Well, I think the guy who has more to prove is Biden,” Maher said. “Trump is a known commodity. They know he’s gonna be an a*sh*le. He’s gonna be lurking and growling and not obeying the rules and everything else. But Biden, they want to see proof of life.” …

“Is it too late to switch out?” Maher asked. “Because in these swing states where Biden is losing, it’s interesting. The Democratic Senate candidate is not losing. So, it just says something, which is it’s not the party necessarily somewhat, but it’s the guy.

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Democrat states have been overwhelmed by migrants coming up from the border. Entire cities are overrun, with some leaders fearing the worst. Yet, despite this, they have refused to deport these aliens—or pressure Biden to close the border.

Migrants continue to pour over the border daily. Some Democrat states have tried to come up with plans to exploit these migrants. They have offered them jobs—which some migrants refuse.

In one blue state, the governor begged residents to let illegal aliens live in their homes. You can guess how well that went over. When residents weren’t coming forward, the governor decided to put migrant families in dorms and hotels. But, as it turns out, they were bunking alongside this group of people.

From The Post Millennial:
An investigation into the housing of illegal immigrants in Massachusetts revealed that Governor Maura Healey’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities has housed immigrant families with children in at least five hotels that employ or house sex offenders.

According to the Boston Globe, individuals who have been convicted of child rape, indecent assault and battery on children, and child pornography were housed or working in at least five hotels and one dormitory used to house illegal immigrants and their children.

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Michael Cohen admitted in court on Monday morning that he stole thousands of dollars from former President Donald Trump’s company before the 2016 election.

Trump’s former personal attorney made the admission as he was cross-examined by Trump’s legal team in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s ongoing “hush money” trial against Trump.


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In a blatant display of biased judicial overreach, Acting Justice Juan Merchan has illegitimately prevented Bradley A. Smith, a former Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), from providing expert testimony in the trial against former President Donald Trump. This decision, which has been widely criticized, undermines the fairness of the judicial process and raises serious questions about the integrity of the proceedings.

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Several of the world’s leading oncologists are calling on global governments to immediately ban Covid mRNA shots over the soaring cases of “turbo cancers” that have been linked to the injections.

As Slay News has reported, a growing number of studies and renowned experts have determined that the jabs have caused the spike in rapidly spreading cancers in the past three years.

Aside from cancers, the Covid mRNA shots have also been linked to skyrocketing sudden deaths and a range of deadly side effects such as blood clots, heart failure, and strokes.

A growing assembly of oncologists and cancer experts is raising serious concerns over the global surge in rapidly developing aggressive cancer cases, often referred to as “turbo cancers.”

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