When you are playing with a baby, you can use the n-word, the f-word, the P-word, the Z-word, and as long as you smile and use a soothing voice the baby will continue to smile and laugh. If an adult is driven to tears by a mere word, it's because somewhere along the way, someone taught them to react with shock and anger at that word. That gives the word power over the person so trained and conditioned, and power to those who use such words to control you. Our society gives too much power to mere words, and this undermines our society. -- Michael Rivero

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Police employed batons, tear gas, and water cannons as they tried to contain supporters of two rival opposition groups who protested against the government in Nepal’s capital on Thursday.

About 9,000 protesters led by entrepreneur Durga Prasai took to the streets to push for the restoration of monarchy and the Hindy state in the Himalayan country, the Kathmandu Post reported, citing security agencies estimates.

Simultaneously, some 7,000 rioters supporting the Communist Party-affiliated Youth Organization Nepal (YON) joined a protest to demand the resignation of PM Pushpa Kamal Dahaland’s government and an end to corruption.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:40

The US and Germany are secretly aiming to force Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to negotiate with Russia, Bild has claimed. The tabloid cited anonymous sources as saying that Washington and Berlin are rationing weapons deliveries in the hope that Kiev will realize it cannot recapture lost territory. 

The report follows suggestions in several other media outlets that Ukraine’s Western backers are leaning toward peace talks, despite Zelensky publicly ruling them out. Senior officials in Kiev, including the head of state, have recently acknowledged that Ukraine’s underwhelming summer counteroffensive has eroded the readiness among some nations to continue their support. 

In its report on Friday, Bild quoted unnamed sources from “government circles” as explaining that Germany is now seeking to ensure that Ukraine puts itself in a “strategically good negotiating position” for potential talks with Russia. According to the article, the US shares this approach.  

Posted on: Nov 26 06:39

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office, in turn, said Tel Aviv had received a list of hostages to be released on Sunday in accordance with a ceasefire agreement signed earlier with Hamas that calls for the release of Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

"Security officials are checking the list" and the information has been passed on to the hostages' families, the office added. In a separate development on Saturday, Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed Al-Ansari made clear in an interview with a US network that Doha, which earlier brokered the cease-fire deal, hopes to extend the Israeli-Hamas truce beyond the agreed four days.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:38

Between 50 and 100 right-wing activists took to the streets of the Monnaie quarter in Romans-sur-Isere on Saturday night, demanding justice for Thomas, local broadcaster reported. Some of them overturned trash cans and set fire to containers.

About 120 law enforcement officers observed order at the protest, the report read. The demonstrators started throwing stones and firecrackers at police forces, after which 20 people were detained, with three of them suffering minor injuries.

The November 19 incident, in which eight other people were injured as well, caused a wave of shock in France, with the right-wing groups calling it a deliberate attack on white people.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:34

The exodus combined with recruiting struggles comes as embattled New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced city-wide budget cuts, including a $132 million cut to the NYPD budget.

More cops are leaving the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in 2023, with 2,516 cops having quit the force in 2023 alone, an increase of 43% from the number that left in 2018. The number of cops who are choosing to leave before their 20-year mark – when they would be guaranteed their full pension that can be as high as 50% of their salary – has also increased.

The cops complain that they are overworked and underpaid, and many are leaving for other cities that provide better benefits and a better work-life balance. One recruiter who entices NYPD cops to leave for police forces in Florida told US media that he is busier than he has ever been.

“The cops who left can’t believe they ever worked there,” he said.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:33

A temporary truce between Israel and Hamas militants has allowed aid agencies to step up the delivery of much needed supplies such as fuel, water and medicine to the Gaza Strip. Many residents are using the respite to return to what's left of their homes.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:23

n yet another sign that President Joe Biden’s anemic foreign policy isn’t producing the results he might like, the Juche regime in North Korea is rearing its ugly head again — with the help of Moscow, as well.

In a move that got lost during a hectic news week — not to mention the Thanksgiving holiday — North Korea celebrated a spy satellite launch by basically spitting on a recent agreement it had signed with South Korea.

According to the BBC, the state-run North Korean news outlet Korea Central News Agency reported the spy satellite was launched on Tuesday, with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un saying it had “propelled the country into a new era of space power.”

Posted on: Nov 26 06:22

Utah-based researchers have picked up on an extremely rare cosmic ray that seemingly reached Earth from an utterly distant space void. The discovery has produced numerous scientific debates regarding its origin and further impact on physics.

A research group working on the Telescope Array Collaboration project hosted at the University of Utah has detected an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray that appears to have no clear origin.

The astronomers are puzzled by the fact that the ray seemingly emerged from a virtually empty void in space.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:19

Davyd Arakhamia, leader of the Servant of the People faction in the Ukrainian parliament has spilled some beans about the March 2022 Russo-Ukrainian talks, hinting that it was then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who brought the negotiations to naught.

Davyd Arakhamia's account of the March 2022 events has challenged the Kiev regime's official narrative on why it nixed the Russo-Ukrainian peace talks. While the official excuse was the alleged "Bucha massacre" which was later debunked by Russia as a hoax, it appears that it was UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who derailed the peace initiative.

Per Arakhamia, the Russians were ready to end the conflict if Ukraine committed to neutrality and gave guarantees that it would not join NATO. "When we returned from Istanbul, Boris Johnson came to Kiev and said: 'We won’t sign anything with them at all, and let’s just fight'," Arakhamia recalled in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1.

"The public reiteration of this US and UK push for more war being made now indicates that the West is looking for an exit narrative," retired US Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, a former analyst for the US Department of Defense, told Sputnik. "Johnson is an excellent public scapegoat for both the UK and the US. I expect he won’t be the only one, as rogue military officers and others in Ukraine will also be blamed for giving 'bad' advice to Zelensky. That is, if the West chooses to protect Zelensky at this late stage, and try not to place the entire Ukrainian disaster on Zelensky’s head."

Posted on: Nov 26 06:17

Any major mainstream media outlet in the West inevitably has to affirm Israel's right to self-defense even as Palestinians become "victims of some very brutal bombing and other sort of repression," argued the convener of the editorial board of the journal World Affairs Come Carpentier de Gourdon.

A group of eight BBC journalists from the UK penned a letter to Al Jazeera arguing that their news agency “has failed to accurately tell” of the ongoing bloodshed in the Gaza Strip sector – “through omission and lack of critical engagement with Israel’s claims – and it has therefore failed to help the public engage with and understand the human rights abuses unfolding in Gaza.”

“Thousands of Palestinians have been killed since October 7. When will the number be high enough for our editorial stance to change?” the journalists inquired.

The BBC’s stance is hardly surprising, considering the fact that the conflict in the Gaza Strip is “a part of the wider conflict between what you might call the collective West and not only the axis of resistance, but also a big part of the developing world,” Gourdon said.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:14

The US loses the role of a great global power, and consequences of the Ukrainian crisis for US President Joe Biden will be serious, says Italian political researcher, former Italian Ambassador to NATO and Moscow Sergio Romano.

"I am afraid that the consequences will serious for [Biden], because the US loses its role of a great global power. They have lost the authority they gained after World War II, and it is unclear what they are going to do about it. In other words, they are in the state of sleeping," he said in an interview for La Stampa.

Roman added that he believes in the return of US Ex-President Donald Trump "just as much as he believes in the decline of the United States."

Posted on: Nov 26 06:13

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit the first meeting of foreign ministers of the Ukraine-NATO Council in Brussels, the Department of State announced.

According to the Department, Blinken will attend a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, including the first meeting of foreign ministers of the Ukraine-NATO Council, on November 27-29. The Secretary of State intends to state NATO’s support for Ukraine, discuss issues of "democracy and regional stability in the Western Balkans," and to touch upon the topics of the upcoming NATO Summit, which is expected to take place in July, 2024, in Washington.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:12

Each nation in the world has its own culture, governance structures, traditions, property, borders and peoples. We must preserve the diversity and sovereignty of nations and cultures.

By globally synchronizing the public health response across the United Nations member states, new powers were granted to the UN and its organizations at the cost of national sovereignty. These universally applied regulations and multilateral agreements have given birth to an enlarged, globalized administrative state.

Although this power grab has been percolating for many decades, the COVIDcrisis acted as an accelerant to synergize international agreements that advance the UN as a world government.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:11

After over 20 months of talk about various “game-changing NATO weapons” that would “drive Russia behind the Urals”, particularly the much-touted F-16 fighter jets, the Kiev regime doesn’t seem to be so enthusiastic anymore. Namely, the Neo-Nazi junta is now whining that the F-16s they’re supposed to be getting simply won’t make the cut against advanced Russian fighter jets. Thus, they’re already complaining about the need to modernize the US-made aircraft so it could stand a chance against Moscow’s platforms. The Kiev regime is particularly unhappy with the radar systems these F-16s will come with and is demanding they be upgraded before delivery, because they can’t even match the existing MiG-29s they’re supposed to replace (to say nothing of the higher-end Su-27s).

According to Oleksandra Ustinova, a prominent lobbyist for NATO arms deliveries and a member of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament), discussions are ongoing regarding the modernization of F-16s that are slated for delivery to the Neo-Nazi junta. In an interview with the European Pravda, she emphasized the need for a better radar and more advanced missiles, as the ones that are supposed to be delivered are not up to the task. Ustinova confirmed that talks about applying the necessary upgrades are in progress, but refused to give more details. She complained about the acquisition process, calling it challenging due to communication issues with the Kiev regime’s NATO backers, particularly Washington DC, which, according to her, keeps 83% of the “aid” funds in the US.

“In addition, when we talk about the supply of weapons, 83% of the money allocated for weapons for Ukraine actually remains in America, because the state purchases these weapons from American manufacturers,” Ustinova said, later also adding: “After all, giving us aircraft with a radar range of 60 kilometers like a MiG does not make sense.”

Posted on: Nov 26 06:08

Ukraine is having difficulty in convincing its citizens to stay in the country.

According to a recent report, the regime’s soldiers are focusing their efforts on preventing citizens from leaving Ukrainian territory on the Transcarpathian border. The case clearly shows how Ukrainian citizens are dissatisfied with the situation in the country and do not support the war with Russia, trying to evade military obligations.

Ukrainian border service officials are located at the region of Transcarpathia trying to control the large flow of Ukrainian citizens who try to cross every day in order to avoid conscription. Many Ukrainian citizens want to enter neighboring nations, such as Hungary, Poland and Romania, as they believe this is the only way to save their lives from the devastating consequences of the conflict.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:07

Examine the following diagram, reporting  Vaccine Adverse Events reporting in Florida following the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in mid-December 2020

Below is a report of the Florida Department of Health published in February 2023, which demonstrates unequivocally that the Covid-19 vaccine launched in mid-December 2020 was conducive to a major shift in the number of Adverse Events reported in 2021, in comparison with all previous years. 

Of significance, most governments Worldwide (and across the U.S. and Canada) have failed to inform people on the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine.

In contrast, The Florida Department of Health  acknowledges in this report the adverse events related to the COVID-19 vaccine including: 

coagulation disorders, acute cardiac injuries, Bell’s palsy, encephalitis. cardiac arrests, thromboembolic and thrombocytopenic events, cardiovascular disease, etc

Michel Chossudovsky,  Global Research November 23, 2023

Posted on: Nov 26 06:06

Greece has delivered huge amounts of weapons to Ukraine and has vehemently backed sanctions against Russia. In fact, last year, on September 22, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared in an interview with Bloomberg,

“We’re fighting a war against Russia, and we try to support Ukraine.”

However, over the last year, Greek shipowners have dramatically increased their oil shipments from Russia, creating serious tensions between Athens and Kiev. At the same time, it is recalled that in discussions in the European Union about sanctions against Russia, the Greek prime minister defended them. 

Effectively, Mitsotakis is trying to play both sides of the conflict, committing fully to instructions from the EU and NATO but also protecting the interests of the Greek oligarchs – the shipowners. The protection of Greek shipowners’ interests by Mitsotakis has caused a rift in relations, especially after Kiev published a “blacklist” of the names of important Greek shipowners, most with extremely close ties to the ruling New Democracy party. Ukraine has put up that list because they transport Russian oil.

Kiev has proven, once again, that it is not a reliable partner who coerces EU members into pushing through the adoption of anti-Russian sanctions.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:05

March 3, 2022 – Brazil – 15 year old Danylo Zinneck Nobre was perfectly healthy. He had his 1st Pfizer mRNA Vaccine on Aug. 24, 2021 and second on Oct. 19, 2021. Here is his story: 

He took 2 doses of Pfizer, the first on Aug.24, 2021 and the second on Oct.19, 2021.

Eighteen days later he had some slight fatigue. Then weakness in the legs. And then he began to experience blurred vision and heaviness in the head.

Then on Jan.6, 2022, he had a seizure and was intubated with difficulty swallowing and slurred speech.

He was taken to Hospital. There, an examination was performed without the presence of bacteria or virus. He had normal MRI, and he had several CT scans all with nothing abnormal.

He had daily labs, all normal.

He was left with paralysis in the diaphragm and upper and lower limbs, and had a tracheostomy.

He was diagnosed with Autoimmune Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephalitis (BBE), a rare neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and peripheral.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:04

First published on October 5, 2023

If an experimental vaccine were to damage the heart and immune system in a significant number of individuals who received it, it is possible that it could lead to a decline in the overall population size.

This could occur for several reasons.

  • First, damage to the heart could lead to an increase in cardiovascular diseases, which are a leading cause of mortality worldwide. This could result in a higher number of deaths among individuals who received the vaccine.
  • Second, damage to the immune system could leave individuals more susceptible to other infections and diseases, which could also contribute to an increase in mortality.
  • Last, but by no means least, the negative impacts of the vaccine on fertility and reproductive health could lead to a decline in the number of births, further contributing to a decline in the overall population size.

If such a vaccine were to be developed and distributed, it could potentially lead to depopulation due to increased mortality and decreased fertility.

Unfortunately, the world has found itself in a situation where powerful institutions and Governments have coerced millions of people into getting an experimental Covid-19 vaccine that causes all of the ill-fated effects mentioned above.

Official Government reports and confidential Pfizer documents prove it.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:03

Looks like the Trudeau Government really wants Canadians to eat … crickets?

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has released a report revealing that the Trudeau government has allocated close to $10 million in grants and contributions to various companies to support the development of cricket-based products from 2018 to 2023.

Crickets are gaining attention for their high protein content and eco-friendly qualities, making them a potential source of protein for human consumption. One beneficiary cites that recent research indicates that a growing number of Americans are open to incorporating crickets into their diets due to the perceived health and environmental benefits.

But is that enough to justify the millions in grants during a cost of living crisis?

Posted on: Nov 26 06:02

The video, apparently filmed surreptitiously in the style of Project Veritas and released by CitizenLens, reportedly between Pelosi and a January 6 defendant she was courting so as to appear in her documentary of the event, featured Pelosi discussing the political implications of the Jan 6 show trials and their effects on the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections.

After the Democrats lose the House and then they get rid of the committee, people may lose interest. The first trials are gonna get a lot of attention. It’s like [an] anniversary; the first one is a big deal… No one’s gonna care after the Democrats are out of power. And then take Biden out of office, then who cares?...

I know you’re not the bad guys [to the Jan 6 defendant]…

If it was an insurrection… you were supposed to have a plan…. You’re going to be able to laugh about this one day.

Posted on: Nov 26 06:01

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said his conservative political rival was abandoning Ukraine due to 'MAGA-influenced thinking'.

On Tuesday, all 109 Conservative lawmakers in the country blocked updated legislation for the free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine.

In response, Trudeau launched a blistering attack on Friday saying that the American MAGA movement and hard right politics was eroding support for Ukraine in Canada. 

'To see the Conservative Party of Canada decide not to support Ukraine with something they need with the absurd excuse that it's because Ukraine is going to put a price on pollution, is ridiculous,' Trudeau said.

Posted on: Nov 26 05:59

Ukraine and its Western backers have already lost the conflict with Russia, former Pentagon adviser Douglas Macgregor claimed on Friday. The retired US Army colonel and decorated veteran urged Washington and Kiev to enter peace negotiations with Moscow as soon as possible.

Macgregor’s comments came at a time of depleting Pentagon funds available for Ukraine, after President Joe Biden’s administration failed to push a $105 billion spending package through Congress, a significant part of which was supposed to go to Kiev. The president was forced to sign a stopgap spending bill instead, which only included funding for domestic government agencies.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Macgregor claimed the US has “sent almost all of our war stocks, weapons systems and ammunition to Ukraine,” adding that Washington does not “have a great deal left.

Posted on: Nov 26 05:48

Russian forces shot down two Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jets in a single 24-hour period this week, the country’s defense ministry said on Saturday, in its daily briefing. Moscow also claimed to have destroyed at least 18 of Kiev’s drones at the frontline in the same timeframe.

The two MiG-29s were downed in Ukraine’s southeastern Dnepropetrovsk Region, the military said. Both fighter jets were targeted by ground-based anti-aircraft systems, it added.

Some 18 unmanned aerial vehicles were downed along the frontline during the same period. The Russian military also reported that it had destroyed two Soviet-era P-18 very high frequency radars, utilized for detecting and tracking aerial targets.

Posted on: Nov 26 05:47

Economist and Columbia University professor Dr. Sachs elaborates on the role the U.S. has played on the Ukraine-Russia war.

Posted on: Nov 26 05:42

On Sunday, the populist Austrolibertarian Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina. In the United States, the reaction ranged from concerned curiosity on the part of the political establishment to enthusiastic celebration across the populist Right—including, notably, some economic nationalists. Several renowned libertarians also brought attention to some of Milei’s many flaws, such as his views on geopolitics.

Milei’s libertarian skeptics make many good points. And odds are a man with a legislature stacked against him will not be able to address Argentina’s many problems without some political backup. But still, there is much to admire about Milei’s rise and plenty to learn from his campaign’s bold, spirited rhetoric. Because our country is also in desperate need of a similar course change.

Many Americans are in a tough spot right now. Eighty years of inflationist monetary policy has made life more expensive. And the heavy government involvement in many of the most important sectors—including healthcare, housing, education, and energy—has made it harder for younger Americans to afford the same lifestyles as previous generations.

Further, the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of interest rates has left the American people heavily in debt, low on savings, and forced to weather the recurring nightmare of the boom-bust cycle. Meanwhile, as Washington’s decades of foreign intervention predictably blow up in its face, politicians are calling on the American people to fork over an ever-increasing amount of money in the futile effort to sustain an unchecked global empire. All while, at home, the government remains unable or unwilling to protect the lives and property of millions of Americans.

Posted on: Nov 26 05:40

This article concludes that the current downturn in bond yields is part of a continuing market manipulation by central banks in order to restore confidence in the global economic outlook.

There is a long history of government intervention in markets. In the nineteenth century, it was by legal regulation, the most notable of which was the 1844 Bank Charter Act, which had to be suspended in 1847, 1857, and 1866.

From the early 1920s, the emphasis on intervention changed under Benjamin Strong, the first Fed Chairman, who started to deliberately expand central bank credit to stimulate the economy. Coupled with the expansion phase of the commercial bank credit cycle, this led to the Roaring Twenties, the stock market boom, and its collapse.

Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt compounded the errors with economic interventions which only succeeded in prolonging the 1930’s depression. It was the start of modern government economic and monetary manipulation, which took on a new urgency under the fiat dollar in the 1970s.

Posted on: Nov 26 05:36