"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." -- Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death

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More than 20,000 soldiers have been deployed to Vladimir Putin’s doorstep in some of the biggest wargames since the Cold War.

For nearly two weeks, forces from 13 nations will participate in Nato military drills in the northern regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The accessions of Finland and Sweden to the Western alliance have transformed the security environment in northern Europe and the Arctic Circle.

What is a historic moment for both countries – their first joint military exercises – is seen as one of the most significant geopolitical consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In the wake of the decision – viewed as a threat by the Kremlin – Putin moved his troops towards Russia’s northwestern border in December.

The president is yet to issue an official response about the deployment of soldiers so close to Russia.

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There’s been a lot of talk in pro-Palestine circles about withholding votes for Biden in protest of his genocide in Gaza, which is of course fine, but the discourse around doing so often misses an important point. A lot of US voters erroneously think they’d be punishing the Democrats for Gaza by costing them the election, mistakenly assuming Democrats care about winning. They don’t.

Losing an election costs Democratic party leaders nothing; all the career politicians and political operatives at the top keep their careers either way. From their point of view this is just a cushy job with sweet benefits, and they keep those win or lose. And obviously Biden himself doesn’t care; he’ll have a comfortable retirement regardless of the outcome in November, and on some level he’s surely aware that it’s nuts for a dementia patient to be in the White House anyway.

If the Democrats cared about getting your vote they’d be trying hard to earn it. They’re not trying because they don’t care.

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One of the most horrifying facts about this dystopia we live in is that large-scale military operations are routinely used as testing grounds for new war machinery, using human bodies as guinea pigs for experimentation in what amount to giant blood-soaked field laboratories — all to benefit the strategic objectives of empire managers and the profit margins of the military-industrial complex.

Haaretz has a new article out titled “Gaza Becomes Israel’s Testing Ground for Military Robots”, which reports that “In an effort to avoid harming soldiers and dogs, the IDF has been experimenting with the use of robots and remote-controlled dogs in the Gaza War.”

(Yeah because my gosh, can you imagine how terrible it would be if Israeli soldiers and dogs got harmed while carrying out a genocide?)

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The US Supreme Court ordered former President Donald Trump back on the 2024 primary ballot in Colorado on Monday, the day before the Centennial State and 14 others pick their Republican nominees for president.

The unanimous ruling also overturns disqualification orders handed down by officials and judges in Maine and Illinois in recent weeks.

The unsigned order found that only Congress, and not individual states, can disqualify candidates for federal office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, known colloquially as the Insurrection Clause or the Disqualification Clause.

“The judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court … cannot stand,” the order read. “All nine Members of the Court agree with that result.”

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A noticeable trend is emerging as people pack their bags and relocate, with a clear pattern of migration from Democrat-controlled cities to Republican-leaning havens. The top destinations for those seeking greener pastures include Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando, and Sacramento, signaling a shift in residential preferences.

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A group of Colorado voters contends that Section 3 of the
Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits for-
mer President Donald J. Trump, who seeks the Presidential
nomination of the Republican Party in this year’s election,
from becoming President again. The Colorado Supreme
Court agreed with that contention. It ordered the Colorado
secretary of state to exclude the former President from the
Republican primary ballot in the State and to disregard any
write-in votes that Colorado voters might cast for him.
Former President Trump challenges that decision on sev-
eral grounds. Because the Constitution makes Congress,
rather than the States, responsible for enforcing Section 3
against federal officeholders and candidates, we reverse.

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A California Democrat running for Rep. Katie Porter’s seat suddenly became the target of an unexpected barrage of negative ads from the nation’s premier pro-Israel group this year. So he emailed a former Michigan representative, Andy Levin, for advice.

Levin was ousted from his House seat in 2022, after the American Israel Public Affairs Committee spent $4 million against him. Levin was one of a handful of Democrats targeted by AIPAC last cycle, when the group went after a range of progressive candidates in mostly open House primaries over their criticism of Israel.

He told Dave Min, who has not called for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza but has privately criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to reach out to progressive Jewish groups for help. That’s what Levin had done.

But, he acknowledged, “we were simply swamped” by outside spending in his own primary, and Dave Min might face a similar fate.

“Most” candidates won’t be able to survive that spending barrage, Levin said in an interview with POLITICO, and “I’m afraid that they can be quite successful in wiping them out.”

This cycle, they are going even bigger. AIPAC is expected to spend $100 million across its political entities in 2024, taking aim at candidates they deem insufficiently supportive of Israel, according to three people with direct knowledge of the figure, who were granted anonymity to discuss private meetings.

Claire's Observations:  However one wants to slice it, $100 million is still one impressive hunk of change.  And guess what?!? AIPAC does NOT have to register as a foreign entity, under the control of Israel!!"

According to a Google search, "FARA requires those who receive funds or act on behalf of a foreign government to register as a foreign agent. However, AIPAC states that the organization is a registered American lobbying group, funded by private donations, and maintains it receives "no financial assistance" from Israel or any other foreign group.

Monetary assistance?!?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  If there is Israeli monetary support, it is most probably carefully hidden and obscured in AIPAC's books.  

But  Israeli skull-sweat,  and intel assistance?!?  Most probably, hell yes, and a lot of it, to determine who its "enemies" are, in state and local governments, and root them out," by any means necessary."

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From the very early days of the pandemic, brain fog emerged as a significant health condition that many experience after COVID-19.

Brain fog is a colloquial term that describes a state of mental sluggishness or lack of clarity and haziness that makes it difficult to concentrate, remember things and think clearly.

Fast-forward four years and there is now abundant evidence that being infected with SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19 – can affect brain health in many ways.

In addition to brain fog, COVID-19 can lead to an array of problems, including headaches, seizure disorders, strokes, sleep problems, and tingling and paralysis of the nerves, as well as several mental health disorders.

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At a time when the largest mRNA Covid vaccine peer-reviewed study recently revealed increases in neurological, blood, and heart-related conditions, along with the pharma-industrial complex unleashing a 'blitzkrieg' of vaccine commercials across corporate media outlets, a new report has found that vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus could be causing a rare nervous system disorder in older adults. 

The New York Times has reported that new safety data for two RSV vaccines, presented at a meeting of scientific advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday, indicates that Guillain-Barre syndrome - a rare condition where the immune system attacks nerve cells, leading to muscle weakness and paralysis - may have occurred in adults over 60 who received the vaccines. Two vaccines, Pfizer's Abrysvo and GSK's Arexvy, are currently available on the market.

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