“Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” -- I.F. Stone

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“Our comprehensive review of the major strands of research on serotonin shows there is no convincing evidence that depression is associated with, or caused by, lower serotonin concentrations or activity. Most studies found no evidence of reduced serotonin activity in people with depression compared to people without, and methods to reduce serotonin availability using tryptophan depletion do not consistently lower mood in volunteers. High quality, well-powered genetic studies effectively exclude an association between genotypes related to the serotonin system and depression, including a proposed interaction with stress. Weak evidence from some studies of serotonin 5-HT1A receptors and levels of SERT points towards a possible association between increased serotonin activity and depression. However, these results are likely to be influenced by prior use of antidepressants and its effects on the serotonin system. The effects of tryptophan depletion in some cross-over studies involving people with depression may also be mediated by antidepressants, although these are not consistently found.”

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Release the transcript now!

Joe Biden refused to answer several questions from Special Counsel Robert Hur in written interrogatories.

Biden refused to answer whether he knew the black notebooks he stashed contained classified information and whether he was authorized to keep classified material after his vice presidency.

If Trump refused to answer a special counsel’s questions, he would be charged with obstruction.

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On Wednesday, it was revealed that Mike Pence's Advancing American Freedom group is in the process of launching a $20 million effort to defeat "unprincipled populism" in the conservative movement."

The American Solutions Project aims to convince those on the right who may have been enticed by populist messages to revert back to true "conservative principles."

"Our nation was founded on conservative principles that have stood the test of time," Pence told RealClearPolitics. "The Constitution and this great American experiment must not be swayed by movements or personalities, but must hold fast to the time-honored principles that have made America strong and prosperous and free."

Without naming names, the former vice president decried the fact that "many in the conservative movement have walked away from these principles, chasing the siren song of populism unmoored to conservative principles." 

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James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, abruptly changed course on claims he wasn’t involved in a business deal between Hunter Biden and a Chinese corporation after U.S. House investigators presented documents containing his signature, according to insiders familiar with his testimony.

The business deal, which took place in 2017, proposed a joint venture agreement between Biden associates and CEFC, a Chinese company linked to the country’s communist government. Documents from that time obtained by investigators revealed James Biden signed an agreement memorandum alongside Hunter and another associate, a discovery directly at odds with James Biden’s previous testimony that he had no knowledge of the deal.

House Republicans continue to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into earnings among Biden family members during President Biden’s time as vice president and in the following years. House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) has publicly detailed a network of shell companies that accepted profits from deals like the one with CEFC, doling out proceeds between other shells and ultimately family members including James and his wife Sarah. From there, bank records show, the couple forwarded $40,000 to President Biden’s personal bank account, labeling the transaction a loan repayment.

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Yemeni armed forces say they have carried out three military operations, targeting Israeli port of Eilat, a British ship in the Gulf of Aden and a US destroyer in the Red Sea with a number of ballistic missiles and drones.

A statement issued on Thursday said the operations were launched “in support of the oppressed Palestinian people, and as part of the response to the American-British aggression on our country”.

“During the first operation, the missile force and the drone air force of the Yemeni Armed Forces launched a number of ballistic missiles and drones at various targets of the Zionist enemy in the Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) area in occupied southern Palestine.

“The second operation took place in the Gulf of Aden, where the Yemeni Armed Forces' naval forces targeted a British ship (ISLANDER) in the Gulf of Aden with a number of appropriate naval missiles, hitting it directly, which led to a fire on board by the grace of Allah.

“The third operation involved targeting an American destroyer in the Red Sea with a number of drones,” the statement said.

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CBS’s decision to terminate acclaimed investigative reporter Catherine Herridge has ignited a firestorm of controversy. In the wake of her firing, the network took drastic measures by confiscating Herridge’s files, computers, and records, which included sensitive information on privileged sources according to reports.

The aggressive action not only alarmed Herridge’s colleagues but also attracted the attention of the SAG-AFTRA union, heightening concerns over the sanctity of confidential sources and journalistic freedom.

The situation took on an even more ominous tone given that Herridge was engaged in pursuing stories that were not favorably viewed by the Biden White House and several Democratic power brokers.

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Joe Biden’s slimy brother James Biden on Wednesday morning arrived on Capitol Hill for his closed-door testimony in the Biden impeachment inquiry.

James Biden denied his brother Joe Biden was involved in any direct or indirect way in his businesses in his opening statement to lawmakers.

In other words, James Biden expects us to believe he’s just a brilliant businessman who happens to know Chinese billionaire tycoons with ties to the CCP, high-profile healthcare executives and other oligarchs.

James Biden told lawmakers on Wednesday that there is no loan documentation for the “interest-free” loans provided by Joe Biden.

Joe Biden previously refused to hand over loan documents to the House Oversight Committee proving any ‘loans’ he provided to his brother James Biden.

The House Oversight Committee has no IRS records or loan documents confirming the $200,000 check Jim Biden wrote to his brother Joe Biden in 2018 was a ‘loan repayment.’

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Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old nonbinary Oklahoma high school student, did not die from trauma after being beaten in a school bathroom the previous day, officials said. 

An autopsy was performed after Benedict's death on Feb. 8, and preliminary information from the medical examiner’s office "indicated that the decedent did not die as a result of trauma," Oklahoma's Owasso Police Department, which is investigating the case, said Wednesday.

"At this time, any further comments on the cause of death are currently pending until toxicology results and other ancillary testing results are received," officials also said. "The official autopsy report will be available at a later date."

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Congressional Democrats pounced on the recent charges against a Hunter Biden informant, claiming the source’s questionable reliability calls into question the foundation of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Yet the informant’s information, which the prosecutors allege is false, has little to do with the the concrete evidence assembled by the impeachment inquiry and from independent sources, including by Just the News, that indicate that President Biden likely had knowledge of, participated in, and may have taken official actions based on his son’s business ventures.

Last week, Special Counsel David Weiss, who is prosecuting Hunter Biden on alleged tax and gun crimes, recently charged an FBI informant with providing false information to the intelligence agency in his reports about the younger Biden’s work with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company on which he served as a board member.

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A federal judge has ruled that Ohio’s strict voter ID law, which includes a photo provision, is constitutional and has rejected a challenge to it.

The ruling tossed out a complaint filed by a Democratic law firm challenging provisions including a photo ID, “drop box restrictions, and tightened deadlines related to absentee and provisional ballots,” MSN reported.

In his Monday ruling, U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent, a Clinton appointee, found that the Ohio photo ID requirement, in particular, “imposes no more than a minimal burden, if any, for the vast majority of voters.”

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Just days from now, Wikileaks boss Julian Assange could be standing shackled on a British airfield preparing to board a plane to the US. Once he disembarks and the sound-proofed door of a supermax prison cell closes behind him, the man who’s made himself America’s most wanted will – finally – be silenced.

Lawyers fear the 52-year-old could be confined alone in a ‘concrete coffin’, a 12ft by 7ft chamber – with a window 3ft high but just four inches wide, designed to ensure that the inmate has no view other than sky or wall. Inside it, his bed, desk and stool will be made of poured concrete too.

Under this regime, meals are passed through a slot in the door and inmates use a stainless steel sink, toilet and shower inside their cell, meaning they don’t even leave to eat or wash.

Once every 24 hours, they are allowed out for an hour to exercise in a small, individually caged space, often sunken, like an empty swimming pool, to prevent them getting any sense of their bearings within the prison complex.

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But our sister site Townhall picked up on something truly bizarre in the case about why the booking photos of the two adult accused shooters had not been published by the Kansas City Star news outlet. 

Here's their editor's note, trying to respond to the question of why they didn't publish the pictures before. 

 The Star is for the first time publishing a booking photo for Lyndell Mays, who was taken to the Jackson County Detention Center Tuesday night after being treated at a hospital. The Star had held off until Wednesday to understand why a booking photo of Dominic M. Miller was not available. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said Wednesday morning that Miller is still at the hospital and had not yet been photographed. In addition, we took the time to carefully consider whether to use booking mugs in the absence of other images of the adult suspects; The Star policy is to use booking mugs only in the highest profile of crimes.

What the heck, that sounds a bit like a Kamala Harris word salad. 

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Venezuela has blocked flights of migrants deported from the United States and Mexico, undermining one of the few policies the Biden administration had recently embraced to deal with record levels of illegal immigration, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the measures.

The 'almost weekly' flights from the US to Veneuela were halted in late January according to US officials, marking the longest pause in repatriation since the two countries announced a landmark deal to restart deportations in October - after roughly 1,800 Venezuelans were returned home on 15 flights. As the Journal notes, this is but a fraction of the nearly 500,000 Venezuelans detained at the southern US border over the past two years.

In short, the move gets in the way of the Biden administration pretending they've been taking action, and now gives them something to blame.

The flights to Venezuela were intended to send a signal to migrants that they would face significant deportation risks if they crossed the border illegally, potentially easing some of the pressure on President Biden, whose poll ratings are suffering ahead of November’s presidential election because of the immigration issue. A similar measure was effective in curtailing a surge of Haitian migrants aiming to sneak into the U.S. last year. 

Biden administration officials say that the U.S. government has other mechanisms to deport migrants back to Venezuela, including commercial flights. -WSJ

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No one could have predicted it.

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Who would have thought that legalizing hard drugs would lead to a bad outcome?

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House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) tore into the Nancy Pelosi-picked Select Committee on January 6 for reportedly deleting or password-protecting some 2 terabytes worth of data just days before Republicans took over the House a year ago.

Earlier this week, the House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee, responsible for investigating both the 2021 Capitol riot and the prior Democrat-led inquiry into the riot, discovered that during the chamber’s transition to GOP control in January 2023, over 100 files were encrypted and deleted from hard drives, the New York Post reported.

The select committee was expected to provide Republican Chairman Barry Loudermilk of Georgia with four terabytes of archived data. The outlet, however, reported that his committee only received two terabytes of data.

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In a display of financial acumen, Nancy Pelosi has reportedly hit the jackpot with another stock trade. Pelosi’s foray with a significant investment in NVIDIA (NVDA) has turned into a financial windfall, netting her a staggering sum that most could only dream of achieving through decades of saving and investing.

In an astonishingly short span of 92 days, Pelosi’s investment soared, accruing an approximate profit of $1,800,000. To put this into perspective, with an annual salary pegged at $175,000 for her role, the profits from this trade alone have catapulted her earnings to the equivalent of ten years’ worth of her salary according to her stock tracker.

The remarkable achievement has not only raised eyebrows but also sparked speculation, with many wondering about the timing and insight behind such a lucrative move.

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Google issued what Fox Business described as an “apology” on Wednesday for manually programming their “AI” Gemini to erase white people.

From Fox Business, “Google apologizes after new Gemini AI refuses to show pictures, achievements of White people”:

The latest version of Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) will frequently produce images of Black, Native American and Asian people when prompted – but refuses to do the same for White people.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Gemini Experiences Senior Director of Product Management Jack Krawczyk addressed the responses from the AI that had led social media users to voice concern.

“We’re working to improve these kinds of depictions immediately,” Krawczyk said. “Gemini’s AI image generation does generate a wide range of people. And that’s generally a good thing because people around the world use it. But it’s missing the mark here.”

That’s the full extent of their “apology.”

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Yale became the second Ivy League college, after Dartmouth, after four years of test-optional admissions during the covid/George Floyd eras, to go back to making it mandatory for applicants to submit test scores.

Why? Because the anti-test conventional wisdom is stupid.

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The Democrats appear to be the New Stalinist Party. My conclusion is based on how they abuse law. President Trump has suffered eight years of legal abuse from Democrats and their corrupt prosecutors and judges.

It began with Russiagate led by the CIA, Justice (sic) Department, and FBI. It was a total orchestration long since disproved. Then there were a series of concocted nonsense allegations–strippergate, documents gate, insurrection gate and two concocted and failed impeachment attempts.

The Democrats then rescued their failed attempts by rolling them into indictments, which the Democrat controlled corrupt United States Justice (sic) Department and Soros-implanted Trump-hating Democrat state attorneys generals and district attorneys leveled against Trump. Some of these fake charges are falling apart, because the black female prosecutors are so stupid and incompetent that they have disqualified themselves and should actually face indictment for perjury. As US Senator J.D. Vance recently said, “It’s like every other two-minute clip I watch of this Fani Willis interview she admits to committing another felony.”

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The Roman Emperor who allegedly appointed his horse to the Roman Senate has long been a hallmark of arrogance. The US State Department has now exceeded it by declaring that Russian President Putin’s gift of a car to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un violated “international sanctions.” Washington’s sanctions are “international” sanctions that prohibit the President of Russia, an independent country, from giving a present to the leader of another independent country. There you have it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington were to tell Putin that brushing his teeth violates international sanctions.

Russia should never have honored such a charge with a reply. Instead, Putin should have given Kim Jong-un another car. But if a reply was made, it should have ridiculed Washington’s assumption that the US controlled Putin’s gift-giving. Instead, the usually astute Maria Zakharova fell into the trap and disputed that Russia had violated “international” sanctions, thus placing Russia on the defensive about the power Washington wields over Putin’s personal decisions.

Now the President of Russia has committed a new crime. He gave a present disapproved by Washington to another head of state.

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On January 9, MintPress News probed a newly unsealed tranche of documentation on official police investigations into and civil lawsuits leveled against Jeffrey Epstein – specifically, papers mentioning Alan Dershowitz. At that time, the veteran Zionist legal activist had been mooted as Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s top pick to defend Tel Aviv at the International Court of Justice in a case brought by South Africa over the Gaza genocide before almost immediately being dumped due to wide-ranging public backlash.

That Netanyahu considered Dershowitz a viable candidate for the role at all spoke volumes. Both about Tel Aviv’s total lack of self-awareness and qualms over negative publicity, but also Dershowitz’s intimate connections to Israel’s darkest recesses. His role in defending notorious serial rapist Harvey Weinstein in court, and negotiating Epstein’s extraordinary 2008 Non-Prosecution Agreement, are well-known. Yet, obvious questions about whether and how these activities centrally placed him in a web of intelligence-connected blackmail intrigue have never been asked.

When the fresh batch of Epstein files dropped last month, Dershowitz – about whom allegations of pedophilia have abounded for many years – was quick to boast of how his name appeared 137 times in the material while claiming the contents fully exonerated him of any wrongdoing. Even if true – and, as MintPress News’ previous investigation outlined, that is far from certain – certain documents could point to Dershowitz’s complicity in and knowledge of a very different sexual criminality.

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