"Argument Against Abolishing Christianity in England" in A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works
"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men." -- Samuel Adams

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After the drone attacks on Moscow and the Moscow region, Russia has obtained a full legal right to deliver a strategic or tactical nuclear blow on Ukraine. This right is enshrined in the foundations of Russia's state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence. Simply put — in Russia's nuclear doctrine.

"In the heat of discussions of the Ukrainian UAV attack on Moscow many missed out a very important point. The media reported about an attempted drone attack on a target in the village of Vlasikha,” military experts of Mayday expert project said.

The central command post of ground-based strategic nuclear forces and headquarters of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces are located in Vlasikha.

The document "On fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence" (Paragraph 19) refers to "enemy's impact on critical state or military facilities of the Russian Federation, the failure of which will lead to the disruption of retaliatory nuclear forces."

It goes without saying that an attack on the headquarters of strategic nuclear forces is an action that may lead to "the disruption of retaliatory nuclear forces."

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The recent G7 summit should be understood as firstly, the shaping of a battlespace in the ‘War of Narratives’ whose principal ‘front’ today is the Team Biden insistence that only one ‘reality’ — the US-led ‘Rules’ ideology (and it alone) – can predominate. And, secondly to underline pointedly that the West is ‘not losing’ in this war against the other ‘reality’. This other reality is the multivalent ‘otherness’ that self-evidently is attracting more and more support around the world.

Many in the West are simply unaware of how fast the geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting: The original plate bifurcation (the failed financial war declared on Russia), already has led to a building wave. Anger is growing. People now no longer feel alone in rejecting western hegemony – they “no longer care”.

In just the week that preceded the G7 summit, the Arab League literally ‘went multi-polar’; It quit its former pro-US automaticity. The embrace of President Assad and the Syrian government was both the logical consequence to the secondary tectonic-plate shift set in motion by China with its Saudi-Iranian diplomacy — a revolution which Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) then logically extended to the entire Arab sphere.

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Officially, it is ”acknowledged” by the US and the EU that it is “not possible” to decouple China.

Neocons don’t think so.

It may be costly to decouple China, but definitely not impossible. And Neocons don’t care about heavy costs, not even for their own Western societies. That is the Blinken concept of “Trade Denial” from Blinken’s 1987 book “Ally vs. Ally”. The cost paid by trade denial for the West’s own societies will be worth it to bring down the enemy.

The US enemy back in 1987 was the Soviet Union, today it is China. Neocons don’t care that Germany with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi will lose billions on sanctions. Weakening Germany will only be a side-benefit for US Neocons.

Neocons also don’t care that Qualcomm will lose sales in China and that Apple will have to get their phones produced in India or elsewhere.

As for Chinese rare minerals and solar cells, the equivalence to Russian oil is obvious – make exceptions to embargo and put a price cap on Chinese exports. Sanction China completely and make a few exemptions only where strictly necessary.

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The World Health Assembly (WHA) is a meeting of over 190 WHO Member States where health decisions are made that impact the global population. The 2023 WHA conference started on 21 May and closed officially on 30 May 2023.

Despite all expectations that crucial decisions would be taken during these ten days on the revised International Health Regulations (IHR), plus the appended “Pandemic Treaty” – an absolute WHO Power Grab never heard of in recent civilization – no such decisions have been taken, yet.

The reasons are presented purposely in a confusing fashion, so that people may not quite understand what is really brewing behind the monster scenario, behind the elite’s lies and manipulations.

At the outset, it appears like there would have been enough votes to make the WHO’s constitutionally needed two-thirds majority for this type of decisions.

Yet, there was “insecurity”.

What if WHO is suddenly considered as an “under-agent” of the UN and does not have the power to implement what they truly want to embrace as their constitutional right… a Health Tyranny, abolishing all 194 member countries’ health sovereignty?

What if the overarching body that may have this power, though neither written in any of the international nor UN laws, is the United Nations themselves?

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The world finds itself at a critical juncture as tensions escalate in Ukraine, claiming the lives of thousands on both sides. Meanwhile, Israel’s potential strike on Iranian nuclear development sites using US-built F-35 bomber aircraft looms, threatens to ignite a chain reaction of destabilization in the entire Middle East and risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.

In this unprecedented situation, the United Kingdom also faces the grim prospect of becoming a prime target. The global population stands on the precipice, with an unimaginable loss of one billion lives (12.5% of the global population) looming. Unfortunately, the urgency of this danger remains underappreciated by the international community, as the United Nations continues with its routine affairs, while Europe, in a state of fear and disarray, scrambles to build fallout shelters for its elites.

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The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, said publicly just moments ago she is ready to grant permission to Ukraine to send troops into Moldova to grab the gigantic weapons storage depot in Transnistria which is under Russian protection.

"If it is necessary for the Ukrainian army, we are ready to give the right to enter our territory in order to deal with warehouses, weapons and personnel. This is a gesture of solidarity," she said.

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Amid heavy losses for Kiev on the battlefield, Atlantic Council Chairman John F.W. Rogers and President and CEO Frederick Kempe awarded Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the Atlantic Council’s highest honor, the Global Citizen Award, which is given to individuals who allegedly make significant contributions to improving the state of the world.

During a previously unannounced visit to Kiev on Tuesday, Rogers and Kempe were joined by Ambassador John Herbst, senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, and General David H. Petraeus, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and member of the Atlantic Council Board of Directors, to present the award.

“On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I am honored to accept the Atlantic Council Global Citizen Award,” Zelensky said after a meeting of his team with the Atlantic Council delegation. “This is recognition for our people, for our heroes. Ukrainians are fighting not only for their existence and freedoms, but also for the freedoms of Europe and the Transatlantic Community. I thank the Atlantic Council for this award and its work to help Ukraine defeat Russia’s aggression.”

“President Zelensky embodies the spirit of the Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards,” Atlantic Council Chairman John F.W. Rogers said. “He has led the people of Ukraine in a heroic fight against Russian aggression and the full might of Moscow’s military. His leadership, courage, and commitment to an independent and democratic Ukraine inspire others around the world.”

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Statement by President Ilham Aliyev

During the official visit, we had more opportunities to address important issues on our bilateral agenda. Opening of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Israel this year, of course, will elevate relations on a high level and at the same time, will create more opportunities to have closer interaction.

One of the areas, which we started to cooperate in relatively recently, is the area of cybersecurity. We are very glad that active communications in this area have started. Today, it is not a secret that cybersecurity is an important part of national security of every country. Definitely, great experience of Israeli companies in this area will be helpful to us including training of young generation, education, which will be fundamental factor in order to achieve our goals and protect ourselves from threats.

Talking about threats, I would also like to mention with pleasure, the long-lasting cooperation in the area of defense industry. Azerbaijan has had access to modern Israeli equipment in this area for many years, which helps us to modernize our defense capability.

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The Polish government has signed a deal to purchase 800 Hellfire II missiles that are to be carried by a new fleet of attack helicopters, with a request to buy Boeing AH-64E Apaches still in the pipeline.

The contract for the sale of the missiles, which are manufactured by Lockheed Martin, was inked by the ministry’s Armament Agency and the United States Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC).

The deal is worth about $150 million, according to officials. Deliveries are slated to begin this year and stretch through 2029.

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As the Russia-Ukraine crisis drags on, NATO has become the pronoun [?] of destabilizer of regional security.

The situation in the Balkans is now at an explosive point. KFOR, the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo, clashed with Serb protesters on Monday. The tension arose after ethnic Albanian mayors took office in northern Kosovo’s Serb majority area after April elections that the Serbs boycotted.

…Kosovo was originally an autonomous province of Serbia in the former Yugoslavia. With the support of the US and the West, Kosovo has been seeking to move further on the road of “independent statehood” and adopted a hardline attitude toward Serbia. NATO’s involvement has further exacerbated the rift between Kosovo and Serbia, leading to military conflicts between the two sides and undermining the peace and unity of the Western Balkans.

[I]t remains doubtful if NATO truly wants to stop the conflict. The NATO-led multinational contingents were deployed to four municipalities in Kosovo to contain “violent demonstrations” as “newly elected mayors in recent days tried to take office,” KFOR said in a statement.

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On Wednesday, President Dina Boluarte authorized the entry into Peruvian territory of over a thousand U.S. soldiers, who will train the Armed Forces and the National Police.

The U.S. military will carry out operations with the Peruvian Joint Intelligence and Special Operations Command (CIOEC), the Joint Special Forces (FEC), the Navy’s Special Operations Forces (FOE), the Air Force’s Special Forces Group (GRUFE), the Anti-drug Directorate (DIRANDRO), and the Police’s Special Forces Directorate (DIROES).

The training will take place in Lima, Callao, Loreto, San Martin, Santa Lucia, Huanuco, Ucayali, Pasco, Junin, Huancavelica, Cusco, Ayacucho, Iquitos, Pucusana and Apurimac.

The U.S. military will arrive in various groups, between June 1 and December 31. The largest group will be made up of 970 members of the U.S. Air Force, Space Force, and Special Forces.

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Independent medical scientists who are not dependent on a Big Pharma salary or research grant, a minority of medical scientists as Big Pharma reportedly is the source of 70% of medical research grants and provides support to friendly medical schools, have provided conclusive evidence that the Covid-19 “vaccine” is responsible for many deaths and health issues. 

The unprecedented phenomenon of vaccinated children dying in their sleep, of athletes and entertainers dropping dead on the field and stage, along with the same happening to people in all ages of life is being dismissed by the medical establishment at work covering up for itself as just a coincidence.  The whore media refuses to report the findings of independent scientists or investigate the large numbers of deaths and health injuries following the Covid mass vaccination.

In the face of the evidence that the “vaccine” is dangerous, Medicare continues to urge vaccination as do pharmacies.  What explains such reckless and irresponsible advice in the face of the evidence?

What explains the appearance of the Covid virus, engineered in labs with NIH grants, practically simultaneously in every country of the world?

What explains the same Covid protocols everywhere except Brazil, India, and Africa–the lockdowns, masks, mass vaccinations, and never-ending production of fear?

What explains the urgency of the mass vaccination campaign in the face of the mounting evidence that the vax was ineffective and dangerous?

Why were Covid “vaccines” and test kits in production prior to the appearance of the virus?

What explains the censorship of medical scientists? Why were alternative explanations and alternative treatments unwelcome and prohibited?

What explains the punishments of doctors who saved lives with HCQ and Ivermectin? Why did doctors lose jobs and licenses for saving lives?

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The UK Intelligence suggests that a series of critical statements made by Yevgeny Prigozhin,  the head of the Wagner PMC, has weakened the taboo in Russia on talks about replacing the president. 

Source: the UK Ministry of Defence's intelligence review of the Russian-Ukrainian war of 1 June, as European Pravda reports. 

The analysts drew attention to the words of Russian politician Boris Nadezhdin on NTV on 27 May, when he called for a new president to be elected in 2024 to normalise relations with Europe. 

They note that Nadezhdin has been a prominent critic of the war since the full-scale invasion began in 2022, but this is perhaps the first call for Putin's replacement to be made on a Russian state TV channel.

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The embattled former mayor of Chicago who lost her re-election bid last month after serving only one term is to teach leadership at Harvard.

Lori Lightfoot, 60, presided over four years dominated by soaring crime, war with teachers' unions and police, and battles with the City Council. She stepped down on May 15 as the first mayor not to secure a second term in 40 years.

Yet on Thursday the Harvard Chan School of Public Health announced Lightfoot was joining their faculty for a semester in the fall.

Michelle Williams, the dean, praised Lightfoot for her 'strong leadership in advocating for health, equity, and dignity for every resident of Chicago.'

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The Mediterranean diet is hailed by doctors and scientists for its menu of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains that has been shown to boost heart health.

But now, scientists say a slightly tweaked version — packed with green tea, walnuts and a green smoothie — improved the brain health of obese people who followed it.

Weighing too much has been linked with the brain ageing faster than would normally be expected.

Israeli researchers, who recruited more than 100 obese people to follow the diet, found that for every one per cent drop in their body mass index (BMI), their 'brain age' reduced by nine months.

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is hosting the first-ever live stream of Mars that should reveal never-before-seen stunning details of the Red Planet.

The agency's Mars Express orbiter will share new images every 50 seconds on Friday starting at 11:45 am ET, as it hangs more than 11,000 miles above the Martian surface. 

And the stream will be accessible through the ESA YouTube channel

While the event will be hosted live, it does take up to 22 minutes for data to travel the more than 187 million miles from Mars to Earth.

There are only a few historical examples when humans on Earth have seen live images or video from space, including NASA's DART mission that crashed a probe into a moonlet and the Apollo missions. 

Posted on: Jun 02 07:15

President Joe Biden is slated to appoint Dr Mandy Cohen, former North Carolina Health Secretary, to head up the beleaguered Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Dr Cohen will assume the position at the end of the month when outgoing CDC chief Rochelle Walensky will step down. 

The Obama-era health official is also a trained internal medicine physician who helped run the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) which oversees government-issued healthcare benefits, and aided in the implementation of Obamacare. 

Most notably, Dr Cohen spent four years as North Carolina's health secretary where she speerheaded the state's pandemic response, a position that gave her the public health bona fides necessary to head up the sprawling federal health agency. 

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Long before House or Senate Republicans ever dared to push back on the FBI or any other federal institution, it had been no secret that the majority of a bi-partisan Congress had a habit of disappearing, of being unwilling or intimidated to directly challenge willful institutional insubordination; whether on the part of Federal agencies or its personnel in what some might identify today as a form of sedition. 

Fast forward to the recently released 316 page Durham Report which has articulated details of the FBI’s open and continued defiance of Congress and the Constitution as the recent House interim report on the Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of Federal Government has confirmed a similar lack of respect for the Rule of Law. The timing of both Durham and the House hearing could only have been a divinely-inspired coincidence as both share a duplicative message meant to resonate with the American people: that the Federal government’s justice system is near-total collapse.

Despite no realistic expectation that Durham would produce a stunning final verdict and uncertainty as to the depth of FBI ‘rot,’ the fact that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election necessitates the removal of Director Wray as well as at least four levels down from their positions of authority ASAP. The Agency may, in fact, be beyond repair with little worth saving except some of the furniture; even as the Democrats propose a new $500 million FBI building larger than the Pentagon.

With a deliberate dearth of media coverage, the American public and its Congress may still be in the throes of grasping the full extent of the depth of US corruption that has publicly surfaced since 2020 with an unexpected ferocity. That corruption has revealed itself to be far more intense, more deeply woven into our national character than previously expected.

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Following the economic collapse of Sri Lanka in mid-2022, Pakistan is close to sliding into the same disaster.

There is US$3 billion remaining in the country’s foreign currency reserves that can pay for only two weeks of imports.

Inflation is near 40 per cent.

The value of the national currency—the rupee—is in free fall.

Pakistan’s debt is near default and has increased by 38 per cent in one year.

The average person cannot afford to buy bread or onions and the country is running out of fuel, cooking gas and wheat.

Factories are shutting down due to lack of spare parts, including those making life-saving medicines.

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Apple customers have complained they are struggling to access their savings - just over a month after it launched its high-yield account. 

The tech giant made headlines when it unveiled its new savings product in partnership with Goldman Sachs that offers a 4.15 percent interest rate - around 10 times the average yield offered by mainstream banks.

Reports suggest it attracted as many as $1 billion in deposits four days after launching.

But now savers are reportedly having trouble accessing their funds - or transferring cash between accounts.

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A lopsided trade relationship with India is forcing Russia to accumulate up to $1 billion each month in rupee assets that remain stranded outside the country, swelling the stockpile of capital it's amassed abroad since the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has emerged as a top supplier of oil to India over the past year, settling a greater share of trade in national currencies and redirecting shipments east as traditional customers in Europe shunned purchases after the war began over a year ago.

But with imports from India stagnating, Russia is ending up with an excess of rupees, which its companies have trouble repatriating because of local currency restrictions. Deadlock over a solution has left Russia expecting the surplus to rise further, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

Every quarter, the imbalance will likely generate the equivalent of $2 billion to $3 billion that Russia can't use, according to Bloomberg Economics. The amount would add to an estimated $147 billion in net foreign assets built up abroad over the course of 2022.

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An Alameda County Superior Court judge was robbed at gunpoint while walking to work at a courthouse in Oakland on Thursday.

Judge Kevin Murphy was starting his day when he was robbed by three masked men of his Rolex watch, wallet and other personal items at gunpoint, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office announced on Thursday

Murphy was walking from a parking garage to the René C. Davidson Courthouse building, which sits near Lake Merritt, when he was robbed, a source said.

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A federal judge has recused himself in a case Walt Disney World brought against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last month — but not before accusing the Republican presidential nominee of 'rank judge shopping.'

In an ruling late Thursday night, Judge Mark E. Walker, the chief judge for the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida, said he would no longer preside over the politically-contentious case.

He denied that the move was related to lawyers for the Florida governor seeking to disqualify him from the case due to remarks he made last year about DeSantis' actions against Disney.

Instead, Walker claimed that he made the decision to step away from the case after he found out that one of his relatives owns stock in the House of Mouse. The judge went on to call DeSantis' team's legal objections 'judge shopping.'

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The British people do not want to hear the BBC. That is why their viewing numbers are so dire and why they must terrorise vulnerable grandmothers with their courts and their gulags.

Though pinioned as he is for all eternity on Lucifer’s sharpest tridents, MI5 agent George Orwell can treat himself to the wryest of smiles. MI5 have not only honoured this pervert with his own statue outside of their BBC head office but they have now installed Marianna Spring as Tsarina of the BBC’s Orwellian named Ministry of Truth.

Spring has all the credentials. She studied Russian, the language the BBC wants us to believe Orwell’s neighbours speak in hell, at Oxford, having first been Head Girl at Suton High School. And, as this excellent American profile of her attests, she can now read maps, even if she can do this with nowhere near the rigour of the highly-recommended Defence Politics Asia.

Let’s also clarify that we are speaking in the main of the BBC World Service and not of their gardening or motoring correspondents. The BBC Word Service is not regulated by OFCOM but instead reports directly to the Foreign Office, to MI6 in other words, which not only dictates the BBC’s policy but ensures it fully complies with NATO’s war objectives.

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Arizona officials announced Thursday the state will no longer grant certifications for new developments within the Phoenix area, as groundwater rapidly disappears amid years of water overuse and climate change-driven drought.

A new study showed that the groundwater supporting the Phoenix area likely can’t meet additional development demand in the coming century, officials said at a news conference. Gov. Katie Hobbs and the state’s top water officials outlined the results of the study looking at groundwater demand within the Phoenix metro area, which is regulated by a state law that tries to ensure Arizona’s housing developments, businesses and farms are not using more groundwater than is being replaced.

The study found that around 4% of the area’s demand for groundwater, close to 4.9 million acre-feet, cannot be met over the next 100 years under current conditions – a huge shortage that will have significant implications for housing developments in the coming years in the booming Phoenix metro area, which has led the nation in population growth.

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June marks the beginning of Pride Month and several companies that have shown support for the LGBTQ+ community have faced boycotts from conservative voices.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated in the month of June to "honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan," the Library of Congress states.

"The Stonewall Uprising was a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. In the United States the last Sunday in June was initially celebrated as 'Gay Pride Day,' but the actual day was flexible. In major cities across the nation the 'day' soon grew to encompass a month-long series of events," the Library of Congress said. "Today, celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts, and LGBTQ Pride Month events attract millions of participants around the world."

Image removed.While many see Pride Month as a celebration for members of the LGBTQ+ community, some conservatives have a different take on the month, calling for boycotts of several companies. Twitter user RAMZPAUL also recently posted a photo calling for supporters to boycott all of Pride Month and avoid stores that celebrate the season and instead support businesses that reject Pride Month.

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Something will happen in New Zealand, that could impact the world...

An international team of attorneys and scientists joined with the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand. They will start legal proceedings to bring those who are responsible for the covid plandemic to justice.

The justice system of the independent Maori people from New Zealand is ideal to start these lawsuits, because they are beyond the control of the western financial establishment.

These western elitists have corrupted most of the worldwide judicial system to ensure they would never be held liable for their crimes against humanity.

The upcoming legal proceedings will set a judicial precedent for the rest of the world as the evidence that will come to light can be used in any other court.

Attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich explains more in this interview with Stop World Control.

Posted on: Jun 02 06:53

Much has been talked about in recent weeks about the war in Ukraine being taken to the next level. For NATO and western elites, this is a natural progression based on misguided policies and ideas which have been carried out for over a year and have not achieved the goal. Furthermore, it is interesting to examine Jens Stoltenberg’s interview with the Washington Post under the microscope where he backpedals away from all the chest-beating rhetoric of destroying Russia and winning the war in Ukraine to merely “we need to prevail in Ukraine”. Quite a climbdown. Add to that his extraordinary comment about the war starting back in 2014 and the contradictions and panic starts to pile up, leaving the observer wondering whether there is any consistency at all from the West with its objectives in Ukraine. There’s a lot of fake news about it. In fact, at times, it seems that the only news about Ukraine is fake news.

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So, over the past few months I've noticed something rather disturbing: more and more reports indicating that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may not have the best interests at heart when it comes to balanced justice. I've heard whistleblower reports about preferential treatment for certain types (like President Biden's son Hunter), as well as stories where innocent Americans were under investigation because of their religious preference or something they may have said online.

I thought we'd be hearing more about these agencies. But a new report has discussed the growing armament of an unexpected agency – the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

According to a report from OpentheBooks.com (initially posted by Fox Business), the IRS has spent over $10 million on "weaponry and gear," stockpiling it since the coronavirus exploded back in 2020. What's more, they've begun hiring agents that will carry guns and make arrests, with job openings in all 50 states.

Webmaster addition: The government screws up most of what it does, but there are two things they are very good at; taking your money and using it to murder vast numbers of people!

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