"Gold is a pretty metal, soft and easy to work with for artists and with some interesting electrical properties, but otherwise rather useless other than as a symbol of wealth and power. If an alien race wanted to conquer the Earth (although one has to wonder what there could possibly be here on Earth worth the trouble) all they would have to do is start handing out 500 pounds of gold to every living human being and the financial/political foundations of our civilization would crumble overnight. I am not convinced that would be a bad thing in the long term" -- Michael Rivero

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Security researchers developed a new attack, which they named AutoSpill, to steal account credentials on Android during the autofill operation.

In a presentation at the Black Hat Europe security conference, researchers from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Hyderabad said that their tests showed that most password managers for Android are vulnerable to AutoSpill, even if there is no JavaScript injection.

Posted on: Dec 10 12:16

Roughly 38% of applications using the Apache Log4j library are using a version vulnerable to security issues, including Log4Shell, a critical vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-44228 that carries the maximum severity rating, despite patches being available for more than two years.

Log4Shell is an unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) flaw that allows taking complete control over systems with Log4j 2.0-beta9 and up to 2.15.0.

The flaw was discovered as an actively exploited zero-day on December 10, 2021, and its widespread impact, ease of exploitation, and massive security implications acted as an open invitation to threat actors.

The circumstance prompted an extensive campaign to notify affected project maintainers and system administrators, but despite numerous warnings, a significant number of organizations continued to use vulnerable versions long after patches became available.

Posted on: Dec 10 12:14

Migrants recently released by the Border Patrol waited patiently to board flights leaving the region at the Tucson International Airport on Friday afternoon. The event marks their last day on the southwest border and their first day of free movement across the United States.

Despite the firm requirements for United States citizens and legally admitted international travelers to possess valid forms of identification to board aircraft, the migrants were shuffled through a “special” security screening line set up by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), specifically for migrants — many without any identification whatsoever.

Posted on: Dec 10 11:57

A female military veteran who tried to burn down Martin Luther King’s childhood home by pouring gasoline over the front porch has been identified.

Laneisha Henderson, 26, has been pictured for the first time since she was prevented from torching the historic building by tourists visiting the landmark.

The decorated navy veteran from Brandon, Florida, has been charged with attempted arson and interfering with government property over the incident following her arrest on Thursday.

She was also seen trying to yank the screen door off the front of the property, which was built in 1895 and was MLK Jr’s home until he was 12.

She was prevented from setting the Atlanta home ablaze by bystanders who saw her dousing the property’s windows in gasoline.

Webmaster addition: Was "someone" wanting to spark new BLM riots?

Posted on: Dec 10 10:39

More than 5,600 federal-only ballots were cast in the 2020 presidential election in Arizona, without proof of U.S. citizenship required by the voters who cast them, according to data from the state's counties. 

Arizona is a state with the unusual situation of bifurcated elections, in which residents who provide proof of U.S. citizenship can vote in all elections while the others may vote only in federal elections, resulting in ballots cast by voters who haven’t proven their U.S. citizenship. 

Arizona law requires residents registering to vote in the state to provide proof of U.S. citizenship

However, after the Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that Arizona must accept U.S. voter registration forms because of federal requirements under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, the state allows residents registering to vote who don't provide proof of citizenship to receive ballots for federal races only. 

Posted on: Dec 10 10:27

The forthcoming F-16 fighters that Ukraine is set to get from the West will be targeted and destroyed by the formidable 40N6 long-range missiles of the advanced S-400 air defense system deployed in the special military operation zone.

According to the agency's source, the 40N6 missile is already being actively used in the special military operation zone. Combined with the A-50U long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft, these missiles can engage targets over the horizon, including those maneuvering at high speed and low altitude.

It was noted that the S-400 would be able to intercept the aforementioned Western fighter jets as soon as they take off and gain altitude when deployed, making the 40N6 missile one of the main tools to counter F-16s.

Meanwhile, Sputnik turned to experts to find out the unique features of these missiles and what other means can be used to shoot down the expected F-16s.

Posted on: Dec 10 10:24

The Russian Armed Forces continue to strike the positions of Ukrainian troops and ammunition production sites with precision weapons.

The Russian military launched a combined strike on Ukrainian production sites for MLRS artillery, the Defense Ministry said.

"The Russian Armed Forces launched a combined strike with long-range airborne precision-guided weapons on the production sites of ammunition for 'Olha' and 'Grad' multiple launch rocket systems, and 'Grom' operational-tactical missiles," the ministry said.

Posted on: Dec 10 10:23

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee – endorsed by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi – lost the Houston Mayoral race in a landslide.

Texas State Senator John Whitmire, a Democrat, won the mayoral race.

It wasn’t even close. Sheila Jackson Lee got crushed in the run-off election.

Posted on: Dec 10 10:22

Much of Europe has been hit with cold temperatures and heavy snow falls so far this month, taking Europeans by surprise. “Experts” blame warming.

Not “a thing of the past”

Don’t be surprised by all the surprise. After all, global warming-obsessed climatologists and media told us back in 2020 that snow and frost would be rare – a thing of the past!

Now with the heavy, record snowfall, global warming astrologists are looking a bit foolish and embarrassed. Their predictions are wrong. Already in November snow arrived and record amounts have already fallen, like in Munich. This has sent the media scrambling for an explanation, and they have concocted one, reports German news magazine FOCUS. Here’s the explanation:

Experts agree: Heavy snowfall is a sign of climate change!”

Strange how whenever there’s a winter with very little snowfall, that too is a sure sign of climate change. And when there are a couple of years of drought, it is the new climate normal. But when there’s too much rainfall, that too proves the climate is warming. No matter what happens, it’s a sign of climate change!

Snow now means it’s getting warmer

Posted on: Dec 10 09:45

Critics slammed actor and director Rob Reiner after he announced his newest project — a film called “God & Country” — decrying the alleged clear and present “danger” presented by Christian Nationalism.

Reiner shared the trailer for the film, which “explores right-wing religious extremism and the danger it poses to both the United States and Christianity itself,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Posted on: Dec 10 09:44

As I noted this week, two of my main theses on the market are taking a while to play out. And, as usual, there is no guarantee I will be right - in fact, I am often wrong.

But there has been news trickling out that suggests my long-held belief that the petrodollar is in its twilight may wind up being correct. For example, last week it was reported that the UAE has stopped taking U.S. dollars for transactions in oil.

I had an exclusive interview with Andy Schectman this week, who has been predicting such a seismic move for the dollar for years. In it, he lays out what he thinks is next for the U.S. dollar and what it could mean for the economy going forward: Petrodollar Endgame Moves Even Closer

Posted on: Dec 10 09:41

A new study indicates that long-term use of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and that the risk increases the longer the drug is used.

The results of the study conducted in Sweden were published in JAMA Psychiatry, bringing to light the potential risks of long-term ADHD medication.

About 6 million, or 1 in 10, children ages 3 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Approximately 8.7 million adults in the United States also have ADHD. Individuals with ADHD may have difficulty paying attention, find it hard to sit still, or act without thinking; the symptoms and specifics vary from person to person.

Webmaster addition: Inventor of ADHD’s deathbed confession: “ADHD is a fictitious disease”

Posted on: Dec 10 09:39

When laws are debated in Congress that are too controversial to pass on their own, oftentimes sneaky politicians will attempt to place similar language into must-pass bills.

One of those must-pass bills is the National Defense Authorization Act, also known as the NDAA. The annual NDAA creates new programs, strategies, and authorizes the Department of Defense to procure new technologies.

This year, thanks to Gun Owners of America and the support of our grassroots members, we are happy to report that the proposed gun control amendments to the NDAA have been defeated.

So, you might ask, what gun control did the anti-gun politicians in Congress try to sneak into this year's bill?

The answer is a permanent reauthorization of the Undetectable Firearms Act.

Posted on: Dec 10 09:38

America is witnessing a seismic shift in its demographic landscape. Recent data from Idaho reveals an unprecedented trend: people are migrating not just for jobs, schools, or lifestyle, but for political alignment. The movement is reshaping the country, according to the Seattle Times' Danny Westneat.

The call to "Escape liberal hell," as echoed by a Boise, Idaho real estate agent, is not just a catchy sales pitch but a sign of the times. Idaho's voter database sheds light on this great political migration. Approximately 119,000 voters have moved to Idaho in recent years, with a staggering 65% registering as Republicans—a figure that overshadows the state's already GOP-leaning demographic of 58%.

And it's not just a trickle of discontented conservatives - it's a flood. The data also suggests that the narrative of liberals, untethered by remote work, turning red states purple, has been upended. Instead, a "Republican fever dream" (as the Idaho Capital Sun called it) is materializing.

Posted on: Dec 10 09:37

Below is my column in the New York Post on the second indictment of Hunter Biden. The tax evasion charges were brought in a type of Voldemort indictment, skillfully detailing millions acquired from influence peddling without mentioning “he who must not be named.” Indeed, it says nothing of how or why millions were sent to Hunter.

Here is the column:

The 56-page indictment of Hunter Biden for tax evasion makes for racy reading, with the special counsel describing a four-year criminal pattern directed at maintaining Biden’s “extravagant lifestyle.”

That lifestyle included massive expenses for strippers, sex clubs, fast cars and other distractions.

The steps taken by Hunter to evade taxes are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the efforts of the Justice Department to evade any direct implications for his father, President Biden.

In that sense, the indictment itself is a marvel of evasion.

Posted on: Dec 10 09:36