“Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent.”

- Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

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Renewables are not cheap and are never going to be, says David Turver. With over £12 billion being paid in subsidies to or because of renewables each year, the claim that renewable will save us money is a myth.

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Last week, the Aligned Council of Australia held an international press conference to discuss the World Health Organisation’s proposed pandemic instruments that are due to be voted on at the 77th World Health Assembly being held at the end of this month.

Briefing the press and the public were four panellists: Dr. David Bell, Professor Ramesh Thakur, Professor Augusto Zimmerman and Professor Ian Brighthope.

Prof. Thakur has two major concerns about WHO’s pandemic plans: they are a major power grab and national sovereignty is at risk.

Dr. Bell said WHO’s two proposed pandemic documents are clearly unready and unfit for purpose.  The rational approach would be for countries to not adopt either and push for a deferment.

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On Monday, a press conference was held to launch a Japanese national movement against WHO’s pandemic plans.  Organisers also announced a protest against WHO’s plans to take place on 31 May, the second last day of the World Health Assembly meeting to adopt the amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) and the Pandemic Treaty.

“For Japan, for the world, please lend us your support,” Chikatsu Hayashi said.

As Japan mobilises for what promises to be a historic gathering, the message is clear – this is not just Japan’s fight.

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The Ukrainian government is warning its population that full mobilization is a possibility as their war efforts continue to fall short.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian defense ministry, Dmitry Lazutkin, said that all of Ukrainian society must prepare to make sacrifices and give up peaceful life as they scramble to deal with a slew of setbacks in their conflict with Russia. 

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New research is shaking up the medical establishment with data showing that an astounding 90 percent of the United States population now suffers from a heart condition that in many ways looks like spike protein organ damage from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines."

Last October, the American Heart Association (AHA) published a report about the changing nature of cardiovascular disease (CVD), which overlaps with kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. For the first time, the AHA has defined the overlap of these conditions as cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic (CKM) syndrome.

One in three adults living in the United States has at least three, and oftentimes more, risk factors that contribute to CKM. Every major organ in the body is affected by it, including the heart, brain, kidney and liver, with the worst damage occurring in blood vessels, heart muscle and the cardiovascular system.

Whatever contributes to CKM syndrome, whether it be spike proteins or other toxic exposures, speeds up the rate of fatty buildup in arteries, which can lead to clots.

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Researchers have discovered a new security vulnerability stemming from a design flaw in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard that tricks victims into connecting to a less secure wireless network and eavesdrop on their network traffic.

The SSID Confusion attack, tracked as CVE-2023-52424, impacts all operating systems and Wi-Fi clients, including home and mesh networks that are based on WEP, WPA3, 802.11X/EAP, and AMPE protocols.

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The North Korean hacker group Kimsuki has been using a new Linux malware called Gomir that is a version of the GoBear backdoor delivered via trojanized software installers.

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​Microsoft has acknowledged a new known issue causing this month's KB5037765 security update for Windows Server 2019 to fail to install with 0x800f0982 errors.

"Windows servers attempting to install the May 2024 security update (KB5037765), released May 14, 2024, might face issues during the installation process," Microsoft explains on the Windows health dashboard.

"The installation might fail with an error code 0x800f0982. This issue is more likely to affect devices that do not have en_us language pack support."

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​Google has released a new emergency Chrome security update to address the third zero-day vulnerability exploited in attacks within a week.

"Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2024-4947 exists in the wild," the search giant said in a security advisory published on Wednesday.

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Germany is considering introducing conscription for all 18-year-olds, as it looks to boost its troop numbers in the face of Russian military aggression.

Military planners in Berlin are in the final stages of discussing three options, two of which involve a form of conscription, according to leaked plans reported in the German media.

Boris Pistorius, the defence minister, is set to go public with the official plans by June.

In one of the options being discussed, Germany would bring back a compulsory military year for young men once they turn 18, which was suspended in 2011, and apply it to women as well. This would require a change to the German constitution, but is seen inside the ministry as most likely to receive societal approval.

Another option would only apply to 18-year-old men, but would not see everyone selected.

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