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"No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power!<br>When the oppressed man finds no justice,<br>When the burden grows unbearable, he appeals<br>With fearless heart to Heaven,<br>And thence brings down his everlasting rights,<br>Which there abide, inalienably his,<br>And indestructible as stars themselves." -- Friedrich Schiller, Wilhelm Tell’s Rutli Oath

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People around the world have expressed concerns about Israelis empowering indicted former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the nation’s most far-right government in history since Israel held its fifth election in less than four years on Tuesday.

“If you are shocked and horrified by this growing, emboldened Israeli fascist movement, ask yourself how you’ll commit to opposing Jewish supremacist ideology, policies, and institutions in days and years ahead,” Simone Zimmerman, co-founder of the American Jewish group IfNotNow, tweeted late Wednesday. “Fighting fascism, authoritarianism, and racism everywhere is our only hope.”

The results were confirmed Thursday. Netanyahu’s party, Likud, secured 32 seats in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, followed by outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid with 24 seats. The bloc breakdown, as Haaretz reported, is 64 seats for the Netanyahu camp and 51 for the current coalition.

“The election’s biggest surprise is the resounding success of the radical right-wing Religious Zionism coalition,” Mitchell Plitnick, president of ReThinking Foreign Policy, wrote Wednesday for Responsible Statecraft, stressing that party leaders Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir will have “enormous influence in the coalition politics of the next Israeli government.”

Posted on: Nov 08 08:05

According to recent reports, a notorious killer has stated his desire to be identified as a baby in prison, complete with the use of diapers and baby food.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 08 07:59

Every year, about 5,700 U.S. children suffer seizures from the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.1 This finding is derived from results of the most statistically powered safety study ever to measure the association between MMR vaccination and febrile seizures. Published in JAMA in 2004, the study2 evaluated more than half a million children, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, from a Danish population that is relied upon globally to examine vaccine safety.

The results show that seizures from the MMR vaccine occur in about 1 in 640 children up to two weeks following MMR-vaccine administration. Applying this risk of seizures to the 3.64 million U.S. children vaccinated with a first dose of MMR every year3 results in about 5,700 annual MMR-vaccine seizures.

Febrile Seizures and Epilepsy

There is a five-fold higher risk of seizures from the MMR vaccine than seizures from measles infection,4 and a significant portion of MMR-vaccine seizures may cause permanent harm. For example, a Danish study of 1.54 million people, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2007,5 examined the association between febrile seizures and epilepsy, a chronic brain disorder that leads to recurring seizures. The study found that 5% of febrile seizures may result in epilepsy. Consequently, about 300 MMR-vaccine seizures (5% of 5,700) may lead to epilepsy annually.1

The risk of seizure increases in siblings of children with a history of febrile seizures and in children with a personal history of febrile seizures, to 1 in 250 and 1 in 50, respectively.2

Posted on: Nov 08 07:58

Joe Biden and Barack Obama filmed a video together in a desperate last-minute pitch to voters ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 08 07:58

For the first time since the Russian invasion began back in February, the Ukrainian government has invoked wartime laws to dramatically intervene into the private business sector, seizing five "strategically important" companies for state and military use. It comes a year after President Zelensky's so-called "de-oligarchization" reforms and targets companies run by some of Ukraine's wealthiest billionaire businessmen - at least a couple of which are facing major corruption investigations. 

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov announced Monday at a press briefing in Kiev, "As of today, the specified assets are managed on behalf of the state and in the interests of the entire security sector — to meet the needs of the Armed Forces and the entire defense sector."

Posted on: Nov 08 07:57

The world’s richest man and Twitter owner called on independent voters to vote Republican this election.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 08 07:57

 Another young woman with mental illness shut down a major highway in the UK on Monday over global warming.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:56

It's remarkable to think that it was just 6 weeks ago when the UK revealed its biggest spending spree in decades - one which sparked a bond market crisis, a political shake up and the resignation of the now former PM Liz Truss. Fast forward to today when in a dramatic reversal, we learn that the UK is sinking into Greek-style austerity: the Telegraph reports that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and finance minister Jeremy Hunt plan to reveal a stealth tax raid on pensions later this month.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:55

Those under the age of 21 will receive an initial delay that could last about two weeks. This delay is supposedly to allow the FBI to contact local law enforcement and check with state databases to enhance the background check system's effectiveness. This is nothing but a way to make it more difficult for young adults to own firearms. It's a mandatory wait period that anti-gunners have now added to a background check system that is broken well beyond repair.

Parents might not want their children to receive mental healthcare as minors, if it might create an administrative record resulting in the loss or delay of their child's constitutional rights when they turn 18. Those 17 and under who hunt, play shooting sports, or who wish to own firearms for self-defense as adults may choose to avoid essential mental healthcare in order to retain their right to own and operate firearms. If someone under 18 wants to legally buy a hunting shotgun or a target rifle on their 18th birthday, they may use the consequences of the law as an excuse to not get the mental health care they need. 

Posted on: Nov 08 07:55

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi are of no use to the Left in the midterms because it is their radical ideology that was finally enacted and wrecked the country...

Over the last few months the four icons of the Democratic Party—Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi—have hit the campaign trail. 

They’ve weighed in on everything from “right-wing violence” and “election denialists” to the now tired “un-American” semi-fascist MAGA voter—and had nothing much to say about inflation, the border, crime, energy, or the Afghanistan debacle. In this, they remind us just how impoverished and calcified is this left-wing pantheon. 

So why should we take anything they say seriously, given their own records—and especially given their mastery of projecting their own shortcomings upon others as some sort of private exculpation or preemptive political strategy?

Posted on: Nov 08 07:54

EU politicians and officials have been turning the financial screws on Poland. Has the country finally had enough?

Polish President Andrzej Duda, right, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speak after at a joint news conference in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland, Thursday, June 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Michal Dyjuk)

The Polish government says it will make no further concessions to the European Union in order to unlock tens of billions in EU funding, arguing that Poland has fulfilled all its obligations and Brussels owes them the money.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:52

China in a blistering rebuke to the UK has demanded it stop all official exchanges with Taiwan as this week British Trade Policy Minister Greg Hands is visiting the self-ruled island. He landed in Taipei Monday, which marks the first trip of a British minister to Taiwan since 2018

"We urge the UK to earnestly respect China's sovereignty, uphold the One China principle, stop any form of official interaction with Taiwan and stop sending wrong signals to Taiwan independence separatist forces," China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. "China firmly rejects any form of official exchanges with the Taiwan region by any countries having diplomatic ties with China."

Posted on: Nov 08 07:49

A large drop in renewable energy output is forcing Spain to increase natural gas demand to generate electricity at a time Europe is in the worst energy crisis in a generation. 

Spain's hydropower output has been halved this year due to drought, and things could get a lot worse as one of the country's largest hydropower plants is set to close. 

Bloomberg reported the Mequinenza facility in the northeastern region of Aragon would halt hydropower generation in mid-November after water levels were 23% below capacity. It'll be the first time the hydro plant has closed since it was constructed in 1996. 

In the week through Nov. 1, Mequinenza was only producing 6,221 gigawatt-hours or operating at around 27% of total capacity. According to Bloomberg calculations based on Environmental Transition Ministry data, water levels in the reservoir have hit the lowest level since 1995. This means there's not enough water flow to turn the plant's turbines.

Spain's hydropower generation has tumbled a whopping 53% this year through October, according to grid operator Red Electrica Corporacion SA. So when temperatures rise, and droughts persist, the hydropower industry gets squeezed hard. 

Posted on: Nov 08 07:49

A person of Ukrainian descent to fill NATO's top post? That's what a recent New York Times report suggested could happen as it detailed "the race is on" to select NATO's next Secretary General.

"While the officials cautioned that these are early days, and very often the names that surface first do not survive the bargaining among NATO’s 30 members, they said one prime candidate has surfaced in Washington: Chrystia Freeland, 54, the Canadian-Ukrainian deputy prime minister and finance minister of Canada," NY Times wrote. 

Chrystia Freeland, center, to Justin Trudeau's right in a May visit to Ukraine. Canadian govt. via Twitter

Freeland has long been seen as Ukraine's top ally within Canadian political leadership. The Times called her a "prime candidate" in the eyes of Washington insiders to replace NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The report described further, "Ms. Freeland, 54, a former journalist (who is married to a reporter for The New York Times), has also been Canada’s foreign minister." And listed that "Her advantages are considerable: she speaks English, French, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian; she has run complicated ministries; she is good at news conferences and other public appearances; and she would be the first woman and first Canadian ever to run NATO."

Posted on: Nov 08 07:48

History professor Robert S. McElvaine recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times in which he stated that journalists are "failing Americans" by insisting on treating both political parties equally.  Yes, as we know, there is nothing more dangerous to a representative republic than a free and objective press.

McElvaine claimed that the United States is in "the final stages of the most critical election for the survival of the American experiment since 1864" and added that journalists bear responsibility for protecting America's future from "right-wing" extremists.

He wrote: "America's future hangs on the defeat of the right-wing extremist authoritarians who have seized the name of Lincoln's party.  If we lose, news corporations and journalists with a misplaced sense of 'balance,' 'neutrality' and 'nonpartisanship' will bear a considerable share of the blame."  Down with balance, neutrality, and nonpartisanship!  Screw objectivity!  To hell with equal treatment, justice, fairness, equality, and equity when it comes to "journalists'" duty to the people!  The people don't know how to think, so the media must tell them what to think...or democracy is doomed!  Mass indoctrination is the last, best hope for democracy!

Posted on: Nov 08 07:47

A center-left think tank backed by some of the most prominent names in Democratic politics, has warned that the Democratic party is viewed as 'extreme,' and unconcerned with top issues among voters.

New polling from Third Way finds that "Despite a roster of GOP candidates who are extreme by any standard, voters see Democrats as just as extreme, as well as far less concerned about the issues that most worry them."

Posted on: Nov 08 07:45

The Federal Reserve – and central banks the world over – played a crucial role in making lockdowns possible and weaponizing the panic of politicians. As the lender of last resort and the provider of liquidity for the entire federal government, it removes normal fiscal restraint. It writes checks that cannot bounce to fuel governments in normal times but is always ready to make possible emergency spending too even if existing revenue and public consensus is otherwise absent. 

Starting with the $2.2 trillion CARES act of March 27, 2020, and continuing for a full year, Congress massively subsidized and hence funded and rewarded states that locked down, enabling stimulus payments to businesses and individuals amounting to some $10.4 trillion over two years. It was all funded by debt that the Federal Reserve added to its balance sheets, even while the Fed drove interest rates back to zero in the hope of avoiding economic collapse. 

In short, the lockdown was monetized with the printing press. Without a Fed, spending on that level would have destroyed the credit worthiness of the US. So yes, the Fed is wholly culpable in making the entire calamity possible and allowing for its continuation for two years and more. The results are as inevitable as the sunset: we now face the highest rates of inflation in forty years. Because central banks around the world collaborated in this operation, inflation is global too. 

Posted on: Nov 08 07:42

We hear a lot these days from the political left about conservative and liberty minded ideals being a “threat to democracy,” and it's important to understand that leftists use the word “democracy” very deliberately and with specific intent.  America has never been a pure democracy, and for good reason.  Democracy is rule by the mob; it is 51% of society lording over the other 49%.  It is tyranny of the majority.  

The founders of our nation described America as a Constitutional Republic.  Not once in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill Of Rights or the Constitution is the word “democracy” used.  Not once.  America is not a democracy because our system was intended to protect individual rights regardless of majority opinion. Majority rule was never the plan of the founders, and since they risked their lives centuries ago to create this country their viewpoints are far more important than those of woke activists in 2022 who have never done anything of value.    

Leftists continue to use the word to describe our nation in bad faith, and they do this because it's what they want America to become.  They don't care what America is or what it was meant to be, and this has been made clear in their reactions to various measures to bring balance and free speech back to the US after years of cancel culture controlled by far left extremists and their partnerships with Big Tech social media.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:39

On the eve of the midterm elections with Pennsylvania’s Senate race viewed as a dead heat, Democratic candidate John Fetterman declared “I run on Roe v. Wade. I celebrate the demise of Roe v. Wade.” It was obviously a jarring moment for his pro-choice crowd particularly after calling for the codification of Roe. It was an all-too-familiar moment for the candidate who suffered a serious stroke that has impaired his communication and processing skills. However, as we previously discussedmany on the left have swatted back questions concerning Fetterman’s fitness as “ableism.” Now, the Washington Post has run a long column from University of Delaware Professor Jaipreet Virdi declaring that it is not just embracing ableism but eugenics to question Fetterman’s fitness.

Professor Virdi is an associate professor at the University of Delaware who describes herself as “Deaf & forever a radical.”  She is a prominent and influential voice against discrimination against the deaf.

There were parts of her column that I thought raised valuable and probative insights, including Virdi’s observation that “disabled people are the ‘original life hackers,’ people who adapt to their circumstances and find their way through the disabled world, by creating new objects and paths that allow them full participation.” She is also right that we need to reevaluate how our expectations might be barriers to those with disabilities. However, she engages in her own sweeping generalizations of those who raise these concerns and tells them that they must “jettison[] eugenics-influenced ideas about disability.”

Virdi frames her analysis by insisting that Fetterman is just given to “verbal stumbles and pauses.”  The problem is that we do not know if there is more serious cognitive damage. Fetterman has refused to release his medical records despite requests from the media, including newspapers that support him.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:38

The campaign to pull corporate advertising from Twitter, following its purchase by SpaceX founder Elon Musk, is being led by a network of left wing dark money activists with ties to prominent Democrat politicians and mega donors.

An advocacy group formed in 2020 called Accountable Tech is organizing the pressure campaign, which has thus far succeeded in having the likes of Pfizer, Audi, General Mills, and other corporations pull their advertising expenditures from the platform.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:37

A number of US troops and logistics forces have been arriving in the Syrian city of Raqqa recently, and are in the process of establishing a new military base in the area, in Hasakeh Province.

The location makes some sense, though no official announcement has been made yet. The US has an estimated 1,000 troops left in Syria, and 28 declared military sites. They are mostly in Hasakeh, so it makes sense that the new base would be there too.

The timing is particularly telling, however. Just over a week prior, the US said they had “no plans” to withdraw from Syria militarily, and the National Security Council’s John Kirby said the US presence is “solely to combat ISIS.”

Posted on: Nov 08 07:36

Bill LaPlante, the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer, said that he expects Congress to grant the authority to allow wartime purchasing power at a level not seen since the Cold War, Defense News reported on Monday.

To continue arming Ukraine, LaPlante has been calling for the Pentagon to be granted the authority to lock in multiyear contracts for weapons purchases, which are typically reserved for procuring naval vessels and warplanes. The idea is to get arms makers the incentive to ramp up production.

The Senate has added an amendment to its version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act to grant the authority. It would allow the Pentagon to make multiyear purchases through 2023 and 2024 of certain arms made by Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, and Raytheon, the former employer of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:36

Well, technically, any outcome tomorrow will be beneficial for stocks, but a red wave should be especially bullish.

According to Deutsche Bank economists, their base case is that Republicans will take the House but Democrats will maintain their slim majority in the Senate, although they admit that the latter is a close call. And indeed, according to PredictIt, the odds of a Red tide (full sweep) have now risen to 71%, more than double from their early September lows.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:36

An anti-Russia propaganda campaign originating from a “bot army” of phony automated Twitter accounts flooded the internet at the start of the war.

The research shows that of the more than 5 million tweets studied, 90.2 percent (both bot and non-bot) came from accounts that were pro-Ukraine, with fewer than 7 percent of the accounts being classed as pro-Russian.

The university researchers also found these automated tweets had been purposely used to drive up fear amongst people targeted by them, boosting a high level of statistically measurable “angst” in the online discourse.

The research team analysed a massively unprecedented 5,203,746 tweets, sent with key hashtags, in the first two weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Feb. 24. The researchers looked at predominately English-language accounts. A calculated 1.8 million unique Twitter accounts in the dataset posted at least one English-language tweet.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:34

Tomorrow is Election Day.

There’s going to be a lot of candidates and a lot parties on the ballot—Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, etc.

Someday, when I enter the booth in my local polling station to pull that lever of democracy, I hope to see the words Peace Party next to a candidate’s name.

That’s the label Daniel Webster campaigned under in 1814.

His country was in a war he thought was senseless. His neighbors felt unheard in Washington DC, and his home was becoming impoverished under the heavy costs of war.

So when he ran for re-election to the U.S. House, he wanted everyone to know where he stood, fixed and immovable: Peace Party!

You can soak up a lot of wisdom studying Daniel Webster’s forty year career in U.S. politics.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:33

The far-right Israeli lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir is set to demand tougher conditions for Palestinian security prisoners, as well as unfettered access for settlers into Al-Aqsa Mosque, during informal coalition talks with Likud party chief Benjamin Netanyahu expected on Monday, according to local media.

Netanyahu’s bloc won 64 seats out of 120 in last week's election in Israel, and is expected to form a government with ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and UTJ, as well as with Ben-Gvir's far-right Religious Zionism-Otzma Yehudit alliance.

During last year’s election cycle, Netanyahu said Ben-Gvir - who used to keep a picture of Baruch Goldstein, who massacred 29 Palestinians in a mosque in 1994, in his home - was not fit to be a minister.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:32

Jewish settlers sprayed about 60 olive trees with toxic chemicals in the town of Jaloud, near Nablus, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Ghassan Daghlas, a local official, said on Monday that Jewish settlers sneaked into the outskirts of the village and sprayed the trees with the toxic chemical ruining all of them..

He said the settlers, who have been escalating their attacks against olive trees and Palestinian farmers during this olive harvest season, sneaked into the outskirts of the village and sprayed the trees with the toxic chemical, damaging all of them.

The olive harvest season is an important time for thousands of Palestinian households throughout occupied Palestine.

Every year, illegal Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli soldiers, violently attack farmers, and often steal the crops.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:31

It was a planned genocide. It was mass murder. They murdered our friends, family and loved ones and they didn’t care

They did it for money.

Posted on: Nov 08 07:30

NWhen the lies come to light at an exponential rate, some of those who have been proven wrong become nervous – so nervous, in fact, that they plead to let the past rest. But being wrong comes at a price, and this is why we need to put them to the test.

The Atlantic 1 has come under fire for suggesting that all of the terrible pandemic-era decisions about lockdowns, closing schools, masking and punishing a whole group of people question the effectiveness and wisdom of taking a hasty, experimental vaccine — for a virus with a 99% survival rate in most — should all be forgotten and forgiven, writes Dr. Joseph Mercola .

Brown University economist Emily Oster writes in The Atlantic, 2 “We must forgive each other for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” Brendon Marotta tells in his Substack Hegemon Media 3 :

Posted on: Nov 08 07:27