"Of course there is a population problem. Sex is more fun than dying." -- Michael Rivero

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Most of the readers here probably wouldn’t consider having their children vaccinated. However, if you’re contemplating the idea or know someone who is, it’s important for you to know what the CDC has recently admitted to. This knowledge will help you or. loved one make an informed decision, because there are red flags flying everywhere.

As you’re likely aware, the government is preparing for another round of COVID vaccine campaigns. Interestingly, they’re now promoting a new vaccine, as the previous 17 they rolled out (a slight exaggeration) haven’t worked, to be totally honest.  Not sure why this next batch will “suddenly” work, but that’s what they want you to believe.

Now, this is the point where things become quite dicey and rather alarming, particularly for teenagers who face minimal COVID risk factors to begin with. COVID expert Alex Berenson revealed this highly important nugget of information in a post on X, and it’s crucial for every parent to pay very close attention.

Here’s what Alex said:

Again, from @CDCgov’s OWN data: 1 million mRNA Covid shots for teens will prevent 0-1 Covid deaths and CAUSE 100,000-200,000 severe side effects. Yes, you read that right.

The math: Moderna trial teen subjects had a 25% risk of Grade 3/4 adverse events if they received the shot, 5% for placebo. For Pfizer, the rates were about 11% and 2% (Pfizer is a lower dose; why the placebo rates were different IDK.) That’s a gap of 0.09 to 0.2, x1MM shots

Posted on: Sep 15 09:03

A Maine couple last week finally got the answers they’d been seeking for nearly a year, ever since their 62-day-old son, Sawyer, died Oct. 28, 2022 — 34 hours after receiving his scheduled childhood vaccines.

According to a toxicology report, Sawyer’s blood contained 95 micrograms per liter of aluminum, a level that would be toxic for adults.

A toxicologist told the couple the aluminum and antigen levels in the blood were due to the vaccines. She also said a viral infection Sawyer was being treated for could have been a contributing factor.

Sawyer’s parents, Melissa — a registered nurse — and her fiancé Nick shared their story last week with journalist Jennifer Margulis.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:01

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been indicted by special counsel David Weiss in connection with a gun he purchased in 2018, the first time in US history the Justice Department has charged the child of a sitting president.

The three charges include making false statements on a federal firearms form and possession of a firearm as a prohibited person.

It’s an extraordinary turn of events after his original plea deal collapsed and potentially sets up a dramatic trial in the middle of his father’s 2024 reelection bid.

Webmaster addition: This is political theater to reassure Americans we still live in a land of laws, while at the same time obfuscating the issue of Burisma corruption, which may extend beyond the Biden family itself!

Posted on: Sep 15 08:20

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Thursday completely shut down a reporter for the Associated Press who defended Joe Biden’s corruption and lies.

McCarthy on Tuesday announced he is directing House committees to open an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

“I am directing our House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Over the past several months, House Republicans have uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct—a culture of corruption,” McCarthy said.

Far-left DC reporters are all repeating the same talking points in a desperate bid to defend Joe Biden as he faces an impeachment inquiry.

AP’s Farnoush Amiri said McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry without any evidence Joe Biden committed crimes.

McCarthy humiliated the AP reporter, shut her down and forced her to admit there is evidence of Biden’s lies.

“Are you concerned about all the stuff that was just recently learned? Do you have any concern? Have you asked the White House any questions?” McCarthy asked the AP reporter.

McCarthy continued, “Do you agree that – do you believe that the president lied to the American public when he said he never talked to his son about business dealings? Yes, or no?”

The AP reporter replied, “I can’t answer that.”

“You can’t answer that?” McCarthy asked the Biden shill posing as a reporter.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:18

A train carrying toxic perchloric acid has exploded in a Nebraska rail yard, prompting evacuation orders to be issued, as huge plumes are seen engulfing the city.  

The incident happened on Union Pacific Railroad tracks in the city of North Platte earlier today.

North Platte Volunteer Fire Department announced that they would order those living in the area to evacuate due to the toxic smoke from the railroad.

In a post to social media, they said: 'Emergency evacuation for the area between splinter and front North of railroad track due fire at the railroad involving heavy toxic smoke.

'Explosion at Union Pacific Railroad Bailey Yards at approximately 12:10 pm.' The fire was extinguished later on Thursday evening, North Platte VFD later confirmed.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:18

An appellate court panel upheld a ruling that a Philadelphia teacher found dead in 2011 with 20 stab wounds had killed herself, but slammed police’s investigation as “deeply flawed,” according to court documents.

The family of Ellen Greenberg, 27, have fought for more than a decade to overturn the city’s ruling over the teacher’s death, whose corpse was riddled with stab wounds, including 10 to the back of the head and neck.

Greenberg’s family hired a team of experts in the aftermath of her death who pointed out that a knife in her apartment was overturned, possibly suggesting that she had been involved in a struggle, and a gash on the back of her head may have rendered her unconscious and unable to defend herself.

Her family has also questioned why she filled up her gas tank before coming home and didn’t leave a note indicating that she planned to take her own life.

An appellate panel ruled Wednesday that Greenberg’s parents, Joshua and Sandra, lacked the standing for a civil suit, but the judges criticized the city police, prosecutors, the medical examiner’s office and pathologists Marlon Osbourne and Sam Gulino for blunders made in their investigation, Fox News reports.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:15

Investigative journalist Lara Logan announced the release her most important investigative series to date – “The Rest of the Story.”

Lara Logan is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent. She was formerly the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent at CBS News.

Lara Logan has been filming for months on her latest project “The Rest of the Story” with Sovren Media.

The historic production series includes appearances by The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, Cara Castronuova, J6 family members, and numerous January 6 defendants.

On Thursday Truth in Media released the first segment in “The Rest of the Story” series – “The Matthew Perna Story, Part 1.”

From today’s video, the last thing Matthew Perna told his Aunt Geri before he died, “I love you too Aunt Geri and I’m sorry you lost all of your friends because of me.”

Matthew then took his life after the Biden regime threatened him with jail time and court dates after he walked into the US Capitol on January 6.

Please watch this magnificent production and pass it on.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:13

Hundreds of asylum seekers flock to a Lower Manhattan federal building in the pre-dawn hours each day in a desperate bid to get benefits, services and keep court appointments — as confusion continues to reign during the Big Apple migrant crisis.

The massive queue, nearly entirely made of migrants bused to the five boroughs from the US border, forms outside the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building every morning.

Those who join are seeking everything from asylum to work permits — with scores of them pitching up and spending the night on the sidewalk and using the nearby bushes as a toilet.

Many told The Post Thursday they were told to come back another day — while others were simply turned away.

“I have a court appointment,” said one Ecuadorean migrant who waited in line with her two children. “They turned me back because my husband [is] not here. They say he has to be with us. Right now the man said he can’t put the three of us through. We have to be the full four.”

Posted on: Sep 15 08:12

It’s Shangri-La for the down and out.

A decked-out, open-air tavern for the homeless that also rents out tents for prostitution has popped up in downtown Denver, according to police.

The pop-up speakeasy — which features lounge chairs, umbrellas and astroturf — has taken over the sidewalk at 23rd Street and Champa Street, which the city’s growing homeless population turned into an encampment.

“We’re hearing there was an open bar, sales of alcohol, things like that,” Denver Police Patrol Division Chief Aaron Sanchez told CBS Colorado while surveying the tent city saloon Monday. “We have officers looking into that.”

City officials have received “numerous complaints” about the encampment blocking the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street to pass the block.

One of the tents appeared to have been transformed into a speakeasy, complete with numerous couches, rugs and tables.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:11

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp has declared a “state of emergency” over high inflation in the state.

Kemp announced that he would be temporarily suspending the state’s gas tax in an effort to ease the burden on drivers.

The tax suspension started on Wednesday and will last until October 12.

According to the Georgia Recorder, Kemp’s office stated that the reduction will result in savings for Georgians of 31.2 cents for regular gasoline and 35 cents for diesel.

Gov. Kemp blamed Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration for the hike in inflation.

He specifically blasted the failures of “Bidenomics” which has taken a strain on middle-class Americans across the country.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:08

New COVID boosters that will be available by week's end are receiving some scrutiny due to clinical trials being performed on mice and not humans.

The boosters made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday. On Tuesday, a panel of advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) voted 13-1 in favor of its broad use for individuals 6 months and older due to fears of increased respiratory illnesses nationwide this fall and winter.

The new vaccines will be available at national pharmacies including CVS and Walgreens, and at local pharmacies, doctors' offices and public health departments based on location.

These updated boosters will be the first released to the public without any humans involved in the clinical trials, raising questions from some about the efficacy.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:07

With the commencement of an impeachment inquiry this week, the House of Representatives is moving the Biden corruption scandal into the highest level of constitutional inquiry. After stonewalling by the Bidens and federal agencies investigating various allegations, the move for a House inquiry was expected if not inevitable.

An impeachment inquiry does not mean that an impeachment itself is inevitable. But it dramatically increases the chances of finally forcing answers to troubling questions of influence-peddling and corruption.

As expected, many House Democrats — who impeached Donald Trump after only one hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, based on his phone call to Ukraine’s president — oppose any such inquiry into President Biden. House Republicans could have chosen to forego any hearings and use what I called a “snap impeachment,” as then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did with the second Trump impeachment in January 2021.

Instead, they have methodically investigated the corruption scandal for months and only now are moving to a heightened inquiry. The House has established a labyrinth of dozens of shell companies and accounts allegedly used to transfer millions of dollars to Biden family members. There is now undeniable evidence to support influence-peddling by Hunter Biden and some of his associates — with Joe Biden, to quote Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer, being “the brand” they were selling.

The suggestion that this evidence does not meet the standard for an inquiry into impeachable offenses is an example of willful blindness. It also is starkly different from the standard applied by congressional Democrats during the Trump and Nixon impeachment efforts.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:06

Having funneled billions of dollars worth of supplies to Ukraine, probably one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, the United States government suddenly had an idea to look into exactly how this money is being spent by Kiev.

A new team established by the US Department of Defense’s inspector general is going to be tasked with monitoring US assistance to the Zelensky regime. The team will be based at the US embassy in Kiev, it has been reported.

Paul E. Vallely, a retired US Army major general and chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation, told Sputnik that this move was primarily caused by the fact that the White House and the DoD “have not released any audits of the foreign aid to Ukraine."

"The same criticism was made in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems they want to deny specific use of the money," he said. "Billions of dollars into Ukraine to date have gone into corrupted officials/oligarchs' pockets and have been fenced into real estate, expensive cars. Now after much criticism, they want to establish a monitoring team to satisfy the media and American people."


He noted that the people of the United States "know that their tax dollars are being wasted in the Ukraine-Russia conflict - as they say, another unnecessary war," and that they are aware of the fact that "much of the military equipment the US generously supplied to Kiev has ended up in other countries/cartels."

Posted on: Sep 15 08:06

A captured Ukrainian soldier from the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, Vitaly Dityuk, said that his unit commanders had been continuously dispatching troops across a minefield to storm the village of Opytnoye, near Donetsk, despite the high losses in personnel incurred from this tactical maneuver.

"In the evening, they brought us in, and in the morning, we received orders to storm Opytnoye. We went out in three groups of 20 people each, I was in one of the groups. We were forced to move along the wooded area, which had not been demined, and along a minefield, where we began to trip and set off mines," he told TASS.

He clarified that in his group alone, about ten people tripped and detonated mines, while the rest were hit by a Russian artillery barrage. Some of them were killed on the spot, while some troops sustained wounds of various degrees of severity. Dityuk himself was shell-shocked. "When I came to, I was already surrounded by Russian soldiers," he added.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:04

The term “turbo cancer” is being used by experts to describe the recent emergence of aggressive cancers that grow very quickly.

According to Risch and other leading cancer specialists, cases of this new phenomenon have risen rapidly in the past two years.

“These cancers that normally would be kept in check by the body are unexpectedly growing very quickly,” Risch explained in a recent interview with The Epoch Times.

“We know that the Covid vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who’ve taken them.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:04

Decades ago, Albert Einstein predicted gravitational lenses as part of his theory of general relativity. Another physicist at the time predicted that if the Earth and the gravitational lens, as well as a distant object, were lined up just right, we’d see a halo, ring, or mirror of that object. Einstein said we’d never observe it directly. However, the ESO’s Very Large Telescope has now captured evidence of an “Einstein Cross.”

Posted on: Sep 15 08:03

Oil prices jumped on Thursday to a new ten-month high, with U.S. crude rising above $90 a barrel for the first time this year.

West Texas Intermediate crude rose by more than 1.9 percent on Thursday to reach a high of $90.29 a barrel, the highest level since November of last year.

Brent crude, the international benchmark most closely related to gasoline prices in the U.S., rose by nearly two percent to $93.68.

The rising price of oil comes at a particularly challenging time for American consumers. U.S. gasoline prices surged 20 percent last month, according to the producer price index data released Thursday. This accounted for 60 percent of the rise in the index for final demand goods, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.

On Thursday, gasoline prices were once again on the rise across the nation. The national average gas price rose to $3.853 a gallon, up from $3.484 a day earlier. This is more than 50 cents higher than a month ago.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:01

The prosecution’s case in the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appears to have crumbled, with Andrew Wicker, former personal assistant to Paxton, admitting to defense attorney Tony Buzbee that photos of Paxton’s home indicate no renovations were made to the kitchen counter-tops nor to the kitchen cabinetry – one of the key claims against the Texas AG.

The alleged kitchen remodel was, according to Texas House lawmakers who approved 20 articles of impeachment against Paxton on May 27th, part of a quid pro quo scheme with real estate developer Nate Paul in exchange for Paxton helping him with a fraud lawsuit and preventing foreclosure on properties that he owned.

During Buzbee’s cross examination, however, Wicker was shown two sets of photos from 2020 and 2023 of the kitchen in the Paxton home. Buzbee asked Wicker, “We can see that there are no work done on the counter tops, can’t we?” With Wicker answering in the affirmative. The Paxton defense attorney followed up asking, “We can see that there was no work done in the cabinetry, can’t we?” The former personal assistant again responding in the affirmative.

Last week The National Pulse reported that another star witness for the prosecution against Paxton admitted to defense attorney Mitch Little that upon closer examination, many of the articles of impeachment appeared to have no basis in fact. Ryan Vassar, a former aide in the Attorney General’s Office, also admitted to Little that he had reported Paxton to the FBI with no actual evidence.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:00

Romanian residents have been forced to take shelter because of ongoing Russian drone attacks near the border with Ukraine.

Emergency alerts were issued on Wednesday morning urging people to find cover in their basements or makeshift concrete shelters built by the national army’s engineering units.

The warning came as Ukrainian ports across the Danube were targeted in strikes by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Eight villages in eastern Romania were sent messages on their phones to warn of ‘the possibility of falling objects from the surrounding airspace’, reports the BBC.

Alerts sent shortly after midnight local time said: ‘Keep calm! Take shelter in basements or in civil protection shelters.

‘In the absence of a shelter, stay inside the house, away from the windows and exterior walls.’

Posted on: Sep 15 07:59

Lisa Page, the Trump-bashing ex-FBI lawyer who had an affair with a senior official she worked with investigating Russiagate, has split from her husband of 15 years, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Divorce papers filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court show the 44-year-old's divorce from non-profit executive Joseph Burrow, 46, was finalized on June 29. 

Page blamed 'unhappy and irreconcilable differences' when she asked a DC judge to grant her a divorce in May, just days before the anniversary of their 2008 wedding in Naples, Italy.

The secret trysts between her and Peter Strzok, one of the Bureau's top counter-intelligence agents, derailed the entire investigation they worked on with ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Posted on: Sep 15 07:58

Argentina's leading presidential candidate Javier Milei - a self-described anarcho-capitalist who won the primaries with 30% of the vote - sat down with Tucker Carlson this week in Buenos Aires for a wide-ranging discussion.

Prior to the interview, Carlson documented first-hand the hyperinflationary perils of statism run wild...

Posted on: Sep 15 07:57

When the progressive woke revolution took over traditional America, matters soon reached the level of the ridiculous.

Take the following examples of woke craziness and hypocrisy, perhaps last best witnessed during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution.

The Biden administration from its outset wished to neuter immigration law. It sought to alter radically the demography of the U.S. by stopping the border wall and allowing into the United States anyone who could walk across the southern border.

Over seven million did just that. Meanwhile, Biden ignored the role of the Mexican cartels in causing nearly 100,000 ANNUAL American fentanyl deaths.

Then border states finally wised up.

They grasped that the entire open-borders, “new Democratic majority” leftwing braggadocio was predicated on its hypocritical architects staying as far away as possible from their new constituents.

So cash strapped border states started busing their illegal aliens to sanctuary blue-state jurisdictions.

Almost immediately, once magnanimous liberals, whether in Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, or Manhattan, stopped virtue-signaling their support for open borders.

Instead, soon they went berserk over the influx.

Posted on: Sep 15 07:57

Human rights advocates and some congressional Democrats on Wednesday cautiously welcomed Washington Post reporting that the Biden administration has created a program to track and investigate allegations of foreign forces harming or killing civilians with weapons provided by the United States.

"The United States clearly has a vested interest in knowing what harm its weapons sales and security assistance cause to civilians," Human Rights Watch (HRW) deputy Washington director Nicole Widdersheim told the newspaper. "Let's see if the Biden administration puts political will behind this good idea."

Webmaster addition: I smell a cover-up coming!

Posted on: Sep 15 07:55

Let's review how to select a town that the rich won't ruin via gentrification / swarming in en masse and driving out locals who have to work for a living.

Yesterday I discussed how those enriched by two decades of Federal Reserve-inflated bubbles make housing unaffordable for the bottom 90% by gentrifying previously affordable neighborhoods and towns. Once the truly wealthy have snapped up all the most desirable properties in the most desirable enclaves, the merely millionaires start snapping up nearby properties, fueling a bidding war that soon pushes valuations out of reach of the working populace.

As I discussed in STVR/Airbnb Has Destroyed America's Resort Towns (8/30/23), the net result is the workforce of the gentrified town can no longer afford to buy or rent shelter near their work place. This forces them to commute long distances or give up and move away, leaving the town short of people to actually do the work of keeping the town operating.

Let's review how to select a town that the rich won't ruin via gentrification / swarming in en masse and driving out locals who have to work for a living. 

Let's start by dividing the wealthy seeking a nice place to live where we can park some of our excess capital into four very different classes:

1. The most desirable class of wealthy residents is old money, families with deep roots in the town who quietly fund needed improvements and services with their wealth and who are protective of what makes the town a nice place to live. They have the clout to protect the town from the entitled vultures seeking to make a quick buck off gentrification and low-quality development.

Posted on: Sep 15 07:54

Conservatives complain that they are losing the culture wars. And they are right. That won’t change until conservatives actually produce culture, which would be good for everyone. American culture would be enriched by art made by artists with diverse viewpoints and experiences.

Conservatives could start with independent and documentary films; they are increasingly influential but much less expensive than Hollywood movies. Yet, many, on both sides, don’t believe conservatives can make good films.

I disagree, and I am in a position to know. Along with my wife and business partner, Gina Cappo Pack, I have been producing documentaries for many years. Over 15 of our films have been nationally broadcast on PBS. All have won awards and garnered many favorable reviews. (A full list of our films along with clips can be found here.) So, I am a practitioner, a maker of culture, rather than a critic or expert. 

In addition, I have run some major cultural institutions, including serving as president of the Claremont Institute, senior vice president for television programming at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and CEO of the United States Agency for Global Media, our government’s international broadcasters, including Voice of America. So, I also have the perspective of a media executive. Over the years, I have watched numerous conservative efforts to “take back the culture,” all pathetic failures.

Posted on: Sep 15 07:53

Social media has been awash with videos of migrants storming the shores of Italy in recent days, and Italy’s nominally conservative government is being forced to respond.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, known for his hawkish stance on immigration during his tenure as interior minister in 2018, said on Wednesday that when 120 boats filled with migrants arrive on the shores of Italy at the same time, “it is not a spontaneous phenomenon, it is a declaration of war on Europe.”

The deputy prime minister of the right-wing government in Rome, who currently heads the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, referred to the fact that the boats with approximately 6,000 migrants docked on the island of Lampedusa in one day. He stressed that the problem was not exclusive to Lampedusa and that the situation threatened to “collapse Italian society as a whole.”

Webmaster addition: That could very well be the intention!

Posted on: Sep 15 07:52

The EU needs to realize that when it points one investigatory finger at Chinese EV subsidies, three more point back at it.

Among the ironies behind the EU launching an investigation into Chinese EV subsidies is the fact that Europe’s own automakers also take advantage of China's low cost manufacturing base for vehicles.

Renault, for instance, markets its Dacia Spring as Europe's most affordable EV, according to Bloomberg, yet the vehicle is manufactured in China's Hubei province. It is priced at €20,800 ($22,300) in France, the report says. 

Meanwhile Chinese company BYD is pushing its most affordable vehicle in Europe at a price of €38,000. Bloomberg lists several other models that price cheaper in China than in Europe here

But that didn't stop Commission President Ursula von der Leyen from saying earlier this week that: “Global markets are now flooded with cheaper Chinese electric cars, and their price is kept artificially low by huge state subsidies."

Posted on: Sep 15 07:51


"The economic data have been just surreally good. Even optimists are stunned, so why do polls show most Americans don't think the economy is doing well? There's a really profound and peculiar disconnect going on," huffed New York Times opinion columnist Paul Krugman on CNN earlier this week.

For context, economic confidence among U.S. adults remains low (-30 on a scale of –100 to 100). 42% of Americans view economic conditions as poor, and 67% think they are worsening.

Krugman, the Nobel Prize winner who said bitcoin was overpriced when it cost $7, believes slight downticks in core CPI (Consumer Price Index) amount to victory over inflation.

Tell that to those still dealing with grocery prices up over 17% since 2021.

Back here in reality, Americans have been burdened by hefty price inflation for 31 months. Although the last three months' CPI increases have not been as dramatic as prior ones, the trend is still far above the Fed's inflation target of 2% (which, itself, is much too high – a topic for another time).

An alternative measure of the prices and goods important to everyday lives, the Everyday Price Index (EPI), produced by the American Institute for Economic Research, reached an all-time high this month.

There is also the looming commercial real estate crisis, a decrease in real annual earnings, and rising energy costs.

Regime apologists like Krugman are either so out of touch that they can’t understand the reality faced by the middle class, or they are intentionally gaslighting the public ahead of a Presidential election. Either way, people have grown tired of the lies and incompetence, and they are looking for alternatives. Fortunately, bitcoin provides a recourse.

Posted on: Sep 15 07:50

One of the consistent mercies of the SARS-CoV-2 “covid-19 pandemic,” even at its most virulent initial stages, has been the paucity of serious disease in children generally, and healthy children, universally. Covid-19 always was and remains a very highly age– and comorbid risk-stratified disease that targets the extremely frail elderly—especially those in congregate care—and the otherwise middle-aged to elderly with multiple (for example, ≥ 6!), severe, chronic comorbidities.

For the vast preponderance of the world’s population, and workforce, i.e., the ~94 percent under age 70-years-old, we now know that the most aggressive early variants, such as the Wuhan, Alpha, and Delta strains, conferred a very modest infection fatality ratio (IFR; covid-19 deaths/total covid-19 infections) of 0.1 percent, or 1 per 1,000 infections. This seasonal influenza-like IFR for those < 70, overall, dropped precipitously further in the pediatric age range (0-19-years-old) to 0.0003 percent, or 1 in 333,333. Such unalarming IFRs among those < 70, especially children, for the early SARS-CoV-2 variants, have been reduced by at least 3-fold more (so 0.1 percent/3; 0.0003 percent/3!) since the advent of the Omicron wave in early 2022, and its perhaps even milder related subvariants, that are continuing to emerge through the present. 

During 3+ years, including the period when the most virulent early SARS-CoV-2 strains were predominant, through the Omicron wave, and till now, not a single pediatric death due to covid-19, has been recorded in Rhode Island. This contrasts starkly with the three HINI influenza (swine flu) pediatric pneumonia deaths that accrued in a single flu season, during the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic, mirroring recent national US pediatric influenza death trends. Comparative US pediatric influenza vs. SARS-CoV-2 mortality data since 2009, underscore how both pandemic, and bad seasonal influenza outbreaks—with which we cope, appositely, minus hysteria—pose a greater mortality risk to children, than SARS-CoV-2. 

Posted on: Sep 15 07:49