"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution" -- Aldous Huxley, 1931

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According to reports Prime Minister Fico is alive and in a helicopter on his way to a hospital in Bratislava.

There is video of Robert Fico being dragged to this car after he was shot.

The Gateway Pundit heard from our close friend in Europe who is a friend of Fico who tells us Fico is wounded but expected to live. He is in the hospital.

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Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed Tuesday officials at the federal law enforcement agency have inappropriately retaliated against whistleblowers by pulling security clearances and implementing other retribution against them. 

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Media reports say Slovakia’s populist Prime Minister Robert Fico was injured in a shooting and taken to hospital.

The incident took place in the town of Handlova, some 150 kilometers northeast of the capital, according to the news television station TA3.

A suspect has been detained, it said.

Deputy speaker of parliament Lubos Blaha confirmed the incident during a session of Parliament and adjourned it until further notice, the Slovak TASR news agency said.

The incident took place in front of the local House of Culture, where Fico came to meet with supporters. Police sealed off the scene.

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Everywhere she looked on telly, she said, in drama, sport or reality shows, disabled people were depicted either as 'charity cases' or 'inspiration porn — superhuman narratives like the Paralympics, or where you're in terrible pain and now you want to kill yourself'.

If you tuned in any time in the hour, Liz was making similar points. She met people with opposing views but, because her opinions were immutable, there was little tension in the encounters — even when she flew to Canada to interview a doctor who routinely performs euthanasia.

The doc was an oddball, trying to convince us that assisted dying was marvelous, by twinkling and laughing as she talked about terminal illnesses. 

For the only time in the programme, Liz couldn't say everything she was thinking out loud. But it was written all over her face: 'This woman has escaped from a Hitchcock movie.'

Better Off Dead? had no pretensions to being nuanced, balanced or open-minded

Better Off Dead? had no pretensions to being nuanced, balanced or open-minded

This documentary was not aimed at those who agree. It was a counterblast, as Baroness Jane Campbell put it, to all those who 'think they're doing us a great favour by giving us this choice'

This documentary was not aimed at those who agree. It was a counterblast, as Baroness Jane Campbell put it, to all those who 'think they're doing us a great favour by giving us this choice'

Everywhere Liz Carr looked on telly, she said, in drama, sport or reality shows, disabled people were depicted either as 'charity cases' or 'inspiration porn

Everyone she talked to, whether in favour of a change in the law or against it, only confirmed her own certainties. 

If she could have met somebody with an eloquence and passion to equal her own, arguing the opposite viewpoint — Dame Esther Rantzen, for instance — the result would have been a richer debate.

Like Liz, though, I believe the taboo on assisted dying exists for good reason. Shatter it, and many disabled, mentally ill or elderly people will be in danger of being coerced into suicide. Not every vulnerable person has a loving, supportive partner or child who wants only the best for them.

This documentary was not aimed at those who agree. It was a counterblast, as Baroness Jane Campbell put it, to all those who 'think they're doing us a great favour by giving us this choice'.

The danger is that those people, too, have already made up their minds

Claire's Observations:  The US needs better choices  for its "financially disabled" and better choices for people who are left with excruciating pain, and believe that an "assisted death"  is the only way out. We need to "put the brakes on" definitely for people who are both financially and medically disabled, and give them better choices than death.  And if someone needs extensive treatment for pain, like morphine, why not?!?  

 And yes, I understand the need for hospice treatment completely, for people who are terminally ill; we had a friend on Oahu who went through the hospice process, and died pretty quickly, and relatively pain free.

But folks, let's not be in a mad hurry to put people down, like old dogs, who have outlived their usefulness; this puts us on a morally slippery slope, and that journey may be a place from which this nation may never recover.

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Source: Ben Bartee



COVID Propaganda Roundup: The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.

Via American Heart Association , October 2023 

Health experts are redefining cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, prevention and management, according to a new American Heart Association presidential advisory published today in the Association’s flagship journal Circulation.

Various aspects of cardiovascular disease that overlap with kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity support the new approach. For the first time, the American Heart Association defines the overlap in these conditions as cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic (CKM) syndrome. People who have or are at risk for cardiovascular disease may have CKM syndrome…

According to the American Heart Association’s 2023 Statistical Update, 1 in 3 U.S. adults have three or more risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders and/or kidney disease. CKM affects nearly every major organ in the body, including the heart, brain, kidney and liver. However, the biggest impact is on the cardiovascular system, affecting blood vessels and heart muscle function, the rate of fatty buildup in arteries, electrical impulses in the heart and more.”

Although the diagnostic designation CKM only materialized last fall, according to recently released data from the Journal of the American Medical Association, a full 90% of Americans might be afflicted.

Via Healthline (emphasis added):

“A new study has revealed that roughly 90% of Americans may have cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic (CKM) syndrome.

The risks are greatest among older adults, men, and Black individuals, the report, which was published in JAMA Wednesday, found.

The American Heart Association (AHA) introduced a new staging system in 2023 — called CKM syndrome — to better treat and manage cardiovascular, kidney, and metabolic diseases, since they are deeply connected and often require a multidisciplinary approach.

CKM syndrome is a systemic disorder that has links between heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity.”

Via Journal of the American Medical Association (emphasis added):

Almost 90% of US adults met criteria for CKM syndrome (stage 1 or higher) and 15% met criteria for advanced stages, neither of which improved between 2011 and 2020. The lack of progress, in part, may reflect concomitant improvement and worsening of different risk factors over time. Substantial between-subgroup differences in advanced stages were observed, with older age, men, and Black adults at increased risk.”

A 90% diagnosis rate for a newborn medical condition impacting multiple organs simultaneously would seem to beg for deep, deliberate, comprehensive reflection within the medical community — the kind of sweeping mobilization of resources seen during Operation Warp Speed — to ferret out root causes, which in other contexts, like mass migration, the likes of the Karamel-uh entity are exceptionally curious about.

Claire's Observations: And this, of course, has utterly nothing to do with the MRNA shots, mandated and "sold" by governmental and medical authorities, right?!? 

Deep Throat, that source for Woodward and Bernstein in their reporting on the Watergate fiasco, was entirely right;  follow the money here.  And not only the money made by Pfizer and Moderna, but the money earned by Medical Establishments and HMOS for pushing the MRNA shots, as though they were "candy" for the human immune system, which has proven to be the polar opposite.

Folks, these shots were ultimately never about "your health", but only for one thing:  all the Benjamins they created.  And remember; the only job of any corporation, is to see a return on its investments to their shareholders. That's it, period, end of discussion.

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The fast approaching Presidential election will be far more difficult to steal this time around, and thus will require ever more drastic measures to subvert the will of the voters.

The 4th Branch of the United States Government, which happens to be the same Intelligence Industrial Complex that was directly responsible for the PSYOP-19 “pandemic,” and associated slow kill bioweapon “vaccines,” is now gearing up to disrupt, pilfer, or even possibly outright cancel the election.

From false flags to assassinations to various psyops like DISEASE-X, there are many options on the table that may be used against We the People, as well as the rest of the world.

PSYOP-BIRD-FLU is now being trial ballooned for summer lockdowns:


The United Nations (UN) and their eugenics “health” node in the World Health Organization (WHO) are proverbially killing two birds with one stone by conflating another gain of function (GOF) scamdemic with “climate change” and the food supply.

Because controlling global food production ensures that the X Everything App social credit score system will serve as an ineluctable digital noose around the necks of the surviving genetically modified slaves, as well as the “vaccine” and CBDC refuseniks alike.

And if anyone still somehow believes that this followup “pandemic” is in any way a naturally occurring zoonotic event, then allow the former FDA director to dispel any doubts that the usual bioterrorist criminals are at it yet again.

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Authored by Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times 

In separate remarks at two different events on Friday, Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito issued warnings about the state of affairs in America today, including support for freedom of speech “declining dangerously” and the nation’s capital becoming a “hideous” place where cancel culture runs rampant.

Supreme Court Associate Justices Elena Kagan (L), Clarence Thomas ((2L), Samuel Alito (2R) and Chief Justice John Roberts (R) arrive for services for former President George H.W. Bush at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Dec. 3, 2018. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo)

Justice Thomas spoke at a conference of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Point Clear, Alabama, while Justice Alito delivered a commencement address at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Catholic college in Ohio, with both of the conservative-minded judges painting a dark picture—while encouraging action and offering hope.

At the Alabama event, Justice Thomas was asked to comment by the moderator—U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle—about what it’s like to work “in a world that seems meanspirited.”

“I think there’s challenges to that,” Justice Thomas said. “We’re in a world and we—certainly my wife and I the last two or three years it’s been—just the nastiness and the lies, it’s just incredible.”

Justice Thomas has faced heavy fire from Democrats who accuse him of skirting disclosure rules, of corruption in general, and of being too cozy with wealthy Republicans. They have not been able to point to any specific court cases in which the justice has misbehaved. Some activists have even pushed for Justice Thomas’s impeachment.

By contrast, over 100 former Supreme Court clerks signed an open letter last year defending Justice Thomas’s integrity, calling him a man of “unwavering principle” whose independence is “unshakable.” They called various critical stories that have targeted him as “malicious” and “perpetuating the ugly assumption that the Justice cannot think for himself.”

“They are part of a larger attack on the Court and its legitimacy as an institution,” the letter also stated. “The picture they paint of the Court and the man for whom we worked bears no resemblance to reality.”

Public opinion polls suggest public trust in the Supreme Court recently fell to new lows.

Addressing the criticism, Justice Thomas said at the Alabama conference that Washington had become a “hideous” place where “people pride themselves in being awful,” while characterizing America beyond the Beltway as a place where regular people “don’t pride themselves in doing harmful things.”

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The head of a German rail union warns that the country’s train system is turning into a “battleground” thanks to a wave of violence and intimidation being unleashed by male asylum seekers against female staff.

In an interview with Focus Online, Steffi Recknagel, the head of the Railway and Transport Union (EVG) in Thuringia, says that the average day is “sometimes life-threatening” for employees due to the sheer amount of abuse being dished out by migrants.

“I have an average of three employees sitting in my Erfurt office every week for legal advice. They were attacked, spat on, insulted, threatened or pushed,” said Recknagel, adding that female employees are being slapped, kicked, spat at and threatened with being stabbed by the ‘refugees’.

“The worst case was that a train attendant was threatened with a knife,” said Recknagel, adding that another was physically attacked from behind and “the air was knocked out of her.”

The union boss said that one stretch of the network was particularly bad, specifically the one frequented by Syrian, Afghan, and Turkish migrants from the local asylum center.

“I drive the Erfurt-Suhl route every day,” said Recknagel.

“And unfortunately, I have to say it like this: It is mostly young men from the initial reception center who misbehave completely on our trains. They always travel in groups and feel strong together.”

Instead of intervening when the migrants engage in violent or threatening behavior towards other passengers, train staff look the other way or even run and hide in locked compartments to avoid becoming the next victim.

Our people are afraid, very afraid. We have employees who say: If these groups are on the train, then I won’t check tickets. Then, they say they’ll stay at the front with the train driver or lock themselves in their cabin until they get to a safe station and they get out,” said Recknagel.

She noted that nothing ever happens to the migrants who behave in such a manner, with the police largely powerless to step in.

A four page letter sent to Thuringia Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left Party) complains that female workers have been subjected to “sexist insults and spit on in a disgusting manner,” which includes migrants flashing their genitals.

The letter notes that the chaos is almost entirely the responsibility of “people with a migration background,” including one incident where rival migrants fought a running battle, leaving an entire train compartment covered in blood.

“Our colleague had to continue the journey to the Suhl train station in fear of death and with a railcar that was heavily contaminated with human blood,” states the letter. “We don’t need to talk at this point about the psychological consequences for our still very young colleague and the passengers, given the scenes that could have come from a civil war zone!”

The letter goes on to vent fury about how Germans are being told to embrace “tolerance towards migrants” while being violently attacked by migrants.

“How can you expect citizens of this country to be open to the refugee policy that is being practiced when it happens — practically every day, and not just on public transport! — that we have to witness such violence, brutalization and absolute contempt for our laws and society?”

Claire's Observations:  The short answer to that last question is, you can't!!  And apparently, Middle Eastern immigrants in Germany, like their American counterparts, have not yet gotten it through their collective thick skulls, that immigration to a wealthy western country is a privilege; not a right!!!!  

They don't want to integrate into Western society'; they want to bring their old, failed theocracies to bear as the latest, greatest systems of government ever, as happened in Germany recently. https://www.yahoo.com/news/protesters-germany-call-islamic-fundamentalism-210129394.html

And if this is what they want, they should be immediately repatriated to countries like Saudi Arabia, which practices Sharia law, and beheads; flogs; and amputates body parts as punishment for crimes; perhaps these ingrates will feel far more comfortable there, than in Germany or the US, so let's have the Saudis welcome them... and immediately!!!!

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“There is ‘NO Climate Crisis’ says a coalition of 1,600 actual scientists” in a recent letter to the California Air Resources Board. In fact, the scientists find that “California is in no danger of unusual drought: The annual precipitation in California has fluctuated greatly over the last 150 years, with only a slight decrease.”

California also has record low levels of air pollution that are below the threshold of human health effects, James E. Enstrom, PhD, MPH has told us repeatedly for years. He’s also one of the 1,600 scientists signed onto the letter to CARB.

The scientists also insisted that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth.

The CO2 Coalition’s letter is particularly timely with Gov. Gavin Newsom taking his climate change road show to the Vatican later this week where he was invited to speak by Pope Francis at a Summit of mayors and governors. The Summit, which will be held from May 15th to May 17th, will cover “the impact of rising temperatures” in local communities, and “climate resilience.”

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A California man is suing the Venetian after waking up to the searing pain of multiple stings from a scorpion in his boxer-briefs while on vacation at the Las Vegas hotel.

The suits comes amid a wave reports of scorpions invading properties across 'Sin City' and its suburbs — including America's most lethal species, the Arizona bark scorpion.

One homeowner, who claims to have killed 'over 22 scorpions' on his property in recent months, told local news that he suspects the deadly southwestern species has snuck into the city aboard palm trees imported for tract homes and other desert landscaping projects.

Webmaster addition: A rather Biblical plague for the place!

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken made an unannounced visit to Ukraine on Tuesday and delivered a speech where he justified President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to postpone elections.

Presidential elections were due to be held in March, but they weren’t, and Zelensky will remain in office after his term ends on May 20. Ukrainian parliamentary elections were scheduled to be held last year in October, but they were also canceled.

Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have justified the decision by pointing to Ukraine’s constitution, which prohibits elections during martial law. Martial law was first declared when Russia invaded and has been extended since. However, at one point, Zelensky made it clear that he could hold a vote if he wanted to.

Last year, Zelensky said that he could hold elections if the US and other Western countries paid for them and if Ukrainian legislators agreed to amend the constitution. He later ruled out the idea and there’s been no pressure from Ukraine’s Western backers to hold a vote despite the claims that the proxy war is a fight for democracy.

Webmaster addition: Will the Democrats cancel the November election using the excuse of the bird flu?

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The White House said on Tuesday that if a foreign agents bill passed by Georgia’s parliament becomes law, the US would have to “fundamentally reassess” its relations with the country.

The bill, titled “On the Transparency of Foreign Influence,” requires non-governmental organizations that receive at least 20% of their funding from abroad to register as foreign agents. Proponents of the bill in the ruling Georgian Dream Party have compared it to the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which requires individuals or entities engaging in lobbying or other activity on behalf of a foreign country to register as foreign agents with the US Department of Justice.

The US and other Western nations have compared the bill to a similar law enacted by Russia in 2012. The Russian law was part of Moscow’s response to the US government funding NGOs and opposition parties.

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