"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations." -- Thomas Jefferson

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The weaponization of the rule of law has reached a point beyond repair in New York State, with the ongoing trial being waged by District Attorney Alvin Bragg against President Donald Trump.  Even at this late hour, the State has failed to prove 1) how President Trump falsified business records; 2) how the alleged falsification of the business records scheme was criminal; and 3) why that alleged crime should be prosecuted as a felony, rather than a misdemeanor, which is the typical charge for falsification schemes under New York State Law.

Given that President Trump’s alleged wrongdoing is being treated as criminal misconduct, the burden of proof is for the State to prove that Donald Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for every single element of the asserted crime.  The legal burden of proof of “beyond a reasonable doubt” means that the prosecution must convince the jury that “there is no other reasonable explanation that can come from the evidence presented at trial.”  That incredibly high evidentiary threshold must be established for every single element of the crime alleged. What is more, criminal trials require unanimity on part of the jury; a hung jury will result in a mistrial, ultimately pushing the case back until after the November election, which is not what Bragg wants.

Obviously, the goal of Alvin Bragg and Letitia James is to prosecute – and put President Trump behind bars – as soon as possible (before election day ideally) to sabotage his chances of winning re-election.  President Trump’s re-election appears increasingly like a foregone conclusion with the latest polls consistently putting him in a significant lead over Joe Biden.

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Can someone who donated to an organization spreading falsehoods about stolen elections be the CEO of a credible news organization?

Imagine what it would say about ABC News’ 2024 election coverage if it were discovered network president Kim Godwin had donated to Donald Trump after Jan. 6.

The journalism world would have a fit, and Godwin wouldn’t last a day in the job.

Well, now the Louboutin is on the other foot. 

National Public Radio CEO Karen, er, Katherine Maher is a donor to Stacey Abrams’ election-denying political action committee, Fair Fight.

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Iranian state television says nuclear facilities near Isfahan ‘fully safe’ after air defense batteries fired in area.

By Friday morning the Iranian regime was pushing their own narrative that the attack was a failure and everything was back to normal.

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All jurors, including the replacements and an alternate have been revealed in President Trump’s “Hush Money” trial.

As Jim Hoft reported, Fox News host Jesse Watters previously revealed seven of the jurors selected to serve in Trump’s “hush money” trial involving porn star Stormy Daniels. Two were dismissed after radical-left Judge Juan Merchan agreed they could not be fair to Trump.

But the jury pool is still tilted far to the left and even includes a woman who has called Trump “very selfish” and “self-serving.”

As Hoft notes, Merchan’s daughter is a top activist for Democrats and Joe Biden campaign. Judge Merchan is pushing charges against Trump that are not a crime. He needs jurors who believe like he does that Trump is guilty of a crime because he is still alive.

Here’s the FULL list of people deciding Trump’s fate. The following information is gathered from both Watters and The Daily Mail, which filled in the final details on the jurors:

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On this day in 1993, just a few months into the Clinton administration, the compound of a religious community caught fire during an extended siege, killing seventy-six people including over two dozen children.

The first thing Bill Clinton did after he won the 1992 election – even before he took office – was to order the Little Rock ATF to make a case against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

It’s refreshing to see Siskel & Ebert, popular movie reviewers, take a clear stand on behalf of the victims of government criminality.

It’s a remarkable film and deserves a wide viewing – even over 20 years later.

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We can choose from quite a few glaring failures when discussing Biden’s “worse” mistake. But most Americans will either say the border crisis or the wrecked economy. In reality, these two are closely related—as the millions of migrants let into the country are taking jobs, housing, and other resources.

But Biden is directly responsible for a major problem affecting every American household. No matter how you slice it, he triggered this problem and is currently making it worse.

No presidency has been this blind to such an obvious and painful problem. The president recently discussed it in an interview. He tried to blame the ongoing misery on an odd source. But he still ended up admitting the real problem… that he seems unable to solve.

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One of the many cases being thrown at Donald Trump involves official records. A leftist special counsel from the DOJ has accused Trump of illegally holding onto records from his presidency.

Democrats are using this case as one of many to derail his return to the White House. Their argument is that Trump is not above the law and must be punished for holding onto these documents.

Now, a former Trump ally appears to be turning the tables on the Biden administration. Leading a nonprofit legal group, he has dropped a lawsuit against one of Biden’s top agencies. And how this case shakes out could upend Special Counsel Smith’s case against Trump.

From Fox News:
In a sweeping complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the America First Legal Foundation (AFL), the group headed by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, accused the Department of Health and Human Services of regularly deleting official emails and violating the Federal Records Act. The group also named the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which is tasked with overseeing the unlawful destruction of federal records, as a defendant.

America First Legal Foundation, led by Stephen Miller, has sued the Department of Health and Human Services. The lawsuit claims the agency regularly deletes emails in violation of the Federal Records Act. It appears the lawsuit has the goal of bringing to light this shocking discrepancy in federal law.

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Trump ally Mike Davis revealed on War Room Wednesday that the daughter of the judge overseeing the trial "has raised nearly $100 million for this criminal trial." 

Noting that he was replaced as a guest for a CNN segment by Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Davis said, "remember what this Democrat judge did, this Manhattan Democrat Judge Juan Merchan, who donated to President Biden in 2020, who donated to another anti-Trump cause, whose daughter, Loren Merchan, is a leading Democrat consultant and campaign fundraiser who's working for Biden and Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff and many other Democrats.  

He added, “This Loren Merchan, the judge’s daughter, has raised nearly $100 million for this criminal trial. She's profiting from this thing. And CNN doesn't want its viewers to hear this." 

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Dallas attorney Sidney Powell, known for her vigorous legal efforts to challenge the fraudulent 2020 election on behalf of President Donald Trump, has been fully vindicated by an appellate court decision.

The Fifth District of Texas Court of Appeals in Dallas, led by a three-judge panel, all Democrats, concluded that the State Bar of Texas’ arguments were without merit.

“The Dallas Court of Appeals has affirmed the Texas state court’s dismissal of the Texas Bar’s case against Powell. After three years of litigation, the Court of Appeals held the Bar had no evidence Powell violated any disciplinary rule in filing four federal lawsuits in the aftermath of the 2020 election,” Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic said in a statement.

The State Bar of Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline had filed a complaint against Powell, accusing her of violating several Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.

These allegations stemmed from lawsuits Powell filed in late November 2020.

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Moment Rep. Mike Waltz holds up a $90,000 bag of insulator joints as stumped USAF Secretary admits he has NO IDEA such basic parts cost that much for taxpayers

  • US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall was stumped in Congress
  • Waltz held up a bag of bushings which he said the USAF pays $90K a bag for  
  • He warned that military overspending is 'literally driving us out of business'

By Will Potter For Dailymail.Com

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall suffered an awkward moment in Congress as he was stumped over a question about military overspending. 

The military leader was questioned by Florida Congressman Mike Waltz over the 'exorbitant' amounts spent on regular inexpensive items, using a bag of bushings as an example. 

Despite the small bag of electrical bolts costing average Americans around $100, Waltz said the military forks out $90,000 a bag. 

'This is literally driving us out of business,' he said. 'The interest on our debt alone is now exceeding, for the first time in American history, the entire defense budget.'

Claire's Observations:  Senator Waltz, BLESS YOU FOR SAYING THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD!  Our weapons industry has got to stop scamming the American taxpayer, with huge cost over-rides, and start building equipment that performs magnificently, under the worst possible situations, with cost estimates that are reasonable.

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On April 17 the Iranian Air Defence Forces unveiled a new significantly modernised variant of the country’s top long range air defence system the Bavar 373, the designation of which remains unknown. The new missile system integrates a new class of solid fuelled surface to air missile, the Sayyad 4B, which provides a 300 kilometre engagement range. The unveiling of the new system follows an Israeli air strike on an Iranian diplomatic building in Syria on April 1, which killed a brigadier general in the elite Quds Force of the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Mohammad Reza Zahedi, and ten other Iranians including several long serving diplomats and General Zahedi’s deputy General Haji Rahimi. It also comes after Iran launched multiple waves of cruise missile, ballistic missile and drone attacks on military facilities in Israel on April 13-14, which Israel received considerable Western and Jordanian support to help intercept. Israeli officials have since pledged to retaliate. Although Iran lacks modern fighter aircraft, its multi-layered air defence system including indigenous, Soviet, Chinese and Russian systems poses a serious challenge to adversaries planning possible offensives. 

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Outraged Papua New Guinea academics have slammed President Joe Biden for his 'unacceptable' suggestion that his uncle was eaten by cannibals in the country after his plane was shot down during World War II.

Biden implied on two occasions Wednesday that his maternal uncle 2nd Lieutenant Ambrose J. Finnegan had met a grisly end at the hands of cannibals after his plane was shot down by the enemy over New Guinea in 1944. 

But the White House and official defense records confirmed that Finnegan died when the military plane he was in experienced engine failure and crashed into the Pacific Ocean, not over land.

Historically, cannibalism has been reported Papua New Guinea, the Pacific nation that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, but local academics say Biden's categorization of the act is 'very offensive'.

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The Biden administration is weighing the introduction of a new weapons deal that would see more than $1 billion worth of arms being sold to Israel, according to a new report.

The Wall Street Journal's report was published just hours after the Jewish state retaliated against Iran's recent drone attack with a series of overnight strikes. 

The new deal is in addition to an aid deal that includes $26 billion for Israel currently being debated by Congress, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

The deal includes tank ammunition, worth $700 million, military vehicles worth $500 million, and mortar rounds worth $100 million, bringing the total to $1.3 billion. 

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The attack on Iran by Israel this morning may represent the final state-to-state strikes in the conflict, according to a US security source. 

The city of Isfahan in central Iran was struck at 5am local time, with Israel reported to have targeted an air base near the city that also hosts some of Iran's nuclear research facilities. 

But Iran sought to downplay any significant damage to its military facilities and outright denied any nuclear plants were destroyed, as officials told Reuters that Tehran has no plan for immediate retaliation - contradicting statements made by several senior politicians earlier this week. 

No Iranian official directly acknowledged the possibility that Israel attacked, and the Israeli military did not respond to a request for comment. 

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A bombshell new study has spelled doom for those who have received Covid mRNA injections.

Leading scientists have discovered an active ingredient in the shots that was “designed” to destroy the human immune system and trigger cancers to grow and spread rapidly.

The comprehensive study by an international consortium of scientists raises concerns that a specific vaccine ingredient, N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ), causes immune suppression and cancer proliferation.

The review stresses that incorporating N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) in mRNA vaccines significantly compromises critical immune responses, severely hindering the body’s initial interferon signaling.

Interferon is vital for the immune system’s ability to fend off infections and combat diseases like cancer.

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The Israeli government called an 'emergency discussion' over concerns the International Criminal Court could be preparing an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders over alleged breaches of international law in Gaza, it has been revealed.

Three ministers and several government legal experts met at the Prime Minister's Office on Tuesday to discuss how they would manage arrest warrants after reportedly receiving information such orders could be issued imminently, according to Israeli Channel 12.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz, Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer reportedly met and decided to seek support from international diplomatic circles in an effort to foil possible action against Netanyahu.

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