"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." -- Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death

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Ambassadors from European Union member states should be expelled from Russia, former President Dmitry Medvedev has said, citing their refusal to discuss election meddling with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“Ambassadors of the EU states to Russia declined a meeting with the Russian minister of foreign affairs. Allegedly, following some advice from Brussels,” Medvedev wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday. “This goes totally against the very idea of [the] existence of diplomatic missions and assignments of ambassadors.”

“All these ambassadors should be kicked out of Russia, and the level of diplomatic relations should be demoted,” Medvedev, who is currently the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, wrote. He slammed the EU diplomats as “political imbeciles who do not comprehend their real tasks.”

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My lead for this story will make some of you spit your morning coffee all over your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, so put down your cup or suffer the consequences. Uh-hum. Now, get this. The New York Times’s Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz are convinced the CIA is a “nurturing” spy agency. Stop laughing. This is for real. It’s serious. It’s also ludicrous, of course.

According to the reporters, Ukraine soldiers are being coddled, hugged, urged forward, and protected not by the billions of dollars and euros America and the EU are providing in weapons and bribes but by the Central Intelligence Agency. Yes, the mother of all lying, cheating, and killing organisations has set up camp in bunkers across the Russian front in Ukraine. As the NYT’s story reveals, Mommy Dearest in Langley has built a “network of secret spy bases along the Russian border” since 2014 (Operation Goldfish). Or, in other words, everything we alternative media analysts have been saying all along is out in the open.

The interesting thing for me (and I hope some of you) is that Russia’s Vladimir Putin alluded to the CIA and a “deep state” running U.S. presidents in his interview with Tucker Carlson some days ago. I won’t elaborate here, but Putin gave examples of American chief executives changing course after consultation with “whoever” it is standing behind the curtain. The Wizard of Oz comes to mind for a plethora of reasons. Returning to the referenced story, it also gave us this:

“Since 2016, the CIA began training an elite Ukrainian commando force — known as Unit 2245 — which captured Russian drones and communications gear so that CIA technicians could reverse-engineer them and crack Moscow’s encryption systems.”

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Multiple reports are coming in about heavy explosion sounds coming from the area of the Kerch Strait Bridge between mainland Russia and Crimea. The Bridge is now closed to traffic for "missile alert."

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The European Union has run out of gunpowder to create ammunition for Ukraine because the resources for its Gunpowder production were imported from China.

Here in the U.S., we have very much reduced ability to manufacture Gunpowder because the ENVIRONMENTALISTS whined that gunpowder production harmed the environment.   We are even far worse-off because many of those same ENVIRONMENTALISTS, demanded -  and got 00 the shut-down of lead Foundries, so we can no longer smelt lead to form . . . . bullets.

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Across Western and Central Europe, farmers are demonstrating. First in the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Romania, now in Spain, France, Germany and Poland. This continent-wide uprising is against the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

When the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community was signed in 1957, the six founding member states (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany) accepted the principle of the free movement of goods. They thus prohibited any national agricultural policy.

To guarantee farmers’ incomes, they set up a common agricultural policy. Depending on the Member State, EU aid is paid to the regions, which then distribute it to farmers or directly to farmers (as in France). This is known as the "First Pillar". In addition, the European Commission sets production standards to improve the quality of life of rural populations and their products. This is the "Second Pillar".

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Climate czar John Kerry will be leaving his Biden administration role this week.

According to The Hill, Kerry's last day as special presidential envoy for climate will be Wednesday. However, a White House spokesperson declined to share additional information on Kerry's next steps.

Kerry said in January that he would be “shifting” to work on the 2024 election. The Hill also reports Kerry is expected to do work with Yale University.

During a recent event at the Council on Foreign Relations, Kerry said that though he was leaving the post of climate envoy, “I am not leaving the climate fight.”

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A three-judge panel in Austin ruled in favor of Texas over an immigration enforcement dispute at the southern border with the Biden administration.

The 5th Circuit judges from Texas' Western District granted a seven-day administrative stay on a lower court's ruling intended to block Texas Senate Bill 4 (SB 4). SB 4 empowers Texas authorities to arrest and jail illegal immigrants and give state judges the power to authorize deportations. (RELATED: Texas Forces Cross Rio Grande, Cartel Members Flee)

It remains to be seen if the Biden administration will appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

Webmaster addition:  Yes, Biden has appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court, which has issued a temporary stay.

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NBA legend Charles Barkley threatened to punch any black person in the face if he saw them “walking around with Trump’s mugshot.”

Barkley made the remarks during an interview with CNN anchor Gayle King on Monday.

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The freedom to say whatever we want is one of the most fundamental rights in a free society.  If we are not free to speak up, it is is just a matter of time before all of our other rights are taken away as well.  So it should deeply alarm all of us that free speech is under attack like never before.  Much of the population has become convinced that “hate speech” is a special class of speech that does not deserve protection.  Of course in practice “hate speech” ends up being whatever forms of expression that the leftist elite hate.  That is why “hate speech” laws are always written so vaguely.  That way they can be used to go after whoever the leftist elite feel like going after at the time.

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Is Tehran Winning the Middle East?

How the Gaza Conflict Made Democracy’s Name Mud for Millions

by Juan Cole

In the midst of Israel’s ongoing devastation of Gaza, one major piece of Middle Eastern news has yet to hit the headlines. In a face-off that, in a sense, has lasted since the pro-American Shah of Iran was overthrown by theocratic clerics in 1979, Iran finally seems to be besting the United States in a significant fashion across the region. It’s a story that needs to be told.

“Hit Iran now. Hit them hard” was typical advice offered by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham after a drone flown by an Iran-aligned Iraqi Shiite militia killed three American servicemen in northern Jordan on January 28th. The well-heeled Iran War Lobby in Washington has, in fact, been stridently calling for nothing short of a U.S. invasion of that country, accusing Tehran of complicity in Hamas’s October 7th terrorist attack on Israel.

No matter that the official Iranian press has vehemently denied the allegation, while American intelligence officials swiftly concluded that the attack on Israel had taken top Iranian leaders by surprise. In mid-November, Reuters reported that Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei informed a key Hamas figure, Ismail Haniya, that his country wouldn’t intervene directly in the Gaza war, since Tehran hadn’t been warned about the October 7th attack before it was launched. He actually seemed annoyed that the leadership of the Hamas paramilitary group, the Qassam Brigades, thought they could draw Tehran and its allies willy-nilly into a major conflict without the slightest consultation. Although initially caught off-guard, as the Israeli counterattack grew increasingly brutal and disproportionate, Iran’s leaders clearly began to see ways they could turn the war to their regional benefit — and they’ve done so skillfully, even as the Biden administration in its full-scale embrace of the most extreme government in Israeli history tossed democracy and international law under the bus.

The gut-wrenching Hamas attacks on civilians at a music festival and those living in left-wing, peacenik Kibbutzim near the Israeli border with Gaza on October 7th initially left Iran in an uncomfortable position. It had allegedly been slipping some $70 million a year to Hamas — though Egypt and Qatar had provided major funding to Gaza at Israel’s request through sanctioned Israeli government bank accounts. And after decades of championing the Palestinian cause, Tehran could hardly stand by and do nothing as Israel razed Gaza to the ground. On the other hand, the ayatollahs couldn’t afford to gain a reputation for being played like a fiddle by the region’s young radicals and so drawn into conventional wars their country can ill afford.

The Adults in the Room?

Despite their fiery rhetoric, their undeniable backing of fundamentalist militias in the region, and their depiction by inside-the-Beltway war hawks as the root of all evil in the Middle East, Iran’s leaders have long acted more like a status quo power than a force for genuine change. They have shored up the rule of the autocratic al-Assad family in Syria, while helping the Iraqi government that emerged after President George W. Bush’s invasion of that country fight off the terrorist threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). 

In truth, not Iran but the U.S. and Israel are the countries that have most strikingly tried to use their power to reshape the region in a Napoleonic manner. The disastrous U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, and Israel’s wars on Egypt (1956, 1967), Lebanon (1982-2000, 2006), and Gaza (2008, 2012, 2014, 2024), along with its steady encouragement of large-scale squatting on the Palestinian West Bank, were clearly intended to alter the geopolitics of the region permanently through the use of military force on a massive scale.

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A classified diplomatic cable obtained by The Grayzone reveals the role of a veteran CIA officer in violently overthrowing Haiti’s popular President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004. 

A spectacular jailbreak in Gonaïves, Haiti in August 2002 saw a bulldozer smash through the local prison walls, allowing armed supporters of Amiot “Cubain” Métayer, a gang leader jailed weeks earlier for harassing Haitian political figures, to overrun the facility. Métayer escaped, as did 158 other prisoners. Among them were perpetrators of the April 1994 Raboteau massacre, which left dozens of Haitians dead and displaced. The victims were supporters of popular anti-imperial President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Documents released to The Grayzone under FOIA – no doubt unintentionally – reveal that the jailbreak was part of a complex US intelligence operation, aimed at undermining Aristide’s presidency. At the heart of this operation was Janice L. Elmore, a CIA operative working under cover as a Department of State “Political Officer” in the Port-au-Prince US Embassy at the time.

The breakout set in motion a violent regime change campaign, which ultimately ousted Aristide from office on February 29 2004. After being deposed and flown to South Africa, Aristide claimed to have been “kidnapped” by US forces and directly accused Washington of orchestrating the plot. His nation quickly transformed into a despotic failed state, as ruthless paramilitaries ran roughshod over the population. US Marines and later UN troops were deployed to “keep the peace,” which, in practice, meant violently cracking down on not only armed anti-coup militants but also outraged demonstrators and civilians.

In 2022, the former French ambassador to Haiti admitted that France and the US did, in fact, orchestrate the “coup,” which he acknowledged was “probably” due to Aristide’s repeated demands that Haitians be returned the $21 billion in reparations they’d forcibly paid their former slave masters in Paris since 1825. The former ambassador told the New York Times that with Aristide in exile, “it made our job easier” to undermine Haitians’ demands for a refund.

US officials have repeatedly denied any involvement in Aristide’s overthrow, claiming they only intervened afterwards to restore order. But the secret diplomatic cable obtained by The Grayzone tells a very different story

Claire's Observations:  Imagine my (absence of) shock, upon learning this!

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On Monday, Idaho’s state Senate passed the Defend the Guard Act, legislation that would prohibit the deployment of the state’s National Guard to a combat zone without a declaration of war from Congress, as required by the Constitution.

The bill was introduced in January by Sen. Ben Adams and passed in a vote of 27-8. It now heads to the state’s House of Representatives for consideration.

Idaho’s Senate is the third state legislature to approve the Defend the Guard Act. “This is the third legislative body to pass Defend the Guard this year, following New Hampshire and Arizona,” Bring Our Troops Home, the group behind Defend the Guard, wrote on X.

Defend the Guard is a national movement to rein in the federal government’s ability to wage war by restricting the deployment of the National Guard to dangerous combat zones.

Visit Defendtheguard.us to see if the Defend the Guard Act has been introduced in your state. Click here to volunteer for phone banking to help get the legislation passed in states where it has been introduced.

Military.com reported in 2015 that “Guard and Reserve units made up about 45 percent of the total force sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and received about 18.4 percent of the casualties.”

Claire's Observations:  God Bless the states which have passed this law;, now you wonder how the Dementocrats in Congress are going to try to "weasel word" around it, to force deployments to places the US government wants to conquer, or "weaken", as was the rationale for supporting Ukraine against Russia (Spoiler alert; this is going horrifically , even with NATO involvement!!)

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US Special Envoy Amos Hochstein said on Monday that a truce in Gaza will “not necessarily” extend to Lebanon as Israel and Hezbollah continue to trade fire across the border.

“It does not necessarily happen that when you have a ceasefire in Gaza, it just automatically extends,” Hochstein said after meeting with Lebanese officials in Beirut.

Sources close to Hezbollah have said they would likely halt attacks on Israel if there were a truce in Gaza, but Israel has sent the opposite message. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant threatened Israel would escalate attacks in Lebanon if a temporary ceasefire was reached in Gaza as part of a hostage deal.

Hochstein, who was born in Israel and served in the Israeli Defense Forces, has been tasked with brokering a deal between Israel and Hezbollah. But the US does not directly talk with Hezbollah, and the Lebanese government has not been happy with proposals put forward by the US and France, which call for Hezbollah to withdraw from the Israeli border but don’t include any Israeli concessions.

Claire's Observations:  Hochstein's presence, as Special US Envoy, is just window dressing, as the prelude to a severe conflict between Hezbollah and the IDF. 

 He is simply there as "virtue signaling" to the Lebanese government , that the US is TRYING to make something positive happen, when it is in fact Israel, which will give no concessions.

I would probably guess that this Sunday, 10 March, the beginning of Ramadan, is when all hell is going to break loose from the IDF side, on both the Lebanese border, and inside Rafah.  That is their deadline for a deal, totally on Israel's terms, which  must be met, or else.....

And of course, we now have Palestinian children, starting to die of malnutrition, which the Israeli government loves;  it saves the IDF on bullets and bombs!!!!

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UNICEF Warns Child Deaths in Gaza Due to Israeli Siege Will ‘Increase Rapidly’

At least 16 Palestinian children have starved to death in recent days by Dave DeCamp March 4, 2024 at 3:33 pm ET Categories NewsTags Gaza, Israel

At least 16 Palestinian children have starved to death in the Gaza Strip over the past few days due to the US-backed Israeli siege, and the UN’s child relief agency is warning that the number of child deaths will “rapidly increase” if conditions don’t immediately change.

“Last week, we warned that an explosion in child deaths was imminent if the burgeoning nutrition crisis wasn’t resolved,” said Adele Khodr, UNICEF’s director for the Middle East and North Africa. “Now, the child deaths we feared are here and are likely to rapidly increase unless the war ends and obstacles to humanitarian relief are immediately resolved.”

The latest Palestinian child reported to die of hunger was Yazan al-Kafarna, a 10-year-old with cerebral palsy who was in the al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah. Fifteen children have also died of malnutrition and dehydration at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza.

The UN has previously warned that Gaza’s entire population of about 2.2 million people is facing “crisis” levels of food insecurity, and at least 576,000 Palestinians in Gaza are “facing catastrophic levels of deprivation and starvation.”

Despite the dire situation, the State Department reaffirmed on Monday that it will continue to provide military assistance for Israel’s genocidal war. The US is still not pushing for an immediate ceasefire or using military aid as leverage over Israel to allow more aid trucks into Gaza. Instead, the US dropped aid out of planes over the weekend, a move criticized by aid groups as a public relations ploy since the amount was just a drop in the bucket of what’s needed in Gaza.

Claire's Observations:  Please understand that it is your tax dollars, funding the bombs the IDF is using for this genocide. Also, the Israeli government :LOVES it, when Palestinians die of malnutrition and disease; it means those bombs and bullets go further in enabling this genocide.

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?!?

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German Military Leak Reveals British Soldiers Are in Ukraine Helping Fire Storm Shadow Missiles

German military officers were also discussing how Taurus missiles could destroy the Kerch Bridge by Dave DeCamp March 4, 2024 at 1:26 pm ET Categories NewsTags Germany, Russia, Ukraine

British soldiers are “on the ground” in Ukraine helping Ukrainian forces fire Storm Shadow missiles, according to a leaked recording of a conversation between German military officers that was published by Russian media.

Germany confirmed the authenticity of the recording, and the British did not dispute the claim. The UK confirmed last week that it had a “small number” of troops inside Ukraine who are “supporting the armed forces of Ukraine.”

The UK first started shipping Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine last year, which marked a significant escalation of NATO support since they have a range of 155 miles, further than any other NATO-provided missile. France has also provided Ukraine with a French variant of the Storm Shadow, known as the Scalp missile, but doesn’t have troops helping with targeting on the ground, according to the leaked recording.

In the recording, Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz, the head of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe), described how the British assist Ukraine. “When it comes to mission planning, I know how the English do it, they do it completely in reachback. They also have a few people on the ground, they do that, the French don’t.”

Claire's Observations:  Well, isn't THAT just special!!  Members of NATO, claiming NO COMPLICITY WITH UKRAINE on the ground, HAVE COMPLETE COMPLICITY WITH UKRAINE ON THE GROUND!!

And folks, the problem is not that the recording exists, but that it documents that NATO has been doing this all along, while publicly stating they have not.

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Allen says:

“I want you to listen very carefully. This is very, very important. In fact, it’s the key to understanding the world that we’re living in right now in the United States of America. Nothing that is happening can make sense to you unless you understand one thing. And this is something that you are forbidden from believing. Alright, this is the key to everything. Are you ready? The Democrats stole the 2020 election. They cheated! Alright, if you believe that, you can understand what’s going on. You have a lens to comprehend the world that we’re living in—the insanity. But if you don’t believe it, nothing makes sense.”

Allen explains that when the Democrats started prosecuting Trump, “what they thought was gonna happen is that the American people were going to abandon Trump.”

He points out that “…it didn’t. It had the opposite impact. It backfired on them. What actually happened was Donald Trump’s poll numbers improved. Improved! So they didn’t know what to do. They had to double down on that strategy.”

“They want a Richard Nixon situation,” Allen points out “and it didn’t happen. They cannot fathom that Trump is still standing.”

Allen plays a clip of Democrat lawyer Marc Elias to prove his point.

In the clip Elias says:

“how they decided that the candidate who is going to be best as their standard bearer is Donald Trump, is not just sickening from a standpoint of American politics, but is actually baffling from a matter of partisan strategy. I mean, it is hard to imagine a worse candidate for them to put forward, a candidate with more vulnerabilities than Donald Trump. The fact that the Republican Party itself is unwilling to just say he is out of bounds, he is too toxic, and he will not be out standard bearer…”

Allen points out:

“You hear what he’s saying there right? He wants to choose our candidate…in his opinion he cannot comprehend how the American people, the Republican voter has not ditched Trump. They do not want to face Trump in 2024 because why? Because they stole 2020 and they’re worried about 2024 again.”

Allen goes on to explain how the latest Democrat Party meltdown over the Supreme Court taking up the Trump immunity appeal proves his point beyond doubt. 

“The Hill, Fortune Magazine, Axios, NBC, they all had these polls that got them giddy with excitement…for example an NBC news poll recently it showed that former President Donald Trump uh leading current President Joe Biden by 5 points among registered voters, well, when the surveys final question re-asks voters what their ballot choice would be if Trump is found guilty and convicted of a felony this year Biden narrowly pulls ahead of Trump.”

“So they were banking on what?” Patriot TV host Allen asks.

“Getting a conviction of Trump because they believe, because their pollsters told them that one of their paths to victory was dependent, perhaps their only path to victory apart from cheating…their success in 2024 was heavily dependent upon getting a conviction.

And so with the Supreme Court coming in and basically ensuring that no conviction was going to happen before November they’re losing their minds because why? They stole 2020 and they don’t believe they can beat Trump in 2024. See it’s making so much sense now right?

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It's been a long time coming, but the bulls are finally back in uranium. And with them comes the restart of multiple uranium projects that have been taken offline in the years while the commodity slouched in price. 

We have long stated here on Zero Hedge that nuclear power is an obvious win/win: it's clean, it's safe, it provides robust power and, most importantly to our liberal friends, it has minimal emissions. So why isn't it more prominent?

In the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, uranium mining in the United States, particularly in Wyoming, Texas, Arizona, and Utah, experienced a significant downturn.

This decline wasn't helped by uranium prices plummeting and nations such as Germany and Japan moving away from nuclear energy. However, as global efforts to reduce emissions renew interest in nuclear power, and as leading uranium producers face challenges in meeting demand, prices for the metal have risen sharply, a new Bloomberg report says.

This resurgence in prices is offering previously unprofitable American uranium mines an opportunity to re-enter the market and address the supply shortfall.

According to the report, as the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada's annual meeting takes place in Toronto, attracting thousands from the mining industry, uranium will be a key focus.

Image removed.

With participants including major uranium firms like Denison Mines Corp., Fission Uranium Corp., and IsoEnergy Ltd., the event highlights the growing importance of uranium in the context of climate change and nuclear power.

The International Atomic Energy Agency predicts a significant rise in uranium demand, foreseeing a need for over 100,000 metric tons annually by 2040, necessitating a near doubling of current mining and processing efforts.

Scott Melbye, executive vice president of Texas-based Uranium Energy Corp. said: “We’re in an old-fashioned, plain-and-simple supply squeeze. Demand is increasing again, with new reactors coming online.”

John Ciampagli, Chief Executive Officer of Sprott Asset Management added: “The industry is clearly trying to respond with smaller mines reopening, but when you have a mine that hasn’t operated for that long, it’s obviously not very substantive.”

Cameco has resumed operations at MacArthur River and Key Lake, the world's largest high-grade uranium mine and mill in Saskatchewan, Canada, after halting from 2018 to 2021 due to poor market conditions. 

The reopening of U.S. mines signifies a comeback for an industry that nearly vanished five years ago, with production plummeting to 174,000 pounds in 2019 from a peak of 44 million pounds in 1980. This decline was accompanied by increased reliance on uranium imports from nations such as Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

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By John Kingston of FreightWaves

With a Norfolk Southern derailment in Pennsylvania on Saturday that sent diesel fuel into a Lehigh Valley River, the already heated battle over control of the railroad with safety issues as a backdrop got even hotter. 

The derailment came after two days of charges, countercharges and missives flying back and forth over the safety records of both Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific, with leading government officials that regulate the rails leveling separate heavy criticism at the two companies. 

And while it hasn’t yet provoked any government response, the issue of safety and levels of employment could also be triggered by Friday’s news that BNSF had implemented a significant number of furloughs. 

In the proxy battle roiling Norfolk Southern, the activist investor group Ancora is recommending the replacement of eight new directors to the Norfolk Southern board. It also wants to replace CEO Alan Shaw with former UPS executive Jim Barber and name Jamie Boychuk, a former executive at CSX, to replace current COO Paul Duncan.

That fight now has the Pennsylvania derailment as part of the battle, and Ancora wasted no time Saturday coming out with a statement over the incident.

“Our proposed slate and management team are unanimous in their view that Norfolk Southern must become a safer and more reliable railroad before it can ever reach its full potential,” Ancora said in the statement. “Following this latest derailment, we call for the immediate termination of CEO Alan Shaw and stand ready to engage with the Company about an orderly reconstitution of the Board and a transition to capable management with a track record of actually delivering on safety commitments.”

The statement went on to say that “an incident like this, which is drawing national news coverage and resulting in more embarrassment for the railroad, should put an end to the Board’s unsustainable efforts to save a tainted CEO with no long-term future.3 How can anyone defend this?”

Claire's Observations:  I would like to hope that this move by Ancora, will trigger an entirely new level of safety with America's trains, although one has to wonder if it will.  Bare-bones regulations, coupled with lots of furloughs of experienced handlers, will not get this country where it needs to be on train

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Wall Street Scrambles To Abandon DEI As "Legal Assaults" Mount

Image removed.

by Tyler Durden

Monday, Mar 04, 2024 - 07:40 PM

We've been stating for months that both the DEI and ESG gravy trains on Wall Street are finally coming to an unceremonious end. Who would have guessed the profit motive would be incompatible with mindless, unproductive virtue signaling and reverse racism? 

The pushback on DEI has been immense, with entire universities and corporations slashing their DEI departments. Subha Barry, former head of diversity at Merrill Lynch, told Bloomberg this weekend: “We’re past the peak.”

The report highlighted yet another shift on Wall Street, wherein programs open to people of color and women are "now open to all". Imagine that...

For example, Goldman Sachs has adjusted its “Possibilities Summit,” previously exclusive to Black college students, to now welcome White students as well. Bank of America Corp. has expanded its internal programs, initially aimed at women and minorities, to include all employees. Furthermore, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. has been advised by legal counsel to reevaluate and potentially eliminate strict diversity metrics from its workforce evaluations, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Executives at major banks, including Goldman Sachs, publicly affirm their commitment to diversity, despite acknowledging privately the challenges posed by a growing campaign against DEI initiatives led by figures like Elon Musk and Bill Ackman, the report says.

Efforts to recruit diverse talent through programs for women and minorities are being reassessed, along with other diversity measures within corporations. Bloomberg says the shift is notable compared to the ambitious diversity pledges made by CEOs following George Floyd's murder in 2020. Almost as if it was just mindless lip service to silence the 'woke mob'...

The recent Supreme Court decision against affirmative action in colleges has intensified legal challenges to corporate diversity efforts, with banks wary of becoming lawsuit targets over claims of reverse discrimination, the report says

Claire's Observations:  Perhaps something approximating common sense logic and compassion for ALL is taking hold, perhaps?!?

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We know that no state can long exist after opening its borders to over 7 million illegal aliens, requiring neither background checks nor legality.

The recent murder of a Georgia female jogger by an illegal alien and the savage beating of New York policemen by similar others hardly merit media attention.

Everyone knows that neither new appropriations nor new laws are needed to secure the border as it was in 2020.

Instead, we could just stop suicidal catch-and-release, deport lawbreakers, privilege the legal over the illegal immigrant, demand would-be refugees apply for asylum first in their native countries, finish the border wall, and pressure Mexico to stop undermining the territorial integrity of its northern neighbor.

But then we shrug, “We can’t do that”—paralyzed in fear of being smeared as “xenophobic,” “nativist,” or “racist.”

So this generation apparently feels that it can endure the collateral damage of daily assaults on American citizens, the near bankruptcy of our cities, and 100,000 fentanyl deaths per year—but certainly not the idea that it is somehow not politically correct or compassionate.

The same is true of the $35 trillion debt, now costing more than $1 trillion a year in interest payments—and growing. We all know it is unsustainable. Americans understand it will eventually lead either to destructive hyperinflation, suicidal renunciation of federal debt, or confiscation of private savings.

Yet we ignore the reckless spending and keep borrowing well over $1 trillion a year.

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The chainsaw-wielding Argentine president Javier Milei has consolidated eighteen government ministries into nine, fired 5,000 government workers, devalued the peso near market rates, and introduced economic reforms to overhaul the faltering economy after a series of devastating financial crises. 

Image removed.

The latest fat Milei has trimmed from the bloated government's books is the largest and most prestigious news agency in Argentina, Telam. The state-run media outlet has served as a mouthpiece of "propaganda" for previous progressive administrations. 

On Monday morning, Telam's website was shut down. The current message on the media outlet's website reads: "Page under reconstruction. The page you are trying to view is under reconstruction." 

Image removed.

The eight-decade news organization, with over 800 staff, is the latest casualty of Milei's drive to shake up the prior corrupt progressive government. He told lawmakers last Friday about his plans to shutter the media outlet as part of a wave of reforms targeting public bodies that he warns are "covert propaganda ministry." 

"We will close the news agency Télam, which has been used as a Kirchnerist propaganda agency for the last decades," Milei told lawmakers, referring to former president Cristina Kirchner. 

And, of course, US legacy media outlets were unhappy about Milei's move.

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