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In a financial landscape raising red flags, a staggering $929 billion of the $4.7 trillion commercial mortgages, held by lenders and investors, are looming over 2024. The Mortgage Bankers Association's data signals a potential storm, reflecting the urgency of massive repayments.

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The Pentagon said on Saturday that a high altitude balloon being monitored by the military as it floats across the United States is a hobby balloon and not another Chinese spy balloon. 

The Department of Defense told CBS News that a balloon flying across the Western United States at altitudes of between 43,000 to 45,000 feet was just a “hobbyist” balloon. Previously the Department said that the balloon was not believed to be a threat but that it would continue tracking the craft after the balloon’s presence was reported on Friday. 

North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) fighter jets flew out to the craft and found it “not maneuverable,” saying that it was not a “threat to national security.” The balloon was reportedly made of Mylar and is carrying a small box. 

Webmaster addition: Sounds like a weather balloon!

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) slammed President Joe Biden in a letter on Saturday and demanded answers about an illegal alien who is accused of murdering a young college student in his state this week.

Police arrested 26-year-old illegal alien Jose Antonio Ibarra on Friday in connection with the murder of 22-year-old University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley.

Ibarra was charged with “malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call and concealing the death of another,” law enforcement said at a press conference.

Ibarra, a Venezuelan national, illegally came into the U.S. through Texas back in 2022 as one of the millions who have stormed across the southern border as part of the illegal immigration crisis that Biden caused.

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Republican lawmakers called for President Joe Biden to shut down the southern border after an illegal immigrant was arrested for the murder of a 22-year-old nursing student, according to reports. 

Venezuelan  Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, was arrested on Friday for the murder of Laken Hope Riley, a student at the University of Georgia. Ibarra illegally crossed into the United States through El Paso, Texas, in September 2022 before being released due to lack of detention space, according to Department of Homeland Security sources who spoke with NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley. 

Riley was found dead on Thursday after going out on a jog in a wooded area on the University of Georgia campus. Blunt force trauma was the reported cause of death.

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Nearly 60% of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s performance while nearly 70% disapprove of his handling of immigration, according to recent polling. 

In polling conducted from February 1-20, Gallup found that 59% of Americans disapprove of Biden while just 38% approve. The polling found that he is underwater on key issues like immigration, foreign policy, and the economy as he mounts a re-election campaign. 

“Americans’ approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance has edged down three percentage points to 38%, just one point shy of his all-time low and well below the 50% threshold that has typically led to reelection for incumbents,” Gallup reported on Friday. “Biden’s approval rating has not risen above 44% since August 2021, and his 39.8% average rating for his third year in office was the second worst among post-World War II presidents elected to their first term.”

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On Friday, trans-identified male Scarlet Blake, 26, was found guilty by the Oxford Crown Court of murdering Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, in July 2021.

According to Sky News, Blake live streamed himself skinning a cat and placing it in a blender after watching the Netflix documentary "Don't F*** With Cats just four months before he killed Carreno.

During the trial, prosecutor Alison Morgan said that Blake had a "disturbing interest in what it would be like to harm a living creature." They added, "She [Blake] described herself to others as being someone who derived sexual gratification from the thought of violence and the thought of death."

In the CCTV footage of the killing, Blake is seen walking up to Carreno wearing a mask before hitting him over the head and strangling him. The investigation was launched after Blake's former partner Aslynn Bell reported to detectives that he had confessed to the murder and used a homemade garrote to do it.

"He died because he encountered the defendant on that night," Morgan told the jury. "He died because he met a person who had a fixation with violence and with knowing what it would feel like to kill someone."

Blake confessed to the killing of the cat but, claimed that Carreno was still alive after the assault and that he made up the details to impress Bell. "I told Ashlynn that I killed that person, I made up the details in a dramatic way," he said.

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A recent poll showed that a vast majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden is not fit for the presidency following a number of verbal stumbles and the release of special counsel Robert Hur’s report regarding Biden’s alleged retention of classified documents. The latest poll is one in a series that shows significant concern among the public regarding whether or not Biden was too old or unhealthy for the White House.

According to the recent Quinnipiac poll, two-thirds of American voters believe that Biden’s age could limit his ability in a possible second term. Only 34% said that they were confident in the president’s mental fitness. Another 35% said the same about Biden’s physical fitness.

However, the news appeared to be worse for Biden as 60% said that they believed that Trump was physically healthy enough for the job.

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A group of Michigan voters expressed their disappointment and regret for voting for Joe Biden in 2020 and said they won’t make that same mistake again.

MSBNC had assembled several Biden voters into a panel to gauge how they still feel about him heading into the 2024 election — and their responses were not encouraging for Democrats.

“Is there a path forward for you with Biden?” the MSNBC host asked a female voter.

“Oh, absolutely not. You cannot keep killing people with our money,” she replied, citing Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

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Data scientist David Rozado presents his complete collection of Google Gemini 17th Century physicists.

He thinks the one in the lower right corner might be reminiscent of a European physicist like Galileo, who looked like this. But the other 48 definitely do not.

Rozado writes:

… when having to choose between historical accuracy and diversity/inclusion, Google’s Gemini prioritizes the later, at least for the particular case above.

Jonathan Haidt has spoken previously about the tension between truth and DEI in situations where they inexorably conflict (like the example above illustrates). A critical societal issue derived from such tension is who gets to decide how present and future AI systems knobs are adjusted in regard to this trade-off.

I think most people would agree that a self-anointed group of elites making those decisions is probably sub-optimal. A more promising alternative might be personalized AI systems where individual users can adjust the knobs themselves and decide for instance how much accuracy/truth they are willing to sacrifice in favor of AI outputs conforming to certain normative values.

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Harvard’s Plagiarism Problem Multiplies

Harvard has a plagiarism problem. At the beginning of the year, Claudine Gay resigned as university president following a plagiarism scandal. Weeks later, the Washington Free Beacon published a report indicating that Harvard’s chief diversity officer, Sherri Ann Charleston, apparently plagiarized passages in multiple academic papers.

Now allegations have emerged that another Harvard DEI administrator, Shirley Greene, of Harvard Extension School, plagiarized more than 40 passages of her 2008 dissertation, “Converging Frameworks: Examining the Impact of Diversity-Related College Experiences on Racial/Ethnic Identity Development.” According to the Harvard directory, Greene is a Title IX coordinator affiliated with the Office for Gender Equity. She has worked to advance “Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging,” and hosted a panel on “The Past, Present, and Future of Juneteenth” in conjunction with the DEI department. (Harvard did not respond to an emailed request for comment.)

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The last time we checked on the strain of avian flu (i.e., “bird flu) sweeping across the globe, Northern California poultry farms had been hit hard, the elephant seal pup population in Venezuela wiped out, the first penguin infections were reported, and two people seriously infected by H5N1 in Cambodia.

Furthermore, research indicates the virus has mutated to target the brains of mammals.

You are likely thinking that responsible scientists would focus on looking for cures rather than mutating the pathogen into something worse.


How 2019 of you!

The US government is spending $1million of American taxpayer money to fund experiments on dangerous bird flu viruses in collaboration with Chinese scientists.

The research involves infecting ducks and geese with different strains of viruses to make them more infectious, and study the viruses’ potential to ‘jump into mammalian hosts,’ according to research documents.

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