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"I offered my opponents a deal: "if they stop telling lies about me, I will stop telling the truth about them"." -- Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952

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The United States is far from a free country as the illusion crumbles more every day. The “Ministry of Truth” is now back online. Leaked documents have revealed that the “paused” Disinformation Governance Board is once again,  back online.

The ruling class continues to make it clear that silencing dissent and keeping the slaves in line is the most important task of any ruler. Government is slavery and it is becoming more and more apparent by the day.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:58

Americans are facing 40-year high inflation and there’s been no shortage of discussion on the topic. It’s the number one issue on the mind of Americans heading into the midterms, and every day on TV and in newspapers pundits are debating how long it will last and deciding who is to blame.

What’s most astonishing amid the flurry of news is just how badly the commentary misses. While there is broad agreement that the US is experiencing dangerously high inflation, partisanship and ideology have polluted basic economics.

Progressive politicians like Robert Reich and Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweet incessantly that “corporate greed” is to blame, an idea even Democratic economists have summarily dismissed. President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has blamed Vladimir Putin. Republicans, on the other hand, have consistently made the case that Joe Biden is the inflation culprit.

All of these explanations are entirely or mostly wrong.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:57

In a recent essay, I explained how over time the US abused its responsibility to control the supply of dollars, the world’s premier reserve currency for settling international trade accounts among nations. This abrogation of its duties is leading to the likely adoption of a new reserve currency, commodity based and controlled not by one nation but by members, all watchful that the currency is not inflated.

Let us continue the analogy of an individual receiving a “magic checkbook” which allows him to write as many checks for as much money as he desires. Receivers of these checks could only pass them along to others through the normal course of trade. Over time the owner of the magic checkbook becomes increasingly irresponsible. He funds all kinds of welfare and warfare initiatives.

Naturally dollar reserves build to levels completely unnecessary for peaceful exchange. Prices start to rise at a faster and faster rate. Then a reform consortium assembles a team to offer an alternative currency. Why, one may ask, is that such a problem for the dollar and dollar users?

Posted on: Nov 11 08:56

While Brazil can count tens of millions of ballots in a matter of hours after any given election, Maricopa County, Arizona is trying its darnedest to make America look like a banana republic - given that most Americans remember entire elections being called in one night up until 2020, hanging chads notwithstanding.

On Thursday, the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors told CNN that it's going to take until "early next week" to count 400,000 ballots.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:55

Opposition to “smart” meters (electric, gas, and water) has been ongoing since utilities worldwide started deploying them over ten years ago.  Problems associated with them include billing errors, cybersecurity risks, fires, explosions, harmful radiation emissions, mechanical issues, and short-life spans.  They are also privacy-invasive.  Nevertheless, proponents continue to laud them as being beneficial to consumers and essential for “energy efficiency” even though studies continue to prove otherwise (see 12).

Of course, utilities worldwide encourage and/or force consumers to accept “smart” meters so they can remotely control consumers’ utility use as well as collect usage data 24/7 and sell it to 3rd parties – sometimes even police departments!  In the UK, complaints about these horrible devices continue to make headlines (see 1234) and recently a journalist recommended that consumers refuse them.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:55

Unlike the high profile crypto-linked blowups earlier this year, JPMorgan believes that there is something different about the ongoing FTX implosion.

First the bad news: as JPM flows and liquidity strategist Nick Panigirtzoglou writes overnight, "given the size and interlinkages of both FTX and Alameda Research with other entities of the crypto ecosystem including DeFi platforms it looks likely that a new cascade of margin calls, deleveraging and crypto company/platform failures is starting similar to what we saw last May/June following the collapse of Terra."

Then again, this is the same Panigirtzoglou who just a few weeks ago was busy praising crypto's nascent recovery. Nothing like a one-off event to totally U-turn your entire thesis.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:54

The first blizzard of the 2022-23 winter season is unfolding across the northern Plains and through the upper Midwest today. 

Parts of North and South Dakota and portions of Montana, Minnesota, and Nebraska are in the storm's path. Some areas could experience more than a foot of snow and snowfall rates of up to 2 inches per hour. 

Posted on: Nov 11 08:52

Democracy was on the ballot, argued Democrats in the run-up to yesterday’s elections. If voters elected Republican governors and a Republican majority in Congress, Democrats and media pundits warned, we could soon see the end of the American system of republican democracy. Those Republicans who denied the outcome of the 2020 election would use their position to help Donald Trump steal the 2024 election, tear up the Constitution, and install himself as dictator-for-life. Or something.

But many Democratic candidates have themselves denied the results of past elections. In November 2002, Al Gore said he “would have won” the presidency had all the votes in Florida been counted, even though in 2001 The New York Times conducted a comprehensive review of all uncounted Florida ballots and found that George W. Bush would have won even had the United States Supreme Court allowed a manual recount of the votes to go forward. In 2005, Democratic Senate and House members objected to the certification of Ohio’s electoral college votes for George W. Bush claiming “numerous, serious election irregularities,” while the losing Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry, claimed that voters were “denied their right to vote; too many who tried to vote were intimidated.” In 2017, House Democrats objected to the 2016 electoral votes, 67 Democrats boycotted the inauguration claiming his election was “illegitimate” and in 2019, Hillary Clinton said the election was “stolen” from her and that Trump “knows” he stole the election and was “an illegitimate president.”

Posted on: Nov 11 08:52

A judge in California on Nov. 9 dismissed charges against the CEO of an election software firm, who prosecutors had accused of being behind “probably the largest data breach in United States history.

Image removed.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon speaks at a press conference in Los Angeles on Dec. 8, 2021. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)


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The Los Angeles Superior Court judge threw out charges of conspiracy and grand theft by embezzlement of public funds against Eugene Yu, the CEO of Konnech, at the request of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.

Konnech did not respond to a request for comment.

The office of Gascon, a Democrat, said the request stemmed from potential bias that it did not detail.

“We are concerned about both the pace of the investigation and the potential bias in the presentation and investigation of the evidence,” Tiffiny Blacknell, a spokeswoman for the office, told The Epoch Times in an email. “As a result, we have decided to ask the court to dismiss the current case, and alert the public in order to ensure transparency.

Gary Lincenberg, an attorney representing Yu, said the dismissal shows that his client is innocent.

Mr. Yu’s good name was tarnished by false narratives from fringe conspiracy theorists who bragged about enlisting Los Angeles prosecutors to further their political agenda. They have since been found in contempt of court and were imprisoned for their contempt. We are grateful that our judicial system still has checks and balances to guard against their dangerous conduct,” Lincenberg said in a statement to The Epoch Times.

He was referring to leaders of True the Vote, who were jailed after refusing to identify a person they described as a confidential FBI informant, but released from jail this week after an appeals court overruled the judge who issued the confinement order.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:50

The US deployed two B-52 bombers to the Middle East on Thursday that were escorted through Israeli airspace by Israeli F-35 fighter jets in the latest show of force aimed at Iran.

According to The Times of Israel, the bombers were on their way back from the Persian Gulf when they met with the Israeli jets. “The flight took place as part of the increasing cooperation with the US military,” the Israeli Defense Forces said in a statement.

US Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees US military operations in the Middle East, said in a press release that it conducted a “Bomber Task Force mission” in the region with two B-52s. It said the bombers came from the Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisianna and integrated with “13 partner nation air forces” while on the mission.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:48

The Department of Defense has announced that it will send Avenger air defense systems and a number of other weapons to Ukraine, bringing US security assistance to Kiev to over $1 billion in the last month alone.

A Pentagon press release issued Thursday says President Joe Biden approved a $400 million weapons transfer to Ukraine. The White House claims it can directly send arms from American stockpiles to foreign governments under the Presidential Drawdown Authority, insisting it requires no congressional authorization for the massive arms shipments. While the military has warned its weapons supplies are dwindling after the White House greenlit 25 rounds of security assistance for Kiev since Russia invaded in February, the aid appears to be set to continue into the foreseeable future. 

The latest weapons package will include four Avenger air defense systems, self-propelled platforms capable of firing Stinger surface-to-air missiles. Boeing assembles the Avenger vehicle, while Raytheon – the former employer of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin – manufactures its munitions. 

Posted on: Nov 11 08:48

A UN special rapporteur on Thursday called for the removal of US and other Western sanctions on Syria as they are having a devastating impact on the civilian population and preventing the country from rebuilding after 11 years of war.

Alena Douhan, a special rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures, made the comments after a 12-day visit to Syria. There she found that sanctions are harming civilians in many ways, including by causing a shortage of medicine and medical equipment.

“In the current dramatic and still-deteriorating humanitarian situation, as 12 million Syrians grapple with food insecurity, I urge the immediate lifting of all unilateral sanctions that severely harm human rights and prevent any efforts for early recovery, rebuilding, and reconstruction,” Douhan told the UN Security Council.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:46

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, along with rising tensions between NATO and Russia, have drawn comparisons to the outbreak of World War I.

In 2014, back when the open hostilities in Ukraine really began, the journalist Eric Margolis said “We can stumble into a war with Russia. This reminds me of 1914 all over again.”

This “stumbling” of course refers to the “sleepwalking thesis of war” that is part of both popular and scholarly narratives of World War I.

The International Relations realist Stephen Walt warned “the West is sleepwalking into war in Ukraine” the day before Russia invaded. The World Health Organization (yes, that one) has warned the world could be sleepwalking into a nuclear war. And the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network is concerned the world might be “sleepwalking into nuclear Armageddon.”

Unfortunately, it’s much worse than that. The United States is marching wide awake toward general nuclear war.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:45

The White House announced Thursday that President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold a meeting on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Indonesia this Monday.

The talks will mark the first in-person meeting between the two leaders since President Biden came into office in January 2021. They are expected to discuss multiple issues, including Ukraine and the simmering tensions between the US and China over Taiwan.

A senior US official said that the meeting was about better understanding each other, but major differences aren’t expected to be resolved. “One of the main objectives is really about deepening their understanding of one another’s priorities and intentions and, where possible, with the goal of reducing misunderstandings and misperceptions,” the official said, according to The South China Morning Post.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:44

I felt it then. I feel far more certain of it now. My dad, who died in 1983, was a member of what came to be known as the Greatest Generation, those who served in World War II. In fact, he volunteered the day after Pearl Harbor (though he was then old enough that he might not have been drafted) and ended up in the U.S. Army Air Corps — there was no separate Air Force in those days — with the First Air Commandos fighting the Japanese in Burma.

And here was the strange thing: though he had souvenirs of that war in his closet, including an old mess kit, a duffle bag filled with papers, his major’s hat, and various wartime badges, and as a boy I was fascinated, he would never really talk about his time at war. The only exceptions were those sudden outbursts of anger because my mother had shopped at a nearby grocery store whose owners, he claimed, had been war profiteers, or later because I had gone to a Japanese restaurant or bought a German car (a Volkswagen). Mind you, I thought I knew all there was to know about his war experience because he used to take me to the war movies of the 1950s where we both watched Americans ever triumphant, ever satisfied, ever glorious — and he never said a word about them, which seemed to validate everything I saw on screen.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:44

The defense sector spent over $101 million on federal lobbying during the first three quarters of 2022 and affiliates of these companies have contributed $17.5 million to members of Congress during the 2022 midterm election cycle as of Oct. 19, a new OpenSecrets analysis found.

Congress is expected to pass the largest Pentagon spending bill in history after the midterm election. A huge share of the potential $858 billion package passed by the Senate Armed Services Committee – which still needs to be approved by both the House and Senate – will likely go to companies in the defense sector. One-third to half of the money allocated to the Department of Defense and related programs went to defense contractors from 2001 to 2020, the Brown University Costs of War Project found

The lion’s share of Pentagon contracts have historically gone to five companies – Lockheed MartinRaytheonBoeingNorthrop Grumman and General Dynamics. These five companies spent $44.5 million of the total $101 million the sector has spent on federal lobbying during the first nine months of 2022.

Aerospace and defense prime contractors –those that bid to work directly with the government on certain contracts – dramatically consolidated from 51 in the 1990s to just these five companies today, according to a February report from the Department of Defense. 

Posted on: Nov 11 08:44

In one of the most disappointing results of Tuesday’s election, a deep-red state voted against a law that would have protected infants born alive during botched abortions.

On Tuesday, voters in Montana rejected Legislative Referendum 131, which would have required that medical treatment be given to infants who survive attempted abortions.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:42

GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters are likely to make large gains as ballots continue to be counted in the Grand Canyon State.

Lake has already overcome a double-digit election night deficit to pull within less than one percentage point of rival Katie Hobbs in the governor’s race.

As of Thursday afternoon, approximately 16,700 votes separated Lake and Hobbs, down from 183,000 on Tuesday night. In the Senate race, incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly leads Masters by roughly 5 percentage points or about 100,000 votes with 70 percent of the vote in.


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Posted on: Nov 11 08:41

Former Trump administration Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke won his race to represent the newly created 1st Congressional District of Montana.

The Associated Press called the race for Zinke Thursday with the former U.S. Navy SEAL defeating Democrat Monica Tranel by 49.7 percent to 46.4 percent or about 8,000 votes.

As of Thursday afternoon, Republicans had won 209 seats of the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives, while the Democrats held 191, according to The New York Times.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:39

Cohen said a poll worker removed two USB sticks from the machine before the results were completely uploaded. Because one has results on it and one does not, officials are unsure of the actual results.

Superior Court Judge David Bauman has given the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections approval to open the machines.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:39

A piece of NASA's fallen Challenger has been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida nearly 37 years after the craft exploded 73 seconds into flight and killing all seven astronauts aboard.

It was found by a History Channel documentary diving crew who shared footage of the find with the American space agency because the 'large humanmade object' was in 'proximity to the Florida Space Coast.'

NASA confirmed it is a segment of the heat shield that was in the nose cone of the Challenger, marking 'the first discovery of wreckage' from 1986 craft in more than 25 years,' History Channel proudly announced on Twitter Thursday.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:21

 Infowars host Alex Jones was temporarily blocked from transferring any assets or spending money other than for ordinary living expenses by the judge overseeing the Sandy Hook defamation trial in Connecticut.

State court Judge Barbara Bellis, who oversaw the case in which a jury last month ordered Jones to pay nearly $1 billion for spreading lies about the 2012 elementary school massacre, issued the freezing order late Wednesday over concerns that he was “looting” his own estate and hiding assets through a series of shell companies owned by family members.

“With the exception of ordinary living expenses, the defendant Alex Jones is not to transfer, encumber, dispose, or move his assets out of the United States, until further order of the court,” Bellis said in the one-page order.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:19

President Joe Biden on Thursday evening said Democrats still have a hope of holding on to the House, with control still in the balance despite Republican gains.

'It's still alive,' he told reporters as he left the White House for a major trip to Egypt and on to Asia for a series of major international summits.

'It's still alive. But it's like drawing an inside straight.'

Posted on: Nov 11 08:19

Climate delegates were accused of hypocrisy after 400 private jets arrived in Egypt for COP27.

Numerous posts on social media criticised delegates for travelling by private jet to the UN climate summit.

Posts and reports included various estimates for the number of such planes bringing delegates to the gathering in the beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:13

Christine Drazan failed in her effort to become the first Republican elected governor in Oregon for 40 years on Thursday evening, when the tight race was called for opponent Tina Kotek.

Millions of dollars in backing from Nike founder Phil Knight and the impact of a former Democrat running as an independent had given Drazan a fighting chance of victory.

But with 86 percent of the vote counted, the Associated Press declared Kotek the winner, making her the second openly gay woman elected governor in the midterms.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:11

A lawyer working for Twitter warns that the social network could face billions in fines from the FTC over potential violations of the consent decree it's been under - resulting from Elon Musk's rapid-fire changes that impact user privacy.  

The note that was posted to the company's Slack and was viewable by all staffers goes on to say that its author has 'heard Alex Spiro (the current head of Legal) say that Elon is willing to take on a huge amount of risk in relation to this company and its users, because ‘Elon puts rockets into space, he’s not afraid of the FTC."'

Since taking the helm of the company, Musk has fired almost half its workforce, ended remote work for the remaining employees, said there was 'no way to sugarcoat' the firm's economic outlook and has gone back and forth with changes to its verification system and Twitter Blue. 

Posted on: Nov 11 08:10

Donald Trump's attorneys urged a court to allow the special master to proceed with reviewing the 11,000 documents seized from Mar-a-Lago, arguing he could experience irreparable damage without the review.

The arguments come as the Justice Department appealed the decision to let special master U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie review the documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

In arguing that the special master's appointment be upheld on Thursday, attorneys James Trusty and Christopher Kise characterized the Justice Department's investigation as 'unprecedented' and as being carried out by 'the administration of his political rival.'

Posted on: Nov 11 08:10

Riots broke out in Athens as thousands of people protested in the Greek capital in response to the soaring inflation rates befalling the country.

Molotov cocktails and rocks were thrown at Greek police on Wednesday as workers went on another general strike, walking off the job for 24 hours to demand pay hikes to alleviate the growing cost of living crisis.

The strike resulted in public transport grinding to a halt, including ferry operations to Greece’s many small islands. Public schools were also shut down and some government hospitals were forced to run at reduced capacity over staffing shortages, Euronews reported.

“We’re demanding an appropriate increase in salaries as our wages have been hit radically by such high energy prices and living costs,” Dimitris Georgiou, a telecoms worker said per The Guardian.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:09

Oil-laden tankers risk being left languishing at sea if insurers do not urgently get clarity on an unfinished G7 and European Union plan to cap the price of Russian crude, two senior industry executives told Reuters.

The Group of Seven (G7), which includes the United States, Britain, Germany and France, agreed in September to enforce a low price on sales of Russian oil.

U.S. officials said the move, which is due to start on Dec. 5, was aimed at allowing it to continue to flow, heading off a potential price shock after total EU bans were ratified in June.

And with just three weeks to go, time is running out to fully convince the shipping services industry it will work.

Posted on: Nov 11 08:07

Russian President Vladimir Putin may take part in an upcoming summit of the G20 grouping of nations in Bali via video link, state news agency RIA said on Thursday, citing the Russian embassy in Indonesia.

As G20 host, Indonesia has resisted pressure from Western countries and Ukraine to withdraw its invitation to Putin and expel Russia from the group over the war in Ukraine, saying it lacks the authority to do so without consensus among members.

"The format of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's participation is being worked out," the agency quoted a diplomat as saying. "It is possible that he will take part in the summit via video conference."

Posted on: Nov 11 07:36