"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie." -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Some critics on social media accused Goldberg of attacking Trump's granddaughter.

"Shame On YOU Whoopi & The PRODUCERS of The View For Allowing It To Air. Whoopi Should Be Fired From The View!" said the official account for the retired wrestler Sgt. Slaughter. "Completely Uncalled For, Distasteful, Disrespectful & Inappropriate."

"Whoopi Goldberg mocked Trump’s 17-year-old granddaughter’s speech. She’s going after a minor. Absolutely sick," responded the popular Libs of TikTok account.

"Whoopi is officially broken," read another response.

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A truly gut-wrenching video the Philadelphia Police Department released Friday revealed that a female suspect opened fire on a street in broad daylight, wounding a baby in a stroller.

Just before 6 p.m. Thursday, a couple was walking along the 4000 block of Meridian Street in the Holmesburg section of the city, pushing their 7-month-old son in a stroller, WCAU-TV reported. Suddenly, a woman approached the couple and began firing a gun.

'Black female, heavy build, long dreadlocks, black sweatshirt with large front graphic, light blue jeans, black shoes with white soles.'

The video shows the suspect firing at least three shots — two at one parent, and one at the other. The suspect then walks away, and the parents flee.

The video also captured yelling between the suspect and victims. The mother appears to cry out about her "baby," while the suspect responds by calling the woman a "b****." Otherwise, their other words are unintelligible.

Webmaster addition: This nation has lost its moral compass!

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The response by a large portion of the political left to the attempted assassination of Donald Trump has revealed a disturbing ideological madness - A dedication to lies and delusions that goes deep into the realm of zealotry.  It's something that thousands of commentators have warned about over the years.  The general public has long denied the claim as being "reactionary" and many thought conservatives were exaggerating. Recent events prove otherwise.

What else would you expect from the same group of people that can't define what a woman is?  The same people that think sexualized drag performances and graphically sexual picture books are a good idea for young children in public schools?  The same people that engaged in years of violent rioting because of the death of a hardcore criminal and fentanyl addict who happened to be black?  The same people that supported medical authoritarianism and mass censorship during the covid pandemic? The same people that claimed "stagflation was transitory"?  The people that bought into the Russiagate hoax, refused to believe that Hunter Biden's laptop was real and denied Joe Biden's steep cognitive decline? 

This zealotry continues to be exposed through their response to the attempted assassination of Donal Trump.  The narrative in the media is that now is the time for "cool heads" and calm, yet, at the same time they are working diligently to peddle the conspiracy that the plot was staged by Trump himself.

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'All-In' podcast host Jason Calacanis asked on X, "I guess crowdstrike doesn't do staged rollouts?" 

Elon Musk responded: "We just deleted Crowdstrike from all our systems, so no rollouts at all." Webmaster addition: It's time to rethink the banning of Kaspersky!

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The organization “Arizona for Abortion Access” has sued to remove the phrase “unborn human person” from voter pamphlets.

According to the Associated Press, the organization filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court after the 2024 General Election Publicity Pamphlet used the phrase “unborn human person” in describing a pro-abortion constitutional amendment, arguing that the phrase is “politically charged” as opposed to the “neutral, medical term” of “fetus.”

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US banks have announced the closure 30 more branches across the US - all in just one week. 

Wells Fargo said it would be shuttering nine - more than any other bank - in the latest weekly closures report, which runs from July 7 to 13. 

Bank of America and US Bank both said that they are closing eight locations each, while Chase one. 

The others are from FSNB, Greenville Fed, Huntington and Schaumburg Bank & Trust Co.

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There was a lot of talk about divine intervention at the Republican Convention this week. The country has witnessed a rush of seemingly providential events since the fateful night of June 27th when, to universal horror, “Joe Biden” was unmasked as The Phantom of the White House. The attempt on Donald Trump’s life Saturday, with its intimations of blob involvement, was only the latest of countless trips, hoaxes, capers, and ops that smacked of demonic inspiration laid on the public, so you can’t blame them for feeling that “God is among us now.”

A huge piece of this dynamic has been the Right’s amazing impotence in the eight-year-long march of insults to the republic - especially the failure to find relief for any of that in the courts of law, until last month when the SCOTUS finally kneecapped Democratic Party lawfare operations. A paramount example of that impotence was being unable to find one jurisdiction willing to adjudicate election fraud in 2020 on the merit of the arguments.

But there was much more, starting with collective helplessness in the drawn-out RussiaGate psychodrama, even when all the players and their many nefarious acts were exposed by the alt news media, and extending to the mendacious roguery of the two-year Mueller (Weissmann) Commission, followed by fifty-one former intel higher-ups labeling Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation, followed by Rep. Adam Schiff’s Ukraine “whistleblower” prank featuring CIA/NSC/DOD/DOJ moles Eric Ciaramella, Colonel Vindman and IC Inspector General Michael Atkinson, and then the FBI-instigated J-6 riot with the ensuing  faked-up House J-6 committee . . . plus you can throw in the stupid Ukraine war, the drag queens in the kindergartens, the bumbling Durham investigation, ten million unvetted illegal migrants flowing into the country and this year’s four show-trials put on to finally break Mr. Trump.

For many in this land, it has been like the classic nightmare of being paralyzed in the presence of evil. So, it’s no wonder that the Republicans came into their convention with a tremendous tailwind of relief when events suddenly broke their way in June. Now, everyone knows that the current president is a vindictive invalid who will be tossed overboard by his own terrified party in a matter of hours now. And the entire scaffold of lies supporting “Joe Biden” and his party is wobbling badly, too.

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As of now, there hasn’t been a record number of bankruptcies among companies with assets above $50 million. The Bloomberg Bankruptcy Index, which considers both the size and number of bankruptcies, remains relatively low. This suggests that while smaller companies, particularly in the mortgage and real estate sectors, may be struggling, larger financial institutions have not yet faced significant distress.
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“No hope or dream we have for America can succeed unless we stop the illegal immigrant invasion,” President Donald Trump told the GOP’s 2024 convention and his nationwide audience.

He continued using the “invasion” term, despite the hostility of establishment media outlets who prefer to tout the migrants’ claims of victimization and U.S. progressives’ claim that the United States is a “Nation of Immigrants.” He said:

There’s never been an invasion like this, anywhere Third World countries would fight with sticks and stones not to let this happen. The invasion at our southern border, we will stop it, and we will stop it quickly …

The greatest invasion in history is taking place right here in our country. They are coming in from every corner, not just from South America, but from Africa, Asia, the Middle East. They’re coming from everywhere. They’re coming at levels that we’ve never seen before. It is an invasion indeed that this administration does absolutely nothing to stop them. They’re coming from prisons. They’re coming from jails.

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Yuval Harari is best known as a globalist “philosopher” or “guru” closely tied to the World Economic Forum.  He is infamous for his Ted Talks and summit speeches declaring the coming abandonment of personal individualism and independence while elevating AI as the harbinger of a new technological religion.  He joyously preaches about the fusion of AI technology with the human body to give certain elitist groups the power of “gods.” His notions of the supposedly infinite abilities of algorithms to influence culture and politics are so overblown they enter into the realm of children’s fantasy.

I mention Harari often in my work because I believe he is a kind of litmus test for the true intentions of globalists.  He’s a lot like Henry Kissinger in his New World Order zealotry – He has a hard time keeping his mouth shut about the greater agenda and this works to our advantage.  If you really want to know what the elites plans are, look up past discussions by true believers like Harari.  When they start preaching their dark gospel they can barely control themselves.

Webmaster addition: You don't need to sell me; I am already going to vote for Trump!

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Saudi Arabia privately hinted earlier this year it might sell some European debt holdings if the Group of Seven decided to seize almost $300 billion of Russia’s frozen assets, people familiar with the matter said, Report informs via Bloomberg.

The kingdom’s finance ministry told some G-7 counterparts of its opposition to the idea, which was meant to support Ukraine, with one person describing it as a veiled threat. The Saudis specifically mentioned debt issued by the French treasury, two of the people said.

In May and June, the G-7 was exploring different options regarding the Russian central bank’s funds. The group eventually agreed to tap the profits generated and leave the assets themselves alone despite a US and UK push for allies to consider bolder options, including a direct seizure. Some euro-member nations were against that idea, concerned it could undermine the currency.

Saudi Arabia’s stance likely influenced the reluctance of those countries, said the people, who asked not to be identified to discuss private conversations.

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Chinese investors sold a record $42.6 billion worth of U.S. securities, including Treasury, agency, corporate bonds, and equities, in May 2024. This significant divestment is part of a broader trend, with total sales reaching $79.7 billion in the first five months of 2024.
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It has become glaringly obvious that we are way too dependent on our computers.  The “largest IT outage in history” has thrown the entire global economy into a state of chaos, and we are being told that it could take “weeks” to fully recover.  Countless flights have been canceled, hospital services have been disrupted, online services are down for a number of big banks, and we are being told that millions of workers may not receive paychecks this month.  If a single software “glitch” can cause this much insanity, what would happen if the Internet was suddenly not available for an extended period of time?
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A North Carolina military installation identified pro-life advocates as terrorists in an anti-terrorism training presentation for at least seven years before the Army removed the slides last week following a Republican outcry.
Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth said in a letter to Sen. Ted Budd, North Carolina Republican, that the slideshow “has been used for at least the last seven years by the Directorate of Emergency Services at Fort Liberty to train Soldiers as they prepare to take on installation access control duties.”
“I want to make clear that these slides do not represent the official policy or views of the U.S. Army and pre-date Army Directive 2024-7 (Handling Protest, Extremist, and Criminal Gang Activities),” Ms. Wormuth said in the letter dated Tuesday.
The slide posted on X last week by independent journalist Sam Shoemate showed the logos of two pro-life organizations, the National Right to Life Committee and Operation Rescue, and a New York “Choose Life” license plate under the heading of “Terrorist Groups.”

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Outage website Downdetector reported Bendigo Bank, Foxtel, National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Suncorp, Xero, NBN, Commonwealth Bank, MYOB, ME Bank, Optus, Telstra Amazon, Westpac, Google, ANZ and Microsoft being among the companies caught in the mass shut down.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry has promised to "calibrate [its] responses" to US plans to deploy new offensive missile capabilities in Germany "without any internal constraints" in terms of what arms to place and when and where to place them to ensure Russia's security. A leading European military observer lays out the options at Russia's disposal.

Moscow has a wide array of options when it comes to responding to the US decision to deploy offensive Tomahawk cruise and hypersonic missiles in Germany, says Swedish Armed Forces veteran and political and military observer Mikael Valtersson.

“This move by the US and Germany will of course be met by a Russian response,” Valtersson told Sputnik, saying he believes Russia could start off by deploying “new dual-use missiles in the Kaliningrad region and maybe also in Belarus.”

This may be followed up by the placement of Russian strategic missiles in the recently reestablished Moscow and Leningrad military districts, according to the observer. “By doing this, Russia lessens the time NATO has to detect and respond to a Russian launch of medium-range missiles,” Valtersson said.

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Cynthia “Cyn” Carranza meticulously scavenged for a shady parking spot in the car she called home.

The overnight custodian at Disneyland has to sleep during the day - a difficulty for anyone, let alone when you're living in your car with two dogs. Ms Carranza says she makes $20.65 an hour (about £15.99) at the park but last summer, she couldn't afford rent in this Southern California city where the average apartment can run more than $2,000 (about £1,550) a month.

Ms Carranza teared up as she recounted the struggles of that summer, including sneaking for showers in Disneyland's costume department. She now shares a small apartment with her boyfriend, who also works at the park, but still makes barely enough to make ends meet.

“That’s not something that anybody should experience working a full-time job for a company like Disney,” she told the BBC.

Webmaster addition: More Bidenomics!

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CrowdStrike's massive blunder, which resulted in worldwide outages, has brought the company back on the radar of the American citizenry, who now remembers its work with the World Economic Forum, Vanguard, and the Democratic Party.

On July 19, 2024, CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz said that a "defect found in a single content update for Windows hosts" had led to a major breakdown in Microsoft operations.

This resulted in more than 18,000 flights being grounded across the globe, including 1,200 in the United States.

What's more, the crash brings the company back into the spotlight for yet another negative reason: The company has been synonymous with the political sphere for the better part of the last decade.

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Remember when Dr. Fauci joined forces with TikTok influencers to push the COVID-19 vaccine and combat “vaccine misinformation” after closing schools and churches for months while lying about gain-of-function research during the pandemic?

The North American Treaty Organization is trying the same thing on foreign policy. As the latest PR stunt, NATO enlisted 16 content creators and paid for all transportation, meals, and accommodation for its annual summit to help improve the organization’s reputation and inform the youth about the importance of the alliance amid the endless Russia-Ukraine war. The U.S. State and Defense Departments also invited an additional ten influencers.

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The high school incident was quickly linked to Crooks and his friends, but school officials at the time dismissed the threats. “We all texted one another and it came out pretty quickly that it was Thomas and his friend group who’d made the threats,” Taormina added.

Crooks’ recent actions, however, were far from dismissed. At a Trump campaign rally, Crooks fired seven shots from a rooftop, aiming for the former president. Although Trump only sustained a minor injury, the attack resulted in the death of a father of two and left two others seriously injured. Explosives were later discovered in Crooks’ vehicle, which was parked near the rally site.

The 2019 threat from Crooks came during a time when he was frequently bullied and was even given the cruel nickname “the school shooter.” His absence from the yearbook that year was another indication of his troubled school life.

Webmaster addition: Perfect recruit for a three letter agency!

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Former President Donald Trump has widened his lead over President Joe Biden in the aftermath of his assassination attempt on Saturday, according to a Morning Consult poll released Friday.

Trump leads Biden by four points, receiving 46% support to Biden’s 42%, just days after 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks fired shots at the former president during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, according to the poll. This four point lead is Trump’s largest polling advantage since February, and is just one point short of his record five point lead over Biden in January.

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