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"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world." -- Thomas Jefferson, to John Norvell, June 14, 1807

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Bill Gates said he believes the global community must invest in engineered crops using what he calls his “magic seeds” to solve world hunger.

Food aid alone cannot address the problem, Gates said in an essay accompanying the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF) Goalkeepers 2022 Report, released earlier this month.

What is needed, he said, are “magic” seeds that have been genetically engineered to be resistant to hot and dry climates or to grow three weeks faster than natural seeds.

“Temperature keeps going up,” Gates said. “There is no way, without innovation, to come even close to feeding Africa. I mean, it just doesn’t work.”

However, André Leu, organic farming expert, former president of IFOAM Organics International and author of “Growing Life: Regenerating Farming and Ranching,” criticized Gates for calling his genetically modified seeds “magical.”

Posted on: Sep 23 11:33

Just when you thought the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) couldn’t possibly get any worse, they prove you wrong.

Here are two recent COVID-19 booster campaign messages tweeted out by the FDA:

“It’s time to install that update! #UpdateYourAntibodies with a new #COVID19 booster.”

“Don’t be shocked! You can now #RechargeYourImmunity with an updated #COVID19 booster.”

fda recharge your immunty

Posted on: Sep 23 11:32

BBC News (United Kingdom) is on a crusade to stamp out all online references to covid “vaccines” that are negative – including those that use a carrot emoji to bypass social media censors.

BBC is responsible for the removal of a more than 100,000-member Facebook group that routinely showed posts referencing Fauci Flu shots with the carrot emoji since Facebook does not allow the jabs to be mentioned by name.

We are told that BBC flagged the group for review, prompting Facebook to pull it. Now, the group’s 100,000-plus members will have to find a new home to discuss injuries and deaths caused by Chinese Virus injections. (Related: Remember when Facebook was caught cosponsoring an event with Pfizer to celebrate communist China?)

Not only that group but several others were also axed by Facebook, though BBC is now complaining that those groups “have since re-appeared in our searches.”

To see what we mean by the use of the carrot emoji, read the following example, which is a post from one of the now-deleted Facebook groups:

Posted on: Sep 23 11:32

Fed Chair Jerome Powell told reporters back in June that spiking mortgage rates would see the Pandemic Housing Boom fizzle out. In the eyes of Powell, that would be a good thing.

“I’d say if you are a homebuyer, somebody or a young person looking to buy a home, you need a bit of a reset. We need to get back to a place where supply and demand are back together and where inflation is down low again, and mortgage rates are low again,” Powell told reporters at the time.

In the months since, economists have openly questioned what Powell meant by a housing “reset.” Does the Fed simply want buyers to back off long enough to allow inventory to rise? Or does “reset” mean the Fed also wants home prices—which spiked 43% in just over two years—to come down?

On Thursday, CNN business reporter Nicole Goodkind asked Powell to clarify what the housing “reset” means. Here’s his long-winded response.

Posted on: Sep 23 11:31

If heavily armed intruders were trying to break through the door of your home, would you shoot them if they actually succeeded in getting inside?  Most westerners do not realize this, but that is actually how the Russians view the conflict in Ukraine.  They are entirely convinced that this is a life or death struggle with NATO, and almost nightly there is discussion about the possibility of nuclear war on television.  The Russians are deeply scared, and they truly believe that the future of their nation hangs in the balance.  In an existential fight for national survival, there are no limits.  The Russians will do whatever is necessary to ensure the survival of Russia, even if that means causing a global cataclysm.

You may be reading this and thinking that all of this sounds quite silly to you.

But it doesn’t matter what you believe.

What matters is what the Russians believe.

When the Soviet Union broke up, NATO promised that they would not expand eastward and gobble up former Warsaw Pact countries.

But that is exactly what happened.

Posted on: Sep 23 11:28

The Federal Reserve delivered its bluntest reckoning Wednesday of what it will take to finally tame painfully high inflation: Slower growth, higher unemployment and potentially a recession.

Speaking at a news conference, Chair Jerome Powell acknowledged what many economists have been saying for months: That the Fed’s goal of engineering a “soft landing” — in which it would manage to slow growth enough to curb inflation but not so much as to cause a recession — looks increasingly unlikely.

“The chances of a soft landing,” Powell said, “are likely to diminish” as the Fed steadily raises borrowing costs to slow the worst streak of inflation in four decades. “No one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or, if so, how significant that recession would be.”

Before the Fed’s policymakers would consider halting their rate hikes, he said, they would have to see continued slow growth, a “modest” increase in unemployment and “clear evidence” that inflation is moving back down to their 2% target.

Posted on: Sep 23 11:24

This was after a far-left Texas Sheriff “>opened a criminal investigation into Governor DeSantis’s operation of sending illegal aliens shipped to Florida to Democrat strongholds and sanctuary communities like Martha’s Vineyard.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar does not have a problem with Joe Biden and border czar Kamala Harris flying millions of illegal aliens into the country’s interior every single night. He is only upset with the migrants DeSantis is sending to sanctuary communities.

Governor DeSantis pushed back against the garbage lawsuit against him later today.

Posted on: Sep 23 11:23

Another tragic death occurred in Canada on Tuesday when a 19-year-old hockey captain collapsed and passed away mid-game, sparking many online to question whether the league’s vaccine mandate played a role.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 19-year-old Eli Palfreyman, captain of the Ayr Centennials of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League, passed away suddenly during an intermission of a preseason game on Tuesday.

Centennials vice president Brian Shantz responded to the tragedy by relaying that the team is “devastated” and asked, “for your prayers and support for Eli’s family and each of our players.”

According to an account of the young player’s death, it was during the intermission between the second and third period of the game when Palfreyman collapsed in the locker room, prompting those around him to jump in and give immediate medical attention.

Sadly, even with the quick response, the young man passed away.

Posted on: Sep 23 11:23

On Monday, Ukraine slaughtered 16 civilians, including two children, with 155mm NATO shells, according to the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin. The projectiles hit two adjacent neighborhoods, decimating residential and commercial areas – including a market that had previously suffered fatal attacks.

Scenes of death are nothing new for residents and reporters here in Donetsk, which is intermittently the target of Ukrainian attacks, like the one that hit its central region on August 4, killing six people, including an 11-year-old ballerina, her grandmother, and her ballet teacher.

But the carnage on Monday was worse than anything I’ve seen in my months of reporting here. Chunks of flesh littered the street – part of a hand, a foot, an ear. Someone had put a dead man’s phone on his stomach. It was ringing, the cheery ringtone incongruous with his lifeless body and the scenes and stench of death around him.

For most people, the concept of war is a distant one, and deaths are normalized by media reporting the numbers of victims and destroyed buildings – so most who hear of civilians being killed don’t really understand what a scene like this looks or smells like.

For the locals, it is also normalized, in its own way, after over eight years of Ukrainian attacks – a tragically grotesque kind of normality, where the post-bombing routine starts soon after the last explosions die down.

Posted on: Sep 23 11:21

Steve Deleonardis, A.K.A. “Steve Will Do It” from the Nelk Boys and Full Send podcast has announced that he is exclusively joining Rumble’s free speech platform after being deplatformed on Youtube.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 23 10:19

China’s friend in the White House, Joe Biden, cancelled Trump’s program to prevent Chinese spying.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 23 10:18

Fetterman is running against Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz in the 2022 US Senate race in Pennsylvania.

Posted on: Sep 23 10:18
Posted on: Sep 23 10:10

Fearing the development of bioweapons by U.S. enemies in the wake of 9/11, then-Vice President Dick Cheney paved the way for Dr. Anthony Fauci's little known rise in 2004 to the top of the nation's biodefense research apparatus, relates journalist Ashley Rindsberg in a new article at "

"In the aftermath of 9/11, and even slightly before 9/11, when the Bush administration came to power, Dick Cheney was especially looking to create a biodefense strategy," Rindsberg said on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Ashley Rindsberg: How the repeated misreporting of the New York Times has influenced American foreign policyAshley Rindsberg: How the repeated misreporting of the New York Times has influenced American foreign policy

"And Cheney was very concerned about this," Rindsberg continued. "Bush was more concerned on the natural outbreak pandemic front, but Cheney was really thinking about how about the potential of enemies of the United States weaponizing biology, weaponizing viruses."

As a result of this, Cheney and Bush funded a huge infrastructure with a vertically integrated power structure and placed Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, at its pinnacle.

Posted on: Sep 23 10:06

Multiple military intelligence offices have paid a data broker for access to internet traffic logs, which could reveal the online browsing histories of U.S. citizens, Sen. Ron Wyden said in a letter Wednesday, citing an anonymous whistleblower that had contacted his office.

At least four agencies within the United States Department of Defense, including the Army and Navy, have collectively spent at least $3.5 million on a little-known data monitoring tool with the reported ability to provide access to vast swaths of email data and web browsing activity. Team Cymru, the Florida-based cybersecurity firm behind the tool, claims its product provides customers with a “super majority of all activity on the internet” and “visibility” into more than 90% of internet traffic.

Posted on: Sep 23 10:01

New Jersey – A beloved father was found dead inside of a kettle cooker at a Lassonde Pappas plant on Monday.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 23 09:53

The attorneys representing Ghislaine Maxwell fired the convicted sex trafficker for failing to pay nearly a million dollars in legal fees.

Posted on: Sep 23 09:51

Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), the top republican on the House Judiciary Committee, accused the FBI on Monday “deliberately manipulating the way case files are logged to create a “false and misleading” narrative about the prevalence of domestic violent extremism in the United States” based on whistleblower claims.

Posted on: Sep 23 09:48

Revealed: The Real Reason Hunter Biden Was Booted From The Navy

Breitbart has released a movie about Hunter Biden, including several fact-based events from his life.

Interestingly, it also tells us why he got kicked out of the Navy. Surprisingly, his claims that it was his life’s honor to serve our country aren’t backed up by his actions. Check out what really happened, as revealed in this new movie, My Son Hunter. The film was directed by Robert Davi, famous for movies like Goonies, License to Kill, and Die Hard.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, “Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2014.” Hunter had secured two waivers to join the Navy Reserve part-time at 43. Unfortunately, his brief military career ended “after testing positive for cocaine.

Posted on: Sep 23 09:46

Special Master Raymond Dearie on Thursday asked President Trump’s lawyers to prove the FBI planted evidence during its raid of Mar-a-Lago in August.

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Posted on: Sep 23 09:43

 Joe Biden and Democrats like to lie about the “five police officers” who were killed by Trump supporters on January 6.

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Posted on: Sep 23 09:42

Kamala Harris on Thursday lashed out at Republican lawmakers working to make elections more secure.

Posted on: Sep 23 09:41

Bombshell allegations by FBI Special Agent Steve Friend contained in a whistleblower complaint filed late Wednesday with the Department of Justice inspector general reveal a politicized Washington, DC, FBI field office cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of domestic terrorism, and ­using an “overzealous” January 6 ­investigation to harass conservative Americans and violate their constitutional rights.

Friend, 37, a respected 12-year veteran of the FBI and a SWAT team member, was suspended Monday, stripped of his gun and badge, and escorted out of the FBI field office in Daytona Beach, Fla., after complaining to his supervisors about the violations.

He was declared absent without leave last month for refusing to participate in SWAT raids that he believed violated FBI policy and were a use of excessive force against Jan. 6 ­subjects accused of misdemeanor ­offenses.

This American hero, the father of two small children, has blown up his “dream career” because he could not live with his conscience if he continued to be part of what he sees as the unjust persecution of conservative Americans.

Posted on: Sep 23 09:39

This is at an EV charging station in California.

Posted on: Sep 23 09:38