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"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world." -- Thomas Jefferson, to John Norvell, June 14, 1807

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Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit this week seeking answers from the Secret Service related to the Hunter Biden gun incident in Delaware four years ago.

The conservative legal advocacy group filed its initial FOIA request in March 2021, just after reports emerged about a handgun belonging to President Joe Biden’s son getting thrown in the trash near a Delaware high school in October 2018 by his sister-in-law Hallie Biden, with whom he was in a romantic relationship.

The Secret Service has denied any involvement in responding to the incident, and after the agency declined to hand over any relevant records, Judicial Watch decided to force the issue in federal court this week.

Judicial Watch has asked the court to force the Secret Service to hand over all records related to the incident, including “all records of communications sent to and from U.S. Secret Service officials internally and with outside parties regarding the reported purchase, possession, and disposal" of the gun in Delaware in 2018.

Posted on: Sep 24 14:24

New York City school kids are losing their minds over the zonked-out drug addicts and raving vagrants they encounter every day – and are flocking to therapists to find ways to cope with the stress, The Post has learned.

In neighborhoods such as Hell’s Kitchen “a lot” of kids are now in therapy, according to mom Katie Hamill, 43, whose 7-year-old daughter is being treated for anxiety.

“My daughter has seen everything from fornication, masturbation, defecation, urination, you name it, she has seen it. … consistently and constantly. She is in this constant state of panic,” said Hamill, who works in real estate.

The little girl gets upset when she sees “the dying people” — the junkies who look dead whom she thinks no one is helping, the mom said. And she sees far too much vile behavior from adults, including one addict trying to rip out his hair after getting high at a West 42nd Street playground.

Posted on: Sep 24 14:24

Could we actually see a Palestinian state be established within the next year or two?  Just this week, there have been some new developments that have been absolutely stunning.  For the first time in ages, both the president of the United States and the prime minister of Israel are openly calling for the creation of a Palestinian state.  But just a couple of years ago, it seemed like such a move was extremely unlikely.  Donald Trump was in the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu was the prime minister of Israel, and it was clear that a Palestinian state would not happen as long as either one of them was in power.  Now they are both gone, and everything has changed.

This is extremely alarming, because the creation of a Palestinian state is something that I have been warning about for years.

When it actually happens, it will have enormous implications for the entire globe.

Posted on: Sep 24 14:23
By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 13:36

 On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved legislation to expand police access to private cameras, including for suspected misdemeanor violations and prevention purposes.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 13:35

 A man who had already pled guilty to sexually coercing a teenage female relative was allegedly able to go on a sexual assault spree shortly before sentencing, thanks to systemic soft-on-crime policies in New York City.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 13:33

 After the Bank of England announced that it expects the economy of Britain to shrink in the third quarter of 2022, news outlets reported that the country is in a recession — although several American media outlets refused to do the same upon similar news in the United States.

Posted on: Sep 24 13:32

 Video from a Hispanic Texas farmer shows illegal immigrants fleeing Border Patrol first trying to get in his house, but when unsuccessful, entering his elderly grandfather’s home next door.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 12:58

 Billionaire Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who also owns TIME magazine, said that if conservative states don’t buckle to his vision of what constitutes “equality and dignity,” he’ll take his companies out of the states.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 12:58

 When President Biden declared on “60 Minutes” last week, “The pandemic is over,” he made more of an observation than a declaration. The vast majority of Americans left COVID fear and restrictions behind long ago and have gone back to living their lives in much the same way as they did before 2020.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:57

Whereas both the Soviet Union and the United States used to design their strategy and weapons so as to prevent a Third World War so that neither side would win but both sides (and much of the world) would be destroyed as thousands of nuclear warheads would suddenly be exploding during a nuclear war which would be completed within around an hour or so, the U.S. Government has gradually shifted away from such a “M.A.D.” or “mutually assured destruction” meta-strategy, and been replacing it with the “Nuclear Primacy” U.S. meta-strategy, in which Russia will be totally destroyed but the U.S. will emerge afterward as being sufficiently strong so as to hold unchallengeable sway over the entire planet (which hegemony has been the actual goal of the U.S. Government ever since 25 July 1945).

On 3 May 2017, I headlined “America’s Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia”, and linked to a report that had recently been issued by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, about “revolutionary new technologies that will vastly increase the targeting capability of the US ballistic missile arsenal. This increase in capability is astonishing — boosting the overall killing power of existing US ballistic missile forces by a factor of roughly three — and it creates exactly what one would expect to see, if a nuclear-armed state were planning to have the capacity to fight and win a nuclear war by disarming enemies with a surprise first strike.” I pointed out there that this new technology, called the “super-fuse”, was exactly in accord with the replacement of M.A.D. by Nuclear Primacy. After all, though the proponents of “Nuclear Primacy” didn’t say that this phrase related ONLY to America’s “Primacy” in a U.S.-v.-Russia nuclear war, the context always was clear that this was the intention, and that the phrase meant the exact opposite of (and strongly opposed) any conceivable nuclear “primacy” for Russia. So, “Nuclear Primacy” — a phrase that was introduced in 2006 in the most prestigious scholarly journals, and subsequently adhered-to by all U.S. foreign policies though never explicitly stated (and never publicly advocated) by the U.S. Government — is, in actuality, the new U.S. meta-strategy, the one that now exists.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:54

On September 23, a referendum began in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, in territories that are under Russian control.

In the DPR and LPR, whose independence Russia recognized in February, the people vote for or against the Republics to join the Russian Federation. In the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, the people answer the question of the regions’ secession from Ukraine, the creation of independent states within their administrative borders, that is, including territories controlled by Ukrainian forces, and their subsequent entry into Russia.

The voting will take five days. In order to ensure the safety of citizens, the first four days they would vote at home. On the last day, residents could vote at the polling stations. Citizens who have left the regions can vote at special polling stations created outside the regions.

In turn, Kiev’s position and military tasks did not change. Ukrainian forces will continue to try to recapture the lost territories. At the same time, following the best ‘democratic traditions’ the Ukrainian authorities threaten the citizens in the lost territories for the expression of their free will. Participation in a referendum may be punishable by imprisonment and confiscation of property.

Kiev attempts to disrupt these referenda not only by political means. In recent days, strikes on residential areas of the cities of the DPR and LPR have been particularly brutal.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:51

On September 23, Russian Geran-2 UAVs hit several targets in the city of Odessa. Ukrainian forces attempted to intercept drones with small arms, but failed. The Ukrainian military aircraft were also reportedly deployed to hunt for the UAVs but in vain.

In the afternoon, citizens of Odessa shared numerous videos showing Russian UAVs hitting Ukrainian military facilities in the city. The eyewitnesses reported that the air alarm was not turned on in the city.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:50

In recent years, governments have been demonstrating their subservience to their billionaire masters in Big Finance, the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, BlackRock and the entire gamut of forces in the military-financial-industrial complex behind the ‘Great Reset’, ‘New Normal’ or whichever other benign-sounding term is used to disguise the crisis and current restructuring of capitalism and the brutal impacts on ordinary people.

In late 2019 and early 2020 (due to collapsing financial markets immediately prior to COVID) and during COVID (via COVID-relief packages), trillions of dollars were handed over to elite interests while lockdowns and restrictions were imposed on ordinary people and small businesses. The winners were the likes of Amazon, Big Pharma and the tech giants. The losers were small enterprises and the bulk of the population, deprived of their right to work and the entire panoply of civil rights their ancestors struggled for.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:49

Because of the recent failures of Russian forces in the Kharkiv direction, Ukraine’s constant attacks on militia’s positions in the Donetsk People’s Republic, and the ongoing military assistance from Western countries to Kiev, Putin has no choice but to declare mobilization.

Despite the expected increase in discontent among part of the population with the need to take part in this war, even in Ukraine they are forced to admit that the situation may change drastically in the very near future. Ukrainian telegram channels publish videos of large queues of people who came to the military registration and enlistment offices after receiving summonses. The few stories about men allegedly being illegally arrested in broad daylight on the streets of Russian cities turned out to be fake.

In the Belgorod region, whose residents are regularly subjected to shelling from Ukraine, the turnout at the commissariats exceeded 80 percent in the first days of the mobilization. Volunteers, who have been helping the military since the early days of the war by purchasing and delivering everything they need, come to the assembly points themselves and share their impressions: there is a fighting spirit and no panic. There are also volunteers who came without any summons.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:48

 The federal government drastically overestimates income inequality in the United States by failing to account for certain welfare programs and income taxes on the wealthiest earners, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Cato Institute.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 12:47

After more than fifty years in Washington, how is it possible that President Joe Biden still does not understand Iran’s terrorist leaders?

Why did Biden support President Barack Obama giving upwards of $150 billion in sanctions relief to the Iranian regime in 2015 in return for a nuclear deal that did not require Tehran to dismantle – must less destroy – its illegal nuclear program?

Why did Biden enthusiastically stand by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) when everyone knew that the Iranian leadership couldn’t be trusted, had a history of cheating on nuclear agreements, were certain to cheat on this new one, and were certain to use that new funding to support anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Arab terrorist groups, from Hezbollah to Hamas to the Houthis?

Webmaster addition: The US is not supposed to interfere with the business of the Unites Nations!

Posted on: Sep 24 12:46

 A California high school with a “Social Justice Academy” is suffering in more traditional subjects like math, where students are getting dismal scores.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 12:46

 Some residents of California are slated to receive inflation relief checks of more than $1,000 in the coming weeks.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:45

During remarks on Wednesday, the civilian head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) slammed China as a "challenge" to the alliance. In an interview with Reuters, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Beijing’s support for the war in Ukraine, its opposition to NATO expansion, and its territorial claims justify the alliance assigning China this label. 

Largely in response to Washington’s increasing hostility, Moscow and Beijing have strengthened their ties for well over a decade. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, China and Russia carried out several rounds of military exercises. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met several times since the war began, reaffirming the two Asian powers’ growing ties. 

Posted on: Sep 24 12:44

Prime Minister Yair Lapid met Jordan’s King Abdullah II on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York on Tuesday, and afterward issued a statement that this represented a strengthening of Israeli-Jordanian ties.

That’s the good news.

Relations with Jordan are strategically important for both Israel and Jordan, and meetings such as these can only help improve communications and foster closer ties. It is good that ties with Amman, which suffered under Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure, are being strengthened. That is to be applauded.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:44

 White House officials have considered trying to get World Bank President David Malpass fired for not pursuing climate change policies with sufficient zeal, according to a Friday report from Axios.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 12:41

 Project Veritas was ordered to pay $120,000 to a Democrat consulting firm this week after a jury found the organization guilty on charges of breaking federal and Washington, D.C., wiretapping laws and fraudulent misrepresentation. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 24 12:41

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has been accused of threatening Italy as polls continue to predict a victory for the centre-right coalition of Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy (FdI), Matteo Salvini’s League, and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

President Von der Leyen spoke on Thursday on a trip to the United States just days ahead of Italy’s national election on Sunday, saying: “My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” but added: “If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.”

League leader Matteo Salvini reacted with anger to the statement, saying the statement sounded like a threat: “These are disgusting words, the threatening tone is unacceptable,” he said, accusing the EU Commission chief of making an attempt to influence or even blackmail Italian voters, Il Giornale reports.

Posted on: Sep 24 12:40