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A gunman killed 10 people and wounded 10 others during a Chinese New Year celebration in California.

Instead of waiting for facts, because no sane person would ever do that, leftists and Democrats immediately blamed white supremacy and racists.

Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Chuck Schumer certainly use tragedies to their advantage.

Bigotry. White Supremacy. GUN CONTROL.

Nope. The suspect was a middle-aged Asian man. A community leader said it was over a “domestic dispute”:

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I appeared on the Tony Katz Show on January 20, to talk about the failed attempt by the U.S. Supreme Court to identify the person or persons who leaked an early draft of the decision in the Dobbs abortion case. As you recall, that leak put conservative Justices directly in harms way.

The investigation seemed a mess based on what was publicly known:

In early May 2022, after someone leaked an early draft of a majority opinion authored by Justice Alito in the Dobbs case, detailing the eventual overruling of Roe v. Wade, a fury of threats and violence was unleashed toward the conservative Justices, including a gunman who got within steps of Justice Kavanaugh’s front door and aggressive and likely illegal protests outside conservative Supreme Court Justices’ homes. Democrat leaders like Elizabeth Warren incited the mobs, and the White House refused to condemn the home protests.

Chief Justice John Robert’s appointed the Supreme Court Marshal to investigate. There were hints that the FBI or other experienced investigative agency were helping, but no details of that help have been released. So the investigation appears to be under the control of people who were not professional investigators. Not good.

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On December 23, it was announced Facebook’s parent company Meta would pay $725 million to U.S.-based users whose personal information was harvested by Cambridge Analytica, the largest ever data privacy class action settlement in history.

The development represents the culmination of a global scandal that erupted in the initial months of 2017, led to official investigations into Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in multiple countries, triggered widespread public debates about online privacy and the malign influence of behavioral advertising and microtargeting in the democratic process, precipitated the abrupt collapse of the company and its parent, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) Group, and dominated mainstream headlines for years.

Yet, for all the relentless coverage and hype over so long, there is a dimension to the farrago that has never previously been explored. Now, it must be. MintPress can reveal a secret British intelligence network fed top journalists — and the world — lies and misinformation about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, distorting perceptions, misdirecting attention and public anger, amping up tensions with Russia, and paving the way for World War Three.

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With Ukrainian troops en route to the United States for training on the Patriot missile system, Washington is now sending some of its most sophisticated weapons to bolster Ukraine's already extensive air defense network. Sending Patriot missile systems to Ukraine might seem useful, given repeated Russian drone and missile attacks on civilian areas, but the solution doesn't fit the problem.

The truth is Patriot systems are as likely to stop the drone threat as a water balloon is to stop a forest fire. The mismatch is too great. And Washington's persistence despite that reality is a blunder that will prove costly.

Air defenses rely on radars that scan for threats in a specific area. For Patriot systems, these areas are small and meant to be pinpoint locations like a military base or power plant. A single Patriot system would not alter the inherent vulnerability that Ukraine experiences in the air, given its vast front of fighting against Russian troops. It might protect a few nodes that Kyiv prizes, but Russian air attacks can counter these missile systems.

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Wall Street Journal editorial board member Allysia Finley has taken a flamethrower to vaccine makers over their "deceptive" campaign for bivalent Covid boosters, and slams several federal agencies for taking "the unprecedented step of ordering vaccine makers to produce them and recommending them without data supporting their safety or efficacy."

You might have heard a radio advertisement warning that if you’ve had Covid, you could get it again and experience even worse symptoms. The message, sponsored by the Health and Human Services Department, claims that updated bivalent vaccines will improve your protection.

This is deceptive advertising. But the public-health establishment’s praise for the bivalent shots shouldn’t come as a surprise. -WSJ

The narrative behind the campaign was simple; mRNA Covid shots could simply be 'tweaked' to to target new variants - in this case, the jabs were claimed to confer protection against BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron variants, along with the original Wuhan strain.

To call this wishful thinking would be extremely generous.

As Finley writes, three scientific problems have arisen.

  1. The virus is mutating much faster than vaccines can be updated.
  2. Vaccines have 'hard wired' our immune systems to respond to the original Wuhan strain, "so we churn out fewer antibodies that neutralize variants targeted by updated vaccines."
  3. Antibody protection wanes after just a few months.
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Critics of the US empire have spent months compiling mountains of evidence showing that the empire knowingly provoked the war in Ukraine. Supporters of the US empire have spent months posting dog memes and accusing strangers of being paid by Putin. It’s clear who’s in the right.

So does everyone else in the world get a vote on whether their lives should be risked in an offensive to control who governs Crimea? Or will the Biden administration just be making that call on behalf of all living creatures?

It’s so crazy how the fate of everyone alive and everyone who could potentially be born in the future is riding on the way two governments choose to navigate a conflict in Ukraine, just because those two governments have most of the world’s nuclear weapons. It’s like two people in a bar getting into a brawl that kills everyone in their city. Nobody else in the world gets a vote on the decisions being made that could kill everyone alive and end humanity forever; just a few people within those two governments and their militaries.

The US empire is telling Moscow “I’m the craziest motherfucker around, I’ll keep ramping up the brinkmanship looking you right in the eye and daring you to use nukes,” while telling the rest of the world “I am the voice of sanity that you should all look to for leadership.”

One of the empire’s faces is the virtuous upholder of freedom and democracy, while the other face puts on an intimidating show of viciousness like a prisoner biting off someone’s cheek in the prison yard. At least one of those faces is necessarily lying.

Literally the only reason mainstream westerners are fine with the US empire’s nuclear brinkmanship with Russia is because most don’t understand it, and those who do understand it don’t think very hard about it. They avoid contemplating what nuclear war is and what it would mean.

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The Washington Post revealed in a bombshell Thursday evening report that CIA Director William Burns made a secret trip to Ukraine’s capital last week to give a personal briefing to President Volodymyr Zelensky on what can be expected from Russian military strategy and Putin’s likely vision for the war in the weeks and months ahead.

“Director Burns traveled to Kyiv where he met with Ukrainian intelligence counterparts as well as President Zelensky and reinforced our continued support for Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression,” one US official confirmed to thePost.

While in prior months, particularly the summer, it might have been expected that such a high level trip by the head of America’s top intelligence agency to Kiev might have had as top of the agenda discussion of ways forward for negotiated peace, increasingly Washington is talking a “win” – or at least enough clear battlefield leverage for Ukraine to come away with victory at a future negotiating table. Part of this is the current push to get heavier US and NATO weaponry to Ukraine as fast as possible.

Crucially, there’s no mention in WaPo’s coverage of the Burns trip that opening a pathway for ceasefire talks was at all a point of discussion with Zelensky. This as the bloody battle for Bakhmut reportedly is resulting in immense casualties for both sides.

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Senior US officials said that the several thousand US troops currently stationed in Romania near the Ukraine border will remain there for at least nine more months, according to a New York Times report.

US officials said on Saturday that there are about 4,000 American soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division who have been deployed at the sprawling Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base since last summer, including small groups of troops that frequently train right on Romania’s border with Ukraine, the Times reported.

Over the last year, the airbase has become a training hub for NATO forces in southeast Europe. The forces would be a first line of defense should Russia invade further west, according to the report.

Officials said America’s 101st Airborne Division troops will leave in the next two months, but they would be replaced by a different brigade from the 101st Division.

They added that the mission will be led by the senior staff, including its two-star general and top planners, and the deployment is expected to be a nine-month-long.

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Late last month, a group of Chinese scientists quietly posted a paper purporting to show how a combination of classical and quantum computing techniques, plus a powerful enough quantum computer, could shred modern-day encryption. The breakthrough–if real–would jeopardize not only much U.S. military and intelligence-community communication but financial transactions and even your text messages. 

One quantum technology expert said simply “If it's true, it's pretty disastrous.” 

But the breakthrough may not be all it’s cracked up to be. 

The paper, “Factoring integers with sublinear resources on a superconducting quantum processor,” is currently under peer review. It claims to have found a way to use a 372-qubit quantum computer to factor the 2,048-bit numbers of in the RSA encryption system used by institutions from militaries to banks to communication app makers. 

That’s a big deal because quantum experts believed that it would require a far larger quantum computer to break RSA encryption. And IBM already has a 433-qubit quantum processor.

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It seems as if the federal government’s good name suffers more damage each week, these days, and continues with the actions of a hacker in Switzerland being only the latest blow to law enforcement’s once stellar reputation for security.

On Thursday, a security researcher posted a blog entry showing how she allegedly easily hacked an unsecure server and was able to gain access to the U.S. government’s Terrorist Screening Database and its controversial “No Fly List,” which contains the names of hundreds of thousands of people suspected of ties to terrorism or other illegal activities.

The server was apparently under the control of the U.S. national airline CommuteAir and her hacking led her to the government files.

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However, he’s not returning to the same Delaware home where they discovered classified documents. Instead, President Biden is heading to his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home.

Reporters asked Jean-Pierre if there was a reason why President Biden isn’t returning to his usual home away from the White House, but she won’t answer that question. A reporter asked her if this had anything to do with the classified documents.

According to Fox News, “‘I’m just going to continue to be prudent and consistent and respect the Department of Justice process. As it relates to his travel, as you know, he often travels to Delaware on the weekends. I don’t have anything else to share,’ Jean-Pierre responded.”

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According to the New York Post, both men were indicted in August 2022 on incest, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, felony sexual exploitation of children, and felony prostitution of a minor. However, investigating these men’s actions showed that the situation went even deeper than that. Sadly, there were still more shocking details, and this was just the beginning of the investigation.

The investigation uncovered that these two men allegedly pimped out their two sons to a pedophile ring in the area. The boy’s ages are 9 and 11.

Hunter Clay Lawless, 27, told investigators that Zachary Zulock’s Instagram bio describes him as a “Papa to our two wonderful boys” and an “activist.” However, Lawless says that Zulock personally invited him multiple times to take part in sexually abusing his sons. This is based on the investigative reporting of Townhall and has not been independently verified. Lawless said that he never had physical contact with either child.

Lawless also claimed that Zulock sent him multiple messages on Snapchat over time. One of those messages allegedly said:

“I’m going to f— my son tonight. Stand by,”

Lawless claims the message also came with photos of Zulock sexually abusing one of his sons.

The Zulock family lived in Oxford, a wealthy Atlanta neighborhood. The New York Post reports that the two men adopted their sons from a Christian special needs adoption agency. Their sons were in the third and fourth grades when their fathers were arrested.

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Huu Can Tran was identified as the 72-year-old mass shooting suspect who killed at least 10 people in a Monterey Park, California, ballroom dance studio during a Chinese New Year’s festival celebration, the Los Angeles County Sheriff said in a news conference.

Corporation records obtained by Heavy through the State of California showed that Tran once registered a corporation called Tran’s Trucking Inc. Its registration terminated two years later. He was living in San Gabriel, California, at the time, according to the 2002 filing.

His ex-wife and friends told CNN Tran used to frequent the Star Ballroom Dance Studio where the mass shooting occurred and described him as quick to anger and irritable.

The mass shooting broke out on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at approximately 10:22 p.m., according to a news release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. According to CNN, the mass shooting occurred “near a Lunar New Year festival celebration” in the Chinese community. The news release gave the location as “100 blk. W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park.”

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Guys, do you ever get out of sorts, you know moody and even downright angry at times? Well, for most of your lives you probably blamed it on a bad day at work, or money being tight. You may be concerned about something with the family, or something that was coming up that you wanted to avoid.

Well, you were wrong. The anxiety that you felt had nothing to do with exterior stimulus. Gentlemen, it was all hormonal. 

Fortunately, there is now an app to help you get a handle on this mysterious  malady.

Bizzarro land of “wokeness” 

Now, don’t be fooled or put off in anyway because the app is advertised to build “a better future for female health,” they want everyone to feel free to use the app, because as they stated on their twitter account:

 “We aim to support everyone with periods, regardless of gender.”

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This year marks a seminal turning point in human history. For the first time since human civilization began, our species is being genetically modified. Vaccine manufacturers have now made it possible for the human genome to be permanently altered—and humanity’s relationship with nature forever changed—by means of an experimental pharmaceutical injection that is being falsely referred to as a “vaccine.”

In light of this defining event, I believe we must take a sober look at the motives and acts that are revamping humanity as we know it. Simultaneously, we must examine our increasingly destructive treatment of the natural world. 

In order to investigate the many variables that are hastening the demise of humanity and sabotaging our unique role as stewards of the earth and its billions of plant and animal species, I have divided this study into four main parts, which will appear as separate articles: 

In Part I: The Microbiome and The Virome, we will discover that we are literally swimming in a vast sea of genomic information that was essential for life to begin and flourish on this precious earth and that is still trying to help all species survive. The matrix of organisms that make up the microbiome have built a viromic information stream that has allowed for adaptation and biodiversity to occur on the planet. And that very same viromic information stream is responsible for building the human species.

In Part lIOur War Against Nature, we will explore how our own reckless behaviour is destroying the environment, thereby moving us toward the sixth mass extinction. By that I mean, I will be covering the real environmental catastrophe, not the billionaire-funded “global warming/climate change” hoax initiated by the Club of Rome and further promulgated by the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

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The German government has admitted that an ‘alarming number’ of vaccinated people are developing ‘AIDS-like symptoms.’

According to new data released by German authorities, Germany has experienced over 102k excess deaths in 2022, a 276% increase on excess deaths recorded in the year 2020. reports: As the German government published data in January 2022, concerns about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine began to rise.

The data suggested that most of the individuals who had been fully vaccinated would develop full-blown vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome by the end of the month.

Furthermore, the data confirmed that the immune systems of the fully vaccinated had already degraded to an average of minus 87%.

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Twitter owner Elon Musk has revealed that a close family member, who he describes as “young and in peak health,” is now fighting for their life in hospital after being seriously injured from the COVID vaccine.

Musk broke the news in a series of tweets late on Friday. He was commenting on new data that highlights how large numbers of Americans say they have suffered severe side effects after receiving the experimental mRNA jabs. reports: Musk responded to the post by revealing that he suffered “major side effects” after receiving his “second booster shot.”

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Canadian officials have warned the public this week that the sudden rise in strokes among the population is due to the influenza season causing “systemic inflammation.”

Dr. Raj Bhardwaj of the University of Calgary appeared on Canadian state media to explain the alleged link between flu, infection, and stroke. reports: Bhardwaj told CBC Calgary News that a stroke is ultimately when “the blood supply to the brain is compromised for some reason. It’s basically a plumbing problem in the pipes that supply blood to your brain. And there’s two things that could go wrong with pipes, right: they can get blocked or they can burst.”

Webmaster addition: This looks like an attempt to delink the Covid shots from the myocarditis.

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Education Minister Chris Hipkins is set to replace to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s next Prime Minister.

This is the Labour Party MP who previously threatened to hunt down unvaccinated citizens until every single person was jabbed

Infowars reports: Hipkins still needs the endorsement from his Labour Party colleagues, but that’s believed to be a formality at this point. He’d have just over eight months in the role until the next general election.

“It’s a big day for a boy from the Hutt,” Hipkins said, referring to the Hutt Valley near Wellington where he grew up. “I’m really humbled and really proud to be taking this on. It is the biggest responsibility and the biggest privilege of my life.”

Hipkins became well-known during the COVID pandemic when he emerged as an authoritarian crisis manager for New Zealand’s government.

Here he is in July 2021 warning that the government will start tracking down individuals who haven’t “come forward” to take the COVID jab.

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After conducting a thorough analysis of the UK’s Covid-19 ‘Yellow Card’ vaccine adverse event dataDr. Richard Ennos, a retired Professor of Evolutionary Biology at Edinburgh University has called for the Covid jabs to be withdrawn “immediately.”

Ennos disovered that there were “unequivocal safety signals” for adverse reactions to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that affected the blood, the heart and female reproductive organs.

As such he has concluded that: “There can be no question that the mRNA vaccines should be withdrawn with immediate effect.”

In a column for the Daily Skeptic Ennos writes: “This article is dedicated to two groups within the U.K. First, the many who have been killed or injured by the rollout of the experimental and untested COVID-19 vaccines to an innocent and trusting UK public. Secondly to the dedicated physicians who have filed Yellow Card reports cataloguing the COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths. I would like you to know that your suffering and endeavours have not been in vain.”

WND reports: There already is much evidence of the injurious impact of the COVID shots, from young athletes dying from unexplained cases of myocarditis to “sudden adult death” syndrome for others.

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Some of the most incendiary accusations made against Iran’s government by corporate media, celebrity influencers and Western leaders in the past months are little more than fabrications. And most remain uncorrected.

Protests in Iran that ostensibly began as a reaction to the death of a woman in police custody in September 2022 have prompted unprecedented international opposition to its government, not only from the usual Western, Israeli and Saudi suspects, but from celebrity social media influencers with no previous record of commenting on Iranian affairs.

Iran is now the target of a carefully coordinated information war with a single goal to drive international support for regime change by any means – whether through sanctions, armed insurrection, military intervention, or some combination of the three.

Webmaster addition:

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A group of neighbors standing on al-Rasheed street of Al-Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City watch their homes falling down, bit by bit. Fathers and sons sit in front of their homes all day, observing the demolition as it is carried out by the Hamas-led government in Gaza. Some families have already moved to temporary housing for rent, but they keep coming back for a last look before their memories are forever erased. 

Among the onlookers, Abu Khalil Al-Hinawi, 45, and his son Khalil, 23, appear the most devastated, unable to process what they are seeing. 

“This will separate us,” Abu Khalil says. “We are a large family of 25 people. We are brothers living with each other and our old mother among us. Now everyone will be in a different home, and some of us might not even be able to buy a new home with the government’s compensation.”

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Two days after security forces evacuated the illegal West Bank outpost of Or Haim, around 20 Israeli settlers returned to the privately held Palestinian land earlier on Sunday and erected two structures.

Police officers were called to the scene within minutes and began demolishing the buildings, and evacuating the residents from the scene while making arrests. About seven residents have been arrested so far.

The settlers, who refer to themselves as the Garin Or Haim, state that: "Unfortunately, [Defense Minister Yoav] Gallant chooses to continue the policy of the previous left-wing government, which included harassment and persecution of the settlement with the aim of eliminating it - which was led by previous Defense Minister Benny Gantz. The people elected Gallant to promote right-wing policies, and now it turns out that he implements left-wing policies. We intend to continue holding on to the hill even if we are evicted again and again, even a hundred times," they said.

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On February 19, Washington, DC, will witness a protest against the war in Ukraine that marks a sharp departure from past demonstrations. The lead demand is simple and direct, "Not One More Penny for war in Ukraine." It is a demand that emphasizes what we in the US can do to end the war, not what others can do. After all, the only government we have the power to influence is our own.

Above and beyond that demand, the potential power of this unique and promising movement arises from the nature of the sponsoring organizations – The Peoples Party, a progressive new Party, and the Libertarian Party. It is in fact what much of the press would term a "right-left" Coalition, spanning a spectrum broad enough to actually bring the proxy war in Ukraine to an end. Fittingly, the organizers are calling the protest "Rage Against the War Machine." With the war in Ukraine putting us the precipice of nuclear Armageddon, "rage" might be considered a mild reaction.

A New Right-Left Coalition to Oppose the War

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The so-called Ukraine Contact Group, a grouping of arms providers led by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, held a meeting at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on January 20 to discuss the delivery of heavy vehicles to Ukraine.

"The recent meeting of the Ukraine Contact Group and arms dealers, American and European military officers, and the American State Department, Intelligence, and military industrial complex that occurred at Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, is a sign of extreme desperation and inevitable admission of failure by the United States and its allies. It is a last ditch effort of the West as a whole to put on a brave face – or perhaps an insane one – and try and delude themselves into believing that the tides of war are somehow going to shift in Ukraine’s favor," Scott Bennett, a veteran of the 11th Psychological Operations Battalion of the US Army and former State Department counterterrorism analyst, told Sputnik.

The Ramstein gathering brought together more than 50 defense leaders. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed that Russia was preparing for a long war and urged his Western peers to urgently provide more weapons to Kiev to ensure its victory.

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Ukrainian servicemen have told Russian security forces that snipers from the United States and the United Kingdom have been sent to Potemkin Island (Ostriv Velykyi Potomkin) near Kherson to kill civilians in order to pass them off as victims of the Russian Armed Forces, a Russian law enforcement source told Sputnik.

"According to information received from sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, an American-British group of mercenaries, mostly snipers, drove to Bolshoy Potemkin Island in the Kherson region in order to terrorize the Russian-speaking population," the source said.

"The victims of the mercenaries’ murders are supposed to be passed off as those killed by the Russian army."

In early January, a video started circulating on Ukrainian websites showing how Ukrainian militants allegedly raised the Ukrainian flag on Potemkin Island, controlled by Russian troops. Subsequently, the footage was reported to have been filmed in a "gray zone."

A Sputnik correspondent visited the island on December 5 and confirmed that it was under the control of Russian troops. One of the Russian soldiers on the island told Sputnik in an interview that the Ukrainian video showing the alleged raising of the Ukrainian flag was a fake.

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Dozens of Peruvians have been injured after tensions spilled into the streets once again in the ongoing anti-government demonstrations since the removal of Pedro Castillo as president.

In the capital Lima on Friday, police officers used tear gas to push back demonstrators throwing glass bottles and stones, as fires burned in the streets, local TV footage showed.

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Two years after Azerbaijan and Armenia ended a war that killed about 6,800 soldiers and displaced around 90,000 civilians, tensions between the countries are again high in a dispute over a six-kilometer (nearly four-mile) road known as the Lachin Corridor.

The winding road, which is the only land connection between Armenia and the ethnic Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh region in Azerbaijan, has been blocked by protesters claiming to be environmental activists since mid-December, threatening food supplies to Nagorno-Karabakh’s 120,000 people.

The dispute raises fears that new fighting could break out. It also could destabilize Armenia’s chronically excitable politics. As well, it casts doubts on the competence and intentions of Russia, whose peacekeeping troops are charged with keeping the road secure.

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A Kurdish delegation representing the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) concluded a visit to Damascus on Friday after meeting with several representatives of the Syrian government over the prior few days, Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported.

The delegation was headed by the foreign relations chief of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), Badran Jia Kurd, and arrived in the capital on January 17. According to the report, the last few meetings did not result in anything significant, but the "prevailing impression" is that both sides are willing to continue along the path of dialoguedespite US warnings.

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