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"The first panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permeant ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists." -- Ernest Hemingway

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The situation at the southern border has deteriorated so badly during the Biden administration that for the first time, over two million immigration arrests were made in eleven months, reaching a new threshold.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 13:29

European manufacturers are taking severe hits as high energy prices continue to grapple with the continent’s economy.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 13:28
Posted on: Sep 20 13:27


 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a backlash from angry citizens inspired to level testimonial-style Twitter takedowns, with one of the most damning coming from his own half-brother.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:26

Early Sunday morning, 41-year-old Shannon Brandt allegedly ran over 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with his car following a political dispute in McHenry, North Dakota.

After being charged on Monday with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident, Brandt admitted that his actions were politically motivated

Posted on: Sep 20 13:25

Four Russian-occupied regions in Ukraine have said they are planning to hold “referendums” on joining the Russian Federation in a series of coordinated announcements that could indicate the Kremlin has made a decision to formally annex the territories.

Moscow may be betting that a formal annexation would help halt Russian territorial losses, after a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive that has reclaimed large portions of territory in the Kharkiv region.

The occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions have said they are ready to hold “polls”, which will be universally viewed as rigged, as soon as this week, with announcements also made in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. Some Russian media have reported that Vladimir Putin may deliver a speech on Tuesday evening on a potential annexation.

Webmaster addition: Note the clear anti-Russian bias on the Guardian article.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:23

A Delaware judge on Monday halted implementation of a ruling he issued last week declaring a vote-by-mail law enacted this year is unconstitutional and that voters cannot mail in their ballots in the upcoming November election.

Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook granted a motion by the Department of Elections and Election Commissioner Anthony Albence to stay his ruling pending an expedited appeal to the state Supreme Court, which is scheduled to hear arguments in the case on Oct. 5.

Cook said his stay would allow elections officials to process mail-in voting applications and prepare ballots, but that they are not allowed to send the ballots to voters.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:21

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced a drug bust they say contained enough fentanyl to kill 1.5 million adults.

"JSO Narcotics Unit seized 3 kilos of fentanyl, 1.26 kilos of cocaine & over 6,000 counterfeit pills containing fentanyl; enough fentanyl to kill 1.5 MILLION adults," the Sheriff's Office said on Twitter Monday.

The post was accompanied by a photo of seized drugs, with the sheriff's office saying it was recognizing the "great work" of its officers.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:21

Earlier this month, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard announced their decision to restructure the categorization of gun purchases. Going forward, a new processing code will be put into effect so gun sales are uniquely categorized, rather than just being listed as sporting goods.

This decision from the top credit card companies comes after much lobbying and activism from the gun control movement. Democrats in power argued that credit card companies had a responsibility to do their part and lower the likelihood of mass shootings.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:20

For over a year, the Biden administration was given every opportunity in the world to get ahold of the southern border and stop incentivizing illegal crossings. Instead, the White House rejected this and continued ignoring border states having problems with arrivals of migrants.

However, as Texas, Florida, and Arizona have buses of illegal immigrants sent to left-wing cities, the Biden administration isn’t ignoring the situation anymore. Joe Biden, for instance, recently lashed out against Republican governors, accusing them of using migrants as political props.

Though border states aren’t backing down. On Saturday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) sent a strong and powerful message to the president.

Patrick on Texas’ Response to Illegal Immigration

While speaking with Fox News, Patrick said he, the other leaders of his state, and Texas residents themselves are “serious” when it comes to fighting back against the mess Biden made.

According to the Texas Lt. Governor, the state has gone from spending $400 million on securing the border to $4 billion, all thanks to the federal government’s refusal to uphold the country’s immigration laws.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:19

Vice President Kamala Harris has been widely criticized since claiming the southern border is “secure.” This claim runs contrary to data from the Homeland Security Department, along with everyday occurrences at the southern border that involve individuals trying to sneak into the country.

Nevertheless, the White House is backing up Harris. Recently, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the Biden administration has taken “unprecedented” action towards securing the southern border.

Meanwhile, sanctuary cities are melting down over getting just a fraction of the migrants that Texas and Arizona deal with every single day.

Posted on: Sep 20 13:18

 The legal teams representing Twitter and Elon Musk are slated to depose former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Posted on: Sep 20 12:59

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative Monday night.

Posted on: Sep 20 11:18

More than two-thirds of registered voters oppose sexual orientation and gender identity being taught in elementary school, a figure that remains true across nearly every demographic, according to recent polling. 

According to a recent New York Times/Siena poll, 70 percent of registered voters strongly or somewhat oppose instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in elementary school. Younger voters were more open to the topic, but still 51 percent of those age 18-29 opposed or strongly opposed public schools teaching the subject. 

Posted on: Sep 20 10:35

Earlier today Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) released information from a new FBI whistleblower.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 10:34

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar on Monday opened a criminal investigation into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ operation sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyward.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 10:33

Russia on Tuesday gave support to plans by separatists which it backs in Ukraine to hold referendums paving the way for the annexation of swathes of additional territory, a direct challenge to the West that could sharply escalate the conflict.

After nearly seven months of war, including a critical battlefield defeat in northeastern Ukraine, Putin is pondering his next steps.

In what appeared to be choreographed requests, Russian-backed officials across 15% of Ukrainian territory - an area about the size of Hungary or Portugal - lined up to request referendums on joining Russia.

The self-styled Donetsk (DPR) and the Luhansk People's Republics (LPR), which Putin recognised as independent just before the invasion, and the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions have asked for votes over less than 24 hours.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:32

Democrats would love nothing more than for you to forget about their support of China. Despite passing laws that forbid U.S. purchases of specific Chinese goods, our money still finds its way into the CCP’s pockets.

But not if Rep. Donalds has a say in it. He’s putting forward a major bill that would deprive China of making money off this major resource.

From OANN:

Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds introduced the Cobalt Optimizes Batteries and Leading Technologies (COBALT) Act of 2022. The bill would aim to establish domestic cobalt refining in the U.S…

Posted on: Sep 20 10:31

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe was on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures and he confirmed what many are thinking – the FBI classified documents as “Top Secret” not because they were, but because they wanted to cover up their crimes in attempting a coup of the Trump Administration. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 10:30

The news hit this week that billions of federal dollars meant for public schools have been wasted. Money designated to reopen schools after the COVID pandemic was squandered by teachers unions.

From Fox News:

“The avalanche” of nearly $200 billion in COVID-19 funding intended to help kids during the apex of the novel coronavirus’ pandemic was used, in part, to fuel the agenda of the “union political machine,” according to a Tuesday report.

“This massive flood of funding has left public schools awash in cash, while students and taxpayers are left to deal with the…  disaster unleashed by the union-prescribed COVID policies,” The Goldwater Institute, a conservative public policy think tank, said.

It appears billions were spent to help empower corrupt unions, instead of helping students. And this report has been out there now for months.

Outraged, one Republican senator is finally doing something about it and going straight for the head of this dragon.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:30

It’s no secret that we are facing an energy crisis. Gas prices are still higher than they were before Biden entered office.

But if you were to ask him, everything’s fine! He’s burning through tax dollars claiming he’s boosting energy production.

The facts, however, are coming back to haunt him.

From OANN:

A new report from the Department of the Interior shows the Biden Administration has leased fewer acres of land for oil and gas drilling on federal lands and waters since former President Harry Truman in the 1940s…

Posted on: Sep 20 10:29

Democrats are still terrified about the upcoming elections. Their fate rests in Joe Biden, their party’s top official.

Biden needs a string of wins to keep voters happy going into November. But he just made a bold claim, clearly times for the elections.

It might not be the wisest thing he’s ever said.

From Fox News:

President Biden said during a television interview on Sunday night that the COVID-19 pandemic “is over.” […]

“The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it,” Biden responded…

Biden has used the COVID-19 pandemic emergency as a reason for his administration’s plan to end Title 42 as well as the recent student loan handout.

Uh, Joe? You can’t have it both ways.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:28

With one sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon spoke for the majority of Americans who no longer have faith in the nation’s top law enforcement agency. “It is also true, of course, that even-handed procedure does not demand unquestioning trust in the determinations of the Department of Justice,” she wrote in her September 15 order denying the government’s request to prevent a third-party review of allegedly “classified” documents seized by the FBI during the raid of Mar-a-Lago last month.

At issue is the validity of claims made by prosecutors that roughly 100 records taken in the unprecedented pillage of a former president’s home on August 8 have classified markings and therefore do not belong to him. The kerfuffle began earlier this year when the Justice Department acted on a criminal referral by the national archivist, who accused Trump of unlawfully keeping classified material at his home. 

Although Trump’s representatives cooperated with investigators for months, Attorney General Merrick Garland nonetheless authorized the nine-hour raid conducted by at least a dozen FBI agents resulting in the seizure of more than 11,000 pieces of evidence, including personal items such as books, medical files, tax information, apparel, and passports.

And his office has been backpedaling ever since.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:28

 Harry Wait, a Wisconsin whistleblower who is now being prosecuted for election fraud crimes that he exposed and reported to law enforcement, and after initially representing himself, is now being represented by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman–at least temporarily.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 10:25

A Clinton-appointed federal judge on Monday denied Florida prosecutor suspended by Governor Ron DeSantis his bid to get his job back.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 20 10:24

China exported 1.12 million tons of gasoline last month, which was a whopping 97.4% increase from the year before, customs data cited by Reuters showed.

The increase came on the back of a new batch of fuel export quotas amid lukewarm domestic demand. The new quotas also pushed diesel exports much higher, up by almost 52% from August 2021 at 830,000 tonnes.

The new quotas, issued in June and July, were expected to lift fuel exports substantially in August, with total gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel exports expected to hit between 2.4 and 2.6 million tons, according to an earlier Reuters report.

Exports of fuels for the full year, however, are expected to be much lower than in 2021 because of the smaller size of export quotas as Beijing tackles domestic fuel inflation. In fact, 2022 fuel exports are set to be 40% lower than fuel exports in 2021.

Data for the first eight months of the year shows a more than 30% decline in gasoline exports and a 78.3% drop in diesel fuel exports. Jet fuel exports inched up by 4.4% between January and August.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:22

The OPEC+ group continues to vastly underperform its collective oil production target, with the gap between the quota and actual output widening to a massive 3.58 million barrels per day (bpd) in August, according to delegates and OPEC data Argus has seen.

The 10 OPEC members bound by the pact saw their collective crude oil production hit 1.399 million bpd below the quota, while the non-OPEC producers in the deal were more than 2 million bpd behind quota, at 2.185 million bpd, per OPEC data Argus has seen.

In July, OPEC+ was already 2.9 million bpd below its target.

In August, the two biggest laggards in production quotas were Russia of the non-OPEC group and Nigeria of OPEC, the data showed. Russia’s oil production was 1.25 million bpd below its target, while Nigeria was 700,000 bpd behind its quota.

Russia’s output is constrained by the Western sanctions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while Nigeria has had troubles for years with a lack of investment and oil theft.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:21

Nearly seven months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian oil exports have been quite resilient and just 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) below pre-war levels.  

But come December, Russian oil supply could plunge by more than one million bpd after the EU embargo on Russian oil imports by sea enters into force. In February, another one million bpd could then come offline due to the EU’s fuel embargo.

So far this year, Russia has managed to divert a lot of cargoes previously sent to Europe to buyers in Asia, predominantly China and India. As of December - and two months later when the EU oil product embargo kicks in - Russia will have to find a home for 2.4 million bpd of its oil if it is to keep its oil exports at current levels, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its Oil Market Report last week.

The global oil market will have to prepare itself for a loss of 2.4 million bpd supply when the EU embargo kicks in; an additional 1 million bpd of products and 1.4 million bpd of crude will have to find new homes. This could result in deeper declines in Russian oil exports and production, the IEA said. The Paris-based agency expects oil production in Russia to fall to 9.5 million bpd by February 2023, which would be a plunge of 1.9 million bpd compared to February 2022.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:21

Earlier this year there were high hopes around the U.S. lifting its sanctions on Venezuela in the face of oil shortages and rising prices, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, allowing black gold to once again flow out of the South American oil giant. But this has not yet come to fruition. While some allowances were made for oil trade, Venezuela’s statement to the world is clear – it is ready to pump and export huge amounts of its crude whenever given the chance. 

No matter how many times the U.S. government rejects Venezuelan pleas to end sanctions and fill the supply gap left due to sanctions on Russian energy, the South American oil major will not give up on its bid to boost crude exports. President Madero stated this week that Venezuela is ready to recommence its oil production and export to the rest of the world whenever given the opportunity. At an event held during the OPEC secretary-general’s visit to Caracas Maduro said “Venezuela is ready and willing to fulfil its role and supply, in a stable and secure manner, the oil and gas market that the world economy needs. 

The country’s dictator quashed fears that Venezuela’s oil industry was far from recovering, after years of low production and underinvestment. Its output currently stands at around 700,000 bpd compared to 2.3 million bpd two decades ago. This comes from U.S. sanctions imposed on the trading of Venezuelan crude, which previously provided around 96 percent of the country’s income.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:20

Germany can never rely on Russia for energy supply again, and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project will never go ahead, Stephan Weil, Minister-President of the northwestern German state of Lower Saxony, said.

Germany suspended the Russia-led Nord Stream 2 project in February after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the pipeline construction was complete, but Nord Stream 2 was awaiting full regulatory clearance from Germany and a review by the European Union over its compliance with EU energy regulations.  

The reviews were never done. Europe and Germany started to diversify their gas supply with more LNG cargoes from the United States and more supply from Norway and North Africa.

Germany, Europe’s biggest economy and the biggest gas customer of Russia, continued to import gas via Nord Stream until Russia shut it down early this month.

Posted on: Sep 20 10:20