“The most hated sort [of moneymaking], and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural use of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest.

And this term ‘usury,’ which means the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money, because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of all modes of making money this is the most unnatural.” -- Aristotle

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The former general registrar of Prince William County, Virginia, Michele White, was arrested in September 2022 on two felonies and a misdemeanor relating to the 2020 election:  election officer neglect duty (24.2-10001), Election officer corrupt conduct (24.2-1001) and False statement on required form (24.2-1016).

In a “surprising twist”, however, both felony counts were dropped, leaving only the misdemeanor count of “neglect of duty by an election officer.”

Posted on: Dec 05 07:00

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Monday pointed a finger at Iran when discussing the attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea at the hands of Houthi rebels. 

On Sunday, ballistic missiles fired by the Houthis struck three commercial ships, while the American warship, the USS Carney, downed three drones that were headed in its direction. 

Sullivan echoed that it remained unclear whether the Carney was the intended target of the three unmanned aerial vehicles but said the incident 'is truly a source of global concerns and a threat to international peace and stability.' 

'We will continue as we move forward to consult very closely with allies and partners to determine and take all appropriate responses,' Sullivan said. 

Posted on: Dec 05 06:59

A California lake could be sitting on top of the world's largest 'white gold' mine.

The Salton Sea in southern California has been swarmed by companies large and small looking for cost-effective ways to extract lithium that is dissolved in scalding hot brine water that flows beneath the lake's southern point.

But a new study funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) found the basin has even more lithium - dubbed white gold because of its soft, silvery-white look - than previously estimated.

It found there could be 18 million tons of extractable metal - enough to meet the US's demand for the valuable metal for decades.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has previously described the Salton Sea as the Saudi Arabia of lithium mining. 

Posted on: Dec 05 06:59

In the midst of the American Civil War, a tumultuous period that left an indelible mark on the nation, the practice of photographing soldiers and fighters in the studio emerged as a poignant intersection of history and art.


These studio portraits, taken during the pioneering era of photography, serve as lasting evidence of the lives, experiences, and roles of the people who participated in this historic conflict.


The mid-19th century marked a significant moment in the development of photography.


The daguerreotype, introduced in 1839, was the earliest photographic process, but it required subjects to sit still for several minutes, resulting in a single, unique image on a polished metal plate.


As photographic techniques advanced, the ambrotype and tintype processes allowed faster and more economical portraiture.


Soldiers cherished these pictures as symbols of affection for their families and loved ones. Encased in ornate holders, these images provided comfort and connection to their homes during the hardships of war.


In many instances, they decorated themselves with items representative of their trade, held weapons, or displayed cherished souvenirs, revealing unique aspects of their experiences and background.


Preserved in archives, museums, and private collections, these images connect us to the faces and stories of those who lived through one of the most transformative periods in American history.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:59

Hundreds have gathered at a Christian church after the pastor was replaced with an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for the service.

The Friday sermon at St. Paul’s Church in Fürth, Germany, was delivered by the AI chatbot ChatGPT.

The chatbot replaced the human pastor and was presented as a black man with a beard on a large screen above the altar of the evangelical church in Bavaria.

Claiming to be a steward of God, the AI chatbot told the packed congregation not to fear death, according to the Associated Press.

“Dear friends, it is an honor for me to stand here and preach to you as the first artificial intelligence at this year’s convention of Protestants in Germany,” the AI avatar said.

Webmaster addition: No more lawsuits about molested children!

Posted on: Dec 05 06:58

 Welcome to our extensive gallery showcasing the diverse range of Republican elected officials who are lending their support to Donald Trump for the 2024 presidency. From seasoned GOP veterans like Lindsey Graham to rising stars like Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, this wide-ranging list reflects the dynamic spectrum of voices within the Republican Party who stand firmly with the former president.


As you peruse this collection, you'll see the breadth of support and the unity that Trump's candidacy has inspired within the party. Whether you're a devoted Trump supporter, a keen observer, or someone who wants to stay informed about the evolving political landscape, we invite you to explore the profiles of these elected officials who have made their voices heard.


Our gallery not only highlights their support but also provides insight into their perspective and reasons for standing with Trump. We encourage you to engage with the content and learn more about the individuals who are shaping the political discussion leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:57


Newsletter #52 of The Wheatley School Alumni Association, which is operated by Arthur Engoron, has revealed that once again, New York State Supreme Court Justice Arthur F. Engoron may have committed multiple acts of misconduct in violation of The New York State Unified Court System’s Judicial conduct, specifically Section 100.4 while overseeing President Trump’s civil fraud trial.

The Letitia Peekaboo James witch hunt officially commenced in March of 2019. The Communist New York Attorney General opened the sham proceedings by serving multiple subpoenas and discovery requests upon the Trump family, President Trump, and many others. By August 2020, The Attorney General convinced Judge Engoron to compel the Trump parties to comply with her deposition demands.

By September of 2020, Judge Engoron ordered Eric Trump to sit for a deposition no later than October 7, 2020. Eric Trump complied with Engoron’s order and was deposed on October 5, 2020.

Justice Engoron was preparing and compiling information for the latest issue of his newsletter between the dates of October 2, 2020 through November 8, 2020. During this timeframe, Justice Engoron was also actively participating in the Trump witch hunt, while simultaneously communicating with an extremely biased, and anti-Trump federal prosecutor who is also linked to a witness in the Trump case.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:57

The new Argentine government has refused the visit of a senior British official, claiming that the restoration of Argentine sovereignty over the Falkland Islands is a crucial national policy.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry released a statement expressing discontent with the visit of David Rutley, the British Under-Secretary of State for the Americas, the Caribbean, and Overseas Territories, to the islands.

Argentina argued that the visit would happen "in the context of the illegal British occupation of the Malvinas, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, and the surrounding maritime areas".

Posted on: Dec 05 06:56

In these photos, she shows a pioneering spirit, embracing the distinctive style of the 1980s with flair and grace.


The 1985 film "Perfect" presented an interesting story centered on romantic relationships in the high-energy and euphoric atmosphere of a Los Angeles fitness studio.


This story thrust Jamie Lee Curtis into the spotlight, establishing her as an attractive figure within the athletic community.


Her portrayal in the film cemented her status as an attractive fitness icon, garnering the attention and admiration of fitness enthusiasts across the country.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:56

In a recent development, The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative websites in the country today, reported that its access has been blocked on networks within both the United States House of Representatives and the Pentagon.

On Thursday, sources from Capitol Hill informed The Gateway Pundit that attempts to access the website from the House network were unsuccessful.

A staff member from Congressman Paul Gosar’s office detailed ongoing access problems for the past two weeks.

“Wanted to notify you that I have been unable to access the Gateway Pundit on the House network for the past two weeks,” according to the email.

Webmaster addition: Wow! They don't even trust their own people!

Posted on: Dec 05 06:55

More young Americans are doomsday prepping ahead of the next presidential election over fears of a societal collapse or failed natural disaster response, a survey has found.

Gen-Z, adults born after 1997, is the most likely to be preparing for a disaster with a whooping 40 percent claiming to have spent money on doomsday supplies in the past year, according to a Finder survey.

The survey of 2,179 US adults was conducted from January 9 to February 17 and has a two percent margin of error. Finder - who has been collecting prepping data since 2017 - asked people if they had spent money preparing for emergencies over the last twelve months.

Across all generations, food and water was the most commonly bought prepping item and 20 percent of Gen-Z preppers purchased toilet paper. According to the latest survey 29 percent of Americans spent money on prepping, up from the roughly 25 percent who did in 2017.

Webmaster addition: I share their concern. If the 2024 elections is stolen, it may well trigger a revolt or civil war.

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Forget what you learned in history books. Often they tell only one side of a nuanced story. The rare finds collected here show an aspect of history that we rarely get to see. They peel back the layers of the stories we think we know to reveal little-known facts that make history more fascinating. If you're ready to see a different side of history than what you already know, click ahead...the truth is waiting for you!

Posted on: Dec 05 06:53

Arnold Is Numero Uno

Ladies and gentlemen, history buffs and curious minds, welcome to a captivating journey through time, where we peel back the layers of iconic historical images to reveal the untold stories that lie hidden in the shadows of the past . In this extraordinary slideshow gallery, we invite you to join us in uncovering the secrets, mysteries and astonishing stories hidden within these snapshots frozen in time. Many of these photographs never saw the light of day, or their true story has become blurred in the sands of history. As you set out on this visual adventure, prepare to be surprised, enlightened and entertained as we explore the remarkable stories that bring these images to life. There is much more to history than it meets the eye, and with your curiosity in mind, let's delve deeper into the fascinating stories behind these iconic paintings. So, without further ado, let's unpack the past and keep reading to discover the untold stories that have shaped our world.

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Our national debt has hit an alarming $33 trillion and shows no sign of slowing down, signaling a looming financial crisis. The situation becomes even more concerning as recent bond auctions fail to raise the desired amounts, with some falling significantly short.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:43

Britain's embattled Conservative government unveiled a raft of measures Monday aimed at cracking down on record levels of migration -- a key battleground in a general election expected next year.

The UK announced it would raise the minimum salary threshold for a skilled worker visa and prevent overseas health and social care staff from bringing family dependents to Britain.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's office trumpeted the proposals as "the biggest clampdown on legal migration ever".

But critics said it would damage the state-run National Health Service (NHS), which faces staff shortages.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:37

Excess deaths in 2023 continue to surge in the United States.

Life insurance executives and actuaries are alarmed.

Life insurers paid record levels of claims in 2021, the biggest one-year increase since 1918.

Younger adult death rate up 20% in 2023.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:35

Hunter Biden sent monthly payments to his father out of a bank account he used to receive money from Chinese business associates, according to newly released bank records revealed by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, who shared a Monday video on X detailing redacted bank transfers to Joe Biden from Hunter's Owasco P.C. bank account.

"Today, the House Oversight Committee is releasing subpoenaed bank records that show Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC, made direct monthly payments to Joe Biden. This wasn’t a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world," Comer says in the video, adding that the payments began in September 2018 - six months before Biden announced his candidacy in the 2020 election.

"Payments from Hunter’s business entity to Joe Biden are now part of a pattern revealing Joe Biden knew about, participated in and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes."

Posted on: Dec 05 06:34

The recent findings of DNA fragments in the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines has led many to question why the FDA, which is responsible for monitoring the quality and safety of the vaccines, has failed to sound the alarm.

For years, the FDA has known about the risk posed by residual DNA in vaccines. Its own guidance to industry states:

Residual DNA might be a risk to your final product because of oncogenic and/or infectivity potential. There are several potential mechanisms by which residual DNA could be oncogenic, including the integration and expression of encoded oncogenes or insertional mutagenesis following DNA integration.”

Put simply, the FDA acknowledges the possibility that fragments of DNA left over by the manufacturing process can be incorporated into a patient’s own DNA, to potentially cause cancer.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:30

Front-end Treasuries have rallied big in the past month, but labor market data will pose a key test for traders this week.

Yes, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell did reiterate on Friday that the central bank is prepared to tighten policy further, but was just jawboning against the recent loosening of financial conditions rather than a statement of real intent given the clear disinflationary momentum we have seen of late.

The two-year Treasury yield, which was hovering around 5% before softer-than-inflation readings for October, has since shed some 40 basis points. While the decline has made the maturity look rather rich on the curve, some optimism is justified by comments from Governor Christopher Waller who became the first Fed official to explicitly open the door to rate cuts.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:30

It's such an open secret and so much of a 'given' assumption that it can just be casually written straight into the New York Times headline at this point...

Nuclear missile program you say? (What nuclear programnothing to see here... or the country's worst kept secret.) Militant Rocket Hit Base Linked to Israeli Nuclear Missile Program...

"A rocket most likely fired by Hamas militants during their Oct. 7 attack on Israel struck an Israeli military base where, experts say, many of the country’s nuclear-capable missiles are based, according to a visual analysis of the attack’s aftermath by The New York Times."

The report details the highly dangerous episode, noting that while no missiles or warheads were directly hit, a large fire was sparked and nearly spread to storage facilities that contained "sensitive weaponry" at the Sdot Micha military base in central Israel.

One weapons expert was cited as saying there may be up to 25 to 50 nuclear-capable Jericho missiles at the base where the fire raged. However, the nuclear warheads themselves are likely stored at a separate base, according to the analyst. But clearly the base in central Israel was directly targeted by Hamas, or also possibly Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) - which worked in concert.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:29

Former President Donald Trump's lawyers argued in the Georgia election case that the charges should be thrown out because it's a violation of his "free speech" and also noted that if he wins the 2024 presidential election, the Fulton County trial cannot go through.

Former President Donald Trump prepares to testify during his trial in New York State Supreme Court in New York City on Nov. 6, 2023. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

During a roughly six-hour hearing in Fulton County on Dec. 1, Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee asked Mr. Sadow what would happen if President Trump wins the 2024 election and if the trial hasn't occurred yet.

“Under the Supremacy Clause and its duty to the president of the United States, this trial would not take place at all until after he left his term of office,” the former president's attorney said in response, according to a live stream posted on the judge's YouTube page.

It means that the former president wins the 2024 election and Judge McAfee agreed that he shouldn't be tried until he leaves office, which would delay the trial date to at least January 20, 2029.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:28

Israel has signaled it is prepared to take the war on Hamas far beyond the confines of Gaza and the West Bank. Fresh words by the country's defense minister have invoked "our Munich" in relation to planned efforts to hunt down notable Hamas operatives abroad. 

"The cabinet has set us a goal, in street talk, to eliminate Hamas. This is our Munich. We will do this everywhere, in Gaza, in the West Bank, in Lebanon, in Turkey, in Qatar," said Ronen Bar, who is the head of Israel's domestic security agency Shin Bet. 

Posted on: Dec 05 06:27

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has scheduled a vote for Wednesday to advance President Biden’s massive $106 billion emergency spending request that includes military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, as well as additional funding for the border, POLITICO reported.

The vote is not expected to pass as Republicans have said they would block Biden’s request if Democrats don’t make certain concessions on border policies. While the bill includes $13.6 billion for border security, the GOP is looking for asylum law changes that would make it more difficult for migrants to enter the country, but a deal hasn’t been reached.

Schumer’s reasoning for scheduling a vote that will likely fail is to instill a sense of urgency for the Senate to advance funding for the proxy war in Ukraine, Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza, and the US military buildup in the Indo-Pacific aimed at China.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:26

If one needs an indicator of just how terrible things are going for the Biden administration, former CNN host and Democrat darling, Chris Cuomo, says he'd be "open" to voting for Donald Trump over Biden.

In a recent podcast, Cuomo was asked about whether the United States would "survive" another term with President Trump, to which Cuomo replied: "We survived a Trump administration. Would we survive another? Yes."

"And for people who are now going to attack me and say, what are you talking about? Trump is like this crazy man. Well, look, you know, as Patrick says, the data is the data. Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re not now," he told Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnik, Tom Ellsworth and Vincent Oshana.

"So you're open to a Trump vote?" asked one of the hosts.

"I am always open."

Posted on: Dec 05 06:26

At the current price, silver is a real bargain.

Gold went on a run late last week, setting an all-time record high last Friday and breaking the $2,100 level for a brief time in overseas trading Sunday night. Silver also rallied but continues to lag behind gold.

In fact, silver looks significantly underpriced based on both its historical relationship with gold and the supply/demand dynamics.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:25

Meteorologists are monitoring weather models that show a powerful storm might unleash thunderstorms, torrential rains, and snow across two dozen states in the central and eastern US this weekend. 

AccuWeather meteorologists say a storm in the central Rockies will move into the southern and central Plains, developing a new area of low pressure on Friday. At the same time, cold air from the Rockies and northern Plains will collide, and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico will spark powerful thunderstorms. 

Posted on: Dec 05 06:21

The Pentagon failed its sixth audit in a row last month.

And “failed” is putting it generously. The department actually received a “disclaimer of opinion.” According to the Government Accountability Office, that means “auditors were unable to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to provide a basis for an audit opinion.” So the outcome is more like an “incomplete” than an abject failure.

But semantics aside, one major reason the Pentagon keeps failing audits is because it can’t keep track of its property. Last year, the Pentagon couldn’t properly account for a whopping 61% of its $3.5 trillion in assets. That figure increased this year, with the department insufficiently documenting 63% of its now $3.8 trillion in assets. Military contractors possess many of these assets, but to an extent unbeknownst to the Pentagon.

The GAO has flagged this issue for the department since at least 1981. Yet the latest audit states that the Pentagon’s target to correct insufficient accounting department-wide is fiscal year 2031. In the meantime, contractors are producing weapon systems and spare parts that they may already possess — an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:20

The Chinese military said Monday that a US warship “illegally” entered waters near Second Thomas Shoal, a disputed reef in the South China Sea that’s been the site of frequent confrontations between Chinese and Philippine vessels.

“The United States has deliberately disrupted the South China Sea, seriously violated China’s sovereignty and security, severely undermined regional peace and stability, and seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations,” China’s People’s Liberation Army’s Southern Theater Command said in a statement.

“This fully illustrates that the US is the biggest threat to peace and stability in the South China Sea,” the command added.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:19

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has hit out at Americans who prefer a less interventionist foreign policy, smearing them as isolationists who want to see the US “retreat from responsibility.”

Austin, a former Raytheon board member, made the comments in a speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum in California on Saturday.

“You know, in every generation, some Americans prefer isolation to engagement—and they try to pull up the drawbridge. They try to kick loose the cornerstone of American leadership,” Austin said.

The Pentagon chief accused less interventionist Americans of trying to “undermine the security architecture that has produced decades of prosperity without great-power war.” However, most opponents of the US involvement in Ukraine are against the policy because it risks a direct clash with Russia.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:18