"Globalism is the curse of the modern era, a means of taking the same Federal Reserve scam that ruined the United States and shoving it down the throats of the rest of the world." -- Michael Rivero

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The Supreme Court has struck a blow against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by curtailing the sweeping powers of the agency that it had claimed under the Clean Water Act.

The nation’s highest court has reined in the EPA’s alleged authority to oversee water pollution, stating that the Clean Water Act does not grant the agency the authority to regulate discharges into certain wetlands near bodies of water.

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., writing for a majority of five justices, explained that the law only covers wetlands that have a continuous surface connection to those bodies of water.

“The reach of the Clean Water Act is notoriously unclear,” he wrote. “Any piece of land that is wet at least part of the year is in danger of being classified by E.P.A. employees as wetlands covered by the act, and according to the federal government, if property owners begin to construct a home on a lot that the agency thinks possesses the requisite wetness, the property owners are at the agency’s mercy.”

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With Joe Biden at the helm, former US allies are looking east to build new relationships.

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Earlier this month, an FBI whistleblower told the Washington Times the FBI identified the vehicle the suspect entered shortly after planting the bombs but has not pursued the individual.

“The FBI had surveillance video that showed the person entering a car with a visible license plate after exiting a Metro stop in Northern Virginia,” the Times reported.

Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent who worked on the case, told the paper that the agency “tied whoever the person was that dropped the bombs with [surveillance] cameras all the way through the train and getting into a car with that license plate.” Seraphin also told the Washington Times that the two bombs were inoperable.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev’s market value has collapsed by a massive $15.7 billion since Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney was announced.

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Corrupt Maricopa County requested Sanctions and Attorneys’ Fees against Kari Lake and her attorneys on Wednesday, claiming they “repeatedly made demonstrably false statements” before and during their remanded trial.
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Biden's DOJ has decided not to charge Rachael Rollins after evidence found her guilty of election interference, raising concerns about a double standard in the criminal justice system.

Rachel Rollins, US Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, resigned from her office on Friday after the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found evidence that she lied to investigators to reportedly influence an election. The OIG referred criminal charges to the DOJ, but the Justice Department decided not to prosecute the district attorney, according to The Messenger.

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The Trump campaign has accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of plagiarizing the former president in his candidacy announcement.

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Portland, Oregon is such a disaster, even singer/songwriter John Mellencamp, who boasts he is “as left-wing as you can get,”  has penned an ode to the socialist hellhole and its failures.

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US officials have picked up chatter amongst Ukrainian officials blaming each other for a drone attack on the Kremlin earlier this month, contributing to a US assessment that a Ukrainian group may have been responsible, sources familiar with the intelligence told CNN.

The intercepts include some members of Ukraine’s military and intelligence bureaucracy speculating that Ukrainian special operations forces conducted the operation.

The chatter, combined with other intercepted communications of Russian officials blaming Ukraine for the attack and wondering how it happened, has led US officials to consider the possibility that a Ukrainian group was behind the incident on May 3. On that morning, two drones flew up toward the Kremlin’s Senate Palace and struck the top of the building.

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You might think that a state like Texas, with a strong Republican majority, wouldn’t have any of the electoral problems seen in blue states. But the reason Texas is such a strong conservative state is because it works very hard to root out election “irregularities.”

Whenever we hear about people arrested for voter fraud, it’s in Texas (because blue states don’t arrest voter fraudsters). And since the chaos of 2020, red states like Texas have been making moves to secure their election integrity. In 2022, Democrats in one country made illegal steps to undermine the election. Now, the Texas GOP is striking back.

From Just the News:

The Texas House passed two key election reform bills after they passed the Senate last month. Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, filed both bills to prevent election irregularities that occurred in Harris County over the last two election cycles from occurring again or from being replicated in other counties.

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The Executive Branch Ethics Commission of Kentucky has finally completed its investigation of Democrat Alison Grimes, a former secretary of state who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Senate against Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014.

The commission, in a unanimous vote, has fined her $10,000 for abusing “her position and influence” to provide 18 Democratic candidates with official, confidential voter lists in violation of state law in an obvious attempt to aid their political campaigns. 

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The Biden Presidency has one chief accomplishment, and it is to the detriment of our society.  Biden’s achievement is to normalize sexual perversity.  Sam Brinton’s appointment as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy is just one of the many sexual perverts Biden has appointed to public office. https://www.rt.com/news/576576-former-biden-official-arrested-again/  There are a number of homosexuals, lesbians such as White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre who Biden has made a highly visible LBGT role model,  a transgendered “admiral,” and the Biden Navy is using a drag queen as a recruitment ambassador. 

The Biden presidency supports the transgender movement and the sexualization of children, which traditional Americans regard as the grooming of children for pedophiles.

Biden has made it clear that he has no respect for our Christian-based society and its mores.  Yet the media, the security agencies, universities, and Democrats still prefer Biden, and 36% of Americans still approve of him.

This tells me that the United States is being coaxed into becoming the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Posted on: May 25 11:53

PHARMACIST: “I didn’t even ask for this transfer [to this floor]. But because these are the politics, if you complain or stir, they’re going to shut you up and move you out.”

NURSE: “Keisha said, are we hospice care — or what’s the deal? She said that Dr. Steagall says this floor is going to be his patients. So we’re — we’re killing the patients [on] this floor. Because what he’s asking us — well, other floors don’t want to do it.”

PHARMACIST: “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep at night. And then when that nurse practitioner — when you got that assignment to do the morphine, and you’re like, she doesn’t need it. And I was just like, this is what I’m talking about.”

NURSE: “They’re okay. They’re comfortable. We can tell when they’re in pain. We can tell when they’re agitated. We can tell when they are whatever. That doesn’t make that you keep giving them medication just to knock them out. Cause, apparently, that’s what you are doing.”

PHARMACIST: “I remember that day, you were like, you got the other nurses to come in and say — and I’m just like, I know. That’s what they’re doing.”

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President Trump has officially responded to Governor Ron DeSantis’s 2024 presidential announcement by releasing two new videos.
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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has dropped explosive new information that puts a staggering seven-figure sum on an alleged bribe Democrat President Joe Biden took while serving as Obama’s VP.

Comer sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday.

The letter threatens Wray with being held in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t hand over a subpoenaed document a whistleblower says shows that then-Vice President Biden took a cash bribe from a foreign national in exchange for policy considerations.

In the letter, Comer drops a bombshell and finally puts a dollar figure to the alleged bribe.

Comer says Biden took a whopping $5 million bribe. Wow.

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On Tuesday, Florida Governor and now presidential candidate Ron DeSantis joined libertarian TV presenter John Stossel to discuss his plans.
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On Friday, June 2, millions of Americans are due a total of $25 billion worth of Social Security payments. And more than anything else, that may prove a decisive element in forcing an end to the partisan standoff over raising the federal debt limit.

That obligation is “an enforcement mechanism we can’t ignore,” Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, one of President Joe Biden’s top allies in Congress, said on MSNBC Wednesday. “When they find out that they’re not getting that check, our phones will light up like a Christmas tree.”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has repeatedly warned that her department could run out of sufficient cash to make all federal payments as soon as June 1, putting the obligations coming due the next day at risk.

She has also for months said it’s “unlikely” that Social Security benefits could be paid, but also said that there will be “difficult” choices to make if the debt limit isn’t raised and the Treasury runs out of funds. On Wednesday, she declined to specify “what exactly is possible and what is not possible.”

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The IRS opened an investigation into journalist Matt Taibbi on Christmas Eve 2022 just a few weeks after he began posting “Twitter Files.”
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"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

In 1965, just before the Immigration Reform Act passed Congress with its pushers Teddy Kennedy, Howard Metzenbaum, and Jacob Javits, white America dominated the United States with a 90 percent majority. Black held 7 percent and Hispanics hit 3 percent.

After 58 years of relentless legal and illegal immigration, white America has dropped to 62 percent, black America reached 13 percent, and Mexican-Hispanic-Latino America has risen to over 40 percent.  According to www.PewResearchCenter.org , Hispanic America will become the new majority by 2042.

What's it going to be like when America becomes a minority-minority-minority nation?  What kind of dynamics will erupt in the big cities? What kind of language will dominate? What kinds of cultures will dominate different cities?  What kind of "world views"  will  vie for power?  How will America fare under Sharia Law already practiced in Detroit and Minneapolis...along  with Miami, LA and many other enclaves?  Will our Constitutional Republic survive dozens of incompatible cultures, ethnic groups, violent religions and foreign languages?

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Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday threatening Wray with being held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over a subpoenaed FBI form FD-1023 that a whistleblower claims documents intelligence that then Vice President Biden took a cash bribe from a foreign national in exchange for favorable policy decisions. 

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If California Governor Gavin Newsom has his way, we could soon see Oprah Winfrey walking the halls of Congress.
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Woke corporations, ever committed to ESG and DEI initiatives, have long advanced leftist propaganda without consequence. However, transitioning a once-beloved beer into a symbol of radical gender ideology and making a mockery of womanhood was for many Americans the last straw.

Investor's Business Daily reported that the market value of Anheuser-Busch InBev has dropped $15.7 billion since April 1 on account of the Bud Light boycott. That figure is based upon data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The unforced error that drew the ire of Bud drinkers was the company's partnership with transvestite TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney, whose activism has involved "normalizing the bulge" among other transvestites and promoting transgenderism.

Webmaster addition: This demonstrates that when Americans unite as Americans and move in a single direction, we are a force to be reckoned with!

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California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff was a leading advocate of the false accusation that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russian agents. His outrageous lies were finally officially debunked when Special Counsel John Durham released his report into how the false allegations became the basis of a federal investigation of Mr. Trump that dogged him throughout his 4-year term in the White House. Mr. Schiff has not apologized to the American people for lying. Florida Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna is not waiting for Mr. Schiff to confess he lied. She introduced a resolution to expel Adam Schiff from the US House. Mr. Schiff is currently running for the US Senate to replace retiring 89 year old Senator Diane Feinstein.

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The “Covid Pandemic” Was a Propaganda Creation that Drove People to Death and Health Injury

Here you can watch the media whores, medical establishment, and politicians brainwash and indoctrinate people into elevating Big Pharma’s profits above their health:  https://twitter.com/tomselliott/status/1657021799652024324 

Understand what they did to you, and never forget.  If they are not held accountable, more of the same is coming our way.

Mortality Rose with mRNA Vaccination

Medical scientists in Denmark confirm that mortality increased in highly vaccinated countries after the vaccines were rolled out.

Webmaster addition: The half-life of mRNA can range from minutes to several hours. The stability of mRNA is crucial for regulating gene expression and ensuring precise control over protein production within cells. For this reason, Covid shots at the start of the vaccination program were frozen at −80°C requiring the purchase of large commercial freezers. But care providers and hospitals balked at buying these expensive machines and so the Covid shots were stored at higher temperatures, which means the mRNA is prone to mutating despite newer encapsulation and delivery systems, thereby triggering a wide range of unpredictable gene expressions.


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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded — through his attorney – to a PAC that attempted to draft him for a 2024 presidential run, and he made it absolutely clear that he was not interested.

Carlson’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon sent the Draft Tucker PAC a cease and desist letter, which was obtained by Mediaite, demanding that they stop raising funds using Carlson’s name.

Posted on: May 25 11:39

An Iranian official said on Tuesday that an attack on nuclear facilities would mean a widespread war that Israel would bear responsibility for. Speaking to the Qatari-based Al Jazeera network the official said Israeli threats would not change the course of things.

Webmaster addition:

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The defense ministers of Russia and Belarus on Thursday signed a document on the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory, the state-run TASS news agency reported, citing the Defense Ministry of Belarus. 

Russia will retain control over its non-strategic nuclear weapons stationed in neighboring Belarus, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a document-signing event with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin in Minsk. 

"Russia will not transfer nuclear weapons to the Republic of Belarus: control over them and the decision to use them remains with the Russian side," he said. 

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Virgin Galactic is gearing up for a big mission on Thursday (May 25) — its final test flight to suborbital space before starting commercial service.

Virgin Galactic will send six people toward suborbital space no earlier than 10 a.m. EDT (8 a.m. MDT or 1300 GMT) from Spaceport America in New Mexico. While the event will not be livestreamed, you will likely be able to follow along live on Virgin Galactic's Twitter feed.

The flight will include eight individuals, six of whom will fly on the space plane VSS Unity and two who will pilot the carrier aircraft, VMS Eve. Like past spaceflights, Eve will take off with Unity under its wings, the release the spacecraft at roughly 50,000 feet (15,000 meters) in altitude. Unity will light up its rocket motor and fly higher than 50 miles (80 kilometers) — high enough, by some definitions, to reach space.

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