"Every time some damned liberal starts talking about sacrifice for the greater good, it turns out to be my sacrifice for their good!" -- Michael Rivero

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Jacob Helberg is a Silicon Valley executive and was a donor to Democrats and Joe Biden. Not anymore.

Helberg was at the recent California fundraiser that brought in a whopping $12 million for Trump in one night.

He just appeared on the FOX Business Network and spoke to Maria Bartiromo about why he has shifted his support to Trump.

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Back in 2020 when the Hunter Biden laptop story broke, lots of people in media either ignored the story, mocked those who believed it was true, or rushed to brand it as part of a Russian ‘disinformation’ plot.

No show went more out of their way than Morning Joe of MSNBC.

Joe Scarborough went on a rant that has aged like milk in the sun. He mocked Trump voters, Rudy Giuliani, the New York Post and others, saying that history would remember them as useful idiots.

It’s important for people to remember how these people spun this story, which was completely true. They lied then and they are lying about other things today.

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According to a post from RawsAlerts, the “gunman opened fired with reports of some type of automatic weapon and opened fired in a crowed of people at a Juneteenth festival Reports say that at least eight people have been shot with three reported fatalities this number is subject to change as this remains unconfirmed at this time but the Shooter has been detained by Law enforcement.”

Webmaster addition: And right after the Supreme Court decision on bump stocks! What an amazing coincidence!!!!!


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White Settlement, Texas — An alert citizen's quick actions saved an elderly woman from a costly scam at a local gas station. Myndi Jordan, 38, intervened when she noticed the elderly woman depositing thousands of dollars into a Bitcoin ATM at a Chevron station. The woman was on the phone with an alleged Chase Bank representative, who turned out to be a scammer, according to White Settlement police. "I have the bank on the phone. I'm in danger," the elderly woman told White Settlement Police Sgt. James Stewart.
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Yet, because of the complex nature of the climate-change challenge, multitudinous prophecies of climate doom came and went without fulfilment, and efforts to control the climate languished.

Nevertheless, the public was subjected to what seemed to be nonstop suppositions of airy Armageddon.  Worse, there didn’t seem to be any balance to the message of misery. No allowance was afforded for alternative viewpoints such as the benefits of increasing carbon dioxide, a plant nutrient, or that warmer climes are generally better for the biosphere than colder climes.

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Several dozen dams throughout California could store up to 107 billion more gallons of water if they underwent repairs to fix safety problems. But facing a staggering state deficit, Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed cutting funding for a dam repair grant program in half this year, while state legislators want the $50 million restored.  

California has an aging network of nearly 1,540 dams — large and small, earthen and concrete — that help store vital water supplies. For 42 of these dams, state officials have restricted the amount of water that can be stored behind them because safety deficiencies would raise the risk to people downstream from earthquakes, storms or other problems. 

Owned by cities, counties, utilities, water districts and others, these dams have lost nearly 330,000 acre-feet of storage capacity because of the state’s safety restrictions. That water — equivalent to the amount used by 3.6 million people for a year — could be used to supply communities, farms or hydropower.

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This past week’s water woes in Atlanta are indicative of infrastructure issues impacting broad swaths of the country, experts say. 

Late last week, three water mains in the Georgia city broke, leaving numerous residents without water. One major pipe has already been repaired, but many residents still remained under a boil water order for days. 

The issue is just one example of the problems caused by the nation’s aging and often brittle water systems.

“A lot of our water infrastructure was built between 50 to 100 years ago, so there’s quite a bit of it that’s at the end of its service life and we see this in water main breaks,” said Richard Luthy, a civil and environmental engineering professor at Stanford University. 

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French President Emmanuel Macron said he won’t resign if his party suffers a poor result in a snap parliamentary election as he appealed to voters not to succumb to the “fever of the extremists.”

French bonds tumbled on Tuesday following a report that the president had discussed resigning if he suffers a second big defeat in succession with investors on edge about a potential takeover by Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally.

“I will kill this false report,” the French leader said at a press conference presenting a hastily assembled campaign program. “It’s absurd.”

The 46-year-old president caught investors by surprise on Sunday night when he dissolved the National Assembly in response to a crushing defeat by Le Pen in elections for the European Parliament.

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On June 14, 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a ceasefire to permanently end the war in Ukraine and initiate negotiations. Putin’s plan includes a full cessation of hostilities and requires Ukraine to withdraw troops from the Porosha and Kherson regions as well as the People’s Republic.

Putin addressed reporters, stating, “Today, we’re making another real peaceful proposal, a proposal of peace. If they refuse once again in Kyiv, it is their business.” He emphasized that this proposal is not intended to create a frozen conflict but to achieve a lasting resolution. Putin accused the West of seeking only a temporary truce to rearm Ukraine and prolong the conflict.

NATO swiftly rejected the proposal. NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg responded on behalf of Ukraine, refusing to consider Putin’s terms. This immediate dismissal has led to discussions about the West’s role in the conflict and its strategic interests in the region.

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President Joe Biden’s condition during the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy, has shocked diplomats and allies, with reports describing it as the “worst he has ever been.” According to diplomatic sources, Biden appeared to lose focus during the meetings, which some attendees labeled as “embarrassing.”

A notable incident occurred during a parachute display when Biden seemed confused and wandered away from the group of leaders. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to guide him back, after which he awkwardly saluted her. This behavior has intensified concerns about Biden’s mental acuity and overall health.

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