"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights." --  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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New Lines Magazine purports to be an independent media organization. Yet it constantly attacks genuine alternative media who stray from Washington’s official foreign policy line, all while employing many spooks, spies and other figures at the heart of the national security state.

Worse still, its parent organization, the New Lines Institute, has recently admitted to being directly funded by the U.S. government. MintPress News takes a closer look at this shady organization acting as Washington’s attack dog.

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The Canadian government has sweeping new powers that will allow authorities to begin rounding up and imprisoning any members of the public who have ever used “hate speech.”

In addition, police will be able to arrest anyone in Canada who they believe “might” use “hate speech” in the future.

Canada is veering dangerously close to the type of complete control over people’s thoughts and speech seen in places like North Korea.

The country’s new bill aims to censor people on the pretense of protecting others from “hate speech.”

What’s even more horrifying, however, is the fact that it is retroactive.

Under the new measures, anything that people have said in the past can now be weaponized against them.

Webmaster addition: That include this guy?

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On April 30, a mob of Zionist vigilantes descended onto UCLA’s Palestine Solidarity Encampment, besieging it and waging horrific violence against students for hours throughout the night. On May 1, UCLA called in the LAPD to clear the encampment by force, unleashing yet another brutal attack on students before the blood from the previous night had a chance to dry. On May 2, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block hosted a town hall for UCLA alumni during which he glossed over the horrific events that took place on campus under his watch.

During his webinar, to an audience of 1000 alums unable to comment, Chancellor Block described the violence of the first night as a scuffle with some “pushing and shoving.” When asked about clearing the encampment the following night, he went so far as to praise police conduct as “patient” and “professional.” He claimed that police did not cause any “serious injuries” and that they had used techniques to “minimize harm.” He told these lies with a straight face as if his audience did not have access to the internet — as if we haven’t seen countless videos of rabid agitators beating students with metal rods and planks of wood, spraying students in the face with bear mace and launching explosives and other projectiles into the encampment. As if we haven’t seen the images of students bleeding profusely after being shot in the head with rubber bullets by brutal police forces. As if we haven’t heard the screams of terror as students fought for their lives on their own campus.

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The symbol for healthcare was once a mark of a sacred space — one that, according to international humanitarian law, marked out a facility as a site to be protected in war. Now that symbol has instead become a prime target. 

The Israeli army justifies its attacks on healthcare by alleging that Hamas is operating from hospitals. However, in order for a hospital to lose its protected status under international law, it would need to be used to commit “acts harmful to the enemy.” Hamas fighters sauntering through a hospital to get a hostage treated hardly constitutes an act harmful to the enemy, nor does the strange presence of guns behind an MRI machine (surely the worst place to store a metal object), as they could easily fall under the provision of “small arms and ammunition taken from the wounded and sick…not yet handed to the proper service.” If such arms were to be found in a hospital, they would not deprive the hospital of its protected status under international law. 

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Yet again, we are hearing about possible ethics violations by Democrats running at Trump. A Georgia district attorney has been accused of various violations. Now, Judge Engoron, the infamous judge who presided over Trump’s civil case, is under investigation by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

According to an interview from February, a real estate lawyer named Adam Leitman Bailey claimed he spoke to Engoron about the case before he made his decision. Bailey said during an interview, that he spoke with the judge when he saw him at the courthouse.

Bailey apparently asked the judge about the case, giving Engoron his opinion. The lawyer said he “really [wanted] him to get it right.” That sounds like Bailey was discussing the case with the judge outside the trial and tried to influence him. If true, that is called an “ex parte” conversation.

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Biden’s ICE is rolling out a plan to give 10,000 illegal immigrants ID cards. The agency claims that these cards are not “an official form of federal ID.” Yet the cards themselves (according to photos—see below) look as official as a driver’s license.

Biden's illegal immigrant ID cards

On top of that, Biden is eyeing the cities of Houston and Atlanta to start this program. Houston is a liberal-leaning region in a deep-red state. Atlanta is much the same in a red, swing state. It would be naive for anyone to think Biden isn’t trying to give aliens ID in two states with ID requirements and other election security measures.

Democrat activists will be able to register these migrants to vote. And they will not be able to turn them away when they have an official-looking federal ID card when they show up at the polls (and Democrats will make sure they show up at the polls during the election).

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been called a “spoiler” in this year’s election. But the independent candidate has claimed that Joe Biden is the real “spoiler,” claiming only he can beat Donald Trump.

It seems that the moderate candidate is fighting hard to take votes away from Joe Biden.

While some of his policies are similar to Trump’s, RFK selected a liberal running mate and has recently pushed views that will be welcomed by left-leaning voters. He was recently interviewed by former ESPN anchor Sage Steele. She asked the candidate about his views on one major issue. And his answer might shock many Americans.

From Fox News:
Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he opposes any government restrictions on abortions, “even if it’s full term.”…

Webmaster addition: He sure lost me with that one!

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At the start of Biden’s presidency, he threw a lot of money at “green” technology. He vowed to end fossil fuels and force Americans to switch over to “renewable” fuel sources. Companies jumped at all that federal money and tax cuts, betting that the American people would gladly open up second mortgages to afford electric cars and solar panels.

Turns out, they bet on the wrong horse. Biden’s green agenda has crashed and burned, largely thanks to the recession he triggered with runaway inflation.

But one red state also gambled on Biden’s green dream. They gave an electric car company a huge break so it would build a factory and “create jobs.” But now, that company is facing a big problem. And residents are in big trouble.

From Daily Caller:
Taxpayers could be on the hook if electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Rivian fails to resume progress on its multi-billion dollar Georgia plant.

Rivian announced on March 7 that it would be pausing construction on its $5 billion manufacturing plant that is supposed to be built just east of Atlanta, Georgia, worrying lawmakers and taxpayers in the state that the plant may never be built. However, local authorities had given the company up to $1.5 billion in subsidies and tax incentives with the expectation that Rivian would bring in jobs and tax revenue.

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Many have accused Joe Biden and Democrats of waging “lawfare” at Donald Trump. That means Democrats are trying to bury Trump under one lawsuit after another. They may be trying to so tie up Trump with legal battles and cases that he cannot have time or money to run his campaign.

All to put him at a disadvantage with Joe Biden, who is the least popular president in the last 70 years.

All these suits seem to suggest one thing: Democrats don’t believe in democracy. They are using the legal system to block Americans from voting for their preferred candidate. But even if Trump wins, this scheme won’t end. Because already one leftist lawyer is sharpening his knives to attack a second Trump term.

From Breitbart:
California Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) is preparing a barrage of lawsuits in the event that former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 election, studying his agenda and planning to stop it in advance in a repeat of 2017-21…

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta said he and his staff have been reviewing former President Trump’s second-term agenda in detail to prepare a potential onslaught of environmental, immigration and civil rights lawsuits in the event Trump defeats President Biden.

Hmm… Democrats love democracy so much that they’d abuse the legal system to derail a lawfully elected president. Who is the enemy of democracy again?

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Far-right Israeli groups have taken extreme measures in recent day to block the passage of aid trucks bound for the besieged Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, demonstrators cut off a road near the town of Mitzpe Ramon by forming a sit-in and scattering large rocks and stones across the road to prevent aid trucks and other vehicles from passing.

“Do you find it reasonable that the state of Israel will deliver medicine, food, and fuel to terrorists who are at this very moment torturing our daughters?” one of the demonstrators said.

Drone footage showed a long line of aid trucks effectively brought to a standstill along a winding narrow mountain pathway due to the protest.

The protesters say that aid is helping Hamas, and believe that it should be blocked from entering Gaza until all Israeli captives taken to the enclave during the 7 October attack on southern Israel are freed.

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In a clear rejection of US policies and leadership in the Middle East, the UN general assembly voted overwhelmingly to back the Palestinian bid for full UN membership. The western media have mostly ignored Friday’s balloting since the widely-anticipated results represent another black eye for Washington. But the outcome of the vote is a blow to the Biden administration’s failed Gaza policy as well as a clear indication that America’s blanket support for Israel’s genocide is increasing Washington’s isolation and irrelevance.

The assembly vote was 143 to 9, which means that US diplomatic influence has eroded to the point where the White House could barely coerce 9 of their most-loyal vassal states to reject the motion. It is imperative that people fully grasp the meaning of this vote, which suggests that the so-called “Rules-Based Order” is a withering fraud that grows more anemic by the day. Additionally, the vote provides compelling evidence that the American Century is officially over and that the vast majority of the world’s nations are no longer willing to comply with Washington’s self-serving edicts.

Naturally, Israel’s envoy to the UN, Gilad Erdan, used the opportunity—not to express his remorse at being a participant in his nation’s sadistic rampage in Gaza—but to scold the other members of the assembly for acting courageously on a matter of principle. Without a trace of irony, Erdan accused the other members of “shredding the UN charter with your own hands. Yes, yes, that’s what you’re doing. Shredding the UN charter.”

What Erdan failed to mention is that Israel holds the world’s record for breaking UN resolutions and has yet to encounter an international law that it won’t break with impunity. Israel decided long-ago that its future depended on its ability to use the world’s biggest bully as its personal bodyguard thus allowing it to ignore any legal or moral restraints on its behavior.

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The West Sacramento police department is currently investigating a shooting incident that occurred near a group of teenage rowers.

The incident occurred two weeks ago on the Sacramento River during a rowing competition for teenagers.

According to KTVU, three gunshots were shot near a group of teens who were on the last stretch of their rowing competition.

A sound of three gunshots was heard in a video of the incident captured by one of the teenager’s parents.

The video also shows the bullets making three splashes near the boat.

Fred Ackerman, the parent of one of the rowers, stated, “I was pretty shocked. I think all of us were. It’s horrifying to think in this peaceful, green setting, the final push of this race—to see and hear that.”

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The Israeli military has ramped up its attacks in Rafah, southern Gaza, and hit Gaza City while crippling humanitarian aid operations across the Palestinian territory as ceasefire talks ended without a deal.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said on Friday that 110,000 Palestinians have fled Rafah. Israeli troops were advancing in the east of the city in close combat operations and conducting air raids.

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A report from the administration of President Joe Biden has found that Israeli forces likely used United States-supplied weapons in a manner “inconsistent” with international law, but it stopped short of identifying violations that would put an end to the ongoing military aid.

In the report, released on Friday after a delay, the US State Department indicated Israel did not provide adequate information to verify whether US weapons were used in possible violations of international law during its war in Gaza.

The Biden White House had issued a national security memorandum, NSM-20, in February requiring Israel and other countries receiving military aid to provide written assurances that all US-supplied weapons were used in a manner consistent with international law.

The US would then make a decision about future military aid based on those written assurances. Friday’s report is a byproduct of that memorandum.

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Kudos to FOX News reporter Bill Melugin for going where no FOX News reporter has dared to venture before. Melugin asked the most obvious question on overy Republican voter’s mind – why should we keep voting for these cowards and liars?

In April, Speaker Mike Johnson and House Republicans voted to send another $95 billion in military aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel and NOTHNG for securing our own border with Mexico.

Webmaster addition: What we need to do is clone Donald Trump 535 times!

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The backlash was so intense, the Woke Scouts had to shut down the comments. Here’s a taste of the outrage as Americans took to the web to make their voices thunderously heard:

“How long until “scouting america” announces drag shows for kids?”

“I’m surprised they didn’t rebrand as the They/Them Scouts. What a bunch of woke clowns.”

“Groomer Scouts would be a better name.”

“You abandoned morally straight a long time ago. As a former Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster the Scouts are no longer a viable option for children.”

“Congratulations you just alienated every American out there. Can’t wait for you to meet your demise.”

“As an old school Eagle Scout (1989), this is a disgusting, cowardly move. Shut the whole thing down. Embarrassing!”

“Exactly the type of BS why we pulled all our sons out of Boy Scouts years ago!”

“Unbelievable. Shame to see so many wonderful organizations catering.”

“Well I’m going to form a new organization called the real Boy scouts of America…… You’re a bunch of cowards.”

“Perhaps you should know your audience before making such a bold moronic move. See – Bud Light.”

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A new voting reform bill in Georgia, just signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, would require all absentee ballots to be tabulated and the results reported on Election Night.

On Monday, Kemp signed SB 189, which makes several significant changes to Georgia's election procedures. The bill removed some possible conflicts of interest between the secretary of state, the state Board of Elections, and those involved with counting ballots; compels homeless residents to list their county register's office as their mailing address; prevents voters from using a P.O. box or private mailbox service as proof of residency; and requires individuals who have voted or registered to vote in another state or district to re-register in their original district before they will be allowed to cast a ballot there, WSBTV.com reported.

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Hillary Clinton inspired outrage online after she criticized anti-Israel protesters for what she said was a lack of knowledge about history in the region — and all of history altogether.

The former Democratic presidential candidate made the comments while being interviewed on MSNBC by Joe Scarborough on his show Thursday.

"I have had many conversations, as you have had, with a lot of young people over the last many months now, and you're right, they don't know very much at all about the history of the Middle East, or frankly, about history in many areas of the world, including in our own country," said Clinton.

Webmaster addition:  That seems to be the liberals' last line of defense. "You are too stupid to agree with us, so shut up, sit down, and let us run the country. We are doing a great job of it!"

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Things are looking up for former president Donald Trump. So much so, that even CNN is acknowledging the political persecution he’s been facing.

“The material that came in was not relevant to this criminal case at all, and I think it shows that she was trying to get Trump. I actually thought there was a motive there. She said she hates him, she said she’d like to see him in prison. I think she was purposely throwing out this stuff to make sure the jurors were prejudiced, particularly the women jurors,” a former U.S. District Court judge in the southern district of New York said on CNN.

Sara Gonzales is shocked, saying, “CNN, like I cannot overstate that you are watching this.”

“Isn’t it indicative of the way we are in this country right now, that we are so shocked that someone would be honest on CNN,” Matthew Marsden agrees.

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The Biden administration's open-border policies have fueled a staggering increase in illegal immigration at the northern and southern borders. New research indicates that an increasing number of these illegal immigrants do not come originally from Mexico or countries farther South, but rather from Asia.

Customs and Border Protection officials have been reporting massive increases in Chinese nationals attempting to illegally enter the country, particularly since late 2023.

Webmaster addition: I wonder how many saboteurs have entered the country through Biden's open borders!

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Former President Donald Trump's youngest son Barron Trump will not serve as a Florida delegate to the Republican National Convention in Wisconsin later this year, the office of Melania Trump noted in a statement, according to reports.

"While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments," the statement notes.

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The entire COVID and vaccine narrative that the left tried to shove down our throats and into our bloodstreams is collapsing like a flim-flam house of cards. The real truth, which many of us knew from the very start, is finally emerging, leaving our so-called “experts” scrambling in the dust. After enduring endless lies, relentless mockery, and non-stop political agendas, the American public is growing weary of these supposed untouchable know-it-alls. It turns out they’re not perfect after all. They’re just easily-bought mouthpieces willing to say and do anything for a buck. Oh, and once they’re called out for their lies and manipulation, they’ll do everything they can to cover up and hide what they did. Let freedom ring!

Meanwhile, Dr. Scott Atlas hit the nail on the head when he said that the plummeting support for so-called “science” and “experts” can be laid right at the feet of the disgraced elitist, Anthony Fauci.

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Via Middle East Eye

In a grand procession last week, Sinai militia leader Ibrahim al-Organi arrived at a ceremony to inaugurate the Arab Tribes Union, a new paramilitary entity that brings together five tribal groups from across Egypt. The celebration named President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the union’s "honorary president", while also announcing plans to build Sisi City on the site of al-Arjaa, a village in Rafah near the Egypt-Israel border.

The formation of this alliance comes at a critical time and place, as Israel this week launched a long-threatened ground offensive against the Palestinian city of Rafah, just a short distance from where the Egyptian ceremony was held. Around 1.4 million displaced Palestinians have been sheltering in Rafah since Israel launched its war on Gaza last October.

Soldier at the Rafah-Gaza border, AFP

Israel’s assault on Rafah is likely to cause further mass displacement of Palestinians in Gaza, potentially pushing them towards Egyptian territory. At least 80,000 have already fled Rafah, according to UNRWA, the UN Palestinian refugee agency.

It was thus no coincidence that the union’s founding statement noted its aim to "adopt national issues and connect with all Arab tribes to find common ground within the framework of the state, to serve its objectives, and to support the Egyptian president who seeks to protect Egypt’s national security and its Arab nation against the displacement plans aimed at resolving the Palestinian issue at Egypt’s expense."

Since the outbreak of the Gaza war on October 7, Egyptian officials have repeatedly expressed concerns over the potential displacement of Palestinians to the Sinai. They have even threatened to freeze the country’s peace treaty with Israel.

The historical experiences of Palestinian displacement, along with Israel’s goal to empty historic Palestine of its people, prevent their return and seize their lands, are well known to the Egyptian state.

At the same time, the Palestinian people’s attachment to their land and insistence on their right of return, no matter how long it takes, has made each area of Palestinian displacement - whether in LebanonSyria or Jordan - a focal point for resisting the occupation, something Egypt does not want.

All options for dealing with this matter, it seems, are bitter, from the emergence of pockets of Palestinian resistance in the Sinai akin to what happened in Lebanon in the 1970s, to a confrontation of the kind that occurred in Jordan during Black September.

Yet Egypt cannot stop the Israeli military operation, nor halt its tanks from invading the tents of displaced Palestinians in Rafah. The Egyptian regime will not deviate from the US perspective in dealing with the recklessness of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which means it will have to deal directly with the massive crowds of displaced people likely headed towards Egyptian territory.

Early on, Egypt started taking precautions for this scenario, overlooking many humanitarian details. It reinforced the fences and barriers along its border with the Gaza Strip, tightened border security, and mobilised support and funding for alternative camps within Gaza itself.

In the event of a mass displacement into its territory, Egypt appears to be planning to confine displaced Palestinians in a high-security, isolated area along the border, allowing the state to maintain tight control and apply pressure to hasten their return to Gaza.

But there are a couple of issues with this plan. For one, many displaced Palestinians have family and tribal ties in the northern Sinai. The Egyptian and Palestinian cities of Rafah were once united as a single city, until Israel’s withdrawal from the Sinai and the demarcation of borders in 1982. Many tribes are still divided, with some members in Palestinian Rafah and others in Egyptian Rafah.

Claire's Observations:  This ultimately cannot end well.

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This isn’t believable.

We saw Bibi setting up his population for this. It’s part of a narrative they are weaving to allow Biden to attempt to change the climate in America.

It’s just theater.

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Jeremy Carl’s new book The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart is important because it is one of the first works devoted to a central problem of the 21st century, the long-gestating rise of racist animus against white people.

Yet, in an era of protected classes, whites have been averse to noticing that hatred against themselves has become highly respectable.

Carl provides 77 pages of endnotes documenting the current obsession with despising whites. Still, whites have been weirdly averse to calling out all the loathing directed toward them. Few dare call it racism, instead preferring some more charitable explanation, such as attributing it to Marxism.

Mentioning all the bigotry targeted at whites is so unpopular that we don’t even have any agreed-upon terms for it. For example, Carl uses “anti-white racism” in his subtitle to denote racism against whites, but that can easily be confused with being against “white racism,” which is something highly different (or perhaps not). So I prefer the explicit term “racist anti-white hate,” but others might find that too on the nose.

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