"Even the mightiest lion aims for the elk with a limp!" -- Michael Rivero

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The Great Replacement is not a theory. 

White Genocide is not a theory. 

It is ethnic cleansing as government policy. 

It could and can be stopped and reversed at any time.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:47

Houston Methodist, which made national headlines after becoming the first hospital in the United States to mandate the COVID-19 vaccines, will no longer require its employees to receive the controversial shots after a new law passed by the Texas legislature outlawed the practice of denying vaccine choice to workers in the private sector.

The hospital announced the change in policy in an internal email to employees, reviewed by The Epoch Times, that employees who choose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will no longer be prohibited from working at the institution, effective Dec. 1.

“The Texas Legislature passed a law in the special session that prohibits private employers from requiring employees and contractors to get a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment,” the statement read. “We will continue to encourage everyone to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but it will no longer be mandated at Houston Methodist. This means that getting the vaccine, or being approved for an exemption, will no longer be a condition of employment.”

Posted on: Dec 02 07:47

Gavin Newsom is what one might call a rhetoric peddler more than a debater.  He has a talent for twisting cherry-picked statistics and offering them out of context to defend false claims, and anyone seeking to enter a discourse with him will be forced to keep a long list of data points on file in their brain in order to counter the lies.  The most difficult people to argue with are those that aggressively exaggerate or slant the truth every time they open their mouths.  They are not bound by the same rules as someone trying to argue logically; they have an edge, until they are exposed for what they really are.  

The political left's spin machine is out in force on social media suggesting that Newsom “wiped the floor” with Ron DeSantis during their recent and much hyped Fox News debate.  This is not really the case, though a same small set of clips will probably circulate for the next couple weeks showcasing Newsom's habit of throwing out soundbites and stats without evidence.  And, unfortunately in this day and age two minute video clips are what most people consume for their news.     

Some might say that neither DeSantis or Newsom are relevant because neither of them will be presidential candidates in 2024 (Newsom even made this assertion at the beginning of the debate).  Don't be so sure.  Joe Biden is increasingly losing his faculties and there is always the chance that he will step aside in 2024; as his public approval ratings plummet it may even be in the best interests of the DNC to push for a different candidate.  Gavin Newsom, suspiciously, has been acting as if he is auditioning for a chance at a presidential or vice presidential run.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on him.  He is, at the very least, a good litmus test for the kinds or propaganda the political left will rely on in the coming months.  And speaking of propaganda, here are the top most dishonest claims made by Newsom during his debate with Ron DeSantis.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:46

Nearly 40 Congressional lawmakers aren't seeking reelection in 2024... and most of them are Democrats...

Twenty-one House Democrats are opting out of another term compared to 11 Republicans. On the Senate side, six senators, four Democrat and two Republican, said they're leaving public office, and one has opted to pursue a state governorship.

In comparison to the 38 lawmakers departing Congress so far this cycle, only 24 lawmakers retired before the 2022 election. Twenty-seven had done so before the 2020 election and 31 in 2018, according to Ballotpedia.

A spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which serves the same purpose for House Democrats as the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) does for House Republicans, didn't respond to The Epoch Times' request for comment.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:45

In the era of pervasive surveillance reminiscent of Orwellian nightmares, old-school Cold War hacks have staged a comeback, offering a clandestine refuge for the exchange of information.

As Big Brother looms large on every screen, the savvy practitioner must resurrect time-tested techniques to outsmart the puppeteers of miscommunication particularly in the face of impending legal consequences for government-designated purveyors of deceit.

Here, in the spirit of cloak-and-dagger intrigue, are eight tried-and-true methods to outwit the masters of miscommunication:

Webmaster addition: See Rivero Challenges the NSA

Posted on: Dec 02 07:39

Better range, more towing cap, cool as hell.

Suck it FORD and GM

Posted on: Dec 02 07:38

‘Notorious war criminal.’

‘Grotesque war crimes.’

‘The blood of at least 3 million people on his hands.’

Obituaries published in the wake of a national statesperson’s death are usually measured, sober, neutral to a fault. But not in the case of Henry Kissinger, who died in Connecticut on November 29 at the age of 100.

In the past few hours, several outlets — such as the Intercept, Rolling Stone, HuffPost, and others — have published scathing obits of Kissinger, forcefully denouncing his deadly diplomatic legacy as both national security adviser (from 1969-75) and secretary of state (from 1973-77).

In those roles, Kissinger oversaw the United States’ foreign policy toward places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, East Timor, and Latin America. In each of those cases, U.S. policy directly or indirectly contributed to millions of deaths, countless atrocities, coups, death squads, and genocides.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:38

This isn’t real.

But it doesn’t really matter because people are a bunch of retards who will believe anything.

You take the covid hoax and then… but it’s babies!

Get ready, folks.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:38

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov faced Western critics while attending international security talks Thursday in Northern Macedonia, where he blamed “NATO’s reckless expansion to the East” for war returning to Europe.

Lavrov arrived in Skopje to attend meetings hosted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The diplomats of several OSCE member nations, including Ukraine, boycotted the event due to Lavrov’s planned attendance amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The Russian foreign minister spoke for 15 minutes before walking out of the meetings. He blamed what he described as Western tolerance of the “ruling neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv” for the war that started with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:36

With a majority of Americans opposing further US involvement in the Israel/Gaza conflict, President Biden is finding that within his own Democratic Party support for his approach is even softer. Younger voters are solidly opposed to further US support for Israel’s continued assault on Gaza. That is why while Biden’s initial reaction tracked more closely with his neocon views, he is furiously backpedaling under pressure from his own party. Also today: Rep. Massie is the lone “no” vote on another anti-free speech House Resolution.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:31

Florida Democrats have decided they just don’t need to hold a presidential primary this year, automatically awarding President Joe Biden the state’s 250 delegates.

Thursday marked the deadline for Florida Democrats and Republicans to submit their lists of approved candidates for their receptive primaries. According to Politico, Biden was the only name on the list for his party despite other candidates running against him. 

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN.) took to social media to express his fury with the Democratic Party, vowing to challenge “this absolute nonsense.”

“What happened in Florida yesterday is a tragedy and a travesty. The Florida Democratic Party – just a handful of people – decided to disenfranchise millions of Democratic voters in Florida by saying, ‘We’re not gonna have a presidential primary,’” Phillips said in a video. “I’m running for president; there are others running for President as Democrats, and this is the kind of stuff that happens in Tehran, not in Tallahassee. We’ve got to do something about this.” 

Posted on: Dec 02 07:30

Polish truckers have been blocking major crossings for cargo vehicles with Ukraine since early November, demanding the reintroduction of entry permits for their Ukrainian competitors.

"Blocking traffic on the border between Poland and Ukraine: the situation is catastrophic!" Kyiv's rights ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said in a statement.

"Ukrainian drivers are in such a dire situation that they plan to go on hunger strike if the situation does not improve!"

Huge queues have formed on both sides of the border, with many drivers stuck in their vehicles for days in cold temperatures and with little food.

Kyiv on Friday said that some 2,100 trucks trying to enter Ukraine were blocked on the Polish side.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:29

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis squared off in a debate last night, and one thing was crystal clear: the two could not be more diametrically opposed on every single political issue.

Unsurprisingly, one subject that was broached was public education — what it should include and what it should not include.

Florida has been very open about rejecting the inclusion of gender ideology in its school curriculums, believing it is not the role of the school but rather of parents to determine how children should be taught in matters such as sexual orientation, gender ideology, etc.

“The role of the school is to educate kids, not indoctrinate kids,” DeSantis said, “and what we've said in Florida is it's inappropriate to tell a kindergartener that their gender is a choice; it's inappropriate to tell a second grader that they may have been born in the wrong body.”

Posted on: Dec 02 07:28

On Nov. 16, the alleged thief stole some more items including a bench, but Sullivan had hidden some trackers in the items, hoping the thief would be caught in the snare. He said one of the trackers indicated movement, and he contacted the police.

"I saw one of the AirTags had moved to a location in Irvine, so I had the address at that point. I took a screenshot of it and I sent it to the detectives at 2 in the morning," he explained.

Police said they went to the address and found what they described as a "a sanctuary of stolen greenery" with many of the alleged stolen items in the man's front yard.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:26

DeSantis also noted that California has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country, while Florida is number three for fourth grade reading.

“So, you should apologize for not getting your kids in school. Why didn’t you get the kids in school in the summer of 2020?” DeSantis asked as Newsom fumbled his answer.

The topic of books on gender in schools also made an appearance, and DeSantis again gave the right answers.

“The role of the school is to educate kids, not indoctrinate kids,” DeSantis said, adding, “What we’ve said in Florida is it’s inappropriate to tell a kindergartener that their gender is a choice. It’s inappropriate to tell a second grader that they may have been born in the wrong body.”

The Florida governor then pulled out a page from a book that has been allowed in California schools, called “Gender Queer.”

Posted on: Dec 02 07:25

The prospect of the Fed concluding its tightening raises questions about an imminent stock market boom, yet historical trends offer no definitive answers. 

Posted on: Dec 02 07:25

The looming threat of Evergrande’s tumultuous collapse raises significant apprehension among global investors amid China’s economic challenges.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:25

If you search Twitter or Google News for “no innocents in Gaza” or “the myth of the innocent Palestinian,” you find hundreds or thousands of results.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:25

“He wasn't saying if you don't want to advertise,” clarifies Glenn. “He's saying if you want me to bend and silence people so you could pose and you won't be boycotted, screw yourself. … I don't want your money that badly.”

“This is the way Americans — all Americans — should be,” he continues, referencing Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s adage that “our silence in the face of evil is evil itself.”

“If you come to me with a threat and say, ‘You better change this or that [or] we're going to all boycott you, we're going to destroy you’ — is there a bigger definition of evil than that?” asks Glenn. “You are selling your soul every time somebody tells you to compromise.”

According to Glenn, Musk’s comment, although he uses different verbiage, is his way of saying “I’m not going to sell my soul.”

Posted on: Dec 02 07:25

The U.S. government requested and received the metadata for accounts connected to, and in alignment with, President Donald J. Trump.

That’s billions of billions of datapoints on millions of American citizens, their locations, their devices, their ip addresses and ultimately their real identities and connected activity as attributed to -and connected with- their connected social media accounts.  Essentially, turning Donald J. Trump into the center of a surveillance virus.

People then say – how could the Jack Smith special counsel possibly comb through all of those users and all of that connected metadata?  The answer is Artificial Intelligence; but the serious concern comes when you combine the metadata, AI organization and the previous announcements from DHS.

If you have followed my outlines on this issue [Category Here], you will note exactly where this latest Jack Smith development falls on the continuum.   The 2024 election is right around the corner. Previously, I stated the artificial intelligence (AI) component to the internet surveillance system was going to launch toward the end of this year.  Then DHS announced exactly that [SEE HERE].

Posted on: Dec 02 07:19

Israel has gone from declaring war on Gaza to declaring war on the whole world.

I’m sure it’s going to work out very well for them.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:16

You all know what that means…..
It is politically inconvenient to a Democrat Narrative somehow.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:15

Despite a surge in mortgage rates, home prices continued to rise, registering a 3.9% increase in September compared to the previous year, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index. This growth coincided with a climb in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate towards 8%.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:15


I was worried there.

I was beginning to doubt that AIPAC owns Congress. /s

Posted on: Dec 02 07:15

On December 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense held another monthly conference, which among other things is aimed to sum up the interim results of the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine.

The head of the Russian military department, Army General Sergei Shoigu headed the meeting. In his speech, he revealed the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past 6 months.

According to the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) lost over 125 thousand servicemen and 16 thousand units of various military equipment in six months of the so-called counteroffensive.

“The mass mobilization in Ukraine, the supply of Western weapons and the deployment of strategic reserves by the Ukrainian command did not change the situation on the battlefield. These desperate actions only increased the number of casualties in the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” said Army General Sergei Shoigu.

Posted on: Dec 02 07:12