House Republicans vow to pull no punches when investigating the FBI this session of Congress. The bureau may be monitoring them in return.

This is according to attorney Jesse Trentadue, who about a decade ago uncovered the FBI’s “sensitive informant program.” He said the bureau uses it to embed informants in the media, congressional offices, churches, defense teams and other “sensitive” institutions.

Trentadue never found direct evidence of FBI informants operating in Congress—but that’s because a federal court struck down his lawsuit seeking records about such activity in 2015.

Nearly eight years later, Trentadue told Headline USA that he hopes the newly formed House select subcommittee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government will resume what his lawsuit started. Doing so would be in Congress’s best interest, he said.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has quietly introduced a new program to track, trace, and surveil those pesky unvaccinated people. Once an unvaccinated person goes to visit a doctor or goes to a hospital, they will be tracked if they declare they are not vaccinated for COVID-19.

According to documents and a video highlighted by National File but published back in 2021, ICD-10-CM codes were introduced by the CDC to track patients who are not vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and those who fall under the “other underimmunization status” category.

The ICD-10 committee said that those who had adverse reactions to a vaccine in the past would be categorized as unvaccinated or partially vaccinated even if they cannot get other vaccines or boosters due to damages done by vaccines. The new codes were implemented in April 2022. –

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The military power structure in the United States (often called the military-industrial complex) has been running the fraudulent COVID “vaccine” scam worldwide. The United States Department of Defence ordered “demonstrations” from pharmaceutical companies using the same secretive framework they use to order weapons.

So if they are treating the COVID-19 “vaccines” as weapons, who are the enemies? It’s obviously us. The slave state has been quickly wiping away all illusions of freedom and plainly letting us know what they are up to. Sasha Latypova actually used this “logic” to describe the basis on which Pfizer has requested the dismissal of a False Claims Act case brought against them for their covid “vaccines.”

Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova holds an MBA degree and is a former Pharmaceutical R&D Executive. Latypova has spent approximately 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and has owned and managed several contract research organizations – conducting clinical trials for over 60 pharmaceutical clients worldwide. She became concerned about the irregularities, cover-up, and apparent fraud relating to the extremely high number of deaths and injuries associated with the covid injection rollout. -Daily Eposé

“They were claiming that they’re producing pharmaceutical products to the good manufacturing standards when they perfectly well knew, I assure you, they were all aware of this. They perfectly well knew that no pharmaceutical regulations apply to these things, countermeasures … They’re just lying to you that these are pharmaceuticals. They’re actually not,” Latypova explained.

But now, most of us with some common sense know that these injections are not “vaccines.” They are experimental gene therapies to the medical/big pharma industry, and weapons as far as the Department of Defense is concerned.

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I can’t take it anymore.  Fake numbers that are released by the government get turned into fake news by the corporate media, and many Americans don’t even realize that they are being conned.  Major news outlets all over the country are breathlessly trumpeting the “blockbuster jobs report” as if it is a sign from heaven that good economic times are ahead.

We are being told that the U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs last month, but that isn’t true.  Sadly, the truth is that the U.S. economy actually lost 2.5 million jobs in January.  Yes, you read that correctly.  So how in the world does a loss of 2.5 million jobs become a “gain” of 517,000 jobs?  Every month, government bureaucrats apply “adjustments” to the numbers that they believe are appropriate, and at this point, their “adjustments” have become so absurd that they have turned the monthly employment report into a total farce.

As I have been documenting on my website for weeks, there has been a tremendous wave of layoffs over the last several months.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Lyft, Twitter, Walmart, McDonald’s, FedEx, and countless other large corporations have decided to conduct mass layoffs.

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This report comes after Pentagon officials said that similar balloon activity occurred once more during both the Biden administration and at least three times under the Trump administration. The crashing of the balloon near Hawaii and the other balloons that entered the U.S. under the Trump administration was never shared with the public.

Why? Because it never happened? Because we’re looking for excuses to promote a third world war? We had better really start to use our critical thinking and discernment or the ruling classes of this slave planet will soon have us killing each other while they sit in their ivory towers and laugh.

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Doctors have started to warn the public of a dangerous fungal illness that’s spreading across the United States right now. The fungus seems to be linked to those living in or visiting California and Arizona.

This particular fungal infection is known as Valley Fever (also called coccidioidomycosis or “cocci”) and is a significant cause of pneumonia, said Dr. Brad Perkins, chief medical officer at Karius. This company provides advanced diagnostics for infectious diseases. “This is a fungus,” said Perkins, a former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official who led the anthrax bioterrorism investigation. “Most causes of pneumonia are caused by bacteria. This is a fungus that lives in the soil and is breathed in dusty situations, whether it’s a dust storm or around construction or excavation.”

Interestingly enough, alley fever and COVID-19 share many of the same symptoms as a cough, difficulty breathing, fever, tiredness, or fatigue. In rare cases, it can spread to other body parts and cause severe disease. Animals, including pets, can also get Valley fever by breathing in fungus spores from dirt and outdoor dust. However, it cannot spread from one person or animal to another. There are about 200 deaths a year due to the disease.

Another similarity to the COVID-19 scamdemic is that many are going to be asymptomatic if they get infected. While most people who breathe in the spores don’t get sick, those who develop Valley fever typically feel better on their own within weeks or months. About 5% to 10% of people who get Valley fever will develop serious or long-term lung problems.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a rare trip out of his country Wednesday, daring to visit Britain in a bid for more advanced weapons as Kyiv braces for an expected Russian offensive and hatches its own plans to retake land held by Moscow’s forces.

Zelenskyy arrived on a Royal Air Force plane at London Stansted airport north of the U.K. capital. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak greeted him on the tarmac, tweeting a photo of him embracing the Ukrainian leader.

It’s his first trip to the U.K. since Russia’s invasion began nearly a year ago and only his second confirmed journey outside Ukraine during the war.

A large convoy of vehicles left the airport shortly after the plane landed for the drive to central London, where Zelenskyy will hold talks with Sunak at Downing Street.

Webmaster addition: Sounds like Zelenskyy knows the US well is almost dry and he's looking to wet his lips elsewhere!

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Biden, at 80, is the oldest president to give a State of the Union address... and it showed.

While discussing law enforcement and the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Biden referred to him as "Tyler." Biden called Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer the Senate "minority" leader

In a somewhat stunning statement, President Biden claimed he’s succeeded in driving illegal migration “down” during his State of the Union Tuesday night.

As Biden called on Congress to pass a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants along with resources for border security, Republicans heckled him once again, prompting Democrats to yell "order!"

As The Daily Caller reports, the president’s statement follows a record surge in illegal immigration in fiscal year 2022, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded more than 2.3 million migrant encounters and in December, when the agency recorded more than 250,000 migrant encounters, marking the highest month on record.

Republicans roared with boos and condemnation as President Biden accused them of wanting to ruin Social Security and Medicare.

“Some of my Republican friends want to take the economy hostage, I get it, unless I agree to their economic plans,” Biden said.

“All of you at home should know what their plans are. Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset. I’m not saying it’s the majority..."

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Turkey's stock exchange halted trading of equities and derivatives Wednesday (for the first time in two decades) after a multi-day selloff wiped tens of billions of dollars from the value of its main equities following Monday's powerful quakes that killed more than 11,000 in the quake-stricken areas of southern Turkey and Syria.

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Central banks closed out 2022 with reported net purchases of 28 tons of gold in December. Including large unreported purchases, this brought total central bank gold buying in 2022 to 1,136 tons. It was the second-highest level of net purchases on record dating back to 1950, and the 13th straight year of net central bank gold purchases.

China officially started buying gold again in November and made another large purchase of 30 tons in December. That raised China’s total gold reserves to over 2,000 tons for the first time.

The Chinese central bank accumulated 1,448 tons of gold between 2002 and 2019, and then suddenly went silent. Many speculate that the Chinese continued to add gold to its holdings off the books during those silent years.

There has always been speculation that China holds far more gold than it officially reveals. As Jim Rickards pointed out on Mises Daily back in 2015, many people speculate that China keeps several thousand tons of gold “off the books” in a separate entity called the State Administration for Foreign Exchange (SAFE).

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According to a survey by Cambridge University and YouGov, unfavorable views of China have reached new highs in many countries.

As Statista's Katharina Buchholz reportsout of 26 countries surveyed, negative views of China prevailed in 16 and were shared by an increasing number of respondents in those places since the poll started in 2019.

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Once an idea reserved for the pages of dystopian sci-fi novels, brain hacking is already here. The elites in Davos appear to be interested in harnessing this technology to further their questionable agenda...

At a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) presentation, those in attendance were told that attempts to decode the human brain was already well underway. As Tim Hinchcliffe, a man who has been sounding the alarm on the WEF’s plans for years, noted, the presentation came five years after historian Yuval Noah Harari told those in Davos that human beings were entirely hackable. We are, in a nutshell, walking, breathing, living algorithms, according to the academic. Harari’s vision, at the time, was a thing of feverish fantasy. Now, though, this fantasy is fast becoming a reality.

At the WEF Annual Meeting 2023, The Atlantic’s CEO Nicholas Thompson chaired a session called “Ready for Brain Transparency?” The session opened with an Orwellian-inspired video showing a scenario in which employees’ brainwaves were monitored and decoded. Besides using the information gathered to evaluate employee performance, brainwaves were decoded to assess whether or not any individuals had participated in criminal activity.

Following the video, Duke University’s Nita Farahany, an expert on both the ethical and legal implications of emerging technologies, explained to the audience that methods of decoding brainwaves already exist. Certain technologies, she said, already allow powerful organizations and governments to “pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind—simple shapes, numbers, your PIN number to your bank account.”

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Tank warfare has evolved. The large force-on-force armored battles that were the hallmark of much of WWII, the Arab-Israeli conflicts, which served as the foundation of operational doctrine for both NATO and the Soviet Union (and which was implemented in full by the United States during Operation Desert Storm in 1991), has run its course.

Like most military technological innovations, the ability to make a modern main battle tank survivable has been outstripped by the fielding of defensive systems designed to overcome such defenses. If a modern military force attempted to launch a large-scale tank-dominated attack against a well-equipped peer-level opponent armed with modern anti-tank missiles, the result would be a decisive defeat for the attacking party marked by the smoking hulks of burned-out tanks.

Don’t get me wrong: tanks still have a vital role to play on the modern battlefield. Their status as a mobile bunker is invaluable in the kind of meat-grinder conflicts of attrition that have come to define the current stage of large-scale ground combat. Speed and armor still contribute to survivability, and the main gun of a tank remains one of the deadliest weapons on the modern battlefield.

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The United States and its NATO allies are slowly drifting into a war against Russia. The Biden administration and some of our NATO allies, while feigning caution and prudence, have gradually increased their involvement in Ukraine’s war effort. Some Western strategists talk of defeating Russia and forcing Vladimir Putin from power, even trying him as a war criminal. Victory, they say, is just around the corner as along as we continue to arm Ukraine.

I’m reminded of a memorable scene in the movie Nicholas and AlexandraRussia’s generals and politicians are confidently planning the mobilization of millions of troops against Germany on a huge table-size map. Against the advice of elder statesman Count Sergei Witte (brilliantly played by Sir Laurence Olivier), Tsar Nicholas II orders a general mobilization. Witte, old and gray, slumps in his chair and softly repeats the word “madness.”

Witte had convinced the Tsar in 1905 to negotiate an end to the Russo-Japanese War that was driving Russia to revolution. If Russia mobilized in late July 1914, Germany, France and England would mobilize, too. “Nobody will be able to stop,” warned Witte. And when Witte senses that the Tsar and his generals are not listening to him, he prophetically warns: “None of you will be here when this war ends. Everything we fought for will be lost. Everything we love will be broken […] Tradition, virtue, restraint—they all go […] And the world will be full of fanatics and trivial fools.”

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Now that he has retired, he is charging between $50K and $100k to speak.
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Data from the IRS shows that the agency mainly targeted low-income people — but few millionaires and billionaires.
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Robert Telles, the Democrat Clark County official who murdered a Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter claims he was framed and the DNA evidence against him was planted at the murder scene.
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GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) suggested she will bring a white balloon to Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address to troll Joe Biden.
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The woke left has infected Christianity. Prominent forces within the Church of England want to abandon the Gospel in favor of referring to God in a “gender-neutral” manner.
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A woman from Chicago last Saturday engaged in a criminal activity known as a street takeover and almost extricated herself from the gene pool. The woman was caught hanging out of the window of a car during the stunt before being tossed onto the pavement and run over by the vehicle.
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A recent ABC News/Washington Post found that 41% of Americans say they are in a tougher financial situation since Biden took office – only 16% say they are better off.
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Russia says US diplomats at the embassy in Moscow are spreading fake news about the Russian war with Ukraine.

Citing a senior Russian Foreign Ministry source, TASS news agency reported that an official note, which accused the US Embassy of interfering in Russia's internal affairs, had been delivered to the diplomatic mission on Tuesday.

The note was a harsh message to Lynne Tracy, the new US ambassador to Moscow, who arrived in the Russian capital last month. Tracy had reportedly been told she must strictly adhere to Russian law when making any statements about Russia's armed forces in Ukraine.

The note accused US diplomats of making "inappropriate" statements about the Russian leadership. It also warned that US diplomats purportedly engaging in "subversive activities" would be expelled.

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Dutch police have cracked another encrypted phone company, this time reading messages from, and then shutting down, “Exclu,” according to announcements from the police and Dutch prosecution service.

The news demonstrates law enforcement agencies’ continued targeting of the encrypted phone industry, part of which has served organized criminal syndicates for years. The Dutch police specifically have been behind many of these hacks and shutdowns, working on other investigations into companies such as Ennetcom and Sky.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed a revenue procedure this week cracking down on service industry's reporting of tips.

The so-called Service Industry Tip Compliance Agreement (SITCA) program would be a voluntary tip reporting system in which the IRS and service industry companies cooperate, according to the announcement Monday. As part of the proposal, the IRS will give the public until early May to provide feedback on the program before implementing it.

"Those 87,000 new IRS agents that you were promised would only target the rich..." Mike Palicz, the federal affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform, tweeted. "They're coming after waitresses' tips now."

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Hunter Biden’s Manhattan art dealer is refusing to provide any information about the buyers of the first son’s paintings to a congressional committee investigating the Biden family’s business dealings, The Post has learned.

In a Feb. 6 letter to Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, a lawyer for art dealer Georges Berges raises “concerns” about complying with the committee’s demands to see records about clients who have purchased Hunter’s work.

Refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to a year in prison.

The committee, which is probing President Biden’s international and domestic business dealings, is set to begin hearings Wednesday.

The Post has seen the letter from attorney William Pittard, who represents Berges and Georges Berges Galleries LLC. It notes that providing information about the buyers would violate White House rules that were set up specifically to deal with the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork in 2021.

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It’s been a rough few months for the tech industry. There have been tens of thousands of layoffs, hundreds of billions in value lost on Wall Street and a high-profile scandal at a crypto company that has shaken faith in that young market.

But in a conference center on Microsoft’s sprawling campus, Tuesday was a moment for swagger. Executives and engineers from Microsoft and a small research lab partner called OpenAI unveiled a new internet search engine and web browser that use the next iteration of artificial intelligence technology that many in the industry believe could be a key to its future.

This new artificial intelligence became a fascination for millions of people two months ago when OpenAI released a chatbot called ChatGPT. Capable of answering questions, writing poetry and riffing on almost any topic tossed its way, ChatGPT provided the tech industry with a jolt of excitement in the middle of its biggest job contraction in at least 15 years.

The enthusiasm around OpenAI’s technology — as well as the work of several competitors expected to hit the market soon — reminds tech veterans of other moments that have turned Silicon Valley on its head, from the first iPhone and the Google search engine to the Netscape web browser that set the stage for the commercialization of the internet.

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Lawsuits claiming hair relaxer products sold by cosmetics giant L’Oreal USA Inc. and other companies could cause cancer will be consolidated. According to a Monday order from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, 57 lawsuits have been filed against the US subsidiary L’Oreal SA and subsidiaries of India-based companies Godrej SON Holdings Inc. and Dabur International Ltd.

According to court records, the lawsuits claim that the products made by the companies to straighten textured hair contain dangerous chemicals and that the manufacturers were aware that those chemical were unsafe, but marketed and sold their products nevertheless.

Last year, a US National Institutes of Health study claimed that women who regularly used hair relaxer products were at higher risk of uterine cancer.

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In his second State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Biden is slated to outline a series of actions the federal government is taking to crack down on the smuggling of fentanyl along the southern border, where Mexican cartels have sought to traffic thousands of pounds of the deadly synthetic opioid into the U.S. over the past year alone.

Mr. Biden is expected to argue his administration is disrupting the trafficking of fentanyl into the U.S. by increasing scanning technology at official border crossings, broadening the government's collaboration with delivery companies to identify suspicious packages and enlisting the help of other countries in curbing overseas production of the drug, the White House said.

The president will also urge Congress to pass a law that would increase criminal penalties for traffickers who alter the chemical makeup of fentanyl in hopes of evading federal regulation and prosecution, the White House added in a preview of the president's remarks.

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Monday’s devastating earthquakes killed hundreds of Syrians and shattered critical infrastructure already battered by the West’s decade-long dirty war against the Middle Eastern nation. But Washington has refused to budge on its sanctions, which aptly bear the name of an ancient Roman emperor known for his cruelty.

The United States will not be lifting its Caesar Act sanctions or other restrictions against Syria following Monday’s quakes, State Department spokesman Ned Price has indicated.

“First, I would like to start today by echoing the president and secretary in expressing our deepest condolences to the people of Turkey and Syria following the devastating earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, in southeastern Turkey,” Price said in a briefing Monday. “We stand in solidarity with our allies, our partners, and the people of Turkey and Syria affected by those terrible events.”

Price clarified that this “solidarity” doesn’t extend to the Syrian government. Asked why Washington wasn’t ready to coordinate aid with Damascus directly, the spokesman suggested that it “would be quite ironic, if not counterproductive, for us to reach out to a government that has brutalized its people over the course of a dozen years now.”

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