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Canadian military sources believe Kearney is being court-martialed now because the Canadian government’s policy to finance, arm, train, plan, and direct Ukrainian operations against Russia is being defeated, and that the military collapse east of Kiev now risks loss of more territory and the lives of Canadians currently working in the Ukraine and at cross-border bases in Poland and Romania. At least one thousand Canadians have been counted by the Russian Defense Ministry on the battlefield since the start of the Special Military Operation; by March of this year, 422 had been confirmed killed in action.   

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A new video shared on social media appears to show members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine burning an effigy of former President Donald Trump. The three individuals in the video allegedly warned Trump in Ukrainian, saying, “You will never be president again.”

Ian Miles Cheong, a journalist and commentator, shared the video Thursday on X, formerly Twitter. Cheong wrote, “Members of the Ukrainian army burn an effigy of Donald Trump. ‘You will never be president again.'”

The video, which was shared on both X and Telegram, appears to show three masked Ukrainian soldiers next to a cardboard cutout or model of the former president.

Webmaster addition: Obvious political stunt by the White House.

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Ukrainian information resources report with regret that countries of the Global South are massively refusing to participate in the so-called peace conference on Ukraine, scheduled for mid-June in Switzerland. This is due to Russia’s influence on the countries of the region and the state of affairs at the front.

According to the Resident telegram channel, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has been tasked with attracting as many countries cooperating with Russia as possible to participate in the summit. However, the deteriorating situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front does not allow the Foreign Ministry to realize what it wants.

Our source in the president's office said that countries of the Global South began to massively refuse to participate in the peace conference in Switzerland due to the situation at the front and the influence of Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying under any pretext to lure world leaders to the conference, but the defeats of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the front negatively affect the situation

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If you’re just tuning in, it might seem odd to you that a major news outlet would publish a story about the emotions that some Israelis are feeling about foreign protests against an active genocide being committed by their country. After all, this is not a news story. A story about how some people’s feelings are feeling is not news, and is not journalism. 

But that’s exactly what the last seven months have looked like in the imperial media: a nonstop fixation on feelings instead of facts. Israelis have upset feelings about anti-genocide protests. Western Jews have upset feelings at campus demonstrators. Biden has upset feelings at Netanyahu. Last October the imperial media suddenly got a lot less interested in reporting on the facts on the ground with Israel and Gaza, and a whole lot more interested in reporting on how some groups of people feel about it instead. 

Western reporters, pundits, politicians and officials cannot stop talking about this. The feelings of Israelis and western Jews are not only given more importance than the feelings of Palestinians or any other group, they are given more importance than Palestinian lives. Some Zionist kid pretending to feel “threatened” on an Ivy League campus will get more coverage than the daily massacres that have been occurring in the densely-packed city of Rafah.

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NATO’s largest exercise since the Cold War are being held near Russia's border, indicating that the US-led bloc is “seriously preparing” for a potential conflict with Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

The Steadfast Defender drills, featuring some 90,000 troops from all 32 NATO member states and 1,100 combat vehicles, started in late January and will end in May.

According to the wargame scenario, “the coalition's actions against Russia are being practiced using all the instruments, including hybrid and conventional weapons,” Zakharova said in a statement on Saturday.

We have to admit that NATO is seriously preparing for a ‘potential conflict’ with us,” Zakharova said.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky appeared on the Russian Interior Ministry’s wanted list on Saturday. The exact offense he is charged with remains unclear.

The ministry’s website says the Ukrainian president is wanted under an article of Russia’s Criminal Code and contains his full name and photograph, as well as his date and place of birth. No data has been released about criminal proceedings against him.

The development comes a day after the head of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, Aleksandr Litvinenko, was also put on Russia’s wanted list. He took the position over from his predecessor Aleksey Danilov in March. In this instance, too, no charge details have been specified.

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The "frat bros" praised by pro-Israel influencers on social media for protecting an American flag at UNC-Chapel Hill told Fox News on Thursday that they were at the protest "first and foremost for our country of Israel." 

Fox News' Laura Ingraham asked Frat bro Isaac Maleh, "What motivated you to defend the [American] flag?"

Maleh responded: "When we talk about motivation for the flag, the primary reason I was on that quad, right, before this even began to become an American issue, I was on there because I'm Jewish, I'm Orthodox and a lot of members that were holding up that flag were, and so we were there really just kind of holding up our Israeli flags and trying to stop hate, there's been a lot of antisemitism around the country, so we were there first and foremost for our country of Israel." 

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Colleges all across the United States have witnessed a wave of fiery school rallies protesting the catastrophe that people in the Gaza Strip have been subject to for months.

Demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine have been popping up both throughout the US and elsewhere since Hamas' October 7 attack. They have now gained momentum due to Israel's blatant disregard for international law and its continuous violence against the civil population.

Pro-Palestine student rallies have garnered significant media attention across the political spectrum due to the unanticipated brutality shown by the US law enforcers seeking to suppress them. The police crackdowns have ended in violent clashes with students, detentions and arrests.

Explore the gallery below for a sneak peek into a new wave of civil disobedience against the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza:

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Russian air defenses have shot down four US-manufactured long-range missiles over Crimea, according to the Defense Ministry in Moscow.

On Saturday night, Kiev’s forces attempted “to carry out a terrorist attack” against the Russian peninsula using surface-to-surface Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) supplied by Washington, the ministry said in a post on Telegram. The strike was intercepted, it added.

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry claimed that six ATACMS projectiles had been downed in a single day, without specifying the location of the strikes. In total, 15 such missiles have been intercepted in the past seven days, Moscow reported on Saturday.

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The rapid crumbling of Ukrainian defenses, leading to military retreat, prompts questions about the Kiev regime's failure to maintain the front line.

Russian troops continue to advance along the entire 1000-kilometer-long front line and squeeze the Ukrainian military from the Donetsk People's Republic after the liberation of Avdeyevka. After taking control of Chasov Yar and Ocheretino, the Russian Armed Forces will get access to the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration and destroy the Kiev regime's defense line west of Avdeyevka.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has consistently criticized the West for hesitating to provide air defense systems, weapons, and ammunition, citing it as the primary reason for his military's failures. However, it has been revealed that the shortage of ammunition has not been the Ukrainian Army's main issue.

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The BRICS group of nations could offer an alternative currency in the event of a collapse of the dollar and the international monetary system, according to Russia’s executive director at the International Monetary Fund, Alexey Mozhin.

In an interview with RIA Novosti published on Friday, the expert noted that the shortcomings of the current financial system are becoming more apparent and that many publications have started to mention BRICS “in the context of the fact that this association can offer an alternative.” 

Mozhin explained that it is possible for the economic bloc’s member countries to create a currency that would be “built on a basket of currencies of the five member countries,” which would include the Chinese yuan, Indian rupee, Russian ruble, Brazilian real, and the South African rand.

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A deadly outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) has occurred inside a California hotel housing homeless people, leading to the death of one person and forcing city health officials to declare a public health emergency.

The alarming outbreak at the unnamed hotel infected 14 people, resulting in nine people being hospitalized, the Department of Health and Human Services for Long Beach announced Thursday. The identity of the deceased individual has not been released. 

"The outbreak is currently isolated to a distinct population and the risk to the general public is low," city officials announced.

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“Opposing Every War But the Current One, Supporting Civil Rights But Never Right Now”

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by Tyler Durden

A health crisis has emerged for Democrat officials in Long Beach, California, following a tuberculosis outbreak linked to a hotel housing 'homeless' people, according to Fox News

On Thursday, health officials declared a public health emergency after an alarming tuberculosis outbreak was reported at an unnamed hotel housing. 

The city has so far confirmed 14 cases of tuberculosis in people "associated with a single room occupancy hotel." Nine of them were hospitalized with one fatal case. Another 170 people were "likely exposed" to the deadly bacteria. 

"The outbreak is currently isolated to a distinct population and the risk to the general public is low," the city said, adding, "The population at risk in this outbreak has significant barriers to care, including homelessness and housing insecurity, mental illness, substance use and serious medical comorbidities."

The reason health officials declined to name the hotel or its location is to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations. 

One X user said, "I believe the name of the hotel SHOULD BE DISCLOSED in the interest of traveler safety. OR does this mean the hotel is used to house illegal aliens invading our border? Long Beach declares public health emergency after deadly tuberculosis outbreak."


Claire's Observations:  I think this X user is absolutely correct.

And what have I been saying consistently about one of the major problems with housing so many illegal aliens?!?  That diseases considered obliterated in this country, are now  making a nasty comeback?!?  Long Beach:  There's your problem!!

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Via The Cradle

US officials have told Qatar to expel Hamas’ political leadership if the Palestinian militant group rejects the latest proposal for a ceasefire with Israel, The Washington Post reports Saturday. A US official speaking on the condition of anonymity with The Post said that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered the message to Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in April.

Three diplomats familiar with the matter said Qatari officials have expected the request for months, as ceasefire talks mediated by Qatari and Egyptian officials have repeatedly failed. Qatari officials have advised Hamas officials to prepare to depart for another country should they be forced to leave, one of the diplomats told The Post. Some have speculated that Turkiye may be a possible future host of the group.

Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani (R) in a meeting with Hamas official Khaled Mashal in Doha, Qatar govt handout

Doha has hosted Hamas’ political leadership, including Ismail Haniyeh, at the US’ request since 2012 and provided billions in cash to the Hamas authorities governing Gaza in recent years with the approval of the US and Israel. 

However, Qatar has come under criticism from US and Israeli officials since Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October. During the operation, Hamas attacked Israeli military bases and settlements to break the 17-year siege on Gaza. Some 1,200 Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed, including some by Hamas and others by Israeli forces, which used attack helicopters, tanks, and drones in their own settlements (kibbutzim) to respond to the operation.

Hamas also took some 240 Israelis captive, of which roughly 100 remain alive in Gaza, to exchange for some of the thousands of Palestinians held captive in Israeli jails. 

The White House has sought to use the threat of expelling Hamas from Qatar as leverage in ceasefire negotiations. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants the return of the Israeli captives without offering a permanent end to the war in return. 

Netanyahu has long insisted that Israel only agree to a temporary ceasefire in exchange for the return of the Israeli captives, after which the army would be allowed to resume the war on Gaza, which he claims is meant to eliminate Hamas. Hamas has rejected the idea of a temporary ceasefire in hopes of ending the war permanently and winning the return of displaced Palestinians from northern Gaza to their homes, though many have been destroyed by Israeli bombing.

After seven months of war, the Israeli army has succeeded in killing a reported over 34,000 Palestinians, including over 14,000 children according to Gaza Health Ministry casualties, and has laid waste to large swathes of Gaza’s cities and farmland. However, the army has not defeated Hamas, whose fighters continue to carry out operations against occupying Israeli troops. 

Netanyahu has also used the threat of an all-out invasion of Rafah, the city on the Egypt border where over 1 million displaced Palestinians are sheltering, as leverage to force Hamas to agree to a ceasefire and prisoner exchange on Israel’s terms. 

Blinken returned to Israel this week in hopes of pressuring Hamas to agree to the latest Israeli proposal. "We are determined to get a ceasefire that brings the hostages home and to get it now, and the only reason that wouldn’t be achieved is because of Hamas," Blinken said Wednesday in Tel Aviv. "There is a proposal on the table, and as we’ve said: no delays, no excuses. The time is now." A Hamas delegation is expected to visit Cairo this weekend, potentially to respond in writing to Israel’s latest proposal, Reuters reported Friday.

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by Tyler Durden

Since the beginning of the digital age, most of the world's internet data has flowed through massive data centers in Northern Virginia. The area is known as "Data Center Alley" because it's home to the world's largest concentration of data centers. Some call the area 'spy country' because of the number of data centers used by the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies. 

Given the exponential proliferation of smartphones, streaming services, smart devices, and now generative artificial intelligence, the power demanded by data centers in Northern Virginia will need nuclear reactors worth of power, if not much more, according to utility Dominion Energy.

On Thursday, Chief Executive Officer Bob Blue told investors on a company earnings call that "economic growth, electrification, and accelerating data center expansion" is boosting power demand across the area. 

Image removed.

Blue said, "The data center industry has grown substantially in northern Virginia in recent years," noting, "We've connected 94 data centers with over 4 gigawatts of capacity over the last approximately five years." 

Blue expects his utility company to connect another 15 data centers to the local power grid this year. 

He said, "This growth has accelerated in orders of magnitude, driven by one, the number of data centers requesting to be connected to our system, two, the size of each facility, and three, the acceleration of each facility's ramp scheduled to reach full capacity." 

He provided some context about rising power demand, pointing out:

"A single data center typically had a demand of 30 megawatts or greater. However, we're now receiving individual requests for demand of 60 to 90 megawatts or greater, and it hasn't stopped there. We get regular requests to support larger data center campuses that include multiple buildings and require total capacity ranging from 300 megawatts to as many as several gigawatts." 

Blue told analysts that Loudoun County is home to the "largest data center market in the world, and we have had an opportunity to work with our data center customers for 15 or more years."

He said the electrification of the economy, in combination with data centers, will only mean "substantial load growth driven by electrification in data centers for the foreseeable future." 

With substantial load growth coming down the pipe, the local media outlet The Frederick News-Post reported earlier this year that billions of dollars in "regional power grid upgrades" are being proposed to "increase data center power demands in Northern Virginia." 

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Authored by David Stockman via InternationalMan.com,

These people have to be stopped!

We are talking about the nation’s unhinged monetary politburo domiciled in the Eccles Building, of course. It is bad enough that their relentless inflation of financial assets has showered the 1% with untold trillions of windfall gains, but their ultimate crime is that they lured the nation’s elected politician into a veritable fiscal trance. Consequently, future generations will be lugging the service costs on insuperable public debts for years to come.

For more than two decades these foolish PhDs and monetary apparatchiks drove the entire Treasury yield curve to rock bottom, even as public debt erupted skyward. In this context, the single biggest chunk of the Treasury debt lies in the 90-day T-bill sector, but between December 2007 and June 2023 the inflation-adjusted yield on this workhorse debt security was negative 95% of the time.

That’s right. During that 187-month span, the interest rate exceeded the running (LTM) inflation rate during only nine months, as depicted by the purple area picking above the zero bound in the chart, and even then by just a tad. All the rest of the time, Uncle Sam was happily taxing the inflationary rise in nominal incomes, even as his debt service payments were dramatically lagging the 78% rise of CPI during that period.

Inflation-Adjusted Yield On 90-Day T-bills, 2007 to 2022

The above was the fiscal equivalent of Novocain. It enabled the elected politicians to merrily jig up and down Pennsylvania Avenue and stroll the K-Street corridors dispensing bountiful goodies left and right, while experiencing nary a moment of pain from the massive debt burden they were piling on the main street economy.

Accordingly, during the quarter-century between Q4 1997 and Q1 2022 the public debt soared from $5.5 trillion to $30.4 trillion or by 453%. In any rational world a commensurate rise in Federal interest expense would have surely awakened at least some of the revilers.

But not in Fed World. As it happened, Uncle Sam’s interest expense only increased by 73%, rising from $368 billion to $635 billion per year during the same period.  By contrast, had interest rates remained at the not unreasonable levels posted in late 1997, the interest expense level by Q1 2022, when the Fed finally awakened to the inflationary monster it had fostered, would have been $2.03 trillion per annum.

In short, the Fed reckless and relentless repression of interest rates during that quarter century fostered an elephant in the room that was one for the ages. Annualized Federal interest expense was fully $1.3 trillion lower than would have been the case at the yield curve in place in Q4 1997

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Cargill Recalls 8 Tons Of Ground Beef At Walmart Stores Nationwide Over Possible E. Coli

by Tyler Durden

Eight tons of ground beef, processed at a Cargill Meat Solutions plant in Pennsylvania and distributed to Walmart stores nationwide, have been recalled due to potential E. coli contamination. 

On Wednesday, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced that 16,243 pounds of raw ground beef products may be contaminated with E. 

In recent days, Cargill shipped the raw ground beef to Walmart stores in a wide range of states, including Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. 

The recalled beef from Cargill includes:

  • All Natural Lean Ground Beef with lot code 117 (2.25 pounds)
  • Prime Rib Beef Steak Burgers Patties with lot code 118 (1.33 pounds)
  • Fat All Natural Angus Premium Ground Beef with lot code 117 (2.25 pounds)
  • Fat All Natural Ground Beef Chuck with lot code 118 (2.25 pounds)
  • Fat All Natural Ground Beef Chuck Patties with lot code 118 (1.33 pounds)
  • Fat All Natural Good Beef Sirloin Patties with lot code 118 (1.33 pounds)

This comes about one month after walnuts sold at Whole Foods were recalled for potential  E. coli contamination. 

Last month, Trader Joe's recalled fresh basil sold in 29 states and Washington, DC, due to dozens of cases of salmonella. 

The recent spate of food recalls, including the current ground beef recall, highlights the need for Americans to understand better the sourcing of their food

Claire's Observations:  Understanding the sourcing of our food sounds great;  but where the hell was the FDA, in allowing this contaminated meat to get through the system, and be sold to consumers?!?  The short answer is, they were  AWOL!!!!! 

(Metaphorically)   heads should roll for this, particularly those of senior management.  But in the world of the By-di-Bidenistas, this will happen when pigs discover they are aerodynamic.  Every possible excuse that can be made, will be made, to defend them.    (Did they get "triggered" by something which caused "brain fog" to appear when meat samples were tested?!?  Oh, the horror!!)  

But the real issue here, is how consistently this keeps happening, As reported in superlawyers.com:  "Nearly 50 million people are afflicted with food poisoning every year in the United States, resulting in almost 3,000 deaths. Of those who get sick, 128,000 people are hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.." https://www.superlawyers.com/ask/personal-injury-plaintiff/illinois/can-i-sue-a-restaurant-grocery-store-or-food-company-for-food-poisoning-in-illinois/3e78ab5b-26d1-48d2-aa7f-b8fbda0aef06.html

Please chew on those numbers for a while, and ask yourself "Why?"  I had absolutely no idea the numbers were so high in this country, which allegedly prides itself on its use of science and technology, to keep people "safe"   

And in fact, the lead guru of the FDA,  Dr, Califf, published an article last year, on 30 March 2023, with the following title: The US has one of the Safest Food Supplies in the World https://www.fda.gov/news-events/fda-voices/us-has-one-safest-food-supplies-world   And of course, compared to countries like Sub-Saharan Africa, or South Asia, we do; but what standards and procedures are more developed countries using to almost make food poisoning a thing of the past?!?

If you do a google search for "safest food supplies in the world, here are the countries which come up at the top:

RankCountryQuality and Safety

But if you look at the actual report, here is what it actually says about US food safety:  https://www.glaubfm.com/blog/us-ranks-3rd-global-food-security-index

"The index measures many aspects of food security, but three main areas examined include food affordability, food availability and food quality and safety.

The US ranked sixth in affordability, eighth in availability and fourth in quality and safety. Some of the strengths of the American food system include nutritional standards, access to financing for farmers, food safety, dietary diversity, proportion of population under the global poverty line, sufficiency of supply, protein quality, agricultural import tariffs, volatility of agricultural production and a lack of corruption. The only weakness listed was a lack of public expenditure on agricultural research and development."

So if you were wondering why Dr, Califf did not link to the article directly, now you know.




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by Tyler Durden

Starting early last month the director of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Samantha Power informed US lawmakers in Congress for the first time that the population in parts of northern Gaza have begun facing famine. This testimony served to hasten international efforts to more efficiently get aid into the Strip, such as the Pentagon's Gaza pier project, though it didn't put a halt of the Western weapons flowing to Tel Aviv.

Now, a top UN official has warned the crisis is worse than previously assessed. The head of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Cindy McCain is now warning that northern Gaza is in the midst of a "full-blown famine".

AFP via Getty Images

She further said that famine is "moving its way south" in a new NBC News interview set to air Sunday. She described that this is base on the humanitarian office's assessment on the ground.

"It’s horror. It’s so hard to look at and it’s so hard to hear," McCain told Meet the Press. "What we are asking for and what we continually ask for is a ceasefire and the ability to have unfettered access, to get in safe through the various ports and gate crossings."

But a ceasefire is unlikely to come for at least a week, given that is how long Israel has just given Hamas to respond in a a fresh ultimatum. "Israel has informed Egyptian mediators that Hamas has one week to agree to a hostage deal or Tel Aviv will begin the invasion of Rafah," AntiWar.com writes. "The Israeli proposal does not offer a permanent ceasefire, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared the attack on the city will occur with or without the release of hostages."

Conditions for the civilian population are expected to compound in the south if Israel's military goes through with its planned ground offensive against Rafah.

"The idea that we will halt the war before achieving all of its goals is out of the question," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu told representatives of hostage families this past Tuesday. "We will enter Rafah and we will eliminate the Hamas battalions there – with or without a deal, in order to achieve the total victory."

The southern city is packed with some 1.5 million people at this point - with most of these being internally displaced refugees. But Israel says that some final key Hamas battalions and commanders are hiding out in the city, embedded within the civilian population, and that there will be no way to root them out except to send in the IDF infantry.

In her early April testimony, USAID's Power warned that "Food has not flowed in sufficient quantities to avoid this imminent famine in the south, and these conditions that are giving rise already to child deaths in the north."

Claire's Observations:  Have you noticed that one of the favorite descriptions used by the Israeli government and the IDF love to use right now, in their English-language translations from Hebrew?!?

That word is "embedded".

It always reminds me of the observation made by the Vatican's Prelate, during its war against the French Cathars, when informed that women and children were at the siege of Montsegur https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4883611/  When informed that women and children were at this site, he is reported to have said:  "Kill them all; God will find his own."  Israel's use of the word "embedded" here means precisely the same thing;  as many people as possible, will be murdered by the IDF in the oncoming siege of Rafah, no quarter given whatsoever.

And to my American brothers and sisters:  when the AAA act, https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2024/05/01/antisemitism-awarness-act-campus-protests/  has been signed into law, as it most probably will be once it is passed by the Senate, stories like this can neither be posted or commented upon either on line, or in print; this will then be illegal, under US law, and subject to intense Federal Prosecution, including fines and jail time.  This will NOT be just about campus protests of Israeli genocide in Gaza; any criticism of anything Israel  does, will become illegal, and conflated with "Anti-Semitism". 

 And if you happen to think that the era of McCarthy Investigations, which purported to find Communists hiding under every bed in America, was "a dark stain" on America's moral conscience.... just wait for these "trials" to come forward: " Thought Crime Dictatorship" is truly coming to this country, wrapped in an Israeli flag.

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Days ago, for the first time Russian forces mounted a major air attack on the Ukrainian command's southern headquarters in the port city of Odessa. This suggests Moscow is increasingly targeting Ukraine's top command and control centers.

There's been another key development late in the week suggesting Russia is escalating in response to more and more weapons and billions pouring into Kiev from the West: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has just been added to a Russian government most-wanted list of criminals.

Getty Images

It was revealed Saturday that Zelensky's name is now on the Russian Interior Ministry's "wanted" list, which is an important online database. 

The database lists Zelensky as wanted "under an article of the criminal code" but provides no other specifics or details. This designation comes after well over two years of war, so the question is: why now?

It seems the Kremlin is signaling a new escalation which could focus on 'decapitation strikes' targeting Ukraine's top leadership. Or else, is Russia establishing a legal ground for arresting him in some future scenario?

While command and intelligence HQ's have been hit by Russian airpower in the past, strikes have yet to directly target top-ranking civilian and military leadership. But it seems this is about to change.

President Putin has for years demonstrated that he is very law-oriented and 'by the book' - that is, he must have a legal basis or rationale for acting. So Zelensky now personally being designated as 'wanted' perhaps provides the 'rationale' in a sense, from the Kremlin's perspective.

The anti-Kremlin independent news outlet Moscow Times suggests this sets the stage for new plots to try and assassinate Zelensky

The Ukrainian President said last year he was aware that at least "five or six" assassination attempts against him had been foiled.

The day after sending troops into Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an address to the nation in which he called on the Ukrainian army to overthrow Zelensky.

Russia has placed several foreign politicians and public figures on its wanted list, which has tens of thousands of entries.

As for Russia's unrelenting and recently stepped-up aerial campaign, it has continued to pummel and degrade Ukraine's energy infrastructure. This appears a tit-for-tat retaliation for Ukraine's own devastating cross-border attacks on Russian oil depots and refineries. 

A fresh Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) statement has outlined that "In the past 7 days, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 25 group strikes via precision weapons and drones, hitting Ukrainian energy and transportation infrastructure facilities and Ukrainian military-industrial complex enterprises."

Claire's Observations:  If Russia can grab or kill Zelinsky, it will telegraph the repercussions of this horrific meat-grinder, aided and abetted by the US government; to the world;  The US and the West are collectively impotent, when it comes to protecting its set-up stooges in foreign countries who have been tasked with "weakening Russia."

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by Tyler Durden


The CIA is engaged in an "infinite race" with China when it comes to AI and other top technologies, according to the agency's Chief Technology Officer, Nand Mulchandani, who outlined a strategy that prioritizes technological prowess as crucial to national security.

Speaking at the Hill & Valley Forum's gathering of top technology and government officials in Washington this week, Mulchandani’s made it clear that the agency is aggressively pursuing advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster both offensive and defensive capabilities, the Washington Times reports.

"We’re looking at transforming every single part of what the agency does," he stated, underscoring the depth of the CIA's commitment to integrating AI into its core operations. The agency's push includes the development of large language models, sophisticated algorithms that are the backbone of generative AI tools, aiming to enhance everything from field operations to analytical and support functions.

This strategic pivot comes as geopolitical rivalry with China is intensifying. The CCP has repeatedly expressed its ambition to dominate the AI sphere, which would present profound challenges and implications for global power dynamics. Mulchandani emphasized the need to rethink the concept of this competition as a "race," suggesting that viewing it as having a definitive end is a misstep. "This is an infinite race. This is not going to stop. It’s going to keep on going," he explained, framing the scenario as a continuous struggle for technological superiority.

The implications of this shift are profound. If the deployment of these new tools escalates to warfare, it will test America's position in the technology stakes, a scenario Mulchandani hopes will never materialize. He predicts the next major conflict will be "primarily a software war," driven by AI, changing the nature of warfare from hardware-dependent to software-driven.

The concerns are not just theoretical. At Stanford’s Hoover Institution, Herbert Lin of the Stanford Emerging Technology Review highlighted the shift in global tech leadership, with the U.S. losing its primacy in certain key areas like AI. Lin pointed out the critical need for a robust talent pipeline and a strategic vision, especially in fields like biotechnology, to maintain competitiveness.

Moreover, the CIA is particularly wary of AI-driven Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS), which threatens the secrecy of U.S. intelligence operations. In response, the agency is engaged in foundational infrastructure work, which Mulchandani described as the "sewer and plumbing work" necessary to navigate the AI revolution. This involves constant adaptation to rapid technological changes, ensuring that the CIA remains agile in its tech tactics.

"We talk about UTS, which is basically something that’s really, really killing us out in the field in terms of competitively, you know, biometrics, video cameras," he said. "Well, how do we turn it around [and continue] those operations in the face of this much AI being thrown at us is another big area that they’re looking at. So directorate by directorate, we’re rethinking, reshaping every part of what CIA needs to do in the face of using it and deploying it."

The urgency of these initiatives is echoed in the broader governmental plea for collaboration from Silicon Valley. House Speaker Mike Johnson's call to technologists and venture capitalists at the forum to guide and assist the government underscores the critical role of public-private partnerships in navigating the technological labyrinth.

As the U.S. and China continue their relentless pursuit of technological dominance, the narrative is clear: this is not a sprint with a finish line but a marathon without end, defining the future of global power, security, and technological innovation.

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Authored by Alastair Crooke via the Ron Paul Institute,

Theodore Postol, Professor of Science, Technology and National Security Policy at MIT, has provided a forensic analysis of the videos and evidence emerging from Iran’s 13th April swarm drone and missile ‘demonstration’ attack into Israel: A ‘message’, rather than an ‘assault’.

The leading Israeli daily, Yediot Ahoronot, has estimated the cost of attempting to down this Iranian flotilla at between $2-3 billion dollars. The implications of this single number are substantial.

Professor Postol writes:

This indicates that the cost of defending against waves of attacks of this type is very likely to be unsustainable against an adequately armed and determined adversary”.

“The videos show an extremely important fact: All of the targets, whether drones or not, are shot down by air-to-air missiles”, [fired from mostly U.S. aircraft. Some 154 aircraft reportedly were aloft at the time] likely firing AIM-9x Sidewinder air to air missiles. The cost of a single Sidewinder air-to-air missile is about $500,000”.


“The fact that a very large number of unengaged ballistic missiles could be seen glowing as they reenter the atmosphere to lower altitudes [an indication of hyper-speed], indicates that whatever the effects of [Israel’s] David’s Sling and the Arrow missile defenses, they were not especially effective. Thus, the evidence at this point shows that essentially all or most of the arriving long-range ballistic missiles were not intercepted by any of the Israeli air and missile-defense systems”.

A Tel Aviv demonstrator holds an Israeli flag during a Ukraine-related protest, AFP via Getty Images

Postel adds, “I have analyzed the situation, and have concluded that commercially available optical and computational technology is more than capable of being adapted to a cruise missile guidance system to give it very high precision homing capability … it is my conclusion that the Iranians have already developed precision guided cruise missiles and drones”.

“The implications of this are clear. The cost of shooting down cruise missiles and drones will be very high and might well be unsustainable unless extremely inexpensive and effective anti-air systems can be implemented. At this time, no one has demonstrated a cost-effective defense system that can intercept ballistic missiles with any reliability”.

Just to be clear, Postol is saying that neither the U.S. nor Israel has more than a partial defense to a potential attack of this nature – especially as Iran has dispersed and buried its ballistic missile silos across the entire terrain of Iran under the control of autonomous units which are capable of continuing a war, even were central command and communications to be completely lost.

This amounts to paradigm change – clearly for Israel, for one. The huge physical expenditure on air defense ordinance – 2-3 billion dollars worth – will not be repeated willy-nilly by the U.S. Netanyahu will not easily persuade the U.S. to engage with Israel in any joint venture against Iran, given these unsustainable air-defence costs.

But also, as a second important implication, these Air Defense assets are not just expensive in dollar terms, they simply are not there: i.e. the store cupboard is near empty! And the U.S. lacks the manufacturing capacity to replace these not particularly effective, high cost platforms speedily.

‘Yes, Ukraine’ … the Middle East paradigm interlinks directly with the Ukraine paradigm where Russia has succeeded in destroying so much of the western supplied, air-defence capabilities in Ukraine, giving Russia near complete air dominance over the skies.

Positioning scarce air defense ‘to save Israel’ therefore, exposes Ukraine (and slows the U.S. pivot to China, too). And given the recent passage of the funding Bill for Ukraine in Congress, clearly air defence assets are a priority for sending to Kiev – where the West looks increasingly trapped and rummaging for a way out that does not lead to humiliation.

But before leaving the Middle East paradigm shift, the implications for Netanyahu are already evident: He must therefore focus back to the ‘near enemy’ – the Palestinian sphere or to Lebanon – to provide Israel with the ‘Great Victory’ that his government craves.

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by Tyler Durden

Saturday, May 04, 2024 - 11:15 AM

Special Counsel Jack Smith's team admitted on Friday that key evidence in Trump's classified documents case was altered or manipulated - leaving two different chronologies; one that was digitally scanned vs. what's in the actual boxes.

Smith also misled the court, after originally telling U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon that the boxes remained "in their original, intact form as seized," when in a footnote they conceded that they removed classified documents and left placeholder sheets, which prosecutors acknowledged has created an "inconsistent" record - in which some of the documents are no longer in the same order as they appear in digital scans made in the fall of 2022.

"The Government acknowledges that this is inconsistent with what Government counsel previously understood and represented to the Court," the footnote reads, according to Just the News.

The finding comes after Cannon ordered a review into whether the FBI may have seized legally privileged records in response to a request from Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta.

"Since the boxes were seized and stored, appropriate personnel have had access to the boxes for several reasons, including to comply with orders issued by this Court in the civil proceedings noted above, for investigative purposes, and to facilitate the defendants' review of the boxes," wrote Smith's team in the Friday filing.

"There are some boxes where the order of items within that box is not the same as in the associated scans," the filing continues.

The organization of the documents in storage boxes at Mar-a-Lago is likely to be an important part of Trump‘s defense. His team is expected to argue the documents were stored in the White House in chronological order on the days that Trump received them, and that staff simply boxed them up and sent them to his home without him accessing them or knowing they contained classified information.

Smith’s team tried to downplay the problem and argued it’s not a reason for a delay in Trump’s case.

But several legal experts told Just the News the court filing essentially is an admission of evidence tampering, and could be problematic. -Just the News

"Prosecutors and investigators should never tamper with or alter evidence in their possession, including the order of documents in a box because one never knows what may become relevant or crucial to a court or jury later in a case," Alan Dershowitz told Just the News.

Claire's Observations:  Evidence tampering by By-di-Bye's DOJ?!? I have reached that point in this on-going legal insanity, where  revelations like this just don't shock me at all;  it is part of the collective "had any sense of morality surgically removed" behaviour  we see from By-di-Bye's minions on a consistent basis. Legally, this should have stopped this trial in its tracks; but of course, it won't.


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