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"The supreme trick of mass insanity is that it persuades you that the only abnormal person is the one who refuses to join in the madness of others, the one who tries vainly to resist. We will never understand totalitarianism if we do not understand that people rarely have the strength to be uncommon." -- Eugene Ionesco

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A huge story just broke today…

One of the biggest leaks in US history has just occurred.

Leaked documents obtained by The Intercept reveal Facebook and Twitter both closely collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security and FBI to control “disinfo”.

The documents revealed that the DHS would plan ahead with Facebook and Twitter to censor topics such as Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID, Election fraud, and any info that undermined financial institutions.

Essentially the DHS would submit “talked own requests” to Facebook and Twitter and the social media platforms would take down anything the DHS requested.

Posted on: Nov 02 11:00

A prominent molecular biologist this week blasted a top-flight British university for creating hybrid strains of COVID-19 as part of an experiment earlier this year, according to an exclusive report by The Daily Mail. The criticism comes amid increased skepticism and scrutiny of virus research methods after the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that British scientists with Imperial College London, the same Bill Gates-funded institution behind the early and inaccurate COVID-19 pandemic model that sparked widespread coronavirus lockdowns beginning in March 2020, recently conducted “risky” experiments in which they “created hybrid Covid strains.”

Dr. Richard Ebright Ph.D., a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University and laboratory director at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology, blasted the Imperial College research in remarks made to the outlet.

“This is insanity, both [i]n terms of the redundancy and waste,” Dr. Ebright said, arguing that such research presents a “risk of triggering a new pandemic wave upon accidental or deliberate release of the laboratory-generated viruses.”

Posted on: Nov 02 10:59

A lobbying group belonging to far-left billionaire George Soros contributed $4.5 million to pass a proposed amendment to the Michigan Constitution that would enshrine state-level “rights” to abortion and sterilization. 

Michigan Proposal 3, the so-called Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative (RRFI), would establish a state “constitutional right” to “reproductive freedom,” defined as the “right to make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy, including but not limited to prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, contraception, sterilization, abortion care, miscarriage management, and infertility care.”

Legal analysts warn that the initiative’s language would apply to minors as well, effectively eliminating parental notification and consent requirements for a wide range of procedures.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:59

The United States and its allies keep struggling against the formation of a multipolar world order and developments in Ukraine are part of that standoff, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a message to participants in a world thematic conference of Russian compatriots residing overseas, dubbed "Economic Cooperation: Compatriots and Russian Regions. Responding to Challenges of the Time."

"Developments in Ukraine are not just another regional conflict but part of the ongoing fight for a future world order. We can see the United States and the US-led Western minority consistently trying to slow down the objective formation of a multipolar world order, particularly by promoting the concept of a rule-based order. Today, Western leaders openly admit it, speculating about their exceptionalism and superiority over other civilizations," Lavrof emphasized.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:58

Only Russia’s complete and definitive victory in Ukraine will guarantee protection from a global conflict, to which the West is pushing the world, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.

"Let's call a spade a spade. Western countries are pushing the world to a global war. Only the complete and final victory of Russia will be a safeguard against a world conflict," he said in response to the Western countries’ frequent speculations to the effect "Russia cannot be allowed to win the war."

Medvedev invited his subscribers to follow "simple formal logic."

Posted on: Nov 02 10:57

Washington and Seoul’s advanced warplanes kicked off five days of round-the-clock military exercises on Monday. Pyongyang slammed the war games and suggested it would deliver a “powerful” response.

This year’s edition of the annual ‘Vigilant Storm’ exercise is the largest ever, with the Pentagon saying it was “designed to practice wartime missions, roles and tasks in effort to enhance the combat readiness and survivability of US and [South Korean] forces.” The aerial drills will include nearly 100 American warplanes that will join 140 South Korean aircraft and an Australian refueling tanker.

On Monday, North Korea demanded the US and South Korea scrap the war games, denouncing the joint drills as a “rehearsal for invasion and proof of hostile policies by Washington and Seoul.”

Posted on: Nov 02 10:56

The death of the faithless state is as natural and lovely as a melting snowflake…All the broken things will start to be fixed. And all the crazy things will go away, immediately. — another one from Curtis Yarvin

Can our country begin to get its head screwed back on with the midterm election? The cynicism ‘out there’ is monumental. Even if the perfidious Party of Chaos gets thrashed unto near death at the polls, awful pitfalls and frightful quandaries await whatever regime coalesces into a legislative majority of the center and right. 

And there remains in place the ghastly figure of “Joe Biden,” the waxwork “president” fronting the coterie of Jacobin crazies still aiming to drag Western Civ into the dumpster of history. One thing a congressional committee might probe posthaste: who exactly has been running the executive branch for two years? My guess would be Barack Obama by way of Susan Rice, Director of the Domestic Policy Council (office in the White House) whose activities are never, ever discussed in the news media. In fact, her mere presence is unacknowledged. I doubt that one-in-a-thousand people in Times Square could tell you who she is and what she does. How many times a day is Ms. Rice on-the-horn with the Gentleman of Kalorama? Are there logs of her calls? Does she use an endless supply of cheap untraceable burner phones? Or does she limo across town regularly to get orders in person? 

Posted on: Nov 02 10:55

On October 31, 2022, at least 12 sea transports began moving along the previously established corridor for the transportation of grain from Odessa in the direction towards Turkey.

Earlier, the Russian authorities announced that they were suspending their participation in the “grain” deal after the attack of the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships on the roads of Sevastopol.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation informed that the movement of dry cargoes along the transport corridor of the “grain deal” is unacceptable. No security guarantees are valid for dry cargoes passing through this corridor any more.

On October 29 Russian ships were attacked by British-made unmanned sea and air combat systems. At least one maritime drone was launched from a cargo vessel following a previously agreed secure maritime corridor to transport grain from Ukrainian ports.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:54

 The militaries for Saudi Arabia and the United States are reportedly on high alert following an intelligence report warning of an imminent attack from Iran.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:46

 Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) had to put in a little extra showtime magic to rev up a Florida crowd for President Joe Biden on Tuesday. For some reason, Biden is using his political capital to campaign in a state where statewide Republican candidates are expected to trounce their Democratic opponents. Wasserman Schultz, a loyal footsoldier of the Democratic Party, mustered all she could to get Sunshine State voters excited for the 46th president.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:45

 President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that he spoke with the doctor who invented insulin — a doctor who was so selfless that he refused to patent the drug and profit from its use — but Dr. Frederick Banting died nearly two years before the president was born.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:44

Patrick Bet David continues to tackle the topics no one else (except WLT) will cover.

At least no one else with an audience as large as his.

MASSIVE respect to PBD!

Keep up the good work brother.

Not only is he tackling topics that need to be covered, but the content is very good.

I am learning things from his show that I’ve never known before.

Watch this short clip and prepare to learn more than you ever realized about the so-called #ClintonKillList…

Posted on: Nov 02 10:44

 All the latest polls show that late-breakers in the 2022 midterm elections are moving hard to the Republican side, but what’s going on in Florida is insane.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:43

 The Pacific Legal Foundation filed an emergency application on Tuesday asking the Supreme Court to stop the Biden administration from executing its policy to cancel $10,000 in student debt for millions of borrowers.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:37

For the third year in a row, the British navy sails into the Barents Sea for Arctic navigational training. Norway’s “Thor Heyerdahl” frigate sailed along as the frigate “HMS Northumberland” and supply tanker “Tiderace” this September operated north.

Increased allied presence in Norway and in our neighboring areas is a part of the new normal. We see that our allies have their eyes directed towards the north, and more often utilize our surrounding areas to train and operate. This increased allied focus is welcomed by Norway, and important for our security”, said commander Pål Gudbrandsen, acting commander of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

In the spring of 2020, it sparked debate in Norway when the first U.S. and British surface warships sailed into the southern Barents Sea. The same autumn, however, a Norwegian frigate joined when the two same navies sailed north of the Kola Peninsula.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:35

The U.S. government will transfer eight NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine, and two of them will arrive in Ukraine in the near future.

U.S. Senior Defense Official said this at a briefing….

“The United States has already provided [Ukraine with] 1,400 Stingers, which is short range air defense, and our allies and partners have also provided considerable numbers of short range air defense systems. The U.S. have also committed eight NASAMS and associated munitions, and two of those will be in Ukraine in the very near future, with six more to be provided later. We also have committed to a suite of counter-unmanned aerial systems, including the VAMPIRE system and other radar systems, since we know that the UAS threat is also a serious threat right now,” he said.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:35

Buried deep within the massive infrastructure legislation recently signed by President Joe Biden is a little-noticed “safety” measure that will take effect in five years. Marketed to Congress as a benign tool to help prevent drunk driving, the measure will mandate that automobile manufacturers build into every car what amounts to a “vehicle kill switch.”

As has become standard for legislative mandates passed by Congress, this measure is disturbingly short on details. What we do know is that the “safety” device must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

Everything about this mandatory measure should set off red flares.

First, use of the word “passively” suggests the system will always be on and constantly monitoring the vehicle. Secondly, the system must connect to the vehicle’s operational controls, so as to disable the vehicle either before driving or during, when impairment is detected. Thirdly, it will be an “open” system, or at least one with a backdoor, meaning authorized (or unauthorized) third-parties can remotely access the system’s data at any time.

This is a privacy disaster in the making, and the fact that the provision made it through the Congress reveals — yet again — how little its members care about the privacy of their constituents.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:34

After new Twitter owner Elon Musk responded to a temper tantrum by leftist horror author Stephen King over a rumored $20 per month charge to keep one's coveted 'blue check' status symbol on the platform, Musk has clarified what's going to happen; it'll be $8 per month (or $96 per year, or an inverted 69).

Posted on: Nov 02 10:33

At its September meeting, the Federal Reserve again sharply increased its target interest rate by three-quarters of a percent. Asked his thoughts about what effect this tightening will on the overall economy, Chairman Jerome Powell remarked, “I wish there were a painless way…There isn’t.” Actually, there is a painless way: stop raising rates.

The Fed is hardly alone in its inflation fixation. For most voters, inflation tops the list of concerns. The Fed’s moves represent a broad consensus that high inflation imperils the stability of the system, erodes living standards, and must be brought down even at the risk of squashing growth and triggering a recession. Hence why Jerome Powell, the Fed chairman, said in a speech in Jackson Hole at the end of August, “While higher interest rates, slower growth, and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses…These are the unfortunate costs of reducing inflation. But a failure to restore price stability would mean far greater pain.”

Posted on: Nov 02 10:33

Liberal media previously stood behind Democrats.

However, now they take a different stance as poll numbers show a GOP takeover.

According to The Daily Wire, “The latest CBS Battleground Tracker poll estimates that Republicans will win control over the House. Republicans will gain a minimum of 15 seats in the upcoming midterm elections.”

The results predict that Republicans will have 228 seats, leaving the Democrats with only 208. The Daily Wire says, “The latest projection includes a margin of error of plus or minus 12 seats. It is based on a similar model used by the poll that accurately predicted the 2018 midterm election outcomes.”

Posted on: Nov 02 10:31

Laurie Smith’s decades-long tenure as the sheriff in Santa Clara County, California came to an ignominious end on Monday afternoon when she suddenly announced her resignation from office before a jury could remove her by convicting her in a civil trial on corruption charges.

Smith was accused of using her position to rake in thousands of dollars in campaign donations in exchange for granting rarely-issued concealed carry permits in the county, and jurors in her civil trial had heard from a number of witnesses over the past few weeks; some detailing how they received their carry permit despite not meeting all of the requirements, while others revealed that their applications were left in limbo for months on end even after they’d documented specific threats against them.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:30

 Actress Anne Hathaway said Tueday that abortion can be “another word for mercy,” and advocated for abortion in the context of women advancing in their careers.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:28

 Dana Perino slammed President Joe Biden’s plan to police free speech with big tech after internal documents revealed social media companies working with intelligence agencies to crack down on what they “deemed to be disinformation.”

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:28

The comments occurred ahead of the Phillies taking on the Houston Astros in the third game of the World Series. The former team won the first game 6 to 5, while the latter team won the second game 5 to 2.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:27

Throughout time, civilization has gone through phases of being more sensitive to catastrophic events, leading people to act with caution and make preparations. Some time periods involve little concern and people live it up and act without much thought to the future. However, there are phases where signs point to disaster and people find comfort in making preparations. These phases may be related to climactic or economic changes, or it may be due to a date on the calendar. These phases of caution tend to occur around the turn of a century. While it may seem foolish to rush out a build yourself a bunker, you may want to find a happy medium where you prepare for a worst case scenario situation. People have driven themselves to needing a bankruptcy attorney or bankruptcy lawyer preparing for the unexpected. This may not be necessary, but knowing you have the ability to survive can comfort you in times of emergency.

The most important thing you can do when faced with an emergency is to stay calm. In order to stay calm during a cataclysmic event, you are going to need to prepare and feel that survival is possible; even in the harshest of conditions. Make sure you have a place to go, as well as an alternate plan. Speak with your family members about a meeting place away from your hometown. If everyone has an idea of where to drive should there be a disaster or emergency, it gives you direction and comfort. In your home, be sure to have an area that offers protection from weather-related disasters like tornadoes. An area in the basement or a closet may be enough to keep you safe for a few hours.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:27

U.S. military personnel are now on the ground in Ukraine, keeping track of and inspecting weapons the U.S. has shipped to Ukrainian forces, a senior defense official announced during a Pentagon background briefing on Monday. These U.S. personnel are some of the first the Pentagon has acknowledged have entered Ukraine since Russia launched its large scale invasion of the country in February.

The senior defense official who spoke on background during an official Pentagon event, said, “U.S. personnel have recently resumed on-site inspections to assess weapon stocks in country whenever and wherever the security conditions allow.” The official said “the return of our defense attaché and Office of Defense Cooperation personnel in country has allowed us to resume this critical function.”

Posted on: Nov 02 10:26

The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia for a scheduled port visit, Oct. 31, 2022.

The port visit comes after Leyte Gulf’s participation in the NATO-led vigilance activity Neptune Strike 22.2 (NEST 22.2) in the Mediterranean Sea. NEST 22.2 demonstrated the combined capacity of the Alliance….

Posted on: Nov 02 10:25

 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Emily Ratajkowski said she doesn’t “really believe in straight people” after recently filing for divorce from husband film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 02 10:25

...thanks to K.M. for spotting and sharing this one, because it's confirmation of something I've been warning about for years, namely, the more the USSA throws its reserve currency weight around, and starts endless "small" wars, and more lately, talks about nuclear war, the more promises to other powers that it breaks - such as the one made to Mikhail Gorbachev as the Soviet Union was collapsing that in return for the reunification of Germany, the USSA would not move the borders of NATO eastward (think the Ukraine) nor station any NATO or American troops in the former Warsaw pact nations- the more it breaks promises it has no intention of keeping (the American Indians know something of this history) the more it becomes a pariah government which no one will ever trust again, and that's quite a proposition for such a short national history. I know I know... the whole proposition sounds like what my mother used to call a "knee slapper," something so hilariously not true it makes you wonder why anyone would ever believe it.

But anyway, back to my "main point de jour": the USSA has been hell-bent (note the diabolical reference) on establishing its own global, worldwide, unipolar hegemony since the end of the Soviet Union, and making everyone else cow-tow to the will of increasingly zanily insane Swampington DC uni-party, that even our allies are thinking twice about being our ally, and that includes our oldest ally, France, without which we wouldn't even be a country, thank you Admiral Francois Joseph Paul Comte de Grasse.  The hegemony of the uni-party wokery dominating American culture, which appears to want to make childhood transgender surgery some sort of human right, is probably not going to play too well in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, and probably even less well in Buda-pest, Warsaw, Moscow, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Tehran, New Dehli, Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei (inhale) Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago, Algiers, Tripoli, ... well... you get the idea.  Threatening to rain bombs down on people not willing to cow-tow to American wokery is not helping matters either, and constantly binding nations into a dollar-lined cage isn't helping.

Posted on: Nov 02 10:24