“The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

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The U.N. refugee agency UNRWA has accused Israeli security forces of torturing imprisoned U.N. workers in an effort to extract false confessions about the agency’s ties to Hamas. The accusations are part of a new UNRWA report that documents how Palestinians detained in Israel have been attacked by dogs, deprived of food, forced into cages, beaten with metal bars and tortured with nail guns and electric batons. One Palestinian child released from Israeli prison had dog bite wounds on their body.

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Peekskill Common Council member and Housing Authority Board member Rob Scott, 44, has been charged with forging signatures on his election petition in a desperate bid to secure a spot on the ballot for the Westchester County Board of Legislators, Peekskill Herald reported.

Scott’s attempt to challenge incumbent County Legislator Colin Smith for the Democratic nomination in last year’s primary came to an abrupt halt when the County Board of Elections invalidated a significant portion of his petition signatures.

Of the 531 signatures Scott submitted, 217 were deemed fraudulent, leaving him well below the required threshold to qualify for the ballot.

“This morning, the City of Peekskill learned Councilman Rob Scott was charged by the Westchester County District Attorney with filing false documents. The City understands that this is a serious charge, and that information is currently developing. The City will address and comment once more information becomes available,” according to the press release.

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Katherine Maher, NPR’s newly appointed CEO, is facing criticism over her past tweets as a veteran editor accuses the organization of leftist bias. But along the way, another interesting line of investigation has opened — how Maher wrecked Wikipedia by turning away from “free and open” discussions on the “online wikipedia” because that goal represents a “white male westernized construct.”

The Daily Mail reports that Katherine Maher, NPR’s newly appointed CEO, has sparked controversy after a resurfaced clip from a 2021 panel discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council revealed her calling the First Amendment the “number one challenge” in American journalism. During the discussion, Maher, who previously served as the CEO of Wikimedia the parent organization of Wikipedia, argued that the First Amendment provides a “fairly robust protection of rights,” making it “a little tricky to address some of the real challenges of where bad information comes from.”

The controversy has also brought to light some of Maher’s past tweets, which include a veiled shot at former President Donald Trump, branding him a ‘deranged racist sociopath,’ and her support for President Biden by sharing selfies wearing his campaign hats. Maher has also expressed views on gender and language, tweeting, “I do wish Hillary wouldn’t use the language of “boy and girl” – it’s erasing language for non-binary people.”

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The weaponization of the rule of law has reached a point beyond repair in New York State, with the ongoing trial being waged by District Attorney Alvin Bragg against President Donald Trump.  Even at this late hour, the State has failed to prove 1) how President Trump falsified business records; 2) how the alleged falsification of the business records scheme was criminal; and 3) why that alleged crime should be prosecuted as a felony, rather than a misdemeanor, which is the typical charge for falsification schemes under New York State Law.

Given that President Trump’s alleged wrongdoing is being treated as criminal misconduct, the burden of proof is for the State to prove that Donald Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for every single element of the asserted crime.  The legal burden of proof of “beyond a reasonable doubt” means that the prosecution must convince the jury that “there is no other reasonable explanation that can come from the evidence presented at trial.”  That incredibly high evidentiary threshold must be established for every single element of the crime alleged. What is more, criminal trials require unanimity on part of the jury; a hung jury will result in a mistrial, ultimately pushing the case back until after the November election, which is not what Bragg wants.

Obviously, the goal of Alvin Bragg and Letitia James is to prosecute – and put President Trump behind bars – as soon as possible (before election day ideally) to sabotage his chances of winning re-election.  President Trump’s re-election appears increasingly like a foregone conclusion with the latest polls consistently putting him in a significant lead over Joe Biden.

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Can someone who donated to an organization spreading falsehoods about stolen elections be the CEO of a credible news organization?

Imagine what it would say about ABC News’ 2024 election coverage if it were discovered network president Kim Godwin had donated to Donald Trump after Jan. 6.

The journalism world would have a fit, and Godwin wouldn’t last a day in the job.

Well, now the Louboutin is on the other foot. 

National Public Radio CEO Karen, er, Katherine Maher is a donor to Stacey Abrams’ election-denying political action committee, Fair Fight.

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Iranian state television says nuclear facilities near Isfahan ‘fully safe’ after air defense batteries fired in area.

By Friday morning the Iranian regime was pushing their own narrative that the attack was a failure and everything was back to normal.

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All jurors, including the replacements and an alternate have been revealed in President Trump’s “Hush Money” trial.

As Jim Hoft reported, Fox News host Jesse Watters previously revealed seven of the jurors selected to serve in Trump’s “hush money” trial involving porn star Stormy Daniels. Two were dismissed after radical-left Judge Juan Merchan agreed they could not be fair to Trump.

But the jury pool is still tilted far to the left and even includes a woman who has called Trump “very selfish” and “self-serving.”

As Hoft notes, Merchan’s daughter is a top activist for Democrats and Joe Biden campaign. Judge Merchan is pushing charges against Trump that are not a crime. He needs jurors who believe like he does that Trump is guilty of a crime because he is still alive.

Here’s the FULL list of people deciding Trump’s fate. The following information is gathered from both Watters and The Daily Mail, which filled in the final details on the jurors:

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On this day in 1993, just a few months into the Clinton administration, the compound of a religious community caught fire during an extended siege, killing seventy-six people including over two dozen children.

The first thing Bill Clinton did after he won the 1992 election – even before he took office – was to order the Little Rock ATF to make a case against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

It’s refreshing to see Siskel & Ebert, popular movie reviewers, take a clear stand on behalf of the victims of government criminality.

It’s a remarkable film and deserves a wide viewing – even over 20 years later.

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We can choose from quite a few glaring failures when discussing Biden’s “worse” mistake. But most Americans will either say the border crisis or the wrecked economy. In reality, these two are closely related—as the millions of migrants let into the country are taking jobs, housing, and other resources.

But Biden is directly responsible for a major problem affecting every American household. No matter how you slice it, he triggered this problem and is currently making it worse.

No presidency has been this blind to such an obvious and painful problem. The president recently discussed it in an interview. He tried to blame the ongoing misery on an odd source. But he still ended up admitting the real problem… that he seems unable to solve.

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