Four-star Air Force General Mike Minihan sent a memo on Friday, warning the officers he commands that he sees war on the horizon — with China — in less than two years.
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The bill, which bans both transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for children, will likely be the first such measure passed in 2023 as other states also look to pass similar legislation protecting children from irreversible procedures.
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President Trump spent a full day on the road Saturday, traveling to give speeches in New Hampshire and South Carolina for his 2024 presidential campaign.
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The procedure combining medical assistance in dying (MAiD) with donations after circulatory determination of death (DCDD) is known as organ donation after euthanasia (ODE). The first international roundtable on ODE was held during the 2021 WONCA family medicine conference as part of a scoping review. It aimed to document practice and related issues to advise patients, professionals, and policymakers, aiding the development of responsible guidelines and helping to navigate the issues. This was achieved through literature searches and national and international stakeholder meetings. Up to 2021, ODE was performed 286 times in Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium, including eight cases of ODE from home (ODEH). MAiD was provided 17,217 times (2020) in the eight countries where ODE is permitted. As of 2021, 837 patients (up to 14% of recipients of DCDD donors) had received organs from ODE. ODE raises some important ethical concerns involving patient autonomy, the link between the request for MAiD and the request to donate organs and the increased burden placed on seriously ill MAiD patients.

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Undercover video that purportedly shows a Pfizer executive explaining the company's "directed evolution" plan to keep COVID-19 a "cash cow," then furiously backpedaling when Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe exposes the ruse, has drawn intense curiosity from members of Congress but intermittent Big Tech throttling and a partial media blackout.

Despite the fact that the figure identified as Jordon Walker belatedly called himself a "liar … trying to impress a person on a date," played the race card in requesting police involvement, and physically attacked O'Keefe and the film crew, a prominent tabloid inexplicably removed its article on the sting.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) demanded a congressional investigation of "vaccine manufacturers and the entire COVID vaccine approval process," while Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) asked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to explain the company's actual or possible plans to mutate SARS-CoV-2 and any related discussions with industry peers or government officials. 

The FDA declined either to answer whether it was following up with Pfizer for an explanation of the figure's comments or give the agency's interpretation of the video, telling Just the News to contact Pfizer, which has not responded to queries going back to Thursday afternoon.

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RAND Corp is a government and industry financed large research institute. Founded shortly after the end of the second world war it mostly works for the Pentagon by developing policies and strategies.

In April 2019 RAND published a report about Extending Russia (pdf).


The report summary explained its purpose:

As the 2018 National Defense Strategy recognized, the United States is currently locked in a great-power competition with Russia. This report seeks to define areas where the United States can compete to its own advantage. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data from Western and Russian sources, this report examines Russia's economic, political, and military vulnerabilities and anxieties. It then analyzes potential policy options to exploit them — ideologically, economically, geopolitically, and militarily (including air and space, maritime, land, and multidomain options).
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Joe Biden’s notebooks from his time as Vice President are among the items seized from his Wilmington, Delaware home.

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Companies such as Beyond Burial, Aura Flights, and Celestis have been blasting the ashes of family’s loved ones into space for several years and surprisingly it’s not as expensive as you think.
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America First Legal and a coalition of 20 states are suing the Biden regime over its recently-expanded humanitarian parole program, which currently permits thousands of migrants from certain nations to enter the country each month, arguing that the program is unlawful.
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Admiral Rob Bauer is the 33rd Chair of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO.
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Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson has introduced a bill to give teachers a federal minimum wage of $60,000 a year.

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The delusion is strong with this one. A report on Saturday indicates that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, mired around 3% in GOP Presidential Primary polls, looks ready to launch a quixotic bid next month for the Oval Office anyway.
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A general in the United States Air Force has predicted that by 2025, the United States will be in a war with China.
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I don’t know what the Russians are going to do in Ukraine and neither does anyone else outside of their high command. But there sure have been a lot of wrong predictions. Leaving aside the Western propaganda mill (of which more below), serious observers seem to get the timing wrong. We know the correlation of forces favors Russia but we expect things to happen more quickly. We agree that Moscow was expecting something shorter, less bloody and quicker at the beginning and was probably surprised by the resistance of the Kiev regime and NATO’s unhinged support. Therefore there was a re-examination and the call-up of further forces. Thus far we are in agreement – it’s the timing of the next step that we seem to get wrong.

I’ve been thinking about why this is so and I have come to the following conclusions. By now everybody who is paying attention knows that the Ukraine battlefield is part of a world war in which those who control the US empire are trying to hold onto their dominance. For those outside the NATO propaganda bubble there is general agreement that

  1. Russia is winning both in the Ukraine battlefield and the wider theater.
  2. Time is on Russia’s side.
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A contingent of military officials is quietly pushing the Pentagon to approve sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to help the country defend itself from Russian missile and drone attacks, according to three people with knowledge of the discussions.

Ukraine has kept American-made F-16s on its weapons wish list since the Russian invasion last year. But Washington and Kyiv have viewed artillery, armor and ground-based air defense systems as more urgent needs as Ukraine seeks to protect civilian infrastructure and claw back ground occupied by Russian forces.

As Ukraine prepares to launch a new offensive to retake territory in the spring, the campaign inside the Defense Department for fighter jets is gaining momentum, according to a DoD official and two other people involved in the discussions. Those people, along with others interviewed for this story, asked not to be named in order to discuss internal matters.

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Colinford Mattis, one of the two ‘Molotov Cocktail Lawyers’ who firebombed a NYC police car during the George Floyd riots, was sentenced this week to one year and a day. His co-defendant Urooj Rahman was sentenced to 15 months in November. Both of them have been disbarred.

Alexander Nazaryan reports at Yahoo News:

Attorney who helped firebomb NYPD car during BLM protests sentenced to prison

In a dramatic hearing on Thursday, a federal judge sentenced a corporate attorney who firebombed a police car during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests to a year in jail, arguing that his prestigious education — boarding school, Princeton, a law degree from New York University — should have rendered him a peacekeeper, not an instigator.

“You’re not one of the oppressed. You’re one of the privileged,” senior Eastern District of New York Judge Brian Cogan told Colinford Mattis, even as he expressed admiration for what the 35-year-old had accomplished in his life.

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Campus Reform reports:

New feminist chemistry class teaches that science is racist

A recent article published in the Journal of Chemical Education describes the development of a Feminism and Science course at East Carolina University (ECU) that was offered at the university. The course, the authors argue, should serve as a “model” for other educators to learn from, “present[ing] this work as an example of a transformative pedagogical model to dismantle White supremacy in Chemistry.”

The article, titled “A Special Topic Class in Chemistry on Feminism and Science as a Tool to Disrupt the Dysconcious Racism in STEM,” argues for a pedagogical framework based on “Critical Race Theory and intersectional feminism.”

One of their goals “was to shine light, through this process, [on] how scientific epistemology and culture have strong links with capitalism, enslavement, colonization, and exploitation of female-bodied folks.”

Students also learned the definitions of terms such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and systemic racism.

“To navigate the binary of the instructor as all-knowing (sage on the stage) and the students as empty slates, often the instructor would do the same assignment as the students and their response [would] be critiqued in class,” the authors wrote.

To emphasize the need for the course, they referenced a student evaluation, which described a professor criticizing a student for using “male” and “female.”

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A Harvard Medical School course teaches enrollees how to provide “affirming care” for patients involved in adulterous and sadomasochist sexual lifestyles.

The continuing education course, “Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health: A Course for the Whole Healthcare Team,” is not yet scheduled for 2023, but the university wants to open the class up as a national learning opportunity for healthcare professionals. The class is offered by the Fenway Institute, an LGBT advocacy organization.

One section of the 2022 course agenda contained the presentation “Alternative Sexualities in Healthcare: Providing Affirming Care for Patients Who Engage in Kink, BDSM, Fetish, Swinging, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, and Open Arrangements.”

BDSM stands for bondage, dominance and sadomasochism, according to WebMD.

“Expert faculty” teach practicing doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals “about providing high-quality care for adults, adolescents, and children who are transgender and gender diverse.”

The College Fix asked Harvard how health professionals would benefit from learning about non-monogamy, BDSM and kink.

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Joe Biden’s Delaware House, where classified documents were found, was apparently used as a home office by Hunter Biden.
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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) refused to back Kamala Harris for 2024 during an interview on Boston Public Radio.
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Joe Biden admitted he added more to the US debt than any other US president.
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A Maryland man named Justin Kuchta has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Texas Senator Ted Cruz.
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Residents of the Linn-Mar Community School District in Iowa have been in an uproar since board member Rachel Wall made the controversial statement that public education is “not to teach kids what parents want.”

Wall’s comment has sparked debates throughout the community, with some parents arguing that the district should not be trying to impose its own views on students and others saying that schools should encourage students to think critically.

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Holding bullhorns and sometimes graphic signs depicting aborted babies, sidewalk ministers around the United States have seconds to reach the hearts of pregnant women moments before they walk into abortion facilities.

“We had one mother who came up to me on the sidewalk. She saw some signs of ours, stopped, and said, ‘Is that real?’ It was a photo of a baby that had been aborted,” Denny Green, 56, of Cumberland, Virginia, told The Epoch Times. “We let her know, ‘Yeah, that is real.’ She said, ‘If that’s real, I can’t do that to my baby,’ and she decided not to take her baby’s life.”

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North Korea has issued somewhat rare statements lashing out at growing US military involvement in Ukraine, with the influential sister of Kim Jong Un condemning the decision to transfer heavy battle tanks.

Kim Yo Jong's statement came on the heels this week of the US confirming it will send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, and they were her first public remarks in months. She charged that Washington is crossing a "red line" in its drive to escalate a "proxy war" aimed at regime change in Russia. "I express serious concern over the US escalating the war situation by providing Ukraine with military hardware for ground offensive," said Kim.


"The US is the arch criminal which poses serious threat and challenge to the strategic security of Russia and pushes the regional situation to the present grave phase," she added, in her official statement as vice-department director of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea.

"I do not doubt that any military hardware the US and the West boast of will be burnt into pieces in the face of the indomitable fighting spirit and might of the heroic Russian army and people," she added.

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The Conference Board – a nonprofit think tank that delivers cutting edge research – recently published its latest Leading Economic Index (LEI) for the United States.  The findings were a giant bummer.  In December, the LEI dropped for the tenth consecutive month.

The LEI, if you’re unfamiliar with it, consolidates various measures of economic activity, including credit, interest rate spreads, consumer expectations, building permits, new orders of goods and materials, and several other items, to assess which way the economic winds are blowing.  Over the past six months, the LEI has fallen by 4.2 percent.  This is the fastest six-month decline since the great coronavirus panic.

This week, the Bureau of Economic Analysis provided its advance estimate of Q4 U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).  For the final quarter of 2022, real GDP increased at an annual rate of 2.9 percent.

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The Washington Post counted 1,096 people in the U.S. who were shot and killed by police in 2022.

In previous years, about as many people - around 1,000 annually - have died this way.

As Statista's Katharina Buchholz shows in the infographic below, most of those killed by police were male and armed...

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We saw it happen generations ago. We fought two of humanity’s most destructive wars and faced the horror of industrial-scale extermination. Never again, said the world’s peoples in the late 1940s, and they began the difficult task of uncovering all that had been done, all that had gone wrong. 

The mass graves, the German and Soviet labor camps, the Japanese massacres in the Far East, America’s internment camps, the secret police and the mutilations, the ever-present threat of violence hanging over every member of society. We saw the personality cults around Hitler or Stalin for what they were, the blatant ideologies for what they had resulted in. 

When the Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989, and with it the remains of the Evil Empire that had put it there, we discovered more horror. The archives of East Germany and the Kremlin showed that informants were everywhere happily giving up information – real or invented – on their fellow humans. We found more bodies. We learned that under enough fear and pressure, human life wasn’t worth anything. When push came to violent shove, bonds of family and community meant nothing. 

The error of this terrifying history is to think that this was a problem of “the other,” someone far away who is nothing like us. Asks Thorsteinn Siglaugsson in a recent article: ”How do you find your inner Nazi? And how do you get him under control? Most people would have participated in the atrocities of their time, had they been put in that position – or at least sat by and allowed them to happen.”

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