"History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh." -- Michael Rivero

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The European Parliament’s LIBE Committee passed a new migration pact earlier this week. The plan for mass migration into the continent is being called “the Soros plan” and “the suicide of Europe.”

Evidently, US politicians are not alone in their quest for national suicide. It’s the entire Western civilized world.

This video “With open gates: the forced collective suicide of European nations,” was released 8 years ago during the Obama migrant invasion of Europe. The video was taken down by YouTube and Liveleak.

The video took the internet by storm. It was labeled racist by the left to show actual footage of the invasion of Europe.

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AIPAC is poised to spend $100 million this election cycle, as they look to oust the few House members who criticize Israeli policy on a regular basis.

In Missouri a new poll (commissioned by the GOP firm Remington Research Group) shows incumbent Rep. Cori Bush down by 22 points to St. Louis prosecutor Wesley Bell.

Bush is probably the second strongest critic of Israel in the House, behind Rep. Rashida Tlaib. She was one of the House members to call for a ceasefire, pushing legislation on the issue back in October.

Bell is backed by AIPAC and his policy positions reflect that. Asked by a constituent about Palestine defending itself against a genocide last fall, Bell said, “It is offensive to me that you would say that Israel defending itself is genocide. Genocide is intentionally trying to wipe out a people. And no reasonable person would say that is Israel’s intention.”

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In the early morning of Thursday, January 25, Israeli forces withdrew from the city of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank following the army’s destruction of the city’s infrastructure and monuments of martyrs that lined the streets. Shortly after the withdrawal, an Israeli special forces unit raided and besieged a home in the small village of Bir al-Basha, south of Jenin, leading to clashes between the invading forces and a 20-year-old Palestinian man inside the house. 

People in the village initially believed that the raid was a routine operation to arrest the young man, a former prisoner named Wisam Khashan. However, after Khashan was killed, the true narrative of the ambush emerged. Unbeknownst to his family, the martyr was, in fact, a resistance fighter who had been part of numerous armed confrontations attempting to repel Israeli army incursions into Jenin in recent months.

Earlier that day, prior to his assassination, Khashan had headed into the city as the army began its raid. There, he confronted Israeli military vehicles, firing a hail of bullets towards the army convoy. According to a local source, after the forces withdrew, Khashan returned to his village, just 15 kilometers (~9 miles) outside the city. On his way back, he was followed by an Israeli drone that tracked his movements up until the moment he returned to his house. Shortly after he arrived home, Israeli special forces raided his house and assassinated him.

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Conspiracies do exist; they arise in pursuit of specific objectives. Usually, the greater the objective, the more people must be organized to carry out the plan. The organization will shape up in some form of command and control hierarchy. People at the top of that hierarchy, those who originated and planned the conspiracy are usually the only ones who know what the plan is about. Lower rungs of the hierarchy must include individuals who may not know what the plan is about, but whose competence and operational capabilities are essential to the plan's success. In addition to competence however, these individuals must be willing to carry out the tasks necessary for the plan's execution. To make sure that they’re willing, conspirators regularly deceive them.

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Last month, Foreign Policy published a report that stirred the debate on U.S. Middle East policy. It claimed “the Biden administration is reconsidering its priorities” in Syria and may conduct “a full withdrawal of U.S. troops.” Now, legacy media is debating the future of American involvement in Syria.

Missing from this discussion is the suffering that involvement has caused.

Writing for the New York Times, retired general Kenneth McKenzie warns “it’s not time for our troops to leave” Syria. Mere talk of a withdrawal (let alone actually withdrawing), he argues, is “seriously damaging to U.S. interests.” It “gives hope to Tehran” that Iran might rival American influence in the Middle East — which is bad, supposedly. Why Iran has less of a right to influence its own region than people thousands of miles away is unclear.

McKenzie also argues that American troops must remain to “secure the prisons holding ISIS fighters.” Without boots on the ground, militants might escape and the Islamist group could “rejuvenate itself.” McKenzie doesn’t believe the Syrian government could prevent prison breaks on its own, or even with Russian and Iranian support.

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The Washington foreign policy establishment is on the precipice of making yet another strategic blunder.

The Senate is poised to ram through the Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity (REPO) for Ukrainians Act. This legislation will provide the president the authority to confiscate Russia’s frozen sovereign assets in the United States and transfer them to Ukraine for its reconstruction.

Confiscating Russia’s sovereign assets is an act of economic war. Seizing and transferring these assets to Ukraine may make Washington feel virtuous, but it will not bring peace. Passage of this bill will only reinforce the view of hardliners in Moscow that Russia’s war lies not just with Ukraine, but really with the United States and the West. Any hope that the United States and Russia could work toward stabilizing or improving relations will subsequently be destroyed.

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On Friday morning, the House Education and the Workforce Committee revealed on social media platform X that it is serving subpoenas to Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow Penny Pritzker, Interim President Dr. Alan Garber, and Harvard Management Company's Chief Executive Officer N.P. Narvekar "for failing to produce priority documents related to the Committee's antisemitism investigation." 

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A host of European nations, led by Latvia and the United Kingdom, have joined a coalition committed to producing and supplying Ukraine with one million drones, as the war with Russia approaches its third year.

Latvia first announced it would lead the coalition last month, but plans advanced Wednesday when the Baltic nation signed a letter of intent to build out the project with Ukraine, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

No timeline for the delivery of the drones has been issued and it remains unclear if or when that number will be matched. The European Union was forced to admit last month that it would not hit its target of supplying Ukraine with one million 155mm artillery shells by March 2024.

“[The] Drone Coalition intends to deliver 1 million drones to Ukraine,” said Latvia’s MoD in a Thursday statement.

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Biden is planning to send another 1,000 bombs to Israel using taxpayer cash - despite publicly pushing for a ceasefire in Gaza

  • The Biden administration is considering sending additional bombs and weapons to Israel despite the ongoing push for a ceasefire in Gaza 
  • The proposed delivery, valued at tens of millions of dollars, is still under internal review, with details subject to potential changes before Congress is told 
  • Biden has criticized Israel's military operations, referring to them as 'over the top,' and faced criticism for supplying arms amid concerns over civilian deaths

The Biden administration is preparing to send bombs and other weapons to Israel that would add to its military arsenal even as the U.S. pushes for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing current and former U.S. officials.

The proposed arms delivery includes roughly a thousand each of MK-82 bombs, KMU-572 Joint Direct Attack Munitions that add precision guidance to bombs, and FMU-139 bomb fuses, the Journal reported, adding that the value of is estimated to be 'tens of millions of dollars.'

The proposed delivery is still being internally reviewed by the administration, the report added, citing a U.S. official, who said the details of the proposal could change before the administration notifies congressional committee leaders who would need to approve the transfer.

The U.S. State Department and Defense Department, Israel Defense Forces and Israel Defense Ministry have not immediately responded to the report.

However, there are a growing number of U.S. government employees who are firmly opposed to a continued support of Israel in the war

Claire's Observations:  At the end of the day, the Bidenistas will do whatever Netanyahu wants; those bombs and munitions will be delivered and more Gazans will be assassinated.   The alleged US push for a cease-fire, is virtue signaling only, writ large.  Most US government officials have been so compromised by the IDF and Mossad, that "resistance is futile." in terms of any real push-back against more genocide against the Palestinians.

But here is something which I hope keeps a few of our military and government executives awake at night; what happens when regional entities, like Iran, actually join the fray, supported by Russia and China?!? Even with monumental financial and military help from the US, would Israel be able to survive, as a nation, against this kind of onslaught ?!?  

 I would like to hope that some US  number-crunchers (NOT high on "hopium/changium, thank you very much!!!!) are looking at this as a possibility. What happens if current day Israel gets "absorbed" into a Greater Palestine?!?  What will this do to the power nexus in the region?!?  After all, the IDF, so far, has not been able to eradicate  Hamas, and this campaign has been going on for months.

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According to a recent study, four in five Americans tested positive for an agricultural chemical found in several wheat and oat products, including brands like Cheerios and Quaker Oats.

The peer-reviewed study, published in the JESEE journal on Feb. 15, looked at urine samples from American citizens to determine their exposure to chlormequat chloride—a plant growth chemical. Exposure to the chemical can result in lower fertility and harm developing fetuses even at doses below acceptable levels set by regulators. Researchers detected chlormequat in 80 percent of urine samples collected between 2017 and 2023, with “a significant increase in concentrations for samples from 2023.”

The chemical was detected in “92 percent of oat-based foods purchased in May 2023, including Quaker Oats and Cheerios,” said the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which conducted the study.

Out of 25 conventional oat products tested, 23 had “detectable levels” of chlormequat. One in eight organic oat products had the chemical, while two in nine wheat products had low concentrations of chlormequat.

Researchers collected 96 urine samples, out of which 77 showed the presence of chlormequat. The numbers suggest that the subjects likely underwent “continuous exposure” to the chemical since chlormequat leaves the body about 24 hours after ingestion.

The frequency of the chemical in samples was observed to rise with time. In 2017, 69 percent of samples had chlormequat, which jumped to 74 percent in 2018-2022 and then to 90 percent in 2023.

The study suggested that the higher chemical concentration in 2023 samples “may reflect the likely recent introduction of chlormequat into the U.S. food supply due to EPA regulatory action changes involving chlormequat.”

Such changes include “establishing limits on chlormequat in food in 2018 and raising those limits for oats in 2020,” it said. “These actions permitted import and sale of agricultural products that had been treated with chlormequat, for example, from Canada.”

Claire's Observations:  Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable from the Bye-DI-Bi Administration.  Did these people take Master Classes in "Utterly Stupid", or or did they have the evidence, and chose to ignore it?!?  Apparently, if you are US consumer, you are absolutely and utterly on your own, when it comes to product safety, particularly food safety.

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We all understand, in the timeless words of the poet Robert Burns, that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Most Americans are accustomed to assessing the various failed initiatives of our country’s leaders as well-intended actions that turned out badly. The Vietnam, Afghan, and Iraq wars, the 2008 financial meltdown, and the COVID pandemic overreaction, all in hindsight, can be viewed as simply the unfolding of human stupidity in the contingency of time.

In accordance, it is understandable that many are inclined to believe that our country’s current serious problems are, once again, merely the failed result of well-intentioned policies.

But what if, we ask, seemingly fumbled programs were intended to be the initial throes of civilizational suicide? What if apparent missteps were actually directed at the purposeful destruction of a prosperous, free, safe, and secure society?

As we examine the policies pushed by the Biden administration progressives regarding climate, national security, crime, and the border, we can rationally conclude that they are being purposely implemented to render our society unsuccessful, not successful, in its traditional aims, causing what could be the ultimate destruction of a thriving, liberal enlightenment society.

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Treasury yields have sprung to multiyear highs, forcing the U.S. government to pay a lot more in interest and putting pressure on the budget.  

The U.S. government is expected to pay an additional $1.1 trillion in interest over the coming decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest estimates. Interest costs are on pace to surpass defense this year as one of the largest government expenses in the budget. Only Social Security and Medicare are forecast to be bigger burdens in the coming years

Claire's Observations:  Hey, you can thank Bidenomics for this!; Bye-Di-Bie's Administration owns this, big time!!!!

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  • The US economy is headed for a recession in the middle of 2024, Citi's chief US economist said.
  • The economic data seems strong but is hinting at signs of a decline, as seen in the latest jobs report.
  • Credit-card delinquency rates are also on the rise, and retail sales data has shown a drop in activity.

The soft-landing dream is over; instead, the US economy is headed for a recession in the middle of 2024, Citi says.

"There's this very powerful and seductive narrative around a soft landing, and we're just not seeing it in the data," Citi's chief US economist, Andrew Hollenhorst, said in a CNBC interview.

On the surface, the data looks great: The economy is benefiting from historically low unemployment, strong consumer spending, and robust GDP growth.

But there's more going on with the numbers than meets the eye.

"The question is where are these forward-looking indicators showing us that we're going to go," Hollenhorst said.

One place the economy is showing a weakness is the labor market. January had a blowout jobs report, adding 353,000 jobs to the economy. But Hollenhorst noted that if you scratch beneath the surface, the number of hours worked is falling, the number of full-time workers has decreased, and sectors such as the restaurant industry have stalled on hiring.

"That's the key to the economy — what happens in the labor market," Hollenhorst said. "If the unemployment rate stays low, people continue to spend, the economy holds up." But he added that the unemployment rate was expected to start rising, which would be "the sign that we're going to have a more material decline in the US economy.

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In a compelling piece of live television, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was recently confronted by a COVID-19 vaccine injury victim during an unscripted question and answer session. Describing the pain and trauma he suffered, audience member John Watt told the Prime Minister how he had been left with no help at all after the vaccine caused him to develop a heart condition. Already under pressure over his links to a hedge fund that has seen massive returns from an investment in COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna, Sunak was like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Broadcast on the GB News channel during what had been billed as a ‘People’s Forum’, the incident occurred while Sunak was being posed a mostly innocuous series of questions by members of a studio audience. But the atmosphere quickly changed when Watt stood up and demanded that the Prime Minister look him in the eyes. Stating that he knows people who have had limbs amputated as a result of COVID-19 vaccines, Watt asked why he had had to set up a support group to look after those affected.

Visibly furious, Watt also asked Sunak why tens of thousands of British COVID-19 vaccine victims had been left to rot. Telling the Prime Minister that the country’s so-called ‘Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme’ was not fit for purpose, he said that in Scotland alone more than 30 thousand people have had adverse reactions to the shots. Tellingly, Watt’s contribution was given an enthusiastic round of applause by the assembled audience.

Predictably, Sunak’s response largely avoided Watt’s concerns. Despite claiming that he was very sorry to hear about Watt’s circumstances, it was quickly clear that straight answers to his questions would not be forthcoming. As Sunak’s evasiveness became apparent, Watt interrupted saying that he and other victims had been silenced on social media. “We are the most silenced people in this country,” he said.

The event then briefly descended into chaos with another vaccine-injured audience member speaking up and the television program’s presenter desperately trying to regain control over the situation. Despite being told that the Prime Minister would look at his concerns, Watts will have heard little to reassure him.

Claire's Observations;  As Woodward and Bernstein were told by Deep Throat, during the Watergate Debacle:  follow the money.

There are very few questions, as to how "compensation" for advocating for the use of this chemical, affected those who made the "go/no go" decisions about deploying this poison, and an inquiry about this should be international in scope; money from Moderna/Pfizer greased nearly every high level palm it encountered, and I would be reasonably certain, that Sunak's palm, was no exception. This link to a massive hedge fund, which has earned intense returns from its Moderna investments, makes the case here, for the product's "smoking gun" profitability, at the cost of perhaps hundreds of thousands, who were left dead, or maimed for life, as happened with the gentleman confronting Sunak.  

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In the New York Times on October 5, 2002, reporter Michael Gordon authored “C.I.A. Says Iraq Revived Forbidden Weapons Programs After the U.N. Inspectors Left.” It reported “a classified National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq’s programs to make weapons of mass destruction was provided to Congress early this week,” and quoted an unclassified summary of that Estimate, or NIE, saying “although Saddam probably does not yet have nuclear weapons… he remains intent on acquiring them.”

A month earlier, Gordon worked with Judith Miller to co-author what was to become an infamous article, “U.S. Says Hussein Intensifies Quest for A-Bomb Parts.” That piece was based on interviews with George W. Bush administration officials who previewed the public case for war, claiming “Iraq has sought to buy thousands of specially designed aluminum tubes” that “could be used to make centrifuges to enrich uranium.” Miller and Gordon added that technical specifications “persuaded American intelligence experts” that the attempted tube purchases were for Iraq’s nuclear program.

Both articles were important parts of the Bush administration’s case for war, but the second was more impactful than the first. Everyone knew the White House was hot to take out Hussein, but news that a major intelligence report backed the administration’s belief about a reconstituted Iraqi nuclear program suggested widespread agreement across government about the White House’s conclusions. The CIA’s “intent on acquiring them” line was critical in helping Bush build public consensus and gain congressional approval to attack. As Gordon noted, the report came at “a critical juncture in the Congressional debate over the possible use of force.”

As it turned out, the 2002 NIE was a pioneering effort in a new form of executive mischief, one that wedded selective releases of classified research to suppression of dissent to build public cases for action, with secrecy rules guaranteeing long delays between initial public deceptions and later disillusioning revelations. This practice is at the center of today’s Racket/Public story about how the January 6, 2017 report that “Cooked the Intelligence” to hide that Russia didn’t fear a Clinton presidency, and people of all political persuasions should care about it because the corruption issue isn’t partisan.

Former US Envoy to Moscow Calls Intelligence Report on Alleged Russian Interference ‘Politically Motivated’

This is a process problem, and what was laid out to us about the crooked techniques used to “cook” the last surviving myth of the Russiagate era — that Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” to help Trump — could be used by any party, any administration, any group of intelligence officials seeking to use a bogus pretext to do something nasty

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  President Joe Biden and team are now only struggling to raise $61 billion for Volodymyr Zelensky to prolong the conflict through the US election later this year so Biden can appear to be a strong “wartime” president fighting hard to defend the United States from the threatening Red Hordes. That the money will essentially drop down the hole of Ukrainian corruption seems to bother no one in the White House, but the game goes on with Biden saying

“This bipartisan bill sends a clear message to Ukrainians and to our partners and to our allies around the world: America can be trusted, America can be relied upon, and America stands up for freedom. We stand strong for our allies. We never bow down to anyone, and certainly not to Vladimir Putin. So, let’s get on with this….Are [we] going to side with terror and tyranny? Are [we] going to stand with Ukraine, or are [we] going to stand with Putin? Will we stand with America or – or with Trump?”

The president is also currently pumping the line that he is somehow saving or protecting “democracy.” The fact that Ukraine, banning political parties and even religious groups and the Russian language, is no democracy does not seem to impact on the narrative. And don’t forget how the Zelensky government recently murdered American journalist Gonzalo Lira for his exercising freedom of the press!

 Beyond Ukraine, there is, of course, America’s “best friend” and “greatest ally” Israel which also is no democracy as Palestinian citizens have limited rights, with those living on the Israeli army occupied West Bank having effectively no protection from being arrested arbitrarily or even shot on sight by rampaging soldiers and settlers, who fear no consequences for killing and robbing Arabs because there are no consequences.

The bombing of Gaza into the stone age continues with hardly any coverage in the mainstream media as if it is an atrocity that will disappear from the collective conscience if no one refers to it in spite of the rows of dead women and children. The US and European media meanwhile blithely report every new “Hamas atrocity” promoted by the habitually lying Israeli Army (IDF) as if it were the truth while Biden is pulling out the stops to provide the cash ($14 billion) and weapons to enable the IDF to kill more Palestinians while at the same time mock-mourning the slaughter of the innocents that is taking place. 

Claire's Observations:  The vileness,and moral turpitude of this Administration, utterly knows no bounds. From enabling Zelinsky and his "meat-grinder" against Russia, to enabling Netanyahu with his genocide against the Palestinians, this Administration has a PH D in "virtue signaling", and an absolute F grade in moral, democratic behaviour.  

The war between Ukraine and Russia, is a war of attrition, which Putin is most likely to win, no matter how much money and bullets the Ukrainian government squanders. And in Gaza, Netanyahu's "dream" of a Palestinian-free Gaza, is encouraging more Gazans to support Hamas.  

So, the ultimate outcomes here, in both conflicts, appear to be the polar opposite of what this administration thought they were going to be.  

And yet  again, it appears that the inability to think a scenario through to its logical conclusion, is a mandate for US government service.  Because had this happened, before these wars broke out, there would have been some degree of logic, in terms of NOT supporting either with bombs, bullets, and intel. The Bidenistas are  dangerously high on some nasty combination of "hopium/changium", magically believing that sheer will and imagination, can overcome logic; logistics; superior tactics and weapons, which they cannot.


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Two prototype satellites for the Missile Defense Agency and four missile-tracking satellites for the US Space Force rode a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket into orbit Wednesday from Florida's Space Coast.

These satellites are part of a new generation of spacecraft designed to track hypersonic missiles launched by China or Russia and perhaps emerging missile threats from Iran or North Korea, which are developing their own hypersonic weapons.

Hypersonic missiles are smaller and more maneuverable than conventional ballistic missiles, which the US military's legacy missile defense satellites can detect when they launch. Infrared sensors on the military's older-generation missile tracking satellites are tuned to pick out bright thermal signatures from missile exhaust.

The new threat paradigm

Hypersonic missiles represent a new challenge for the Space Force and the Missile Defense Agency (EDA). For one thing, ballistic missiles follow a predictable parabolic trajectory that takes them into space. Hypersonic missiles are smaller and comparatively dim, and they spend more time flying in Earth's atmosphere. Their maneuverability makes them difficult to track.

Claire's Observations:  Tracking is great; now what about hitting these hypersonic missiles successfully, and why the hell is this country so damned far behind the curve on this, in terms of billions spent for defense relative to Russia and China.?!?  Don't get wrong, folks; I abhor the concept of war; however, if the US doesn't have the best possible weapons as a deterrent, this country is one, miserable sitting duck for a nasty attack from a country which doesn't particularly like it.

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Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) officials have concluded that even if Israel can dismantle Hamas in Gaza, the group will continue to exist. American defense officials have warned that Israel’s indiscriminate killing in Gaza will fuel armed resistance among Palestinians.

Israel’s Channel 12 reported on Thursday that even if the IDF eliminates Hamas organization in Gaza, the group will continue to fight Israel as “a terror group and a guerrilla group.” The Israeli defense officials concluded in their report that “authentic support remains” for Hamas among Palestinians.

The Israeli attacks on Gaza have killed tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, including over 12,000 children. The mass death has created a rally-around-the flag effect in Gaza for Hamas. Channel 12 investigative journalist Ilana Dayan reported that the “bottom line” was “Hamas will survive this [IDF] campaign as a terror group and a guerrilla group.”

In November, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown warned Israel that their indiscriminate attacks on Gaza would drive Palestinians to join Hamas. Asked by reporters if the high civilian casualty rate will create more Hamas fighters, Brown said, “Yes, very much so. And I think that’s something we have to pay attention to.”

“That’s why when we talk about time — the faster you can get to a point where you stop the hostilities, you have less strife for the civilian population that turns into someone who now wants to be the next member of Hamas,” he said.

Claire's Observations:  So,  let me wrap my head around this; the Israeli genocide against Palestinian civilians is turning more and more Palestinians toward Hamas, rather than away from it?!?   Hey, congrats, Netanyahu; this campaign has had the polar opposite effect from that which you wanted to  have happen!!! Give yourself an industrial-strength high five, for this failed, and failing horrific campaign of slaughter!!!!  The hubris of your ethnic cleansing, which has known no bounds, is about to come back and bite you, big-time.  And your country's street-cred as the alleged "Only democracy in the Middle East?!?  In the immortal words of the character Tony Soprano, "Fuggetaboutit!!"

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Muhammad Shadab had gone to pray in his neighbourhood mosque in Indian-administered Kashmir’s main city of Srinagar when he was given a questionnaire by the mosque’s management.

The questionnaire was part of a so-called survey by the disputed region’s police, seeking his personal details, including phone numbers of family members, possible links to armed rebels, records of foreign visits or a member settled abroad, and even the number of CCTV cameras at home.

Other details the residents were asked to record in the survey last month included their Aadhaar – or unique identity card – number, the number of vehicles they owned, and specifics on the exact location of their house.

Shadab, 55, told Al Jazeera he had been panicking since he was handed the questionnaire. “I couldn’t believe I had to provide such extensive details – even of my female family members,” said the former government employee now running his own business.

“It was intriguing for all, even for the mosque committee members. They were instructed [by the police] to distribute the forms, collect them from us, and submit the filled-in documents within a week.”

The questionnaire, accessed by Al Jazeera, was circulated in Srinagar and other areas of the region. Many other residents said officers in plain clothes came to their houses with the document, asking them to fill it and submit it to the nearest police station at the earliest opportunity.

Another layer of surveillance

The Himalayan region of Kashmir is split between India and Pakistan, which rule over parts of the territory but claim it in its entirety. The two nuclear powers have fought three of their four wars over the territory.

After a popular anti-India rebellion broke out in Indian-administered Kashmir in the late 1980s, New Delhi deployed nearly 700,000 troops to suppress the movement, making the region one of the world’s most militarised conflict zones. The military-to-civilian ratio in the region stands at one soldier for 30 residents, according to a 2020 study by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a London-based think tank.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the decades-old conflict, most of them civilians, while there are widespread allegations of torture, arbitrary detentions and denial of basic rights by the Indian security forces

Claire's Observations:  Whether these forms were just another degree if Indian political intimidation, or the basis for a roundup and assassination program, is difficult to say; but were I an innocent Kashmiri Muslim, I would be terrified of what the Indian government plans to do with this data.

India claims to be "the world's largest democracy"; but what about a referendum, promised, but never held, in Indian-administered Kashmir?!? This would give these people the ability to:  1. Stay with India; 2. Become an independent nation: 3. Join Pakistan.  It is the last possibility which scares the Indian government to such an extent, that it won't let the referendum happen peacefully.

I remember the line attributed to JFK, which was both startlingly simple, but true: "When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable."

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A global watchdog group for the treatment of journalists found that Israeli forces were responsible for about three-quarters of all journalists killed in war zones during 2023. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) found that 72 Palestinian reporters were killed last year. 

“More than three-quarters of the 99 journalists and media workers killed worldwide in 2023 died in the Israel-Gaza war, the majority of them Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza,
The CPJ report concluded. “The conflict claimed the lives of more journalists in three months than have ever been killed in a single country over an entire year.”

In the last three months of 2023, Israel killed 72 Palestinian and three Lebanese journalists. Two Israeli journalists were killed in the Hamas attack on October 7. Excluding the Israeli onslaught in Gaza, CPJ found worldwide deaths of journalists last year was less than half of 2022’s total. At least 11 Palestinian journalists have been killed so far in 2024

CPJ believes some of the Palestinian journalists were targeted by Israel, and the organization is conducting further investigations. The Gaza Strip’s Government Media Office puts the number higher, saying at least 126 Palestinian media workers have been killed. “This war is unprecedented in terms of the threat to journalists,” Jodie Ginsberg, president of the CPJ, said

She explained that Israel’s killing of journalists prevents war crimes in Gaza from being seen by the international community. “What’s important to remember about this war is that Gazan journalists are the only journalists able to report on what’s happening inside Gaza. International journalists have not been able to get in, have not been allowed in, except on very, very controlled trips that are overseen by the Israeli army.” Ginsberg continued, “So we are entirely reliant on those [Palestinian] journalists, who are risking their lives to bring us this story.”

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On February 8, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in Washington on an official visit, aimed at working jointly with the United States to make “sure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself”.

If such a statement was made soon after the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation of October 7, one may cognize its logic, based on the well-known, inherent bias of both Washington and Berlin towards Israel.

The statement and the visit, however, were conducted on the 125th day of one of the bloodiest genocides in modern history.

The purpose of the visit was highlighted in a press conference by White House spokesperson John Kirby, even though, hours later, US President Joe Biden admitted that Israel has gone “over the top” in its response to the Hamas attack on October 7.

If killing and wounding over 100,000 civilians, and counting, is Israel’s version of self-defense, then both Scholz and Biden have done a splendid job in ensuring Israel has everything it needs to achieve its bloody mission.

However, in this context, who is entitled to self-defense, Israel or Palestine?

On a recent visit to a hospital in a Middle Eastern country which remains confidential as a precondition for my visit, I witnessed one of the most horrific sights one could ever see. Scores of limbless Palestinian children, some still fighting for their lives, some badly burned and others in a coma.

Those who were able to use their hands have drawn Palestinian flags which hung on the walls beside their hospital beds. Some wore SpongeBob T-shirts and others hats with Disney characters. They were pure, innocent, and very much Palestinian.

A couple of children flashed the victory sign as soon as we said our goodbyes. Little kids wanted to communicate to the world that they remain strong and that they know exactly who they are and where they come from.

The children were far too young to realize the legal and political context of their strong feelings towards their homeland

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