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"If there is one basic element in our Constitution, it is civilian control of the military." -- Harry S. Truman

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Here’s one thing we sort of know: you-all vaxx-happy Wokesters are about to have a new BA-5 bivalent booster laid on you. The Darwin Award season has been extended at least another six months! You’ll be glad to hear it’s been tested in a trial involving eight lab mice, and quickly approved by our FDA. The bad news is that all eight mice got Covid. The worse news is that the booster was wildly inconsistent in producing antibodies among the eight identical mice, meaning the ultimate effect on their immune systems is a crap-shoot — but, hey, they’re only mice.

Posted on: Sep 17 12:14

RAND Corporation’s think tank, which has a huge work force of 1,850 employees and a budget of $350 million, has the official aim of “improving policies and decision-making through research and analysis”. It is primarily connected to the United States Department of Defence and is infamous for having been influential in the development of military and other strategies during the Cold War.

document signed RAND, under the opening heading of “Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.”, suggests that there is an “urgent need” for an influx of resources from outside to maintain the overall American economy, but “especially the banking system”.

Only European countries bound by EU and NATO commitments can provide us with these without significant military and political costs for us.”

According to RAND, the main obstacle to this ambition is the growing independence of Germany. Among other things, it points out that Brexit has given Germany greater independence and made it more difficult for the United States to influence the decisions of European governments.

A key objective that permeates this cynical strategy is, in particular, to destroy the cooperation between Germany and Russia, as well as France, which is seen as the greatest economic and political threat to the United States.

If implemented, this scenario will eventually turn Europe into not only an economic, but also a political competitor to the United States.”, it declares.

Posted on: Sep 17 12:13

South African president insists it’s not up to Washington to determine his country’s diplomatic relations

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged the United States not to “to punish” African nations pressuring them to cut ties with Moscow, pointing to legislation passed by Congress that calls for greater US intervention in the continent.

After meeting US President Joe Biden on Friday, Ramaphosa spoke to reporters about the bill, the Combating Malicious Russian Activities in Africa Act, saying the measure “Will harm Africa and marginalize the continent.”

“We should not be informed by anyone with whom we can associate”, he added, noting South Africa’s longstanding policy of non-alignment among world powers.

Although the two leaders exchanged pleasantries during their meeting and did not mention the Russian legislation – as detailed in the reading of the White House discussion – Ramaphosa spoke separately with the Congressional Black Caucus during his visit and again criticized the bill.

Posted on: Sep 17 12:12

Excited to put this cut of his thriller in front of audiences, Newton prepared to promote the rerelease on Facebook. But in the days leading up to the premiere, Newton told Rolling Stone that he received an email informing him that in a rare turn of events, “Facebook had banned the filmmakers from promoting or advertising” the movie.

Following Rolling Stone’s report, Meta told Ars the Facebook owner reviewed the case and decided to reverse the ban.

“We reviewed the ads and page in question and determined that the enforcement was made in error, so we lifted the restriction,” a Meta spokesperson told Ars.

Posted on: Sep 17 12:11

Prime Minister Liz Truss will not hold talks with Joe Biden tomorrow as their meeting is postponed until the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

The talks will no longer take place on Sunday and Downing Street said a 'full bilateral meeting' will take place at the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday instead.

The US president was due to meet with the Prime Minister before the Queen's funeral on Monday. 

Posted on: Sep 17 12:10

Utilities in Germany have had to handle a surge in customer service calls in recent weeks from clients angry or desperate about their sky-rocketing energy bills, Reuters reports.

The biggest utility, E.ON, has ramped up its capacity to handle calls from consumers who are shocked to find just how much their energy bills have surged in recent months.

Gas prices in Europe are very high and power prices in many countries, including Germany, have hit record levels this summer after Russia choked pipeline gas supply to Europe and shut down indefinitely the key gas export pipeline to Germany, Nord Stream, at the beginning of this month.

“Some become aggressive out of frustration, others are in tears and need psychological support,” Ingbert Liebing, head of local utilities organization VKU, told Reuters, commenting on the spike in customer calls to utilities’ service centers.

Apart from already high energy bills, German customers will have a surcharge as of October, as part of a government plan to implement a so-called gas levy on consumers in order to help struggling energy firms.

Posted on: Sep 17 12:08

There is an unprecedented situation emerging in London, where the relentless hemorrhaging of one of the world’s largest stockpiles of silver is now well and truly under way.

For the last 9 months, this stockpile of silver, held in the LBMA vaults in London, has been consistently falling each and every month, and has now reached an all time low (since vault holdings records began in July 2016).

These vaults comprise the precious metals storage facilities in and around London run by the bullion banks JP Morgan, HSBC and ICBC Standard Bank, as well as the London vaults of three security operators, namely Brinks, Malca-Amit and Loomis. Since the system of vaults is administered and coordinated by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), these vaults are collectively known as the ‘LBMA vaults’.

Back in July this year, BullionStar highlighted this developing trend in the article titled “LBMA Silver Inventories fall to a near 6 Year Low below 1 billion ounces”. 

That article covered the vault data up to the end of June 2022, where the London silver holdings had reached the dubious milestone of having dropped below the 1 billion ounce level, specifically falling to 997.4 million ozs (31,022 tonnes).

Posted on: Sep 17 12:08

After Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson admitted defeat and conceded the election to a coalition of right-leaning parties, conservatives across Europe are celebrating. The Scandinavian nation, which was once one of the most left-leaning countries in Europe and well-known for accepting the most refugees per capita during the 2015/16 migrant crisis, has made a radical turnaround.

Of course, the reasons behind this turnaround are well known despite heavy censorship in the country. The utopian multicultural future envisioned by many Swedes has come crashing down over the last few years, and as Remix News has exhaustively documented, the shootingsmurdersdrug dealingclan crimeattacks on womenhonor killingsrandom assaults, and rising sexual crimes have left the once-peaceful nation shell shocked. The deteriorating security situation even led Germany’s top-selling newspaper, Bild, to label Sweden the “most dangerous country in Europe.”

Out of the turmoil of the last years, the Sweden Democrats have emerged as the second-largest party in Sweden with over 20 percent of the vote. As a result, much of the domestic and international media are openly acknowledging the much maligned party is the biggest winner of the entire election.

Posted on: Sep 17 12:07

A newly-formed medical union gathered in Melbourne at the weekend in a bid to reclaim medicine from the tight-grip of political control.

AMPS (Australian Medical Professional Society) was formed as part of movement to bring back trust and autonomy to the doctor-patient relationship.

The message from medical professionals who attended was clear: Let doctors be doctors and keep the politics out of medicine.

"Doctors whether they, for example regarding masks, regarding vaccines, regarding lockdowns, regarding any issue in the Covid era, if they've evaluated their evidence and if they're acting and advising their patients in good faith, then that is a matter between doctor and patient," Dr Robert Brennan said.

"That's the substance of free speech and that's also the substance of the scientific dialectic and so doctors of all stripes and all persuasions need to be able to have their voice unencumbered by regulators injecting politicisation of science, politicisation of medicine into the discourse."

Posted on: Sep 17 12:06

Anew program from Michigan’s Department of Education (MDOE) advocates for gender “fluidity” starting at the elementary school level and pushes educators to “facilitate the sexual transition of minors without parental consent,” according to a new bombshell report.

After obtaining “videos and internal documentation from the state’s training program, which first took place in 2020 and was repackaged for public school employees for the 2021–2022 school year,” senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute Christopher Rufo reported that the “training program mimics the basic narrative of academic queer theory: the presenters claim that the West has created a false notion that ‘gender is binary’ in order to oppress racial and sexual minorities.”

“In response, the department encourages teachers to adopt the principle of ‘intersectionality,’ a key tenet of critical race theory, in order to ‘dismantle systems of oppression,’ which are replicated through the culture and institutions of education,” Rufo explained. “The first step to dismantling these systems, according to the presenters, is to disrupt the gender binary.”

Posted on: Sep 17 12:00

A new ruling from a Delaware judge has deemed that the state’s mail-in voting law violates the Constitution of Delaware and cannot be utilized for the upcoming November elections.

Writing for the Delaware Court of Chancery, Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook ruled on Wednesday that “the Vote-by-Mail Statute” in question violates a provision within Delaware’s constitution that details the specific circumstances under which citizens are permitted to vote by absentee ballot.

“Our Supreme Court and this court have consistently stated that those circumstances are exhaustive,” Cook wrote. “Therefore, as a trial judge, I am compelled by precedent to conclude that the Vote-by-Mail Statute’s attempt to expand absentee voting … must be rejected.”

“[I]n light of applicable and controlling precedent, I must find that the Vote-by-Mail Statute is unconstitutional for purposes of the general election,” he added.

Posted on: Sep 17 11:59

Sadly, we live in a time when warning people about the dangers of vaccines often requires resorting to cryptic messages or emojis just to get our message across.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 17 11:05

According to MSNBC, the illegal aliens sent to Martha’s Vineyard feel like they are the “lucky ones.”

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 17 10:51

Today News Africa White House reporter Simon Ateba asked National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Comms John Kirby if he’s the “second press secretary” during Friday’s briefing.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 17 10:51

The Democrat elitist snobs on Martha's Vinyard have kicked the illegals out and actually called the national guard to assist. These Democrat racists preach and preach about accepting migrants until they get some in their town-. Ron DeSantis has exposed these hypocrites

Posted on: Sep 17 10:34

NEW: Fed court REJECTED Biden DOJ desperate effort to stave off any oversight on its abusive raid of Trump‘s home. Another big court win for Trump–and the rule of law! – Tom Fitton

Posted on: Sep 17 10:33

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley shut down failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after she said Florida governor Ron DeSantis sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is “literally human trafficking.” 

He wrote: “Hillary Clinton today agreed with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough that  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending 50 undocumented migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is “literally human trafficking.

“There are good-faith reasons to oppose the transportation to migrants to the island, but, as a legal matter, this is legally nonsense. On the program, Scarborough repeated the common claim that this transportation qualifies as “human trafficking.”

“In fairness to Scarborough and Clinton, some law professors have echoed this view which is wholly at odds with not just the governing statutory provisions but controlling case law.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:32

The illegal migrants who DeSantis sent to Martha’s Vineyard were so grateful to the Florida governor. They appreciated him helping and sending them to such a lovely place and according to MSNBC, they wanted to stay there. And can you blame them? Martha’s Vineyard is a lush, posh liberal elite utopia. 80 percent of the island voted for Biden, and 80 percent is white, and most people there are very affluent, owning mansions and sprawling 10-room estates, like the Obamas.

Crime is low, the homes are well taken care of, and all the public areas are stunning. And don’t get me started on the restaurants and beaches. It’s all gorgeous. It’s how the “other half” lives, so of course the illegal migrants wanted to stay. Who could blame them? They probably thought they hit the jackpot… and for a while, they pretty much had.

But not so fast, Amigo… Those loving liberals who claim to “stand with you” and even have signs in their yard about “refugees” and “Hate Has No Home Here,” would prefer it if you got your filthy butt off their lovely island.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:31

Half Of San Francisco Residents Were Victims Of Crime In Past 5 Years


Crime rates continue to increase in the beautiful Bay Area. While the defund police movements made many of us suspect this would happen, a new report details how much crime has increased. It tells us why people are leaving the area in record numbers.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:30

The United States should be concerned over ensuring the transparency of its own electoral processes instead of meddling in Russia’s domestic affairs, according to a commentary published by the Russian Embassy in Washington on Friday.

"The State Department spokesperson Ned Price accused Russian authorities of widespread violations of the principles of free vote during the recent regional and municipal elections as well as persecution of opposition candidates and activists. We urge the administration to refer to the data released by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia and abstain from any unfounded statements. The United States would rather pay attention to the transparency of their own electoral processes instead of interfering with our internal affairs," the commentary posted on the embassy’s Telegram channel reads.

Earlier, CEC chief Ella Pamfilova said that following the elections, not a single complaint had been registered that could have impacted their results. Russia held elections for 15 top regional officials on September 9-11 (14 of them were direct elections, while the head of the Adygeya Republic was elected by its legislature). The other elections were for lawmakers of six regional legislatures, 12 city councils in regional capitals and deputies of local self-government bodies. Online voting was available in eight regions, including Moscow.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:30

The West intended to demonstrate Russia’s "isolation" in a vote following Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s video address at the UN General Assembly yet failed, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday.

"We managed to make many large developing states take our side, including BRICS members. Had it not been for the passivity of African and other developing countries who simply did not have time to receive directions from their capitals, the result or, at least, the score, would have been completely different," he noted.

The diplomat pointed out that the Ukrainians submitted the text to be voted on only one hour before the end of a workday counting that Russia and its allies wouldn’t have enough time to act. However, Belarus managed to introduce amendments supported by Russia which removed political issues and gave an opportunity to all countries who need it to present video addresses during next week.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:29

A solar 'destruction event' earlier this year destroyed 38 of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites - costing his company tens of millions of dollars in losses.

SpaceX launched 49 its low-latency internet satellites into space from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on February 3 - seemingly without incident at first.

Around that same time, a massive wave of solar particles and radiation was washing over Earth. 

Posted on: Sep 17 10:28

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow California Democrat Jackie Speier will visit Armenia this weekend in a show of support for Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Politico reported on Thursday citing sources familiar with the matter. The congressional visit comes shortly after border clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia resulted in over 170 deaths.

Pelosi is already in Germany, where she is attending the G7 Speakers’ Summit in Berlin in support of “Ukraine’s heroic fight” against Russia. According to Politico, she will fly out to Yerevan after the conference with Speier, who is Armenian-American.

Speier’s office has not commented on the report, while Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill told Politico they “don’t confirm or deny international travel in advance due to longstanding security protocols.”

Pelosi’s previous foreign trip was to Taipei in early August, undertaken against explicit warnings from Beijing. It inflamed tensions between the US and China over the status of Taiwan.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:26

Exactly 15 years ago, a powerful car bomb exploded nearby while American diplomats were meeting with Iraqi officials in Baghdad. An evacuation of US State Department employees was being handled by Blackwater Security Consulting, a private military company (PMC). But what was supposed to be a routine operation resulted in a bloody massacre in the center of the Iraqi capital.

When a sniper spotted a suspicious white Kia driving on the wrong side of the road and ignoring the signals of police officers and the military team, he pulled the trigger as his colleagues set off stun grenades. The Kia burst into flames, killing the female driver, her adult son, and a nearby policeman who was trying to figure out what was going on.

This, however, was just the beginning. The mercenaries opened fire in all directions using heavy machine guns and grenade launchers, killing unarmed civilians in the process. The Iraqi police returned fire, which essentially resulted in armed street fighting. It was reported that one Blackwater guard kept shooting until his colleague pointed a weapon at him.

The Nisour Square massacre was one of the most prominent events of the US-Iraq conflict, raising doubts about America’s true intentions in the region. RT has asked experts to share their thoughts on what the incident meant for Washington’s Middle East policy and the likelihood of another tragedy like this.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:25

Diplomatic relations between Russia and the West deteriorated to a post-Cold War low point after the start of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, and have hinged on the brink of collapse since Moscow began a military special operation in Ukraine in February 2022.

The collective West has dreamt about and worked toward the collapse of Russia for many, many years, but will never live to see such a thing transpire, President Vladimir Putin has said.

"For decades, Western countries have consistently cultivated the idea of the collapse of the Soviet Union, historical [prerevolutionary] Russia, and Russia as it is, its core," Putin said, speaking to reporters on Friday at the conclusion of his visit to Samarkand, Uzbekistan for the Shanghai Cooperation Summit.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:25

President Vladimir Putin on Friday brushed off a lightning Ukrainian counter-offensive but warned that Russia would respond more forcefully if its troops were put under further pressure.

Speaking after a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in the Uzbek city of Samarkand, Putin cast the invasion as a necessary step to prevent what he said was a Western plot to break Russia apart. Moscow, he said, was in no hurry in Ukraine.

And its goals remained unchanged.

The Kiev authorities announced that they have launched and are conducting an active counter-offensive operation.

“Well, let’s see how it develops, how it ends up,” Putin said.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:24

Polish President Andrzej Duda should be prosecuted for his statement on war reparations from Russia, the chairman of the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, said.

In an interview published on Thursday, Duda stated that while Germany started World War II and attacked Poland, Russia “joined this war later on.” Therefore, Warsaw “should demand reparations also from Russia,” the Polish leader claimed.

Volodin accused the Polish president of rehabilitating Nazism and of insulting the memory of those who “gave their lives for the freedom and independence of the Polish people.”

“Russian law provides criminal penalties for such statements. It is right for the supervisory authorities to study the comment of Andrzej Duda and take appropriate measures to bring him to criminal responsibility,” he wrote on Telegram.

Volodin also reminded of the high price the Soviet people paid for the liberation of the world from Nazism – 27 million dead.

Posted on: Sep 17 10:24