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"Whether a man is a criminal or a public servant is purely a matter of perspective." -- Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

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Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida wants to hold vaccine makers liable over claims about the mRNA shots that DeSantis said aren’t true.

DeSantis made the announcement during a Republican Party of Florida event on Saturday, according to American Greatness.

While the federal government has given vaccine manufacturers immunity over harm from the Covid-19 shots, it appears Florida is looking into persecuting the makers over false advertising claims or through other similar avenues.

“We did a study in Florida and we saw an 86 percent increase in cardiac-related activity in people ages 18 to 39 from mRNA shots and so we’re going to be doing some stuff to bring accountability there,” DeSantis said, according to AG.

Posted on: Dec 06 15:13

House Democrats on Tuesday put up for debate a bill that would make it easier for illegal immigrant US veterans and their families to stay in the country – as Republicans derided the measure as another Biden administration step toward enabling open borders.

The Veteran Service Recognition Act would require the Department of Homeland Security to establish protocols for identifying noncitizen veterans, require immigration adjudicators to consider their service records in deportation proceedings and allow veterans to stay in the US until they conclude.

Rep. Michelle Fischbach (R-Minn.) accused Democrats of using the “flowery” title to “mask the bills’ true meaning,” alleging they would open “a path for criminals” to stay in the country.

Posted on: Dec 06 14:47

The voices in Adam Schiff’s big bulbous head are at it again. This time they’re telling him that Qanon is out to get him. Yes, the guy who accuses everyone and their brother of being a “conspiracy theorist” has put on his tinfoil hat and tracksuit, and declared that Qanon forces are responsible for getting him kicked off his committees. Sure bet, kook. The reality is that Adam has been one of the biggest purveyors of lies and fake news, and it’s about time that he’s sidelined. The American people are sick of it.

Schiff shouldn’t have a job in public office after all the “Russia hoax” nonsense and lies he peddled. But of course, nothing happens to him or the media for spreading some of the biggest fake news on the planet, which ended up costing the American people about 32 million dollars.

Nobody was held responsible. No heads rolled. And no jobs were lost.

And now, the leader in that fake propaganda plot is “outraged” that he finally lost his leadership role, and is out there spreading more lies and fake news about it.

It’s all Q’s fault. Nothing is Adam’s fault. He did nothing wrong…

Posted on: Dec 06 14:41

Ethan Klein, a popular left-wing YouTube podcaster, said in a recent clip that he planned to hold a “mock execution of Jesus Christ” dedicated to white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

While I loathe bringing attention to people who rose to fame by making videos from their parent’s basement because they don’t have friends in real life, Klein’s comments show the denigration of religion in today’s culture wars. Particularly Christianity.

In the clip, Klein, who is known for engaging in satire, ‘joked’ that someone should give him the “spear” so he can use it on Jesus.

His co-host, an apparent love child of Dave Grohl and Russell Brand minus the cool factor, warned that the comments were going to “piss off … the weird hysterical nerds.”

Posted on: Dec 06 14:40

A few months ago, MSNBC's Ari Melber expressed fears that Elon Musk would use Twitter to censor political opposition in the same exact way we now know the platform did for Democrats.

Posted on: Dec 06 14:33

Webmaster addition: Reposted at reader request.

Posted on: Dec 06 14:29

China’s Defense Ministry has ripped Washington over a Pentagon report claiming the People’s Republic plans to ramp up its nuclear weapons stockpile to 1,500 warheads by 2035 and to make modifications to its nuclear doctrine.

“It should be emphasized that China firmly pursues a nuclear strategy of self-defense, adheres to the nuclear policy of no first use of nuclear weapons at any time and under any circumstances, and keeps nuclear capabilities at the minimum level required for national security,” Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said in a written press statement Tuesday.

Accusing Washington of engaging in baseless “speculation” about Beijing’s nuclear deterrent, Tan urged the US to “deeply review and reflect on its own nuclear policy” before “pointing fingers” at China.

“With the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, the US continues to upgrade its nuclear triad, vigorously seeks to develop or forward-deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons, lowers the threshold for using nuclear weapons, and conducts nuclear proliferation through the AUKUS trilateral security partnership, increasingly becoming the source of nuclear conflicts,” the spokesman said.

Tan added that as far as the Pentagon’s 2022 China report as a whole is concerned, it constitutes an example of “the US’s old trick to hype up the so-called ‘Chinese military threat’.” China is “strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to the US’s move, and has lodged solemn representations with the US,” the spokesman said.

Posted on: Dec 06 14:22

Iran has discovered new oil reserves in the country’s southwest, the details of which will be announced by Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji in the near future, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) says.

Iranian experts have also carried out well-logging on an offshore exploratory block in the Persian Gulf with gas reserves estimated at 30 trillion cubic feet, director of exploration at NIOC Mehdi Fakour announced on Tuesday.

“For the first time, we have achieved the method of aerial magnetometry which is used up to a depth of 7,000 meters below the surface of the earth to identify reservoirs and hydrocarbon fields,” the official said.

The technique involves using unmanned aircraft and magnetometers equipped with georeferencing systems and other navigation instruments to perform magnetic scans.

Fakour said the design of the aircraft was carried out by Iranian scientists, and the plane is currently being used to collect data. “One tenth of the area of the country is to be surveyed by this plane,” he said.

Webmaster addition: "Start the invasion!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Posted on: Dec 06 14:20

Several media leaders who have declined to report on major news stories damaging to the Democratic Party gathered in New York to express concern, frustration, and puzzlement over Americans increasingly going to alternative sources for news.

"I'm not sure what's going on," said MSNBC's Chris Hayes, speaking at the private weekend meeting. "If I decline to cover something, you just have to trust me that I'm doing that for your own good. You don't need to go to Twitter, Substack, or Facebook to find out for yourself. It's concerning."

Other media anchors, columnists, and journalists echoed Hayes' sentiment. "The Hunter Biden story stunk to high heaven," said a leading Washington Post columnist who chooses to remain anonymous. "So I ignored it. Now, maybe it turns out the laptop was real. But that's something for a journalist to decide months or years later, not for ordinary Americans to look into at the time."

Several media experts have expressed concern about the implications of Americans going to alternative sources for news. "Dangerous things can happen if we keep heading down this path," said Zuri Waldorf, a media studies professor at Harvard. "People might begin to question media narratives. Some might even develop original thoughts. It's frightening."

Posted on: Dec 06 14:14

An email unearthed by parents at an Indiana high school has revealed a districtwide support plan for students undergoing gender transition and a policy to withhold and hide information from students’ parents.

An Aug. 16 email sent by a counselor at Pendleton Heights High School in Pendleton, Indiana, informed teachers that a student had changed genders, provided new pronouns, and said teachers should not inform the student’s parents because they were “not supportive of the decision.” 

A picture taken of the email from counselor McCord to teachers of the mentioned studnet; obtained via a South Madison parent.

The school counselor’s email concluded by telling teachers that if the student wanted to talk, she was to be sent to one of two counselors.

It’s not yet clear what grades or ages in K-12 instruction are covered by the school district’s policy. This particular email from a high school counselor, however, infuriated local parents and teachers. 

Posted on: Dec 06 14:10

In late 2021, Moscow sent Washington and its allies two draft treaties on security guarantees designed to dramatically reduce tensions between Russia and the Western bloc. Weeks later, Kiev massed troops along the contact line in the Donbass and began to intensively shell the region, prompting Russia to kick off a military operation in Ukraine.

The end of the crisis in Ukraine will be achieved through “security guarantees for Ukraine,” not Russia, European Union foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell has said.

“As for Russia, we’ll talk about that later,” the EEU’s top diplomat told attendees of a symposium in Paris on Monday. “The end of this conflict will have to be done in compliance with international legality,” Borrell added, claiming this would include Moscow being made to pay “reparations” to Kiev, face “war crimes” trials, and withdrawing its forces.

Borrell also said that the crisis in Ukraine has solidified its “place in the EU.”

“It is written. History has decided for us,” he said.

Posted on: Dec 06 13:48

Our country may be nearing the conclusion of the most dangerous game of political “chicken” in history. 

We have just experienced the second great election steal in two years. Will the Uni-Party of Democrats and RINOs succeed in evaporating the Red Wave? 

RINO politicians and media are complaining that the conservatives were too lazy to vote in November, but Republicans, Independents and even Democrats turned out in such huge numbers that the cheating had to be so blatant that it is now impossible to overlook. The “big four” shows on FOX, normally famous for exposing Democrat stupidity and corruption, could have focused on the fraud in a different city or state for each segment since the election, but instead have prattled on about every shiny object EXCEPT 2022 fraud. 

Will corrupt legislators, governors and politicians succeed in quashing the protests and legal challenges? 

We are seeing a very disturbing trend where corrupt governments are using the tool of freezing bank accounts in order to punish protests. Canada did this with their truckers’ strike, Brazil is freezing assets of businessmen who supported protesters of their recent election which seems to have been stolen. Will protesters in the United States have their bank accounts seized? 

Posted on: Dec 06 13:47

Three years ago, I bet that 99 percent of my readers had never heard of ORC.  Of course by now almost everyone knows that ORC stands for “organized retail crime”, and it is prompting retailers to permanently shut down stores all over the nation.  Right now, retail theft is happening from coast to coast on a scale that we have never seen in our entire history.  Marauding bands of looters are barging into stores, grabbing as much merchandise as they can possibly carry, and then loading it into their vehicles.  Online marketplaces make it easier than ever to turn stolen goods into cash, and at this point organized retail crime has become a multi-billion dollar business.  As I have repeatedly warned my readers, America is descending into lawlessness.  The thin veneer of civilization that we all depend upon on a daily basis is rapidly disappearing, and if we stay on this path our society will soon be completely unrecognizable.

Every year, organized retail crime gets even worse.  According to Fox Businessthe number of ORC incidents in 2021 was 26.5 percent higher than in 2020…

ORC incidents soared 26.5% on average in 2021, with 81.2% of retailers surveyed reporting “somewhat more” or “much more” ORC-associated aggression and violence year-over-year, according to the survey.

Of course things are even worse here in 2022, and this is particularly true in states where shoplifting laws are very soft.

For example, in Portland some stores are often victimized “more than once a day”

Some of the hot items are perfumes and expensive handbags. Often, stores are victimized daily and sometimes more than once a day. A local pastor whose window looks out on the local Nike store says he sees thieves running out of the store with their arms full of stolen stuff all the time. And the excellent KGW-TV story makes the point that this stolen stuff is not to feed hungry children. It is organized theft. The stuff gets sold online and in flea markets.

Needless to say, it is almost impossible to run a profitable business in such an environment, and many store owners are throwing in the towel.

Posted on: Dec 06 13:39

Leftist billionaire George Soros used his charities to build ties with hundreds of media organizations around the world involved in news and activist media. The journalism and activist media groups Soros supports mold public opinion on practically every continent and in many languages. They also insulate him from inquiry because reporters see him as an ally, not a target for investigation.

The 92-year-old philanthropist’s multimillion-dollar efforts promoting his bizarre “open society” agenda encompass some of the most radical leftist ideas on abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism and LGBT fanaticism. 

His global media clout is massive. An extensive analysis by MRC Business discovered at least 253 news and activist media organizations across the world financed by Soros’ philanthropic organizations. These groups wield massive power over information in international politics. 

Posted on: Dec 06 13:26

Equity investment executive Ed Dowd appeared on Steve Bannon’s “The War Room” recently to discuss excess mortality in the post-Operation Warp Speed age. One of the things he revealed is that deaths among 25-to-44-year-olds increased another 36 percent in August – and this is on top of an 84 percent increase during the final four months of 2021.

Back in March, Dowd released a report highlighting steady increases in excess death rates ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were released on Dec. 14, 2020 – which just so happens to be smack-dab in the middle of the two “Great American Eclipses,” the first having occurred on Aug. 21, 2017, and the second still to come on April 8, 2024.

“This is the biggest crime I’ve seen in the history of my career,” Dowd told Bannon in the new interview. “And it’s the greatest asymmetric information gap I’ve ever seen – meaning we on the War Room know it. You know it. Lots of people know it. Some of the lawmakers I talk to know it. But 90% of the globe has no idea what just happened to them.”

Posted on: Dec 06 13:25

A major new autopsy report has found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after Covid vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. A further two deaths were found to be possibly due to the vaccine.

The report, published in Clinical Research in Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society, detailed autopsies carried out at Heidelberg University Hospital in 2021. Led by Thomas Longerich and Peter Schirmacher, it found that in five deaths that occurred within a week of the first or second dose of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna, inflammation of the heart tissue due to an autoimmune response triggered by the vaccine had likely or possibly caused the death.

Posted on: Dec 06 13:24

A recent Zogby Analytics poll showed that President Trump held a major advantage over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a hypothetical matchup between them in a GOP primary.

Posted on: Dec 06 13:24

Camille Kiefel, 32, had her breasts removed in 2020 to attempt to conform to her gender identity.

According to the New York Post, her breasts were healthy, and there was no medical reason for them to be removed. However, doctors followed her wishes at the time and removed them.

Kiefel says that the doctors approved her request for this surgery after two Zoom meetings, and she feels they overlooked potential mental issues and concerns.

Now, two and a half years later, Kiefel feels like she is in a better place mentally and is suing several people involved in this process. She is seeking to sue the social worker, therapist, and the gender clinics they work for — Brave Space Oregon and Quest Center for Integrative Health. In total, she wants to collect $850,000 in damages.

Posted on: Dec 06 13:23

Journalists, legal scholars, human rights activists, and concerned citizens are calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden administration to put a stop to one of Donald Trump’s most shameful abuses of power.

Trump’s 2019 decision to prosecute publisher Julian Assange was an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment. Commentators decried Trump’s War on Journalism, calling the prosecution of Assange “the biggest threat to press freedom in generations” and noting that the reckless effort to extradite a foreign publisher could “destroy investigative journalism as we know it.”

Sadly, the end of Donald Trump’s presidency didn’t bring with it an end to the War on Journalism he started. Attorney General Garland is continuing to seek Assange’s extradition. The Biden administration’s continuation of Trump’s policy is a stark departure from the policy of the Obama-Biden administration, which determined that Assange’s activities were protected by the First Amendment.

Posted on: Dec 06 13:02

Walmart stores across the U.S. are grappling with an uptick in shoplifting that could lead to higher prices and closed stores if the problem persists, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Tuesday. 

“Theft is an issue. It’s higher than what it has historically been,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“We’ve got safety measures, security measures that we’ve put in place by store location. I think local law enforcement being staffed and being a good partner is part of that equation, and that’s normally how we approach it,” McMillon said.

Walmart isn’t the only big box retailer dealing with an uptick in theft. Last month, Target Chief Financial Officer Michael Fiddelke said shoplifting has jumped about 50% year over and year, leading to more than $400 million in losses in this fiscal year alone. 

Most of the shoplifting is organized retail theft, rather than petty theft, Fiddelke said.

When asked on Tuesday about how local jurisdictions handle shoplifting cases, McMillon said a lax approach from prosecutors could impact prices and lead to store closures down the line. 

Webmaster addition:

Posted on: Dec 06 13:00

Sorry, hipsters.

A recent tweet says it all. “Sam Bankman-Fried: I don’t know where $10 billion went. The Pentagon: We don’t know where $2.2 trillion went. The IRS: You just sent $601.37 don’t forget to report it.”

The Biden administration is recruiting 87,000 IRS agents, allegedly to keep an eye on billionaires. But all appearances are that it’s aiming at the little fish of the gig economy instead.

Taking payments for a side hustle via PayPal or Venmo? Not only is the IRS reminding you those payments are taxable income, it’s deputizing those payment companies to snitch on you.

The federal government can lose trillions, as a recent Pentagon audit noted, and nobody goes to jail. Sam Bankman-Fried can lose billions and (so far at least) be treated as a darling by members of Congress to whom he donated. But you’re expected to keep perfect records, and the corporate/government machine that characterizes early-21st-century American governance will be sure to keep close tabs on you.

Posted on: Dec 06 12:59

Saying anything you like — or refraining from saying whatever you want — is one of the most fundamental rights in a free nation. Without it, the First Amendment is worthless.

This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, the case of Lorie Smith, a Colorado designer who refuses to create websites with messages that conflict with her faith — among them, gay wedding announcements and celebrations. The case not only gives the court the opportunity to strengthen the right to free expression, but to fix its useless Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision, which empowered the government to level debilitating fines against Christian businesses just as long as bureaucrats didn’t openly convey any animus towards their victims.

In The New York Times today, David Cole, the national legal director of the ACLU — which has come a long way since defending the Nazis of Skokie on neutral principle grounds — says “The First Amendment Is Not a License to Discriminate” (before the headline was edited post-publication). Why? Because otherwise, “interior decorators, landscape architects, tattoo parlors, sign painters and beauty salons, among countless other businesses whose services contain some expressive element, would all be free to hang out signs refusing to serve Muslims, women, the disabled, African Americans or any other group.” During Monday’s arguments, Justice Sonia Sotomayor similarly claimed that the case would be “the first time in the Supreme Court’s history” that it would allow a business to “refuse to serve a customer based on race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.”

Webmaster addition: I grew up in an age where business owners reserved the right to refuse service. It was common to see that announcement framed on the wall. A reasonable person, turned down by Lorie, would simply find a more sympathetic web designer. It's not like there is a shortage out there! These lawsuits against web designers and bakers, etc. is an attack on their religious beliefs and personal discretion, to force the "normalcy" of the LGBTQ+ agenda onto everyone.

Posted on: Dec 06 12:56
[The Second Robin Sage exercise is still ongoing (Special Forces candidates to participate in Robin Sage exercise across 25 NC counties) , centered i Moore Co., N.C….so how did the terrorist saboteurs attack and make clean escapes without alerting these OnDuty US Special Forces Units?]
Posted on: Dec 06 12:55

Ground has finally been broken today at two sites in Africa and Australia that will host the Square Kilometer Array Observatory (SKAO), the largest radio telescope in the world.

Construction of the SKA-Mid array, to be located in the Karoo desert in South Africa, and the The SKA-Low array, in Western Australia north of Perth, has begun after 30 years of preparations and a year and a half of preconstruction work that involved selecting the right companies for the job. 

"The SKA project has been many years in the making," Catherine Cesarsky, the chair of the SKAO council, who attended a ground-breaking ceremony at the South African site, said in a statement(opens in new tab). "Today, we gather here to mark another important chapter in this 30-year journey that we’ve been on together. A journey to deliver the world’s largest scientific instrument. After 18 months of intense activities around the world, we are starting construction of the SKA telescopes."

Posted on: Dec 06 12:54
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Posted on: Dec 06 12:46
Former Miami Republican congressman David Rivera was arrested on Monday in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation that possibly includes failing to register as a foreign agent in the U.S. for consulting with Venezuela’s socialist government-run oil company.
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Posted on: Dec 06 12:26
Twitter CEO Elon Musk expressed his gratitude for companies that resumed advertisements on the platform despite a pressure campaign from leftist activist groups.
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Posted on: Dec 06 12:26
The Biden administration has reportedly launched a federal investigation into one of Elon Musk’s companies over allegations that the company may have violated animal-welfare laws.
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Posted on: Dec 06 12:24