"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all." -- Michael Rivero

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Obviously, Russia would only start firing nukes if they thought the existence of Russia was being threatened.

They certainly wouldn’t do it when they’re in the middle of winning a war against America and Germany.

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The New York Times is in panic mode because their fake story about "Hamas committing mass rape" on October 7th was debunked in real time and triggered an internal revolt in their own newsroom. 

The atrocity propaganda tale was supposed to provide a pretext for Israel's genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza the same way Judith Miller's lies about Saddam Hussein having WMDs in the NY Times were used to con America into the war in Iraq. 

The Times is reportedly now launching an internal "witch hunt" to find the leaker(s) in their own organization who are refusing to help launder their latest atrocity propaganda hoax. 

From Vanity Fair:

New York Times Launches Leak Investigation Over Report on Its Israel-Gaza Coverage

Management has questioned staffers, including Daily producers, after The Intercept revealed internal debate over a yet-to-air episode on Hamas weaponizing sexual violence. Such a probe is highly unusual, say staffers, one of whom dubbed it a "witch hunt."

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Iran has lashed out the US and the Europeans for their silence over the “genocide” in Gaza, after Israeli forces fired on people on an aid convoy in Gaza City and killed more than 100 Palestinians on Thursday.

“More than 100 Palestinian citizens who were waiting in line to receive humanitarian aid on al-Rashid Street in Gaza were martyred, more than 800 people were injured due to the barbaric attack by the Zionist regime,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani wrote on X.

“The wound of Gaza will not be erased from the memory of the free people of the world, and the shame of supporting and remaining silent towards the mass killing and genocide of Palestinians by the criminal Zionist regime will be evident on the foreheads of the false champions of human rights in the United States and  Europe.”

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Despite all the rhetoric suggesting that Western special forces are not currently on the ground in Ukraine but soon could be, reports indicate that said special forces are already there fighting on behalf of the Ukrainian regime against Russia.

Russia confirmed this, reporting numerous strikes against what it described as “foreign mercenaries” fighting in Ukraine. Just last month, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that it had successfully killed more than 60 foreign fighters in a missile strike – and the majority of them, Russia said, spoke French.

This runs contrary to statements more recently made by French President Emmanuel Macron, who told the media that there are no French forces currently in Ukraine but that there soon could be, maybe.

According to Macron, there was “no consensus” at a recent meeting of European leaders in Paris about whether “to send, in an official manner, troops on the ground – but in terms of dynamics, we cannot exclude anything.”

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The shock and awe of US Airman Aaron Bushnell's self-immolation at the front of the Embassy Of Israel in Washington, DC has made the 25 year-old's suicide seemingly impossible to reconcile for his friends, family, and any on-lookers who witnessed his fiery death. Bushnell's obvious motive was his opposition to the war Israel has waged in Gaza which has seen the Jewish state chastised the world over for its indiscriminate killing of civilians and the consequent lambasting of the United States for continually blocking measures to implement a ceasefire at the UN Security Council. Although his cries to "free Palestine" made during his self-immolation made his motives clear, the depths to which he claimed to know about the conflict in Gaza convey that the Biden administration has misled the American public regarding its role in Israel's war against Hamas.

Supporters gather at a candelight vigil for USAF Serviceman Aaron Bushnell

According to one friend, Bushnell stated that the US' involvement in Israel's war effort went far beyond diplomacy and foreign aid. That friend stated that Bushnell told him that US soldiers are actively deployed in Israel, participating in the warfare eviscerating the Gaza Strip.

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The local government in the German capital of Berlin has ruled out introducing “sex rooms” for toddlers in state-run daycare facilities despite the recommendation having been included in an unpublished draft of the city’s new educational program.

The U-turn was announced by State Secretary for Youth and Family Falko Liecke in a statement to Junge Freiheit on Monday.

“In Berlin daycare centers, there will expressly be no separate rooms for educational sexual explorations for children among themselves, nor any guided or free other sexual-educational concepts,” he told the news outlet.

“We are aware that the recommendations for action given to us from the scientific field represent a different perspective. However, we expressly do not share these views and will not include these recommendations in the Berlin educational program for daycare centers and daycare,” Liecke added.

In the draft of the new program, educational experts advising the local government had called for the establishment of sex rooms for three to six-year-olds to experience “feelings of pleasure” in privacy.

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In November 2023, NATO’s “Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats” published a disturbing ‘working paper,’ “Humour in online information warfare: Case study on Russia’s war on Ukraine.” It received no mainstream attention. Yet, the contents offer unprecedented insight into the military alliance’s insidious weaponization of social media to distort public perceptions and manufacture consent for war. They also raise grave questions about online “trolling” of dissident voices over the past decade and beyond.

The working paper ostensibly “considers instances of humour put to effective use to counter disinformation and propaganda in online spaces, using Russia’s war on Ukraine.” It concludes, “humour-based responses…in the information space and in the physical domain have been found to deliver multiple clear benefits” for Ukraine and NATO.

Avowedly a “practical review seeking to identify examples of best practice from both government and civil society” for wider future application, the paper recommends Western states, militaries, and security and intelligence services master the art of online ridicule under the aegis of “counter-disinformation.”

It contends, “humour…reaches the parts that other countermeasures – like fact-checking or media user education – cannot.” Mass deployment of memes, moreover, “has the advantage of exploiting social media platform algorithms” and addressing “audiences that are not inclined to consume ‘boring’ products.”

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The Palestinian city of Rafah is not just older than Israel; it is as old as civilization itself.

It has existed for thousands of years. The Canaanites referred to it as Rafia, and Rafia has been almost always there, guarding the southern frontiers of Palestine, ancient and modern.

As the gateway between two continents and two worlds, Rafah has been at the forefront of many wars and foreign invasions, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans to Napoleon and his eventually vanquished army.

Now, it is Benjamin Netanyahu’s turn. The Israeli Prime Minister has made Rafah the jewel of his crown of shame, the battle that would determine the fate of his genocidal war in Gaza – in fact, the very future of his country. “Those who want to prevent us from operating in Rafah are essentially telling us: ‘Lose the war,'” he said at a press conference on February 17.

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The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said that 112 Palestinians were killed and another 760 injured after Israeli forces opened fire toward Palestinians who had gathered to receive food aid in Gaza City on Thursday.

The incident – dubbed the Flour Bag Massacre – is one of the deadliest in the past bloody four and a half months in Gaza, with the death toll climbing past 30,000 on Thursday. The actual number of fatalities since 7 October is likely significantly higher, with thousands of people missing under the rubble of destroyed buildings, and others succumbing to disease, starvation and thirst.

An engineered famine has taken hold in Gaza, with people resorting to eating wild plants with little nutritional value and animal feed to survive.

“It’s been all suffering, it’s been all horror,” Abubaker Abed, speaking from Gaza, told The Electronic Intifada livestream on Wednesday:

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House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has described reports that he was confronted by congressional leaders during an “intense” meeting over government funding and aid to Ukraine at the White House on Feb. 27 as “pretty accurate.”

Speaking to Fox News on Feb. 28, Mr. Johnson was asked by anchor Sean Hannity if there was any truth to the reports. The Republican lawmaker explained that he was definitely at odds with congressional leaders over the crisis at the southern border, among other issues, during the meeting.

Well, their reports are pretty accurate. They said that I was on an island by myself, and it was me versus everyone else in the room,” Mr. Johnson said.

“What the liberal media doesn’t understand Sean, is that if you’re here in Washington and you’re described as a leader that’s on an island by themselves, it probably means you’re standing with the American people,” he continued.

“And that’s what I did yesterday, I reminded the president, and all involved, that the number one issue in America is that open border. The catastrophe that we have, that President Biden himself designed, that he caused and created and I told him, just as I have many times before, he must address it with executive authority. We can’t wait any longer,” Mr. Johnson added.

Claire's Observations;  Between this issue, the endless Russian/Ukrainian conflict,  and the Israeli genocide in Gaza, should we have anything vaguely approaching an election free of cheating (happening, of course, when pigs get aerodynamic), Biden is about to lose his political shirt.  

Of course, we could have some kind of national catastrophe (read:  false flag) which would embolden the Bidenistas to postpone the election (as indefinitely as possible);  suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights; impose complete censorship on US news; and resurrect the draft to fight the "enemy du jour".

Is this all way too "cray-cray" for the Dementocrats to do?!?  And I am not talking about the good, honest people, like my neighbors, some of whom had "Biden for President" signs in their front gardens in the last election; I am speaking about those Dementocrats in power, shit-faced drunk on their "hopium/changium" who cannot see how their policies are driving this country into a ditch,  morally, fiscally,  and militarily.

There is nothing more dangerous than is a wounded animal; and right now, the Dementocrats are geopolitically wounded, big-time.

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The effort to prevent Texas Governor Greg Abbott from fortifying the southern border is intensifying. This comes as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants continue to enter the US daily, drawn by President Joe Biden’s open-border policy.

On Thursday, US District Judge David Ezra, appointed by President Reagan, issued a temporary injunction that blocks Texas law granting local police the authority to arrest illegal immigrants.

As reported by ABC News:

“The preliminary injunction granted by U.S. District Judge David Ezra pauses a law that was set to take effect March 5 and came as President Joe Biden and his likely Republican challenger in November, Donald Trump, were visiting Texas’ southern border to discuss immigration. Texas officials are expected to appeal.”

In December, Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a bill granting Texas law enforcement the authority to arrest illegal immigrants amidst the ongoing surge of migrants at the border during the Biden administration.

“Biden’s deliberate inaction has left Texas to fend for itself,” Abbott said, adding the new bill is designed to “stop the tidal wave of illegal entry into Texas.”

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The White House is catching flak for using a new politically correct term for illegal migrants coming across the southern border: Newcomers. 

The new term was unveiled in a little noticed 'fact sheet' on the White House website uploaded ahead of President Biden's trip to the border in Brownsville, Texas, Thursday.

A $118 billion Senate border and foreign aid deal - including $20 billion on border security measures - spectacularly fell apart earlier this month to the ire of the Biden administration. 

The fact sheet states that the bill would provide $1.4 billion in assistance to 'cities and states who are providing critical services to newcomers, and would expedite work permits for people who are in the country and qualify.'

Eagle-eyed lawmakers immediately started slamming the White House for using the 'misleading' term 'newcomers' for migrants.

The White House is using 'such dishonest and misleading language' to trick Americas, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., exclusively told DailyMail.com.

Webmaster addition:  They are not "Newcomers." They are not "Migrants." THEY ARE "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!"

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A trove of damning text messages from Nathan Wade’s former divorce attorney seemingly showing his affair with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis started before they claim have finally emerged.

The text exchanges between Terrence Bradley and Ashleigh Merchant — who is representing one of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election fraud case — were revealed in full for the first time on Megyn Kelly’s podcast Wednesday.

“We have gotten our hands on the texts,” Kelly said in opening her show, referring to the 413-message exchange.

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How did Italy get so gay so quickly?

It’s like Ireland and Poland. It’s moved at a sonic speed.

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A Democratic Cook County judge ruled on Wednesday to remove former President Donald Trump from the Illinois primary ballot, citing his alleged participation in the January 6th Capitol “insurrection.”

Democratic Cook County Judge Tracie Porter has removed Donald Trump from the Illinois primary ballot for his participation in the January 6th “insurrection.”

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Tracie R. Porter.

In her ruling, Judge Tracie Porter of the State Circuit Court ordered the Illinois State Board of Elections to “remove Donald J. Trump from the ballot for the General Primary Election on March 19, 2024, or cause any votes cast for him to be suppressed.” Porter, who was appointed to a traffic court position in 2021 and was elected as a full circuit court judge in 2022, cited the text of the 14th Amendment to justify the ruling, arguing that Trump had engaged in an insurrection against the United States government.

However, Porter also immediately paused her own ruling from taking effect, giving Trump until Friday to file an appeal. Anticipating higher courts weighing in on the ruling, the judge wrote that she is aware that her decision “could not be the ultimate outcome.” Porter’s ruling overturned a previous one by the State Board of Elections, which opted to keep Trump on the ballot last month.

Webmaster addition:  Judge Tracie R. Porter is a Traffic Court judge!

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When Federal Reserve officials met last month, they told us they needed "greater confidence" that inflation is moving "sustainably" down to two percent before they start reducing interest rates.

It would be an understatement to say that the inflation data released on Thursday are unlikely to produce an increase in that confidence. Inflation is rising, and the underlying indicators of price pressures suggest this is unlikely to reverse soon.

The Department of Commerce released its report on personal income and expenditures on Thursday. This includes the latest calculation of the personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price index, which is the measure the Federal Reserve uses in its two percent target and in the forecasts that get published every other meeting in the summary of economic projections.

The PCE price index rose by 0.3 percent in January, an annualized inflation rate of 4.2 percent. Core PCE inflation, which excludes food and energy, rose by 0.4 percent, which annualizes to a 5.1 percent inflation rate. Both measures show an acceleration of inflation from a month earlier.

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Peter Hasson, senior politics editor at Fox News, expounded on this accusation in a Feb. 27 op-ed. The work in question was his 2020 book titled "The Manipulators: Facebook, Google, Twitter and Big Tech's War on Conservatives." According to Hasson, the book "was a multi-year project on Big Tech's political biases that drew on inside sources, leaked documents and more."

"I was curious to see if Google's AI program could be trusted to accurately describe an investigative book about Google, but I wasn't prepared for just how misleading it would be. Gemini's description of my book included this sentence: 'The book has been criticized for lacking concrete evidence and relying on anecdotal information.'"

Hasson further pressed the AI about its less-than-stellar criticism of his book, asking in particular the names of reviewers who gave their thumbs-down. Gemini then returned summaries of four negative reviews:

  • Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon said the book relies "on 'anecdotal evidence' and 'cherry-picking examples' to support its claims."
  • Ben Smith of the New York Times touched on the book's "lack of rigorous research and its reliance on 'unsubstantiated claims.'"
  • Emily Bazelon wrote in the New York Times Book Review that Hasson's work "'lacks a deep understanding of how these companies work' and relies on 'unproven accusations.'"
  • Emily Dreyfuss purportedly wrote in a piece for WIRED magazine that the book's claims about Big Tech bias suffer from a "dearth of evidence;" it also highlighted several examples of "cherry-picking."

"But here's the catch: None of those reviews were real, not one. And neither were any of the quotes," Hasson disclosed.  

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Two suspects, Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller, involved in the Kansas City Super Bowl Parade shooting, are considering utilizing the "stand your ground" law as part of their defense strategy.

The incident resulted in the tragic death of a woman and left several others, including children, injured.

As reported by KWCH, legal experts suggest that Mays and Miller could potentially build strong cases under Missouri's "stand your ground" law, which is enforced in over 30 states across the country. Daniel Ross, a trial attorney, emphasized that this law presents a robust defense, shifting the burden to the prosecution to disprove claims of self-defense in shooting incidents.

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More than two decades after Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused dozens of girls in Palm Beach, his victims may finally learn how and why the state prosecutor’s handling of the case allowed Epstein to escape a prison term more in line with the serious crimes he committed.

On Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that permits the unsealing of the long-secret evidence and testimony presented to a 2006 Palm Beach grand jury, leading the panel to return an indictment against Epstein on only minor prostitution charges.

At the time, Palm Beach police had interviewed at least six girls who claimed Epstein had sexually assaulted them as part of a massive scheme in which they were also pressured to recruit more girls for him to abuse over many years.

The signing of the bill could pave the way for the public to evaluate whether former Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer conducted a thorough prosecution of Epstein.

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A large swath of California’s Sierra Nevada fell under a blizzard warning Thursday morning, as powerful winds ripped through the mountain range. The National Weather Service said a 120 mph gust was clocked on Ward Mountain at the Palisades Tahoe ski resort, which had closed several lifts for the day.

The winds kicked up ahead of a fierce, cold winter storm that’s barreling toward the Golden State. It’s expected to bring more snow than any other storm has so far this season. The system is predicted to impact the mountain range Thursday through Sunday, with the most severe conditions forecast Friday into Saturday morning. The storm is unique in that it’s carrying both cold Arctic air and significant amounts of moisture.

“There is a high chance (over 70%) of substantial, long-lasting disruptions to daily life in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada Friday to Sunday where blizzard conditions and 5-12 ft of snow (and locally higher) are

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Russian President Vladimir Putin used the occasion of his much anticipated annual state of the nation address to directly warn NATO that sending Western troops to fight in Ukraine could result in nuclear war.

He explained that allegations from Western officials saying Russia intends to attack Europe are "nonsense"after on Monday French President Emmanuel Macron really escalated the rhetoric by telling a security forum in Paris that sending Western troops to Ukraine "cannot be ruled out". 

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Authored by Robert Chernin via RealClear Wire,

The revelation that the U.S. intelligence community, under the Obama administration, sought the assistance of the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance to surveil Donald Trump’s associates before the 2016 election is a chilling reminder of the lengths to which the Deep State will go to protect its interests and challenge its adversaries. (The Five Eyes countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.) This bombshell, reported by a team of independent journalists, exposes a dark chapter in American political history, where foreign intelligence services were reportedly mobilized against a presidential candidate.

The alleged operation against Trump and his associates, which predates the official start of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, is a stark example of political weaponization of intelligence. The involvement of foreign allies in surveilling American citizens under the pretext of national security raises serious questions about the integrity of our democratic processes and the autonomy of our nation’s intelligence operations.

The narrative that has been pushed for years, that the investigation into Trump’s campaign began with an Australian tip about a boastful Trump aide, now appears to be a cover for a more extensive and coordinated effort to undermine Trump. If reports are accurate, British intelligence began targeting Trump on behalf of American intelligence agencies as early as 2015, long before the official narrative claims.

The implications of this are profound. It suggests an unprecedented level of collusion between U.S. intelligence agencies and their foreign counterparts to influence the outcome of an American presidential election. The use of foreign intelligence to circumvent American laws and surveillance limitations represents a grave threat to our nation’s sovereignty and the principles of democracy.

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Israel reportedly "lured" starving Palestinians into the streets of Gaza City with the promise of food aid on Thursday and then gunned them down en masse in an incident being dubbed the "Flour Massacre." 

Reports say more than 100 Palestinians were killed and over 700 were wounded.

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