Trump Derangement Syndrome is still a major problem for some people in media.
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A Colorado baker who refused to make a cake celebrating a “gender transition” has lost an appeal arguing that his decision was protected free speech.
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The creditors in the FTX bankruptcy case are asking that Sam Bankman-Fried and his parents be subpoenaed to determine how much money they have in their recovery efforts.
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This didn’t make any headlines in the mainstream media but the latest GDP report brought ominous news on the economic front.
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The Memphis Chief of Police has warned that the footage of Tyre Nichols being beaten to death by five officers is worse than that of Rodney King.

King was brutally attacked by LAPD officers in 1991, with the acquittal of the officers sparking one of the worst race riots in US history. 

Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis has warned that the footage is the worst she has witnessed in her career. 

She added: 'We are going to see acts that defy humanity, a disregard for life, duty of care and a level of physical interaction that is above and beyond what is required in law enforcement.'

The footage will be uploaded onto YouTube by the police department at 7pm EST - with actions being taken to prepare for violent protests.  

Four of the five Memphis Police officers charged in the death of Tyre have been released on a combined $1million bond after being arrested yesterday. 

Tyre Nichols, 29, died in hospital on January 10, three days after a traffic stop that ended with him being severely injured.

Tyre Nichols is pictured in hospital after the incident. The 29-year-old from Memphis died on January 10 from cardiac arrest and kidney failure, three days after he was pulled over for reckless driving by police in unmarked cars


Tyre Nichols is pictured in hospital after the incident. The 29-year-old from Memphis died on January 10 from cardiac arrest and kidney failure, three days after he was pulled over for reckless driving by police in unmarked cars

TOP L-R: Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III. BOTTOM L-R: Desmond Mills, Jr. and Justin Smith

TOP L-R: Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III. BOTTOM L-R: Desmond Mills, Jr. and Justin Smith

Justin Smith, Desmond Mills Jr, Emmitt Martin III and Tadarrius Bean have all now been released from Shelby County Jail, according to court records.

Webmaster addition: It will be interesting to see the liberals try and twist this into "White Supremacism" or "racism."

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Spain said Wednesday it was ready to send some of its German-made Leopard tanks to bolster Ukraine’s fight against Russia after Berlin granted approval for their European transfers.

“Spain is ready…to deal with our allies in any way necessary, whether that means sending Leopards, training in the use of Leopards or help in their maintenance and upkeep,” Defense Minister Margarita Robles said.

Her remarks came shortly after Berlin said it would send some of its own Leopards to Kyiv and cleared other European nations to send their own stocks to Ukraine.

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Canada will be sending four Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand announced on Thursday….

“Canada will supply Ukraine with four Leopard 2 main battle tanks in the coming weeks. This donation, combined with the contributions of allies and partners, will significantly help the Armed Forces of Ukraine….”

The defense minister added that the tanks will provide soldiers with a tactical advantage due to their “excellent mobility, firepower, and survivability” and that they would allow Ukraine to retake even more of its territory.

The tanks are combat-ready and will be deployed over the coming weeks, Anand said.

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Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Thursday urged the NATO military alliance to toughen its approach to Iran, as Tehran supplies drones to Russia for its war on Ukraine.

“The crisis there goes beyond the boundaries of Ukraine, with the Iranian threat now at Europe’s doorstep,” Herzog said on a visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“The illusion of distance can no longer hold. NATO must take the strongest possible stance against the Iranian regime including through economic, legal and political sanctions and credible military deterrence.”

The figurehead leader became on Thursday the first Israeli president to brief NATO’s main decision-making body.

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Early on the morning of May 2, 1945, General Vasily Chuikov, the commander of the Soviet 8thGuards Army, accepted the surrender of the German garrison of Berlin.

Two days prior, soldiers from the 150th Rifle Division, part of the Soviet 5th Shock Army, had raised the victory banner of the Red Army over the Reichstag. An hour after the banner went up, Adolf Hitler and his mistress, Eva Braun, committed suicide in his study inside the Furhrerbunker.

Chuikov, the hero of Stalingrad whose battered 62nd Army was renamed the 8th Guards Army in honor of their victory in holding that city in the face of a massive German onslaught, had led his troops into the heart of the Nazi capital, battling stubborn Nazi resistance in the Tiergarten district of Berlin, where the den of the Nazi beast was located. The Soviet general was rewarded for the courage and sacrifice of his soldiers by being in position to accept the German surrender.

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A 29-year-old woman was arrested in News Brunswick, New Jersey after allegedly falsifying documents to enroll at New Brunswick High School as a freshman student.
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When it comes to Biden’s mental capacity, conservatives are not the only people who have doubts.
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Back in 1992, which was almost immediately AFTER the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact military alliance all had ended and the word from “on high” in the U.S.-and-allied sphere had not yet come down to the BBC’s management that the Cold War would now continue in order to defeat Russia itself, the BBC produced an historic documentary revealing its interviews with top participants in the CIA’s “Operation Gladio” (run by the CIA and MI6 through America’s NATO) telling how they had organized terrorist acts in and against U.S.-allied European countries.

These terrorist incidents were set up so as to be blamed against communists in those countries, in order to cause the publics there to fear and hate the Soviet Union; and the interviewees spoke with unimpeachable authority about this because they were obviously proud of having done it — they themselves hated communism and hated the Soviet Union. Many of the interviewees were titled aristocrats who had supported Hitler and Mussolini in U.S.-allied European countries, and they described incidents that had become written about in The West’s ‘history’ books regarding the Cold War as having actually BEEN incidents that were organized by the Soviet Union and by its adherents in west-European countries. And here they were now being filmed in interviews proudly telling how they had worked with the CIA and MI6 in order to defeat the Soviet Union in western Europe on the basis of lies and of terrorism that intentionally killed innocents in their own country. Though BBC’s management didn’t yet know that U.S. President G.H.W. Bush had started on 24 February 1990 to inform the U.S.-allied heads-of-state privately, one-by-one, in separate meetings, and in secret, to continue the Cold War now against Russia until Russia itself becomes defeated by the U.S. and its alles, and that NATO must therefore (despite the merely verbal promises they all had made to Gorbachev to the exact contrary) be extended right up to Russia’s very borders, this information did ultimately become known to BBC’s management soon after the documentary was aired; and, so, the documentary isn’t to be found online in the BBC’s online archives, but someone happened to film the documentary from that person’s TV set and this grainy version of it is the one that subsequently became uploaded to youtube and became famous among honest and serious writers about the Cold War — a crucially important surviving primary source-document about the depths to which the U.S./UK Government had sunk in order not only to defeat the Soviet Union up till 1991, but especially in order to take control ultimately over the entire world — on the basis of lies that even to the present day deceive a majority in all publics within U.S./UK-and-allied (i.e., Anglo-American vassal or “colonial”) countries, and, so, into believing that today’s U.S. Government is anti-Nazi like it had been back during WW II when America’s President was the passionately anti-Nazi and anti-imperialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR).

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After the recent arrest of the adult child of Democrat Rep. Katherine Clark for Antifa related crimes in Boston, people have been looking at the far left group and noticing that many of their members are young, white people from privileged backgrounds.
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On the first day of the NATO summit in Madrid, Roscosmos published the coordinates of European capitals and Washington. The department explained that they did this “just in case.”

In addition, satellite images were posted there and stated that they represented “decision-making centers that support Ukrainian nationalists.” Roscosmos considers NATO headquarters in Brussels, the Bundestag building in Berlin, the center of London and Paris, the Pentagon and the White House in the United States, as well as the very venue for the Alliance summit in Madrid, to be such.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the participants in the NATO summit in Madrid on June 28-30 would declare Russia a “threat to peace and stability”, ceasing to consider it as a partner.

He also warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the inadmissibility of unleashing a nuclear war. Stoltenberg called Russia’s nuclear saber-rattling “dangerous and irresponsible.”

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, also spoke about the threat of a third world war on the eve of the NATO summit. He warned that Moscow would regard “any attempt to encroach on Crimea” as a casus belli, and if a NATO country does this, then Russia will have to fight with the entire Alliance.

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Do you remember Marianne Williamson? She is the progressive Democrat who makes Joe Biden look like a conservative.
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Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, who specializes in obesity medicine at Mass General Health in Boston, has been appointed to the Biden’s Administration’s USDA panel which determines diet guidelines.
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The recently launched morning show, “CNN This Morning,” had its smallest audience since it launched among both total viewers and the key demographic.
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The Republican attorneys general from 25 US states have filed a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration's plan to allow retirement fund managers to make 'socially conscious' investment decisions.

The federal suit filed on Thursday in US District Court for Northern Texas seeks to halt the implementation of the Department of Labor rule, which allows private benefit plans to invest in funds focused on environmental, social, or governance (ESG) issues.

The suit alleges the new rule 'undermines key protections for retirement savings of 152 million workers... totaling $12 trillion in assets' in the name of social policies, including addressing climate change.

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It seems like J.K. Rowling can write, tweet, or speak about anything drawing some form of controversy these days.

However, the Daily Caller points out that while some want to yell at Rowling, others see her as a defender of women.

The Daily Caller reports that Rowling has nearly 14 million Twitter followers and tweeted the following message out to those followers:

“Men defining what a woman is, what women should and shouldn’t fear, what women should and shouldn’t say, what rights women should be fine with giving up, and, of course, what constitutes ‘real’ misogyny: get a bloody mirror. That’s real misogyny, looking right back at you,”

The tweet generated a total of 50,000 likes in just a few hours. Rowling was once again on the radar of many who might not otherwise have listened to anything she was going to say.

Rowling has been a longtime critic of the transgender movement. Many members of the transgender movement label her as one of their top opponents at this time. They see her as someone in full opposition to everything they stand for, and they are not afraid to bring this up frequently.

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The National Archives and Records Administration did not meet a deadline that it had to turn over documents to Congress that would have shown if there was any political bias in its handling of an investigation into the current President.

The agency was supposed to report to Congress any findings that it had about the role that political bias might have played in its quiet approach to how it handled the investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents, according to The Blaze.

There are rising fears that the NARA might be treating its investigation into Biden differently than it treated a similar investigation into Trump for similar matters.

Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) wrote to acting Archivist Wall on January 10 about potential political bias in how the agency has treated its investigation of Biden compared to its investigation of Trump. Comer wrote the following about the situation:

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Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza on Friday in response to militant rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave, as tensions rise following the deadliest army raid on the occupied West Bank in years.

The current flare in violence began on Thursday, when Israel launched a raid on the refugee camp of Jenin, killing nine people. In response, rockets were fired from Gaza hours later and blocked by the Iron Dome. Israel then launched air strikes into Gaza, in the early hours of Friday morning. 

'The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is currently striking in the Gaza strip,' an army statement read.

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Just before midnight on Tuesday, DirecTV shut down Newsmax, a move the satellite service portrays as part of a contract dispute. Newsmax and many others don’t see it that way.

“This is a blatant act of political discrimination and censorship against Newsmax,” said Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy. “The most extreme liberal channels, even with tiny ratings, get fees from AT&T’s DirecTV, but Newsmax and OAN [One America News Network] need to be deplatformed.”

Last year, House Democrats Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney pressed cable and satellite providers about their decision to carry Fox News, OAN and Newsmax. The Democrats accused the conservative outlets of serving as “misinformation rumor mills and conspiracy theory hotbeds that produce content that leads to real harm.”

Fox, the most watched cable news channel in 2020,  responded that “For individual members of Congress to highlight political speech they do not like and demand cable distributors engage in viewpoint discrimination sets a terrible precedent.”  Newsxmax responded in similar fashion.

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I don't wanna America in these long, protracted conflicts, Bill.

BILL O'REILLY (GUEST): Well, neither do I, because -- you got to be careful with this. Because you've got an unstable dictator with nuclear weapons. You've got to be careful with this. 

HANNITY: How do -- how do you be careful, Bill? We're gonna give them money. We're gonna give them tanks. We're gonna escalate. And at what point do we say, "We've got nuclear weapons too, Vladimir. If you fire at us, we'll destroy you"? 

O'REILLY: Come on. 

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Earlier today we reported on a Kash Patel op-ed on Daily Caller where he suggested that the recent revelations on Joe Biden’s crimes with classified information all began with the Hunter Biden laptop. 

After an interview on the Joe Hoft Show on TNT radio with John Paul Mac Isaac, this is beginning to make sense. 

John Paul Mac Isaac is the heroic computer store owner whose life changed the day Hunter Biden walked into his store in Delaware requesting help with some laptops he had in tow.  Mac Isaac offered to help Hunter but when Hunter never came back for the one laptop left with Mac Isaac, the laptop became Mac Isaac’s.  Soon after this, Joe Biden decided to run for President and Mac Isaac knew he was in possession of a hornet’s nest.

After Hunter refused to come back and take possession of his laptop the ownership of the laptop became Mac Isaac’s.  At this point, Mac Isaac decided to see all that was on it.  What a revelation he found.

Documents of all sorts were on the laptop as well as seedy pictures and videos and text messages downloaded from Hunter’s phone.

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Scientists are now warning the public that consuming eggs could cause blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

Yes, really.


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Only 10% of the population has gotten the 8-mouse bivalent Covid shot. As I predicted, by splitting the mRNA between two different strains the shots were less effective in responding to either variant, while still generating original antigenic sin and fueling the evolution of variants. Great job, geniuses.

The only people getting these shots are the true believers and the people who cannot avoid them because they are captured by the Pharma state — seniors in long term care facilities, kids who want to go to school, and the disabled.

This announcement (and the meeting tomorrow that will rubber stamp this decision) will make permanent an annual cull of seniors, kids, and the disabled via Covid shots. First they killed off seniors with the flu shot. Then apparently that was not killing enough of them so they developed “high dose” flu shots (that are now given to 80% of seniors) with double the adjuvant and 3x to 4x more antigen. Now they want to accelerate the killing so they will add the Covid clot shot every year until there are no more seniors left. These shots have never actually stopped the flu or Covid (because those viruses mutate too fast and FDA officials have no idea how the immune system actually works).

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White House Democrats have a history of fighting against terror victims suing Islamic terrorists. The Obama administration battled American terror victims suing the PLO. In 2015, after they won a $218 million judgement against the terror group, Blinken, then only a deputy secretary of state, intervened, claiming that the lawsuit threatened “several decades of US foreign policy.”

But now Biden is fighting 9/11 victims on behalf of the Taliban. At stake are billions being held by the Afghan central bank fund in the United States.

A decade ago, 9/11 families sued the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Iran. The court found that the Islamic terrorists were responsible and a judgement of $6 billion was handed down.

The verdict was described as “symbolic” at the time. CBS News commented that “it would be near impossible to collect any damages, especially from the Taliban or al Qaeda.” But that was before Biden turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Since Afghanistan has assets in this country, including $7 billion in bank funds, it’s now entirely possible to collect that money.

Or it would be if the guy who let the Taliban take over wasn’t also in the White House.

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