China's "North Pole" recorded its lowest temperature since records began.

The Chinese city of Mohe dropped to minus 53 degrees Celsius Sunday, according to China Daily, citing data from the country's local weather bureau.

The frigid temperatures broke a previous record of minus 52.3 degrees Celsius. Temperatures have been below minus 50 degrees Celsius for three consequence days. 

"As a new round of extreme cold hit Heilongjiang, a number of areas in the Greater Khingan Range have recorded their coldest ever temperatures," China Daily said. 

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The White House Counsel’s Office said Monday that it would not televise question-and-answer sessions on President Joe Biden’s classified documents due to “many people” in the media trying to “get attention.”
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The Dutch government plans to close the Groningen gas field this year despite Europe’s precarious supply position. Groningen is the largest gas field in Europe.

The field is dangerous, a government official from the Hague told the Financial Times, and the government has no plans to boost production from it.

“We won’t open up more because of the safety issues,” Hans Vijbrief told the FT.

It is politically totally unviable. But apart from that, I’m not going to do it because it means that you increase the chances of earthquakes, which I don’t want to be responsible for.”

Production from Groningen has been curtailed substantially, and there were plans in place to phase out production altogether because of increased seismic activity in the vicinity of the field even before the energy crisis began in 2021.

As gas prices began to climb in the autumn of 2021 and then took off in the spring of 2022, some began speculating that the Netherlands could keep the field operating to contribute to filling the gap in gas supply left by Russian pipeline deliveries.

The Dutch government was skeptical about that from the start and instead suggested production be extended, although at a minimum rate of some 2.8 billion cu m. Now, this, too, is being reconsidered.

“It’s very, very simple: everybody who has some knowledge of earthquake danger tells me that it’s really very dangerous to keep on producing there. I’m quite convinced it’s wise to close it down,” Vijbrief told the FT.

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A Florida accountant is facing first degree felony charges after allegedly embezzling $3 million-$4 million from a trust, some of which was spent on exotic dancers.
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A group of 43 Democrats want to completely eliminate the debt ceiling, which they say Republicans have 'weaponized' - which would give the government a blank check to borrow without any limit from Congress.

The End the Threat of Default Act, introduced by Rep Bill Foster (D-IL) and co-sponsored by 42 House Democrats, comes after the federal government hit the $31,381 trillion debt ceiling last week. According to Democrats, instead of attempting to responsibly spend taxpayer dollars through negotiation, it's time to just eliminate all limits on federal borrowing.

"Weaponizing the debt ceiling and using it as a pawn in partisan budget negotiations is dangerous and repeatedly brings our nation to the brink of default, which would be disastrous to the U.S. economy – something we’ve witnessed as recently as 2011 when Republicans created a debt ceiling crisis that resulted in the first ever downgrade to the U.S. credit rating," said Foster.

"The government has an obligation to pay its bills," he added. "Threatening to default on our debt is the same as ordering an expensive meal at a restaurant, eating it, and skipping out without paying. We can and should have a real conversation about overall spending, but the full faith and credit of the United States must never be compromised."

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Maybe it’s time for the Israeli government to put a moratorium on Mossad-based startups. Israeli intelligence services have been the petri dishes for a particular strain of techbro — ones who have the smarts to create zero-click exploits but none of the common sense needed to cull baddies from their customer lists.

The Israeli government is partly to blame. It worked closely with NSO Group (and presumably others in the same business) to broker deals with human rights abusers: diplomacy via malware sales.

Months of negative press got NSO blacklisted by the US government. It also got it investigated in its homeland, finally resulting in the Israeli government (reluctantly) limiting who the company could sell to.

NSO isn’t the only malware merchant with Israeli roots. Candiru — another recipient of US sanctions — calls Israel home. So does Cytrox, yet another exploit developer with ties to Israeli intelligence services. Cytrox was at the center of a recent domestic spying scandal in Greece, with its malware being used to target opposition leaders and journalists. This culminated in Greek police forces raiding Cytrox’s local office, presumably as part of the ongoing investigation.

Now there’s another Israeli spyware maker making the wrong kind of headlines, as Fanny Potkin and Poppy McPherson report for Reuters.

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An earth science professor took to Twitter Monday to spell out how an increased push toward diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and “false climate emergency” narratives in academia resulted in his decision to leave the University of Alabama (UA).
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Government agents got a tip that a Kansas man literally dying of terminal cancer was self-medicating with cannabis to ease his excruciating pain. They leapt into action to save the day and deliver justice to the criminal good and hard.

Via The Guardian:

“Hospital staff in Kansas called the police on a man dying of cancer who was using cannabis products to cope with his symptoms…

The encounter took place in mid-December, when police in the city of Hays say two officers showed up at the cancer patient’s hospital room to issue him a citation for a drug violation. Police also took away a vaping device and cannabis product that hospital staff had already confiscated….

Greg Bretz, the 69-year-old cancer patient… who has terminal, inoperable cancer, was issued a ‘must appear’ citation for drug possession.”

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Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran’s campaign was allegedly scammed out of $690,000 in funds by cyber-criminals in the most recent election cycle.
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Embalmers Baffled After Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots Inside Corpses - Something Isn't Right Here.Several embalmers across the United States reportedly have been noticing a strange phenomenon that started sometime after the COVID-19 pandemic hit of seeing long, “fibrous” and “rubbery clots” inside the corpses they prepare

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Authorities charged a former Special Agent In Change of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division in New York and a court interpreter with breaking sanctions to work for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, the Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Monday.
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M&M’s, the popular chocolate candy owned by Mars Wrigley, announced Monday that it was taking an “indefinite pause” from using its “spokescandies” in advertisements following criticisms from some in the media.
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The talisman animal of the Lunar Year of the Rabbit is based on an ancient Chinese myth, shared by the much of the rest of Asia, of a beautiful young princess named Chang’e exiled for her indiscretion, perhaps for talking with a stranger, from the Emperor’s court to spend her remaining life on the Moon. On that barren rock, her loneliness was relieved by a white rabbit named Yu Tu (Jade rabbit, jade being most precious substance to the Emperor). The rabbit consoled her and romped around cheerfully to ease the loneliness of exile. During the spring festival, the Japanese folk tales have it that on the full moon a shadowy rabbit can be clearly seen swinging a wooden mallet to pound glutinous rice into mochi, a gooey soft cake for the forlorn princess to enjoy. The story has no ending since both the princess and the rabbit are presumably still up there, despite the extreme efforts of the Chinese space program’s rover named Yu Tu to explore its surface and craters even on the dark side of the Moon, perhaps in search of physical evidence proving the Chinese were the first to inhabit the Moon and therefore making China its rightful owner.

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All states supplying Kiev with weapons are responsible for this, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday in comments on EU discussions on the possibility of supplying German tanks to Ukraine.

"This whole legal balancing act that we see now, and the exchange of statements between European capital cities… European capitals, including Warsaw, are now threatening Berlin with international exclusion and much more. All this suggests that anxiety among the members of the alliance is increasing all the time, keeps growing. But here, of course, all the countries that are directly or indirectly involved in pumping weapons and in raising the technological sophistication of Ukraine, they are all responsible for this in one way or another," the Kremlin spokesman said.

"The main thing, however, is that the Ukrainian people will have to pay for all these actions, for all this pseudo-support," the spokesman stressed.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday that Germany is coordinating with allies on the supply of tanks to Ukraine. On Friday, defense ministers from some 50 countries met at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to discuss further assistance to Kiev. Germany’s defense chief Boris Pistorius told the Phoenix TV channel that no decision on Leopard 2 supplies to Kiev had been made. He also said that there was no unified coalition interested in supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine. However, he did not rule out that such a decision could be made in the next few days.

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Wagner PMC founder Yevgeny Prigozhin has called the United States a criminal syndicate and warned that he has many very upsetting "secrets and witnesses" for Washington.

"I have many secrets that are so upsetting to America. I have witnesses who remember how the CIA trained Osama bin Laden, who brought bags of money and weapons for the Islamic State (terrorist group, banned in Russia - TASS) in Syria and other countries. They coached cutthroats and terrorists around the world so that there would be trouble everywhere - in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Only the earthly paradise called the United States should be calm," said Prigozhin as quoted by his press service on his Telegram channel on Monday.

He warns that the task of the United States is to "split Russia into small pieces, and then do away with China and other rivals" in order to remain the largest and most powerful country in the world.

Posted on: Jan 24 09:53

The Wagner Group scares the US because it is willing to oppose American atrocities around the world, the private military company’s founder Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed on Monday, answering a question from RT.

Washington said last week that it would designate the Russian PMC as an international criminal organization, accusing it of “widespread atrocities and human rights abuses.”

“Unlike American paramilitary structures,” Prigozhin said in a written response to RT, “Wagner PMC only goes after the enemies of peace, and does not commit crimes. Of course, if you’re doing a reversal of concepts, you can make anyone look bad.”

The US is the only country to use nuclear weapons in history, and “organized wars and revolutions” in “Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Mozambique, Central Africa and so on,” Prigozhin noted, adding that in some of those countries Wagner came in and “stopped the wars with an iron fist.”

Calling the US “a powerful criminal syndicate subsisting on the money of the entire world,” Prigozhin said Wagner was “more like the vice police” in relation.

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North Korean authorities have warned of extreme weather conditions in the country as a cold wave sweeps the Korean peninsula.

Temperatures are likely to dip below -30C in the northern regions, which are also the poorest part of the country, the state radio broadcaster said.

Coastal areas are also expected to see high winds, according to state media.

South Korea too has issued a cold wave warning and northern China has been experiencing record low temperatures.

Temperatures are also expected to drop to their lowest in a decade in Japan this week.

While North Korea has been affected by extreme or adverse weather much like other places, little is known about the impact of this on its people.

Ryanggang, North Hamgyong and South Hamgyong, the country's poorest provinces and those expected to be most vulnerable to climate shocks, are all located in the north.

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Days after he warned NATO of the likelihood of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in Ukraine, former Russian president and current deputy chairman of the security council Dmitry Medvedev on Monday said the world stands on the brink of World War III due to US and Western aggression against Russia.

"The world has come close to the threat of World War III due to impending US aggression against the Russian Federation," Medvedev said in comments first reported by Sky News Arabia. He also emphasized he sees the conflict at a point of no return. "There are no conditions for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine now, either de facto or de jure," Medvedev said.

On the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov voiced something similar, saying the confrontation with NATO can no longer be seen as merely a "hybrid war" or proxy war, but is instead fast approaching a real one. He said this in a joint press conference with his South African counterpart, Naledi Pandor

Lavrov explained that this "almost real" - as he put it according to state media, was something the West "has been preparing for a long time against Russia."

He further charged that Ukraine's leadership has created "presidents of war" and "Russophobic leaders" - particularly in reference to Present Zelensky and before him Petro Poroshenko.

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The idea to store munitions on the territories of Ukrainian nuclear power plants could only have been thought up in the United States, since the Ukrainian side cannot but see the hazards of such actions, Renat Karchaa, an adviser to the head of Russia’s Rosenergoatom nuclear power engineering company, said on Monday.

He doubted that such an idea could have come from Ukrainian nuclear sector specialists because "such games can lead to a really awful disaster." "Such plans are hatched far from Ukraine. These plans can only originate from the United States because they won’t be affected should anything happen. Only those who don’t care at all about the consequences can take such monstrous steps," he said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 television channel.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said earlier on Monday that Ukrainian troops are storing munitions coming from Western countries, including HIMARS rockets, on the territories of nuclear power plants hoping that Russia, realizing the danger of a nuclear catastrophe, would never target these facilities and if a stray Ukrainian air defense rocket incidentally falls there and causes a blast, it can be blamed on Russia.

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A GoFundMe started Saturday has raised nearly $50,000 for the left-wing protester accused of shooting a Georgia State Patrol Officer in Atlanta last week.
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The West has long aimed to destroy everything Russian, the FM has said

The current situation in Ukraine shows that the conflict between Russia and the West can no longer be defined as a “hybrid war” but is instead approaching being a real one, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference following a meeting with his South African counterpart, Naledi Pandor, Lavrov also noted that this “almost real” war was something that the West “has been preparing for a long time against Russia.” The minister claimed that Western powers are seeking to destroy everything Russian, from the language to the culture that had existed in Ukraine for centuries, and even forbid people from speaking their native language.

Lavrov went on to point out that such practices have become commonplace throughout Ukraine and that the country’s last two presidents, Pyotr Poroshenko and current leader Vladimir Zelensky, have both turned into “presidents of war” and “Russophobic leaders” after gaining power, despite running their presidential campaigns under the promise of establishing peace.

The minister also recalled that Ukraine has adopted laws that prohibit using the Russian language in education, media, and even in everyday life. “And this is all supported by the West,” Lavrov said, adding that this support extends to neo-Nazi marches with swastikas and symbols of banned Nazi divisions being held across the country.

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