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 Iranian-aligned Lebanese media Al-Mayadeen, as well as Iranian state-run news agency IRNA is reporting that several explosions were heard inside of the U.S. base in the Omar oil field in the Deir Ezzur province.

Iranian state-run media IRNA and Russian state-run news agency Sputnik are reporting that seven missiles hit the U.S. base in the Omar oil field in eastern Syria on Friday night.

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A New York Police Department officer fired his gun while he and fellow officers were violently raiding Columbia University students’ protest in and around Hamilton Hall, officials say, in a show of the militaristic and dangerous nature of the police crackdown on demonstrators on Tuesday night.

The news of the gun discharge was first reported by The City and was confirmed by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. According to a spokesperson for Bragg’s office, no one was injured and the gun was not aimed at anyone when it was fired, though the office is still investigating the incident.

The NYPD has claimed that its own investigation into the incident found that the officer’s gun had a flashlight equipped and that he was using it as a flashlight when he “accidentally” shot it, striking a wall. Bragg’s office’s initial findings appear to corroborate this account, and there have not been reports of any protesters who occupied the hall having been shot.

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While campus demonstrators nationwide face police violence and repression for engaging in constitutionally protected speech and protest, nonprofit organizations that oppose Israel’s attack on Gaza are under a different kind of assault — a legislative one.

In April, the House of Representatives passed HR 6408 by a vote of 382-11. This legislation would grant the secretary of the treasury broad power to designate any charity as a “terrorist supporting organization” and remove its tax-exempt status within 90 days. The Senate introduced its companion measure, S 4136, shortly after.

This legislation is ominous given recent charges of terrorism disingenuously and inaccurately slapped on U.S.-based Palestinian organizations and student groups. In October 2023, for example, Jason Miyares, the Republican attorney general of Virginia, called for investigation of American Muslims for Palestine, and the Anti-Defamation League and the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law wrote a letter to presidents of nearly 200 universities, requesting that all chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine be investigated for potentially providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

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“A 14-year-old boy was seriously injured and sustained limb amputations after opening a booby-trapped can of food found while looking for his belongings in his house that had been shelled by Israeli forces in Khan Younis,” OCHA said, citing Gaza authorities.

The boy, who was wounded in the blast on Monday, is just one of “many people recently injured” from aid supplies rigged with hidden explosive charges, the UN agency added.

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Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times 

Approximately half of the health care workers in a Polish study were found to be averse to taking COVID-19 booster shots, with one of the reasons for this hesitancy being their negative experiences with previous vaccinations.

A man received a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at the Amazon Meeting Center in downtown Seattle, on Jan. 24, 2021. (Grant Hindsley/AFP via Getty Images)

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Vaccines journal on April 29, examined factors underlying “hesitancy to receive COVID-19 booster vaccine doses” among health care workers (HCW) in Poland. Almost 50 percent of the participants were identified as being wary of the boosters. “Our study found that 42 percent of the HCWs were hesitant about the second booster dose, while 7 percent reported no intent to get vaccinated with any additional doses.”

As reasons for not vaccinating, participants most frequently highlighted lack of time, negative experiences with previous vaccinations, and immunity conferred by past infections.

The study involved 69 healthcare workers composed of nurses, midwives, physicians, other health associate professionals, and administrative staff.

At the time of enrollment, 47 had a history of lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection and 31 had at least one comorbidity, a situation where a person suffers from more than one disease or medical condition at the same time.

Over 92 percent of study participants received at least one vaccine booster, with 50.73 percent getting two doses. Five out of the 69 HCWs did not take any boosters.

“Booster hesitancy among health professionals (physicians, nurses, and midwives) was lower than among administrative staff and others. Almost 79 percent of the physicians had received two COVID-19 vaccine booster doses. However, apart from physicians, about half of the HCWs from each occupation group were hesitant about the second booster dose.”

“The highest number of HCWs without any vaccine boosters was observed among administration personnel.”

HCWs in the age groups of 31-40 and 41-50 were found to be the most skeptical about taking the second booster shot. Thirty-four out of the 69 HCWs provided reasons for their COVID-19 booster vaccine hesitancy.

Two of the health care workers who did not take booster shots said their decision was based on their personal experience with the vaccines.

They reported negative experiences with past COVID-19 vaccination and stated that the natural immunity developed after SARS-CoV-2 infection could protect them against COVID-19, which, overall, does not pose serious health risks,” the study said.

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Job growth slowed by much more than expected in April, fueling visions of multiple rate cuts this year and sending the stock market soaring.

Payrolls grew by a seasonally adjusted 175,000 in April, the Labor Department said Friday. This was far less than the upwardly revised 315,000 in March and below the 240,000 or so economists had forecast.

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Police arrested Green Party 2024 presidential candidate Jill Stein among other protesters at a pro-Palestinian demonstration at Washington University in St. Louis on Saturday.

Stein was arrested alongside her campaign manager Jason Call, and deputy campaign manager Kelly Merrill-Cayer.

Stein was reportedly charged with assault of a police officer while both Call and Merrill-Cayer were charged with criminal trespass.

Washington University revealed that over 80 protesters were arrested as it “quickly became clear through the words and actions of this group that they did not have good intentions on our campus and that this demonstration had the potential to get out of control and become dangerous.”

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Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders signed an executive order that goes against the Biden administration’s new changes to Title IX which classifies discrimination based on gender identity as sex discrimination.

The new rules would allow locker rooms and bathrooms to be used based on gender identity rather than biological gender, as it prohibits schools from treating people differently based on their gender.

While the changes added protections for transgender athletes, Sanders’ executive order says, “Educational institutions of Arkansas will continue to enforce state law guaranteeing the right of students to maintain their privacy. “

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The US Congress has become an extension of the Israeli government. We don’t need a president. We have the Israel Lobby.

The US House of Representatives just passed a bill that means prison for any Christian or anyone for that matter who quotes the Bible that says Jesus was handed over by Jews to Pontius Pilate to be scourged and crucified by the Romans.

The bill, which passed 320-91, criminalizes all criticisms of Israel and Jews as anti-semitism. If the Senate passes this bill, I suppose it will end up in book-burning of many works of literature including Shakespeare.

Clearly the majority of the House of Representatives is so much in thrall to the Israel Lobby that there is no hesitancy about normalizing genocide and setting the scene for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This bill is such an obvious violation of Constitutionally-protected free speech that it tells us that Congress will not come to the aid of free speech as it is closed down everywhere. Will the Supreme Court be too fearful of its own destruction to rule against the bill’s violations of free speech and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment?

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A recent poll showed that most Americans believe the U.S. government has spent too much on foreign aid.

Congress recently approved a $95 billion taxpayer-funded foreign aid package, which will be sent to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

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The O’Keefe Media Group released an undercover video Wednesday featuring Amjad Anton Fseisi a purported CIA cyber operations project manager who claims intelligence agencies deliberately withheld information from former President Donald Trump and spied on him using FISA. Fseisi alleges this effort was led by high-level executives including former CIA Directors Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel.

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Free Speech is gone in America! Hate speech laws that were clearly written long before these protests and were unable to get passed, were dusted off and passed with NO debate in Congress. What’s next, Jewish Noahide Laws? This is disgraceful!

The Bill, called the “Antisemitism Awareness Act”, is legislation our controllers have been trying to pass for years without success. House Speaker Mike Johnson pushed it through, bypassing debate and Judiciary committee scrutiny and sent it straight to the floor for a vote with bipartisan support by a controlled and compromised Israel-first Congress. They very quickly took advantage of the tension and violence of these clearly contrived and highly organized violent protests on college campuses to curb anti-Semitism.

This Bill includes definitions provided by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), including traditional antisemitic actions and accusations. Accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza will be strictly forbidden in the new Orwellian police state of Amerika. Don’t believe your lying eyes, our controllers will tell us when we should be outraged.

Webmaster addition: This won't stop with criminalizing criticism of Israel. We are on the slippery slope! Next it will be illegal to question human-caused global warming and the taxes collected to "solve" the problem. Then it will be illegal to question the official declarations that mRNA shots are safe and effective. Then it will be illegal to question the government's version of history.

We have lost our Republic.

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"An Unlawful Sleight Of Hand": Biden Parole Program Has Flown Illegals To More Than 45 US Cities

by Tyler Durden

Friday, May 03, 2024 - 08:20 PM

In a recent development, a House Committee subpoena has forced the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to reveal details of its parole program designed to allow entry for thousands of individuals from several nations.

The program, established in October 2022, was initially tailored to facilitate entry for Venezuelans who had American sponsors and passed a vetting process. However, the scope of the program rapidly expanded, encompassing individuals from Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua as well - eventually flying illegal aliens to more than 45 cities across the United States.

According to the DHS documents, between January and August 2023, the parole program allowed over 200,000 individuals to enter the United States. While the program did not cover the cost of flights for these individuals, it permitted them to enter the country and make travel arrangements independently. Among the program's participants, Florida emerged as a leading destination, with around 80% of the 200,000 choosing to settle in cities such as Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Other prominent destinations included New York, California, Texas, Nevada, and Georgia.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defended the program, stating that it provided "a safe and orderly way to reach the United States" and asserting, though without presenting specific evidence, that the program "resulted in a reduction in numbers of those nationalities." Mayorkas also highlighted its global relevance, noting its role in addressing "the unprecedented level of migration throughout our hemisphere" and suggesting that other countries might see it as a model to manage irregular migration.

That said, the documents revealed that at least 1.6 million applications were still pending as of October 2023. The program currently admits approximately 30,000 individuals per month, granting them work permits and authorizing them to live in the country for two years.

Congressman Mark Green (R-Tenn.), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, expressed strong criticism of the program, stating, "These documents expose the egregious lengths Secretary Mayorkas will go to ensure inadmissible aliens reach every corner of the country, from Orlando and Atlanta to Las Vegas and San Francisco." Green labeled the parole program "an unlawful sleight of hand" aimed at concealing the worsening border crisis from the American public.

In response to perceived poor handling of the border crisis, Mayorkas faced impeachment by the House of Representatives in February. This marked the second impeachment of a Cabinet secretary in U.S. history, and the first in nearly 150 years. However, the Senate's Democratic majority ultimately voted to end the trial without proceeding to a vote on conviction or acquittal, following repeated delays.

The disclosure of the DHS parole program documents has reignited debate over U.S. immigration policy and the handling of migration at the southern border, reflecting persistent tensions on these issues at both the national and international levels.

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Authored by Michael Clements via The Epoch Times 

Attorneys general representing half of the country on May 1 sued President Joe Biden’s administration over a new rule requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales, including private sales.

Democratic lawmakers put their arms around one another as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announces the final vote count for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act in the House of Representatives in Washington on June 24, 2022. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Lawsuits in Florida, Texas, and Arkansas are asking the courts to block a rule from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that redefines “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms.

Under the new rule, almost every transfer of firearm ownership would require at least one party to have a Federal Firearms License and perform a criminal background check, including private sales.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland signed the new rule on April 10, and it goes into effect on May 10.

According to the 466-page rule, the only requirement for determining whether a person is engaged in the business of selling guns is whether the person is trading to “predominately earn a profit.” Previously, the defining characteristic was whether the dealer worked to earn a “livelihood.”

The new definition is in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), signed into law on June 25, 2022.

In the Florida case, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

According to the lawsuit Ms. Moody filed on May 1, the act was passed to balance gun owners’ rights against public safety concerns.

In the filing, Ms. Moody wrote that the BSCA’s sponsors assured voters that the law clarified that dealers were only those who earned their livelihood from selling guns. Ms. Moody claims that President Biden is stretching the language of the act to fit his political agenda.

Sensing an opportunity, the Biden Administration now seeks to exploit the minor changes to federal law enacted in the BSCA to implement President Biden’s preferred policies by executive fiat,” Ms. Moody wrote.

The other two lawsuits—filed in the Northern District of Texas and Eastern District of Arkansas—also decry the change as an unconstitutional infringement on Americans’ Second Amendment rights and an illegal attempt to circumvent the U.S. Congress and enact “universal background checks.”

President Biden has called for expanding the criminal background check requirement since his election in 2020.

Each suit asks its respective court to block the rule’s enforcement and find that it violates the U.S. Constitution and the Administrative Procedures Act.

ATF spokesperson Kristina Mastropasqua said the agency had no comment on the lawsuits.

The White House did not respond to requests from The Epoch Times for comment on this story.

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The phenomenal success the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has had since it began in 2005 has attracted attention from all corners of the political spectrum — for better or for worse. Israel is scared. Israeli thinktanks have described BDS as a greater threat to Israel than armed Palestinian resistance. At the same time, at the forefront of the movement against what is now widely called Israeli apartheid are Jews — Israeli and diaspora. This is not surprising, as Jews have traditionally been active in “political mobilisation and opinion formation”, according to Benjamin Ginsberg.

So it should not be surprising if the BDS movement itself experiences turmoil. For several years now, the UK Palestinian Solidarity Committee (PSC) has conducted a policy of calling leading activists such as Paul Eisen, Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shamir — all Jewish — anti-Semitic for daring to point out that those who persecute Arab Muslims and Christians are not just Zionists but are invariably Jewish. That the Jews who have opted to take Israeli citizenship are increasingly racist, belligerent settlers who use their new identity to dispossess, terrorise and murder Palestinians, with the intent of forcing them to leave even the remaining 12 percent of the land once called Palestine.

These Jews have given Judaism a bad name, causing some “good Jews” to critique their own religious heritage and even disown it, such as American highschooler and winner of the 2012 Martin Luther King Jr Writing Award Jesse Lieberfeld, who came to realise, “I was grouped with the racial supremacists… I was part of a delusion.” For these Jews, Judaism today had been perverted by Zionism. Paying tribute to Jesse, ex-Israeli Gilad Atzmon said, “Journeying from choseness is a life-struggle. From time to time you may feel lonely but you are never alone. Humanity and humanism are there at your side — for all time.”

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An upcoming Swiss-hosted summit aimed at de-escalating the conflict between Moscow and Kiev will spell the “collapse” of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s proposed ‘peace plan,’ former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has predicted.

Zelensky’s roadmap to resolve the crisis, which he has been promoting since 2022, calls for a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all territories Ukraine considers its own, for Moscow to pay reparations to Kiev, and for the formation of a war crimes tribunal. Russia has rejected the proposals as “unrealistic” and a sign of Kiev’s unwillingness to seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

In a Telegram post on Friday, Medvedev suggested that the peace conference, which will be held in the Swiss town of Burgenstock on June 15-16 and to which Russia has not been invited, could still be somewhat “beneficial” for Moscow.

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The issue of the complete confiscation of Russian frozen assets is no longer on the agenda of the G7, including due to fears of retaliatory measures, the Financial Times reports, citing officials from these countries.

Although Ukraine continues to demand the complete confiscation of Russian assets, G7 officials privately say that this issue is no longer being considered, the newspaper writes. Instead, they are exploring alternative ways to extract funds from frozen assets.

The FT emphasizes that European countries want to avoid the application of measures that involve the Russian assets themselves, "fearing retaliatory steps." The G7 and a number of other countries are also afraid of accusations of committing "any step that could amount to a violation of international law."

"From a legal point of view, this is unwise," Armin Steinbach, professor of law and economics at the Paris Graduate School of Commerce, told the publication.

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Crimea is part of Russia because its population voted in favor of joining in a referendum, Lithuanian presidential candidate Eduardas Vaitkus said in an interview with the ELTA news agency.

"Crimea belongs to Russia. Crimea used to belong to Ukraine. Even earlier, Crimea belonged to the Soviet Union. Even earlier, Crimea belonged to tsarist Russia — this way we will reach the Greek cities or the Crimean Khanate," the politician said.

According to him, Western countries "let the genie out of the bottle" when they recognized the unilaterally alienated Kosovo.

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by Tyler Durden

The green new deal and switch to "alternative' energy looks like it's going exactly as planned: costing the taxpayer trillions of dollars and generally pissing everybody off.

That was the case with a number of solar panel owners who are now finding it difficult to get their panels serviced, according to WBAL TV.

Solar panel installation is touted as offering benefits like reduced energy costs, environmental friendliness, and significant rebates. However, many homeowners have discovered a concerning issue within the industry: addressing technical problems can be exceedingly challenging -- if not outright impossible. 

Those interviewed shared experiences with various solar providers, each facing prolonged unresolved issues. 

Tom Lucas, who installed solar panels in 2018, initially saw higher electricity production. Yet, by 2022, 20% of his system failed, leading to considerable losses. Despite having a 25-year warranty from Invaleon Solar Technologies, the issue remains unaddressed.

Lucas commented: "I've been totally ghosted. All I want is a working system. To me, even though I'm generating some electricity, it's not right."

Lucas added: "They're a sales-oriented company. All solar companies are. They want to sell the next job. They want to get that installed and move on to the next sale. They're not service-oriented."

Steve Pilotte, an early solar adopter, has experienced ongoing problems since 2009. His current provider, Sunrun, has been unresponsive in fixing an inverter issue that started in 2020, despite multiple technician visits.

"Once again, in 2022, I followed up with them. And then 2023. And January 2024. I'm totally lost. I've never experienced a situation like this in my life."

Mike Rice, who leases from Spruce Power, saw his electricity costs drop significantly until 2023 when his meter malfunctioned. Despite the fault, Spruce has not compensated him for the energy lost during peak production times.

"No one called me to tell me my system is out. Not even credits. I'd just take credits so I can offset my future bills, but they won't do that," Rice said.

"I think they're more interested in putting solar up than repairing it," he concluded. 

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The North Atlantic Alliance is considering the possibility of deploying security and defense advisory missions in a number of countries in the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel region, the EFE news agency wrote on Friday, citing NATO sources.

According to them, the group of experts prepared a corresponding recommendation after a request from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

It is expected that this issue will be considered by NATO later in May, and the initiative may be finally approved at the July summit of the alliance in Washington.

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Hundreds of riot police descended on a pro-Palestine encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) early on Thursday, and used flash bangs and rubber bullets to clear the protest site as screams rang out from behind the student-erected barricades.

Discarded tents and sleeping bags could be seen strewn across the main campus' Royce Quad at 08:00 local time (15:00 GMT), hours after police stormed the site and arrested hundreds of people.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said hundreds of people had been arrested at the encampment - which had been protesters' home for more than a week - but did not say how many were students or faculty. According to the university's student-run newspaper, the Daily Bruin, at least one UCLA professor was among those that were detained.

A series of photos and videos posted online purported to show police firing on demonstrators after tearing down the flimsy barricades.

Webmaster addition: A reminder that today is the 54th anniversary of the students being killed at Kent State.


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by Tyler Durden

How much do you trust the government, and its various institutions?

It’s likely that your level of confidence probably depends on a wide range of factors, such as perceived competency, historical context, economic performance, accountability, social cohesion, and transparency.

And for these same reasons, trust levels in government institutions also change all the time, even in the world’s most developed countries: the G7.

Confidence in Government by G7 Countries (2006-2023)

This chart, via Visual Capitaist's Nick Routley, looks at the changes in trust in government institutions between the years 2006 and 2023, based on data from a multi-country Gallup poll.

Specifically, this dataset aggregates confidence in multiple national institutions, including the military, the judicial system, the national government, and the integrity of the electoral system.

What’s interesting here is that in the G7, a group of the world’s most developed economies, there is only one country bucking the general trend: the United States.

Across most G7 countries, confidence in institutions has either improved or stayed the same between 2006 and 2023. The largest percentage point (p.p.) increases occur in Italy and Japan, which saw +13 p.p. and +11 p.p. increases in trust over the time period.

In the U.S., however, confidence in government institutions has fallen by 13 p.p. over the years. What happened?

Claire's Observations:  It's rather simple; people hate being lied to consistently by a government which (theoretically) represents them, but apparently only represents the interests of the very wealthy, and certain specific governments.

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Former President Donald Trump has a detailed plan for how to resolve the Ukraine conflict peacefully, but will not unveil it before the upcoming US election, The Telegraph newspaper has reported, citing a source close to Trump.

"There is a plan, but he’s not going to debate it with cable news networks because then you lose all leverage," the source was quoted as saying by the newspaper on Friday.

Trump president plans to limit his campaign to simple message that he will end the conflict, intending to win over voters in the United States who would like a peaceful resolution to the conflict, the source said.

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Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times 

People who received more than one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine were more likely to contract COVID-19, according to a new study.

A health care worker fills a syringe with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine in an undated file image. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

An analysis of data from Cleveland Clinic employees found that people who received two or more doses were at higher risk of COVID-19, Dr. Nabin Shrestha and his co-authors reported.

The risk of contracting COVID-19 was 1.5 times higher for those who received two doses, 1.95 times higher for those who received three doses, and 2.5 times higher for those who received three or more doses, the researchers found. The higher risk was compared to people who received zero or one dose of a vaccine.

Even after adjusting for variables, the elevated risk remained.

“The exact reason for this finding is not clear. It is possible that this may be related to the fact that vaccine-induced immunity is weaker and less durable than natural immunity. So, although somewhat protective in the short term, vaccination may increase risk of future infection,” the researchers said in the paper, which was released as a preprint.

Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccine researcher who was not involved in the paper, told The Epoch Times that the paper served as “another acknowledgment that the products are not effective or are at very low effectiveness and are contributing to negative effectiveness [down the line].”

He noted that the researchers did not study vaccine safety among the employee population. The COVID-19 vaccines can cause a number of side effects, including fatal heart inflammation, according to the literature and death records.

Earlier studies and data have also suggested that people with more vaccine doses are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection, including previous papers from the Cleveland Clinic scientists and a study from Iceland.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has repeatedly declined requests to comment on outside research, recommends virtually all people aged 6 months and older receive one of the currently available COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of how many shots they’ve received, although a meeting later in May is set to discuss whether to update the vaccine formulations to improve protection.

CDC scientists said in a paper published in February in the agency’s weekly report that the latest version of the vaccines, a monovalent targeting the XBB.1.5 subvariant, provided 49 percent effectiveness between 60 and 119 days later when the JN.1 virus strain was dominant. Supplementary data, however, showed that people aged 50 and older who received the previous bivalent version were more susceptible to symptomatic infection.

Authors disclosed no conflicts of interest and acknowledged at least five limitations, including how they used a proxy for infection with JN.1.

Another study, released ahead of peer review in April, estimated the effectiveness of Pfizer’s updated vaccine as 32 percent against hospitalization from late 2023 through early 2024. The research was conducted by scientists from multiple institutions, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Pfizer, many authors reported conflicts of interest, and some of the funding came from Pfizer.

People’s immune systems being trained to react to older virus strains at the expense of protection against newer variants is one theory for why the vaccinated might be more prone to infection.

“Multiple vaccine doses may have the effect of antibody-dependent enhancement or ‘original antigenic sin,’ which increase the infection response disproportionally to antibodies generated from the first vaccine dose, rather than from the current vaccine or the current infection, making the antibody response less effective,” Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, told The Epoch Times in an email after reviewing the paper.

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Everything you need to know about modern day America. Next, will be the wholesale rejection of New Testament, and then the legislature for mandating circumcision. Judge Napolitano asked the question if we are in the post-Constitutional America. Yes, we are. Bill of Rights means nothing in Israel's slap-bitch, I mean the US. I never thought I would see this, but here we are. It is the act of national shame, but then again, by now the United States almost got used to humiliation. One more, one less doesn't make any difference. 

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Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on May 3 that it eliminated a Ukrainian military reconnaissance officer who had arrived from Lithuania to carry out terrorist attacks at military defense and energy facilities in the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

“Acting on instructions from the Main Directorate of Intelligence at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the saboteur was plotting to conduct a series of terrorist attacks in Russia, including targeting Russian Defense Ministry facilities in the Moscow Region and a member of a volunteers’ battalion and his volunteers’ center in St. Petersburg,” the FSB said in a statement.

The saboteur was caught emptying a cache full of weapons outside Gatchina in Leningrad which he was planning to use in an attack at a fuel depot in the Tosno district in the same region.

“He put up armed resistance [against FSB officers] using fire arms and was wiped out,” the FSB said.

Webmaster addition: I wonder how many saboteurs are already here in the US thanks to Biden's open border!

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