"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes." -- Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria

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Why inflation can actually be good for everyday Americans and bad for rich people – CNN

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Conor McGregor has hinted he may consider running to be the next Irish president in 2025, whilst also criticising his potential rivals for the Aras an Uachtarain, House of the President.

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 It's time to face facts: people are disgusting. It's not that you are a lazy or unhygienic person, it's just that the human body is a garbage and nothing can be done about it. As gross as our bodies are now, they were worse throughout history, which means the past smelled a lot worse. If you went back in time, you wouldn't be friends with George Washington or party with Marie Antoinette at Versailles. You'll turn away from the smell (and probably kill everyone with all your modern bacteria). Take, for example.

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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a time often associated with repression, many gay and lesbian couples boldly celebrated their love through studio portraits.


Despite the popular belief that gay relationships were shrouded in secrecy, as Oscar Wilde famously described in his poem "Two Loves" as "the love that dare not tell its name", gays and lesbians Couples often choose to express their affection openly. ,


In fact, many same-sex couples live together openly throughout their lives. This was particularly more viable for women, as social norms allowed women to live together even if not married, often euphemistically referred to as "female companionship".


For men, opportunities to meet like-minded individuals were more discreet, such as gentlemen's clubs, bathhouses, pick-up spots in parks, certain intersections, etc.


The world of theater and circus also has a well-known history of homosexual activity, dating back to when male prostitutes plied their trade in theatres.

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 Step into the world of a long-standing and complex conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although you may have a general awareness of its existence, the complex web of events, emotions, and intricacies that weave this story may remain obscure.


In the slides ahead, we invite you to delve deeper into a story that transcends generations, borders and beliefs. Our aim is not to take a stance, but to immerse you deep into the story, ensuring you are captivated by its profound complexities.


We urge you to continue your exploration, gaining more insight and fostering a deeper appreciation of this multifaceted issue. By doing so, you become an active participant in the ongoing search for understanding and resolution. Join us as we delve deeper into this captivating narrative, one slide at a time, and learn how you can contribute to a future of harmony and cooperation.

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 NRA spokesperson calls attacks on guns an attempt to 'destroy the Second Amendment'

The National Rifle Association (NRA) hit back at Yale School of Public Health Dean Megan Rainey's claims during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week that Republican-controlled areas are hardest hit by shootings compared to blue cities like Chicago.


"The labeling of firearm ownership as a 'public health crisis' by gun control extremists is an old and tired concept," NRA spokesperson Billy McLaughlin told Fox News Digital.


McLaughlin said, "It aims to erode Second Amendment rights through coordinated action between the government and gun control lobbying groups." "This strategy was on full display in Dr. Megan Rainey's testimony before Congress."

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 The Waco siege of 1993, which involved a 51-day standoff between the federal government and the Branch Davidians, remains a horrific and controversial event in American history.

In 1993, a shocking and controversial event unfolded in Waco, Texas, forever imprinting the name "Waco Siege" in the nation's collective memory. For many of us who remember the news coverage of that time well, the story of the Branch Davidians and their horrific confrontation with federal agents is deeply ingrained. However, beyond the headlines and snippets of information lies a complex and multilayered narrative.


Join us in this thought-provoking exploration as we uncover the mysteries surrounding Waco and challenge our understanding of this pivotal moment in American history. Keep reading to uncover the untold story behind the headlines.

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amas has increased its technological capabilities so much that it acts like a regular military force

As the Israeli Defense Forces resumed military operations last Friday to eliminate the terrorist threat from Hamas, the Biden administration is inserting itself into Israel's war planning process, teaching the Israelis—who for decades have Fighting for survival – how to conduct the conflict properly.


Washington war "experts" – who arguably have not achieved a single clear military victory since 1945 – insist that Israeli military strategists must adapt their war tactics to make their combat operations more targeted and their attacks more precise. Make changes to plans to minimize casualties, especially civilian casualties.

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In this collection, we'll explore some of the unforgettable films that have cemented themselves in the minds of horror enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned fan of the genre or just beginning to explore its depths, these films will definitely appeal to your sensibilities. From the mind-bending time loop of "Triangle" to the disturbing social commentary of "Funny Games", from the brutal intensity of "Frontier" to the harrowing journey of "Martyrs" and the claustrophobic darkness of "The Descent", "These films represent the best of the 2000s horror landscape.

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The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, affectionately known as "The Greatest Show on Earth," holds a remarkable place in American entertainment history.


These fascinating Kodachrome photographs were taken by Charles Weaver Cushman in the 1940s.


The foundation of the circus can be found in the pioneering efforts of several prominent individuals. Entertainment visionary Phineas Taylor Barnum created "P.T." Established. Barnum's Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan and Hippodrome in 1871.


This circus was notable for mixing traditional European circus acts with groups of exotic animals and captivating curiosities.


Concurrently, the Ringling Brothers—Albert, Otto, Alfred, Charles, and John—entered the world of circus entertainment in the late 19th century.

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 Police found 21-year-old Byron Carrillo shot himself about 200 miles south of the crime scene


The man suspected of killing four people, including a 1-year-old boy, and wounding a 15-year-old girl in a shooting at a Dallas home shot himself during a chase with law enforcement, police said Monday.


Dallas police said 21-year-old Byron Carrillo fled the home after the shooting Sunday afternoon and then stole a vehicle. When law enforcement officers were pursuing Carrillo in the Austin area, about 195 miles south of Dallas, he drove the vehicle into a ditch and fled, police said.


When officers approached Carrillo, he shot himself in the head, police said. Police said that he died on the spot.

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The coming months are looking to be very positive for equity markets as rate cuts are expected to occur in the context of significant deficit spending.

In the modern financial system, Treasuries are money-like assets, so deficit spending is comparable to a form of money creation. As interest rates decline, Treasuries become less attractive and investors tend to rebalance into riskier assets.

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Turkey has a modern, serious military.

They could roll through Israel like it was nothing if they wanted to.

Of course, the US would have to intervene to protect Israel, and at that point, everyone would be involved, including even Egypt and Saudi.

It’s possible that Erdogan will conclude this is a good idea.

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Regina Thompson, a Cherokee basket weaver who grew up near Tahlequah, pointed out to the AP that the Cherokee language symbols on the packaging are wrong. Two symbols look similar, and the one used translates to “Chicken” rather than “Cherokee.”

Yes, Mattel accidentally called a Native American a chicken. You can’t make this stuff up.

Thompson also told the AP that Mattel should have considered moccasins instead of black shoes and included symbols on the basket.

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The 1980s was a decade characterized by its own distinctive fashion trends, where boldness and excitement took center stage.


Among the many iconic styles that emerged during this era, the rah-rah skirt was seen as a symbol of youthful vibrancy and innovation.


The roots of the rah-rah skirt can be traced to the energetic world of cheerleading.


Known for their spirited performances and dynamic routines, the cheerleaders wore skirts with flowy, pleated designs that accentuated their movements.


The fashion industry, always eager to adopt emerging trends, took inspiration from these cheerleading uniforms and tried to infuse a new sense of chic into the rah-rah skirt.

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House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax on Monday that it doesn't matter how the Biden family and the media want to spin the reason behind the monthly $1,380 that Hunter Biden paid Joe Biden in 2018 — what matters is where the $4,140, in all, came from.

Hunter Biden paid back his dad, now the president of the United States, from the account of a shell company called Owasco PC, with monies from China that were derived from an influence-peddling scheme, Comer showed earlier in the day.

The fact that it was called a loan for a truck is the bright shiny object used to distract the Biden family apologists and feeble-minded media, Comer said on "Rob Schmitt Tonight."

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Kiev has lost more than 125,000 troops and 16,000 items of arms and materiel since the beginning of the so-called counteroffensive June 4, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Friday, as TASS reports. 44% of Ukrainians now want negotiations, while the White House warns it is running out of money for Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “Russia has never refused peace talks with Ukraine.”

“An all-out mobilization in Ukraine, the deliveries of Western armaments and the commitment of strategic reserves to combat by the Ukrainian military command have not changed the situation on the battlefield. These desperate actions have only added to casualties among Ukrainian army units. Over six months of the so-called counteroffensive, the enemy has lost more than 125,000 personnel and 16,000 items of various armament,” Shoigu said in a conference call with military commanders.

Observers including Col. Douglas MacGregor and Robert F. Kennedy had claimed Ukraine had lost approx. 350,000 men before the start of the offensive. That would put Ukrainian losses in the war at 475,000 (killed, wounded, captured and missing).

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During all 2023, we had to bear the climate alarmist cult shouting to the winds how ‘this year was by far the hottest one in recorded history’.

But the alarmists seem to have jumped the gun, since the year hasn’t ended yet – and the winter has come with a blistering vengeance against the Northern Hemisphere.

It is also fitting that this wave of extreme cold should hit right as the chief Climate Fearmongers are all gathered at the COP28 in Dubai peddling their ‘Global Warming’ hoaxes.

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The Gateway Pundit is republishing this study from earlier this year.
The death cult at COP28 will ignore this little fact this week.

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A Lancet study revealed that cold weather is responsible for approximately 90% of the 5.1 million annual excess deaths attributed to temperature.

We could use some more heat.

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