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A popular US convenience store chain has been hit with a civil rights lawsuit accusing it of discriminating against minority job seekers because it requires applicants to have no criminal record.

On April 18, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that it had filed a lawsuit against Sheetz Inc., accusing the 24/7 convenience store chain of having discriminatory hiring practices that targeted minority applicants.

According to the lawsuit, Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records.

As a result, the EEOC is accusing Sheetz of “disproportionately screening out Black, Native American/Alaska Native and multiracial applicants.”

This is despite the fact that the lawsuit does not allege that Sheetz’s hiring practices were motivated by race.

According to the EEOC press release, Sheetz’s hiring practices violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion and national origin. The EEOC filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Northern Division, after first attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its conciliation process.

“Federal law mandates that employment practices causing a disparate impact because of race or other protected classifications must be shown by the employer to be necessary to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the particular jobs at issue,” said EEOC Regional Attorney Debra M. Lawrence.

“Even when such necessity is proven, the practice remains unlawful if there is an alternative practice available that is comparably effective in achieving the employer’s goals but causes less discriminatory effect.”

The EEOC began its probe into Sheetz after two job applicants filed civil rights complaints alleging employment discrimination.

The agency then found that Black job applicants were deemed to have failed the company’s criminal history screening and were denied employment at a rate of 14.5%, while multiracial job seekers were turned away 13.5% of the time and Native Americans were denied at a rate of 13%.

By contrast, fewer than 8% of white applicants were refused employment because of a failed criminal background check, the EEOC’s lawsuit states.

Sheetz is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.


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X has depended on Community Notes, a crowdsourced fact-checking feature, to address the rampant spread of misinformation. It's a much better alternative than leftist fact-checking websites that push routine misinformation and disinformation for their corporate sponsors. 

Elon Musk has called Community Notes "the best source of truth on the internet" and "is by far the best fact-checking system on the internet." 

Community Notes has smoothed out the playing field, as most fact-checking websites have a leftist lean. So when radicals in the White House, such as space cadet Vice President Kamala Harris and or her social media team, post on X, they will be met with the same rigorous fact-checking as conservatives. 

On Saturday, VP Harris wrote, "Nobody should have to go to jail for smoking weed." 

X user End Wokeness showed that Community Notes debunked VP Harris' post, saying, "As district attorney, Kamala Harris oversaw 1,900 convictions for marijuana offenses, some of which resulted in jail time." 

Claire's Observations:  I'd laugh at the irony here, but the CONSISTENT problem,  with the Bidenistas, is STOPPING!!!


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When Bank of America (BofA) arbitrarily and quietly closed the accounts of Indigenous Advance Ministries and one of its church supporters, it afterward claimed that it no longer wanted to serve their “business type.” When BofA closed the account of Timothy Two Project International, it informed the ministry it was because it was “operating a business type we have chosen not to service.”

Another “type” of business that BofA doesn’t want to service is that of “conservative” Christian author, preacher, and podcaster Lance Wallnau. He explained what happened in an Instagram post (which was subsequently deleted):

You won’t believe what just happened to me! My own bank account got frozen by Bank of America for no reason other than being a conservative podcaster.

In order to “unfreeze” his accounts Wallnau was subjected to a series of highly invasive questions about his ministry. He said, “I had to go through a complete marketing audit explaining every dollar of our ministry’s budget,” adding that “It’s not even legal. I did it because I felt like freeing up the money and documenting how screwed up the Bank of America is.”

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Unredacted documents released by Judge Aileen Cannon in former President Donald Trump’s “classified documents” case reveal the extent of collusion between the Biden administration, the DOJ, and special counsel Jack Smith to “concoct” the case.

The records also appear to confirm, contrary to media reporting, that Trump was telling the truth when he said his team was still negotiating chain of custody with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) when they suddenly lodged a criminal referral in Feb. 2022.

“Thanks to order by Judge Cannon, key evidence related to classified docs case is now unredacted,” reporter Julie Kelly posted on X Monday.

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I just left the U.S. Supreme Court, where I’ve asked the Court to restore the ability of local communities to clear homeless encampments from our public spaces. Based on this morning’s oral argument, the Court appears poised to do just that. (See my reaction outside the courthouse.)

There are 9 times more unsheltered homeless in California than any other state. Newsom, of course, is largely responsible. But another major factor is irrational court decisions that created a right to set up tent encampments anywhere and stopped cities from doing anything about it. 

This has caused encampments to multiply unchecked, resulting in crime, waste, fires, disease, business closures, and the deterioration of many parks and downtowns. It has also meant a lack of compassion for homeless individuals, who don’t get the help they need.

Based on what I witnessed today at the Supreme Court, I believe at least 6 Justices are prepared to rein in the 9th Circuit’s nonsensical rules in a meaningful way and restore significant power to local communities. That will be transformative for many communities in our state.

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A few days after Hamas attacked Israel and war erupted in Gaza, Umm Mohamed in the occupied West Bank received a telephone call from her son in an Israeli prison.

"Pray for me mum," Abdulrahman Mari said. "Things are getting harder here. They might not let me speak to you again".

It would be the last time she heard his voice.

Conditions deteriorated for Palestinian prisoners in Israel after 7 October last year, when Hamas mounted its deadly assault on Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip, according to the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority's (PA) Commission of Detainees Affairs.

Thirteen Palestinian prisoners have since died in Israeli prisons, "the majority of them as a result of beating or denial of medication", the commission's head, Qadoura Fares, told the BBC.

Abdulrahman was one of the first to die.

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Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday ordered key evidence in Jack Smith’s classified documents case to be unredacted.

The newly unredacted documents revealed Biden’s White House had direct ties to the Mar-a-Lago raid. The Biden Regime was also directly tied to Jack Smith’s investigation despite claims to the contrary from US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Before with redactions: Jack Smith wanted to hide the fact that the National Archives had several conversations with the Biden White House.

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Amidst concerns over global economic challenges, Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan emphasizes the imperative of maintaining price stability in monetary policy. His remarks shed light on pressing issues such as low growth, high debt levels, and the urgent need for structural reforms to bolster productivity and ensure long-term economic resilience.

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In a bold rebuke of the Manhattan 'hush money' trial, Donald Trump accuses prosecutors of political witch hunts, highlighting the triviality of charges and alleging interference in federal elections.

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After some inventive sleuthing, the mission team can — for the first time in five months — check the health and status of the most distant human-made object in existence.

For the first time since November, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is returning usable data about the health and status of its onboard engineering systems. The next step is to enable the spacecraft to begin returning science data again. The probe and its twin, Voyager 2, are the only spacecraft to ever fly in interstellar space (the space between stars).

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The United States Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a lawsuit by former Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and former Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem to ban the use of hackable electronic voting machines.

Kari Lake is the Trump-Endorsed US Senate Candidate in Arizona and is on course to face Democrat Ruben Gallego in November.

The appeal by Lake and Finchem comes after the stolen 2022 election, where 60% of the voting machines were reportedly programmed to fail on election day, causing mass voter disenfranchisement and up to four-hour-long lines for Republican in-person voters. Kari Lake ran for governor and allegedly lost the race by less than one percent after this debacle, despite leading by double digits in polls leading up to election day.

Webmaster addition: The government dare not ever admit that election fraud happened, or the whole web of lies will collapse.

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A bearded teen complaining in Arabic about insults to Muhammad rushed the sanctuary of an Assyrian Orthodox church in Sydney last week, savagely stabbing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and Fr. Isaac Royel. Australian officials determined that the attack on Christian clergymen, which was captured on video, was an act of religiously motivated terrorism.

While apparently willing to admit the attack was what it appeared to be on video, the Australian government has attempted to erase the video evidence from social media.

X, formerly known as Twitter, indicated Friday that the Australian government has ordered it to remove the video evidence of the anti-Christian attack. While the platform appeared willing to accommodate the Australian eSafety Commissioner regionally, that apparently was not enough for the Australian state, which has since demanded global censorship of the video.

Webmaster addition: What is it about that video that Australia is trying to hide?????

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The US is considering increasing its small military presence in Ukraine by sending up to 60 additional military advisers, POLITICO reported on Saturday, the same day the House approved $61 billion in spending for the proxy war.

Four unnamed US officials told POLITICO that the additional troops would "support logistics and oversight efforts for the weapons the US is sending Ukraine."

Webmaster addition: "Advisors." That's how Vietnam stared!

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