"If you want the victims of gun crime to be able to sue the gun makers for damages, then let us also allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to sue the car makers and distilleries as well. While we are at it, revoke the special protection granted to vaccine makers that was passed as part of the Homeland Security Act so that people who are actually harmed by poorly made vaccines can sue the pharmaceutical companies. And, given that at least 90% of these mass shootings were committed by people either on or withdrawing from prescription anti-depressants, the victims of those shootings should be allowed to sue the pharmaceutical companies as well. Let's sue the makers of kitchen cutlery for every stabbing death. Let's sue the makers of sporting equipment for every victim beaten to death with a baseball bat, and tool companies for making the hammers used on bludgeoning deaths as well. The family of everyone who dies by electrocution should be allowed to sue the electric company. The family of everyone who dies in a fall should be allowed to sue the makers of ladders and staircases. The family of everyone who commits suicide by hanging should be allowed to sue the rope companies. " -- Michael Rivero

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is appealing a judge's decision to dismiss some of the charges against former President Donald Trump and others in the Georgia election interference case.

Willis filed a notice of appeal on Thursday regarding the dismissal of six of the counts back in March.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee had written in an order that six of the counts in the indictment must be quashed, including three against Trump. But the order leaves intact other charges, and the judge wrote that prosecutors could seek a new indictment on the charges he dismissed, according to The Associated Press.

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Ukraine is now enforcing a new mobilization law which is being called 'divisive' among many Ukrainian citizens and some political leaders.  The law requires men ages 18-60 to carry their military paperwork at all times to be presented to authorities on demand.  It lowers the minimum draft age from 27 to 25 (Ukraine has a demographic shortage of men ages 18-25).  And, all military age Ukrainian men abroad must come back to Ukraine to renew their passports, including refugees driven from their homes in the early days of the war.  

Conscripts must update their address, contact information, and military records within 60 days through government institutions or a mobile application.  This is in preparation for a national draft database containing information on every fighting age male in the country.  The conscription measures are expected to greatly reduce Ukraine's labor pool, forcing many businesses to shut down.  Essential workers are not exempt from the draft.

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A DEI-fixated dean at UCLA's world-famous medical school has allowed standards to plummet by discriminating against white and Asian applicants, it is claimed. 

The David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles boasts Nobel Prize winners on its faculty and accepts just 173 students out of the 14,000 who apply to it each year.

But it has plunged from sixth to 18th place in the rankings since the appointment of Jennifer Lucerno as dean of admissions in June 2020 amid claims that the admissions bar for underrepresented minorities is now 'as low as you could possibly imagine'.

'All the normal criteria for getting into medical school only apply to people of certain races,' an admissions officer told the Washington Free Beacon. Lucerno has been accused of flouting California's affirmative action ban and hindering the career of a highly-qualified doctor because he is a white man. 

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Federal agents gathered evidence during the 2016 election that Hunter Biden had used access to his father on an official government trip to Beijing aboard Air Force Two to connect prospective Chinese business partners with then-Vice President Joe Biden, according to a massive cache of documents recently turned over to Congress and obtained by Just the News.

"They got to meet Dad. All very good. Talk later,” Hunter Biden wrote in a December 2013 email confirming how he connected his Chinese associates with his father in a Beijing hotel after the vice president had met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The younger Biden also bragged in his emails that his father was so enamored with China's communist leader that "I think they are in love with each other," the emails showed.

"They all most kissed on departure,” Hunter Biden wrote in one of the emails seized by federal agents.

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 Top Republicans are already rushing to buy into a new 2024 election fraud narrative sown by ex-President Donald Trump in their zeal to appease their party’s presumptive nominee.

Leading party figures are increasingly warning they will only recognize the result of November’s presidential vote if there is no fraud. But there is no indication that there will be irregularities in the election. And their warnings come despite many Republican state legislatures taking steps to tighten voting rules — based on Trump’s lies about fraud in 2020.

The new Republican trend of casting doubt on the integrity of the 2024 election in advance was exhibited by Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday in an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. The Texas lawmaker, who in 2016 fell in line behind Trump despite the ex-president’s insults about his father and his wife, falsely stated that the 2020 election was tainted by fraud. Despite Trump’s claims of voting irregularities, multiple courts, including the US Supreme Court, rejected the former president’s claims he was cheated out of power.

Webmaster addition: The Supreme Court did not reject the claim, they simply refused to look at the evidence.


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On Friday's "Wake Up America," former Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley said only Donald Trump could go into one of the bluest parts of the country and deliver a message that resonates with the people.

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Future historians, psephologists, and political analysts, searching for the day and time that Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign imploded beyond recovery, are likely to settle on Thursday May 23, 2024, at approximately 7 p.m. It was then that Trump’s surprising rally in Crotona Park in the South Bronx really got underway. I didn’t hear any actual bells tolling, but if you listened carefully you could discern the mournful obligato that signaled the end of Joe Biden’s hopes in New York — and therefore the country.


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“Let me be clear, we reject the ICC’s application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders,” U.S. President Joe Biden told his audience at a Jewish American Heritage Month event at the White House on Monday. 

Biden criticized the request for arrest warrants as creating a “false equivalence” between Israel and Hamas. By making that statement, Biden took a clear stance against the rule of law, under which any party, regardless of any other status, must be dealt with the same way. 

He also clarified again, if anyone was still unclear on the point, that the United States rejects accountability for itself and its allies, but holds rigorous standards in that regard for its enemies. Just over a year ago, Biden said that an ICC arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin was “justified” because he had “clearly committed war crimes.” 

The hypocrisy is par for the American course. But Biden is now faced with a dilemma. He and other senior officials in his administration have indicated that they will use more than words in response to the ICC Prosecutor’s request. Some in Congress are essentially calling for all-out war on the Court. But Biden is likely to be reluctant to go that far.

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 by Edward Hasbrouck 

On Wednesday, during markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2025, the U.S. House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the NDAA that would automatically register all draft-aged male U.S. residents with the Selective Service System for a possible military draft, based on information from other Federal databases.

This system of automatic draft registration would replace the system in effect since 1980 in which young men can decide for themselves whether or not to sign up for the draft – and so many choose not to register that the Selective Service database would be useless for an actual draft.

The automatic draft registration proposal was instigated by the Selective Service System as part of its annual budget request to Congress, introduced in the HASC by Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA), “wholeheartedly” endorsed by HASC Chair Mike Rogers (R-AL), and approved by voice vote of the full committee without audible opposition.

Rep. Houlahan had been one of the leading proponents of proposals in previous years to expand draft registration to women as well as men. Her latest proposal for automatic registration of men only for a military draft indicates that she is more deeply committed to militarization than to any purported feminism.

The provisions for automatic draft registration are now included in the version of the NDAA that will go to the House floor. The NDAA is a “must-pass” bill, so these provisions are likely to remain in the version of the NDAA adopted later this year by the full House unless some House member introduces, and the full House agrees to vote on and approves, a floor amendment to remove them. It remains to be seen whether a similar provision will be included in the Senate version of the NDAA, although we fear that this may be likely.

Claire's Observations:  this is what a government does, when it knows, for a dead moral certainty, it is creating a situation which will result in a world war.

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by Dave DeCamp 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is leading a push within the Biden administration to allow Ukraine to use US-provided missile systems and other weapons to hit Russian territory, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

The report said there is a “vigorous debate” within the administration in the wake of Russia’s new offensive in Kharkiv, which was launched from over the border in Russia’s Belgorod oblast.

It’s unclear how many other high-level officials agree with Blinken, but the pressure is growing on President Biden to lift the prohibition on Ukraine using US weapons on Russian territory, a ban that, according to the Times, is designed to “avoid World War III.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and many other members of Congress are also calling to lift the ban. Ultra-hawk Victoria Nuland, who left the State Department in March, appeared on ABC News this week to make the pitch for Ukraine to extend its use of US weapons to Russian territory.

“I think there’s also a question of whether we, the United States and our allies, ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we have not been willing to do,” Nuland said.

“I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia, that those bases ought to be fair game, whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where they are where troops are being supplied from,” she added.

Moscow recently warned the UK that if Ukraine used British weapons on Russian territory, Russian forces would target UK military sites in Ukraine “and beyond.” The warning came after British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Ukraine had the “right” to use British arms in attacks on Russia.

Russia is currently conducting tactical nuclear drills that it launched in response to provocative rhetoric from Western officials about sending troops to Ukraine. The Times report said that the US was also considering deploying troops for training, although Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown said there were “no plans” to do so at the moment.

Claire's Observations:  Who, please, in their right mind, is listening to Nuland?  Does her foreign policy "track record" make her someone to be "respected", or potentially avoided like a "gain-of-function enhanced" plague outbreak? 

 Whatever this woman has conjured or plotted in her professional life, death and destruction followed her like a pair of wretchedly mutilated twins. https://www.counterpunch.org/2021/01/25/basic-notes-on-victoria-fuck-the-eu-nuland/

And Tony  Blinken, WHAT THE HELL?!?!?  Sir, you have the expertise and information to understand that the US is seriously unable to confront Russia (and/or China) if it comes to a physical war.  We don't have the troop strength; we don't have the weaponry (as proven by Russian military using our weapons for target practice in Ukraine); we don't have the money, and we certainly don't have the manufacturing to pursue a successful war against Russia (and/or China).  

Sir, forgive me, but have you been snorting waaaaay too much of that "hopium/changium, leading to that horrible thief of real perception, otherwise called :"magical thinking"?!?  

Because I have got to tell you;  these do not sound like the thoughts of a rational human being who understands fully the state of the US military, relative to the states of either the Russian and Chinese military.


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Please tell me, how many Chuck Berry’s (originator of Rock ‘N Roll music), Oprah Winfrey’s (the second Black billionaire and popular actress and TV host), Denzel Washington’s (top Black actor and philanthropist), LeBron James’ (top black basketball player and politically outspoken Democrat) have been flushed down the abortionist’s toilet?

Note, the list of above personages are all black. It is worth noting that the aborting of black babies per capita, is greater than that of white babies! Is that the result of the racist understandings of people like the Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger?

My second question is; what is it that is being “aborted”? Is it a piece of tissue? If so, then what happens to that tissue if it is allowed to thrive? If abortion is o.k. right up until the moment of delivery, then why are there in utero surgeries that are performed as early as 16 weeks (40 weeks being full gestation)? What are they operating on – a piece of tissue, or a human being? Can’t be both!

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A dramatic surge of turbo cancer deaths is being recorded around the world among teenagers and young adults who have been vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots.

An alarming new study uncovered the shocking spike in official government data.

The study shows that not only have cancer diagnoses skyrocketed since 2021, but the time frame between diagnosis and death in young people has been significantly reduced.

According to a new study, official government data shows that turbo cancer death rates have sparing in young people aged 15- to 44 years old over the past three years.

Since 2021, doctors around the world have been reporting surging cases of deadly turbo cancers.

People who have been vaccinated with Covid mRNA injections have been suffering from a high incidence of these fast-developing cancers.

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Deadly and highly progressive neurodegenerative diseases are soaring among those who have been “vaccinated” with Covid mRNA shots, doctors are warning.

Since the rollout of the Covid injections, skyrocketing cases have emerged of these once-rare disorders.

Prion diseases, which hollow out the brain and lead to rapid death, have increased over the last three years.

According to the medical literature, many new cases have occurred after the administration of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Because prions rapidly destroy similar protein types, the disease can be transmissible if an individual is exposed to organs or blood already affected by prions.

One of the main prion diseases is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).

CJD was traditionally seen as an extremely rare neurological and degenerative disease, representing approximately 1 case per one million people.

Traditionally, there are approximately 350 cases of sporadic CJD in the United States each year. CJD cases make up 90 percent of all prion diseases.

In April 2023, medical researchers documented a fatal case of CJD after the 68-year-old patient received a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Another case documented in September 2022 involved a 59-year-old man suspected of having CJD, who developed symptoms following multiple COVID-19 vaccinations.

In a third researched case, a 68-year-old woman suffered rapid memory loss, behavior changes, headaches, and gait disturbance a week after COVID-19 vaccination.

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We’ve all read the headlines, “Guns are the number one killer of kids in America.”  Unfortunately, that headline is grossly misleading.

To better understand children and firearms, we must first understand the definitions of adolescents and exactly what gun violence is. Looking at data with clearly defined terminology is the first step to having an effective conversation on this topic — otherwise, we will never get to the root of the problem.

Our research focuses on children and adolescents <1-17 to paint a clearer picture of adolescents and guns in the U.S.

Report Highlights:

  • Children, as defined, are individuals at or below the age of 13, and, therefore, the top three causes of injury-related deaths in children are suffocation, motor vehicle accidents, and drowning.
  • Children have a 0.0009% chance of dying due to a firearm-related injury based on data from the CDC in 2022.
  • Teens ages 14 to 17 comprise 78% of all firearm-related deaths in the <1-17 age group.
  • 70% of all firearm-related deaths in the <1-17 age group occur in metropolitan and urban areas with more than 250,000 people.
  • Gang membership often begins at 14 years of age, and this is the age when firearm-related deaths become more prevalent.
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Heather Idoni received a sentence of two years in prison on Wednesday for her role in a pro-life protest. She was convicted of violating the FACE Act during an October 2020 protest at an abortion facility in Washington, D.C., according to a statement by the Justice Department. The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, or FACE Act, makes it illegal to block the entrance to medical buildings, including abortion facilities. Another pro-life protester, Paulette Harlow, is scheduled for sentencing later this month.

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“The miscarriage rate was 80 percent in the Pfizer trials. They knew that,” Dr. Kimberly Biss contends.

As a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who has been involved in thousands of pregnancies throughout her career, Dr. Biss says she saw miscarriage rates rise “by 100 percent” year-to-year after the COVID shots.

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A senior FBI official reportedly advised his agents to use the agency’s warrantless surveillance authority against targets on American soil.

This is according to Wired, who obtained an internal e-mail in which Paul Abbate, a deputy director for the FBI, pressed his subordinates to find ways they can leverage Section 702 authority against U.S. citizens on American soil.

Part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Section 702 was originally set up in 2008 as a way to surveil threats from hostile actors who are taking part in crimes such as arms proliferation, terrorism, drug trafficking and cyber crimes. As long as one of the parties in the communications being surveilled is reasonably believed to be a non-citizen situated outside of the U.S., government agencies can compel American companies to intercept communications without a search warrant. It states that they can eavesdrop on a range of communications, including phone calls, emails and text messages, among others, without obtaining a search warrant.

However, Section 702 is often misused by the FBI, who has been accused of targeting journalists, American protesters and a sitting member of Congress with this authority. Despite the controversy, the program was extended for two more years in April after an extensive debate and over the objections of some conservative and progressive lawmakers.

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Houthi-aligned security services in Yemen have allegedly busted an American-Israeli spy ring, arresting members accused of espionage and sabotage.

The crackdown occurred on Monday, May 6, with Houthi-controlled Saba News Agency claiming that Yemeni security services had imprisoned multiple spies working for the United States and Israel. The news agency released footage of the imprisoned men, describing them as “spies recruited to collect information and monitor sites operated by the [Houthi] armed forces on Yemen’s western coast for the benefit of the American and Israeli enemy.”

The spies were allegedly recruited after the Houthis began targeting vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in November. This campaign, which disrupted global trade immensely, was in solidarity with the Palestinian people amid Israel’s invasion of Gaza and the mounting deaths of innocent Palestinians.

The report did not indicate the number of suspects arrested, but unconfirmed images Saba shared on social media showed no less than 18 people. But Saba mentioned that the suspects had already confessed.

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Money queen and globalist villain Janet Yellen is back in Germany threatening punishment unless German leaders obey her orders to heighten their compliance with Russian sanctions.

The United States Treasury head met with bankers in Frankfurt this week to crack the whip of tyranny now that it is becoming painfully obvious that Russia is winning against Ukraine and everything the corrupt Zelensky regime represents.

Russia continues to procure what Yellen described as “sensitive goods” from Germany as part of its special military operation in Ukraine, and Yellen wants it to stop, or else.

According to Yellen, the U.S. government, aka deep state, has assumed the authority to strike foreign banks such as those in Germany with secondary sanctions if there is even a whiff of Russian military-related transactions.

“I urge all institutions here to take heightened compliance measures and to increase your focus on Russian evasion attempts,” Yellen bellowed, threatening to bar Germany and other offending countries from being allowed to use the U.S. dollar – oh no, not that

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SOTN Editor’s Note: There is no greater threat to the American people and this Republic than the long planned and highly organized American Bolshevik Revolution.  The primary purpose behind the deliberately open border invasion, which is allowing wave after wave of military-aged illegal aliens into the USA, is to man the kinetic phase of this bolshevik revolution.  And every single member of Congress knows about this greatest act of treason in U.S. history, but says and does absolutely nothing about it.  Which means that POTUS Imposter Joe Biden is being enabled every step of the way by the Congress, the Uniparty, Deep State, the entire U.S. Intelligence Community, State & Local Law Enforcement as well as the U.S. Armed Forces.

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