"A lot of people talk about the desirability of a global government, with themselves inevitably at its head, but the truth is a global government has already emerged, one that is the purest expression of democracy possible. The new global government is the people of planet Earth sharing the collective consciousness of the internet, finding out for themselves what they need to know, and then deciding what to do about it. Sadly, along the way, we have been forced to look into a mirror to see the true nature of those who wish to be our leaders and it is not a pretty picture of human nature. We have learned that with precious few exceptions, politicians are all corrupt, corporations sell us useless and often dangerous products, bankers exist to loot us, and the clergy are diddling the little boys." -- Michael Rivero

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Berlin conducts secret negotiations with New Delhi on the purchase of shells for Kiev, the Spiegel newspaper reported on February 26, citing anonymous sources.

The newspaper notes that Germany is negotiating with India on the supply of shells. The deal is being discussed through intermediaries, as New Delhi does not want to spoil relations with Moscow.

Spiegel writes that similar discussions are underway with Arab countries, some of which have large stocks of ammunition. In addition, some Balkan countries and African states also have stocks or the ability to produce them.

According to the estimates of German security services, Ukraine’s stockpile of shells will be sufficient until July but might be depleted earlier.

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On February 26, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of the Norwegian-made NASAMS air defense missile launcher in Ukraine. The Russian military officials provided no details of the attack, but they were soon revealed by the footage from the Ukrainian battlefield.

Unofficial Russian military sources shared a video of the destruction of the NASAMS system, which reportedly took place near the village of Malyshevka in the Zaporozhye region, about 50 km from the frontlines, where heavy battles are ongoing. The launcher was destroyed by Russian Iskander. At the end, fire is clearly seen as a result of the destruction of rocket engines of anti-aircraft missiles and the fuel in them.

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It is ten years, not two years, since the war in Ukraine began. And once you have grasped that, you can begin to think clearly about it. What is Britain’s interest in this conflict? Why do so many in politics and the media cheer for carnage that has devastated Ukraine, the country they claim to love and admire? What has Ukraine gained from it? What can Ukraine and its people possibly gain from it?

I ask only that you use your minds instead of your emotions. Let us begin with what happened ten years ago. It ought to be shocking.

In 2014, Ukraine had a crude but functioning democracy. This worked because the country was pretty evenly divided between its east and its west. Power swung from one side to the other, and in 2010 Viktor Yanukovych won the presidential election with 12.5 million votes, beating his nearest rival, Yulia Tymoshenko, who won 11.6 million.

Unlike the previous election in 2004, nobody seriously disputed the result. So in February 2014, Yanukovych was the lawful head of state, with two years to run.

If we believe, as we all say we do, in democracy, then this is a near-sacred fact. The widespread and justified disgust over the invasion of the US Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, is based on the belief that power rests on ballots, not on force.

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The newly shared footage shows the operations of the Russian Special Forces in the Ukrainian rear areas. The operations included the elimination of the Ukrainian military vehicles, ambushes on the roads used by Ukrainian servicemen and destruction of the groups of Ukrainian saboteurs in the border areas.

Videos of some of these operations were previously shared by some Russian military sources, the others were published for the first time and included footage from the cameras of destroyed Ukrainian servicemen. LINK

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Footage from the frontlines confirmed the destruction of the first American Abrams main battle tank in Ukraine. The tank was destroyed only a day after the Ukrainian military shared a pompous video of the tank riding near the frontlines in the Avdeevka region. Russian soldiers are ruining the myths of the almighty Western equipment.

Confirmed. The first American Abrams MBT with BRAT active armor system was destroyed on the Avdeevka frontlines:

Webmaster addition: Not good! The reactive armor system is supposed to defeat shaped-charge shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons, which is exactly the type of weapon used!

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Ukraine is claiming that several Regions of Western Ukraine (Galicia) are reportedly under Attack from Russian Loitering Munition/“Suicide” Drones were launched by the Armed Forces of Transnistria.

Transnistria is a self-declared independent enclave of Russians in eastern Moldova.  This week, they plan on asking Moscow to ANNEX Transnistria and protect them.

This is taking place because both Moldova and Ukraine have been suggesting / pleading with Transnistria to give Ukraine access to a gigantic Weapons Depot at Cobasna, which was left there by the former Soviet Union, and contains literally YEARS WORTH of ammunition, artillery shells, rockets, missiles and other weaponry.

Transnistria is mostly Russian and they will not give Ukraine access to the Cobasna Weapons Depot because they're Russian and they don't want Ukraine to use those weapons to kill RUssians!

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Moscow’s troops have destroyed the first US-made M1 Abrams main battle tank supplied to Kiev’s forces amid the Ukraine conflict, multiple Russian Telegram channels reported on Monday.

Footage circulating online purports to show the vehicle with a large column of fire rising from its turret. It was reportedly targeted by a FPV suicide drone and sustained at least one hit from a shoulder-mounted anti-tank grenade launcher.

The tank was reportedly hit near the village of Berdychi, located to the northwest of Avdeevka, a key Donbass town recently liberated by Russian forces.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested that West Jerusalem’s forces will soon achieve “total victory” in their war against Hamas once they begin a major ground offensive planned at the southern end of the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s government has faced international pressure to cancel the Rafah campaign because around 1.4 million civilians are taking refuge in the city after being driven from other parts of the Palestinian enclave by Israeli bombardments. Cvilians will be evacuated into previously cleared areas to the north of Rafah before the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) storm Gaza’s last Hamas stronghold, the PM explained

Speaking in a CBS News interview on Sunday, Netanyahu said the offensive in Rafah, Gaza, will be briefly delayed if a temporary ceasefire is negotiated with Hamas, but it will happen sooner or later. “If we don’t have a deal, we’ll do it anyway,” he said. “It has to be done because total victory is our goal, and total victory is within reach – not months away, weeks away, once we begin the operation.”

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov has said that continuing delays in weapons deliveries from Kiev’s Western backers are playing a major role in the loss of troops and ground. 

“At the moment, commitment doesn’t constitute delivery,” Umerov said on Sunday at a forum in Kiev. “50% of commitments are not delivered on time.” He added, “Basically, whatever committed that doesn’t come on time, we’ll lose people, we’ll lose territories.”

Umerov made the comments as Ukraine’s conflict with Russia dragged into its third year amid ammunition shortages and struggles to have a new $60 billion aid package approved by US lawmakers.

Webmaster addition:  "It's all YOUR fault; you aren't sending us enough money!"

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky suspects members of his high command and international partners could be leaking information to Russia, he said on Ukrainian TV on Sunday. This comes amid a worsening battlefield situation for Kiev and ammunition shortages brought about by dwindling military aid from its international sponsors.

Following the failure of Ukraine’s much-anticipated 2023 counteroffensive, Russian forces have started making advances. Last week, Russia captured the city of Avdeevka, which was heavily reinforced by Kiev over the last few years. It was extensively used by Ukrainian troops to shell nearby Donetsk, the capital of Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic.

Zelensky told journalists on Sunday that there will be another counteroffensive. “We have a plan, a clear plan. Several plans will be prepared because of information leaks,” he stated, adding that the fewer people who know about the plans, the better. “The plans for our counter-offensive actions last autumn were on the table in the Kremlin before those counter-offensive actions had even started,” he claimed.

Webmaster addition:  Zelensky is doing too much cocaine and is starting to get paranoid!

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The ongoing protests by Polish farmers against Ukrainian imports have an “obvious Russian trace” behind them, Kiev’s foreign minister, Dmitry Kuleba, has claimed.

Polish activists have been demonstrating at the border with Ukraine for months, blocking shipments of grain and other products. The protesters claim the Ukrainian agricultural sector has an unfair advantage.

Kuleba alleged the border crisis is part of a Russian campaign to undermine Western support for Kiev, as he and other senior officials discussed Moscow’s supposed psychological operations at a forum on Sunday.

Webmaster addition:  I have been saying for years that the attempt to force a global government could result in a global revolution. But of course, they are looking to blame Russia to promote the wear and in any event, the powers that be don't want the serfs to get uppity ideas!


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Here is the tweet by Simon Ateba, the chief White House Correspondent at Today News Africa in Washington.

BREAKING – ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF TUCKER CARLSON: A man has just been arrested in Moscow, accused of being paid by Ukrainian intelligence to plant an explosive device on Tucker Carlson’s vehicle and assassinate the prominent American journalist while he was there to interview… pic.twitter.com/aFg5Qeu7cH

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New research suggests increasing the interval between vaccine doses or using a single dose may significantly lower the risk of heart inflammation caused by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Yet some cardiologists are concerned about asymptotic myocarditis and say any risk of heart inflammation in a population group that’s not at risk of experiencing severe COVID-19 is too much.

In a February peer-reviewed paper published in NPJ Vaccines, researchers in Hong Kong observed a significantly lower cumulative incidence of carditis, or heart inflammation, among adolescents who received their second vaccine dose more than 56 days after their first dose compared with those who received their second dose within 21 to 27 days. A second analysis showed that increasing the time between the first and second vaccine doses decreased the risk of heart inflammation by 66 percent. Researchers compared the risk of carditis between standard and extended interdose intervals in 12- to 17-year-olds who received two doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Among 143,636 adolescents who received at least one dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, 130,970 (91 percent) received a second dose. Approximately 43 percent of these adolescents received their second dose at an extended interval. During the study period, a total of 84 adolescents were hospitalized for conditions related to heart inflammation within 28 days of the second vaccine dose. After implementing exclusion criteria, 49 cases remained and were attributed to COVID-19 vaccination.

The incidence of heart inflammation was higher in males than females.

Claire's Observations:  When I was a kid, playing with my pet dinosaur, the Salk Vaccine came out for polio, and my parents got their shot, and I got mine.  Because ALL the safety protocols had been followed, the shot was both safe and effective; not so with the MRNA jabs. 

And parents of small kids, when your kids are getting other vaccines to prevent childhood diseases, (and YES, some of them can be absolute life-savers)  before you go for that kid's inoculations, please read the literature on line about possible side-effects; some of them are absolute jaw-droppers.  Also, watch out for multiple vaccinations at the same time, and see what the on-line literature says about them, and children's tolerance for them.

Remember; Doctors are taught to always believe what the drug companies tell them, and to never question the safety or efficacy of products they deliver.  IF they do, they can lose their medical licenses and be blacklisted from a profession they love, and in which they excel. Just ask Dr. Mercola!! 

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Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According To Insider; Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower

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by Tyler Durden

Monday, Feb 26, 2024 - 12:45 PM

Two stunning reports have emerged that spell trouble for Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

For starters, Breitbart News reports from multiple sources that the Biden administration "planted a Democrat operative in the Fulton County office to target former President Trump," which according to the report "would present a strong argument that the administration interfered in the 2024 presidential election."

Breitbart News granted the sources anonymity to discuss the attorney’s office for fear of retribution. The sources have direct knowledge of the environment at the District Attorney’s Office, which they characterized as “corrupt.”

The alleged 'plant' in question is Jeff DiSantis - the county's Deputy DA, who not only worked on Willis's 2020 campaign and was the former Executive Director of the Democrat Party of Georgia, he was the DNC's deputy director of compliance.

Sources credit DiSantis with colluding with the White House to target Trump. “DiSantis did this,” one source told Breitbart News about the Trump case. “He’s the one. He is the one pulling all the strings. He was the one that walled her [Willis] off. He was in every important meeting. He is the brainchild behind this. That is the connection to the White House.

One of Breitbart's sources said they are "one hundred percent" sure DiSantis was the inside man that the Biden administration planted in the Fulton County office.

Claire's Observations:  Just when you think the Demonocrat's  Bidenistas could not possibly get any more corrupt, they surprise you yet again!!

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