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A sleepy town in southern Spain is in shock after it emerged that AI-generated naked images of young local girls had been circulating on social media without their knowledge.

The pictures were created using photos of the targeted girls fully clothed, many of them taken from their own social media accounts.

These were then processed by an application that generates an imagined image of the person without clothes on.

So far more than 20 girls, aged between 11 and 17, have come forward as victims of the app's use in or near Almendralejo, in the south-western province of Badajoz.

"One day my daughter came out of school and she said 'Mum there are photos circulating of me topless'," says María Blanco Rayo, the mother of a 14-year-old.

"I asked her if she had taken any photos of herself nude, and she said, 'No, Mum, these are fake photos of girls that are being created a lot right now and there are other girls in my class that this has happened to as well.'"

She says the parents of 28 girls affected have formed a support group in the town.

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 Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel downplayed reports indicating a growing feud with the state of New Hampshire over the 2024 election cycle.

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 Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn blasted President Joe Biden on Sunday for being “weak” on America’s adversaries. 

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 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) blamed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for a sudden increase of illegal immigrants entering the U.S., claiming that his sanctions against the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela caused the surge.

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 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called on Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) to resign after the 69-year-old lawmaker was indicted on federal corruption charges last week.

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 Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has hired the lawyer representing President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, after Menendez was indicted last week on federal corruption charges.

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 Chicago’s Democratic mayor has announced a partnership with a far-left non-profit to advance his proposal of a government-owned grocery store, which he argues is needed for the sake of “racial justice.”

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The defenders of open US borders like to sell the happy, optimistic narrative that asylum seekers are primarily innocent people looking to build a better life in the United States. The raw data, however, points to a much more complicated story.

It’s the rarest occurrence of all when politicians admit that they were wrong, but that’s what is (almost) happening in Democrat-ruled cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, which are being forced to absorb a continuous influx of migrants, together with a large slab of humble pie.

“Let me tell you something New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don’t see an ending to this,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams told a hushed audience in Manhattan as he called for federal assistance just days before the anniversary of 9/11. “This issue will destroy New York City.”

“We are past our breaking point,” Adams continued with his apocalyptic plot. “New Yorkers’ compassion may be limitless, but our resources are not.”

Back on the campaign trail in 2021, Adams' campaign posted on what was then Twitter: "We should protect our immigrants. Period. Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration."

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Washington is looking to set up a military base in the Guayana Esequiba area, which is contested by Venezuela and Guyana, the former's foreign minister has claimed.

In a speech to the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Yvan Gil said the US considers itself “the sovereign” of Latin America, and is now intervening in the more than 200-year-old territorial dispute between Caracas and Georgetown.

“The US government seeks to appropriate our oil resources by using the company Exxon Mobil, which has incorporated the government of Guyana into its ranks,” he said.

Guayana Esequiba is rich in oil and gas, especially in offshore areas. In recent years, exploration in the disputed territory has been dominated by an Exxon-led consortium, which has received a drilling license from Georgetown. Last week, Guyana held another offshore oil bidding round, receiving applications from Exxon Mobil, TotalEnergies and other firms.

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A NATO peacekeeping force deployed in Kosovo turned a blind eye to a police crackdown on local Serbs, President Aleksandar Vucic said in the wake of a deadly skirmish in the breakaway region early Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference later the same day, the Serbian leader addressed the chaos that erupted in the village of Banjska located in the northern part of Kosovo. According to Vucic, a group of Serbs erected a barricade in the settlement, with ensuing clashes with Kosovo police resulting in the death of one officer.

As the skirmish unfolded, a total of three local Serbs were killed and two others wounded, with another person feared dead, he said.

However, the Kosovo authorities claimed that around 30 heavily armed gunmen ambushed the local police, later fleeing to a nearby monastery. After a shootout that lasted for several hours, law enforcement managed to clear the church. It confirmed the death of three Serbs, adding that five others had been arrested.

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A recent change in Ukrainian conscription rules has obliged female medics and pharmacists to show up to the nearest draft office to update their personal data for possible enlistment. There was reportedly a wave of resignations from drug stores ahead of the decree going into force.

“Owners of pharmacies are in a panic. People are resigning and moving to Europe before they could be stopped at the border,” Elena Prudnikova, the head of a Ukrainian pharmaceutical business association, told online news outlet Strana.ua last Friday.

“Who knows who would work, considering that the industry is already in a serious crisis,” she added.

Ukrainian law offers women of certain professions aged 18 to 60 the option to register with conscription authorities so that they can be drafted as needed.

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The launches took place as part of the Finval-2023 naval drills that were held to train the military to protect communications across the Northern Sea Route.

For the first time in its modern history, Russia has conducted military exercises involving the simultaneous firing of sea-, air-, coast-, and submarine-launched missiles.

“For the first time in [Russia’s] modern history, we carried out missile firings across four environments at once: from air, sea, shore, and below the water surface," representatives of the Pacific Fleet Information Support Department said upon the completion of the drills.

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Russia is testing its cutting-edge laser weapons in Ukraine. What is known about these arms based on new physical principles?

While addressing the Eastern Economic Forum earlier this month Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia is working on "weapons based on new physical principles" that "will ensure the security of any country in the near historical perspective."

Even though the Russian president did not elaborate what models of innovative arms he meant, Russian military observers suggested Putin's remark is more likely a reference to lasers and other high-energy, physics-based weapons.

Indeed, on March 1, 2018, Putin mentioned Russia's laser weapon for air defense and anti-satellite warfare, the Peresvet, during his address to the Federal Assembly. The Peresvet, named after a medieval Orthodox warrior monk Alexander Peresvet, entered experimental combat duty in the Russian Armed Forces in December 2018. By February 2019, the Russian president announced the laser installations had confirmed their unique characteristics along with the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

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 Former President Donald Trump called on all Senate Democrats to resign following the federal indictment against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) last week, claiming that they all knew about the alleged bribes he took.

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 Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), whose district is on the U.S.-Mexico border, said in an interview over the weekend that the U.S. must put “repercussions” in place to disincentivize illegal aliens from entering the U.S.

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President Joe Biden’s migrant inflow in August broke several records, including record inflows of all migrants, Mexicans, and non-working dependents.

The inflow is likely to break more records during September because Democrats and their business allies are inviting a vast number of migrants to take wages, housing, school slots, and government aid that would otherwise go to Americans — including millions of sick, alienated, or old Americans who have been discarded by employers and government officials.

The poverty-expanding migrant inflow is not caused by foreign disasters and poverty but by the U.S. government’s radical pro-business policy.

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 Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) slammed President Joe Biden over the weekend for the worsening crisis on the U.S. southern border as tens of thousands of illegal aliens are flooding communities every few days in an unprecedented onslaught.

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 House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) slammed President Joe Biden over the weekend for the renewed explosion of illegal immigration on the U.S. southern border, saying that Biden is “encouraging” this to happen by offering incentives to illegal aliens and effectively communicating that the border is open.

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 Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who recently split with the Democratic Party, unloaded on her former colleagues over the persistent prosecutions of former President Donald Trump.

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 New U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said during an interview that aired on Sunday that the Mexican drug cartels are flooding the U.S. border with illegal immigrants in part as a distraction so they can smuggle drugs, criminals, and weapons into the U.S.

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The White House refused to answer questions Thursday about how much President Biden's potential billion-dollar climate work program unveiled this week will cost taxpayers.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, a White House official only said the American Climate Corps (ACC), which Biden created via executive action Wednesday, would tap into existing streams of revenue. But the official declined to share the exact price tag of the program previously pegged by Democrats at between $10 billion and $30 billion.

"The American Climate Corps leverages existing programs and existing authorities across agencies, who will work together to implement the ACC," the White House official said.

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Suspicions were raised about the operations of a Chinese-linked biolab in central California far earlier than previously known, according to a review of hundreds of internal emails, documents and photographs obtained by Fox News. 

Two California state agencies called on by the city of Fresno to intervene in the matter tell Fox they had no authority to get involved but the delay of local and state officials to take action in fall 2022 appears to have allowed lab workers to empty a warehouse full of dangerous biological agents, lab mice, chemicals and equipment. 

A trove of emails obtained through a public records request with the city of Fresno showed one official had been so concerned by Universal Meditech Inc.’s operations he filed urgent pleas with California’s environmental and toxic substance agencies for assistance in possibly shutting down the biolab before it could relocate. 

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President Trump will deliver remarks on Monday to a sold-out crowd in Summerville, South Carolina.

The President continues to dominate in primary polls for the caucus states as Ron DeSantis, previously Trump’s closest competitor, continues to sink.

Fox Business reported on Wednesday:

Support for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is up 4 points while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is down 3 in the latest Fox Business survey of South Carolina Republican primary voters.  Former President Donald Trump maintains a large lead in the first in the south contest, despite the race narrowing.

Today, 46% of Republican primary voters back Trump, down a touch from 48% this summer. His nearest opponent is Haley with 18% support, up from 14% since July.

A Fox Business Poll on the Republican presidential primary. (Fox Business / Fox News)

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What a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week.  

Joe Biden's embarrassing gaffes came thick and fast this week - after the president managed to fumble a series of high-profile domestic events on the world stage.

His litany of errors - including walking into flag poles, addressing people with the wrong names and rudely forgetting to shake foreign official's hands - is coupled with the devastating blow that the 80-year-old president's approval rating stands at 37 percent.

This is five percentage points lower than it was in February, and crucially, it is 10 points lower than his fierce 2020 Republican competitor, Donald Trump, in the latest embarrassing poll from the Washington Post. 

Meanwhile, there is a percussive thunder of calls for him to drop out of the running for the next election, from both the left and the right of the political landscape. 

Many are seriously questioning how Biden will be able to face a long presidential campaign for the Democrats if he struggles like he did the past week - and how he'll handle the prospect of another four years in office. 

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Have you heard about the agreement that global leaders adopted at the United Nations during the “2023 SDG Summit” that was held earlier this week?  On Monday and Tuesday, officials from all over the world gathered in New York City to commit their nations to fully implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals over the next 7 years.  If you are not familiar with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, you can find them right here.  They are essentially a blueprint for how the globalists want the world to be run.  Just about every area of human activity is covered by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and it would take extreme measures over the next 7 years in order to achieve all of them by the deadline.

But that was what the “2023 SDG Summit” was all about.

Leaders from all over the planet got together and pledged to do whatever is necessary to meet those goals on time.

They are calling it “a new phase of accelerated progress”.  The following comes directly from the official UN webpage about this summit

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The United States ruling class continues to push hard for a global war. The U.S. military-industrial complex now wants to put a military base in disputed territory in Venezuela in order to take control of the oil resources in the contested Guayana Esequiba area.

According to the Caracas foreign minister, Washington is looking to set up a military base in the Guayana Esequiba area, That territory is contested by Venezuela and Guyana, the former’s foreign minister has claimed, according to a report by RT. 

In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, Yvan Gil said that the U.S. considers itself “the sovereign” of Latin America, and is now intervening in the more than 200-year-old territorial dispute between Caracas and Georgetown. “The US government seeks to appropriate our oil resources by using the company Exxon Mobil, which has incorporated the government of Guyana into its ranks,” he said.

Guayana Esequiba is rich in oil and gas. The exploration of the disputed territory has been led by Exxon Mobil, which received a drilling license just last week. Guyana is acting “in total violation of international law” by granting those oil permits, the Venezuelan diplomat said. “Unilateral disposal of a disputed territory isn’t permissible, but the government of Guyana persists in its illegal conduct,” he insisted.

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If the hottest year ever can’t precipitate ‘ice-free’ conditions in September, what’s it going to take? Arctic sea ice failed to nose-dive again this year, undoubtedly disappointing expects who have been anticipating a ‘death-spiral’ decline for ages. Arctic sea ice hit its seasonal low sometime around mid-September this year and although the precise value hasn’t been published, the average September ice coverage will likely be about 4.2 mkm2 once it gets announced in early October.

This means we have now had 17 years of a near-zero trend for September sea ice, extending the nearly-flat trend NSIDC sea ice experts acknowledged four years ago. This surely busts a huge hole in the prevailing concept that more atmospheric CO2 causes less summer sea ice. Note that CO2 levels measured in August 2023 were 419.7 parts per million (ppm), compared to 382.2 in August 2007, a rise of 37.5ppm with no corresponding decline in summer sea ice (and vs. 314.2 ppm in 1960). Measured in metric tons, CO2 emissions due to fossil fuels rose from 31.1 billion in 2007 to 37.1 billion in 2021 (last year of data), again with no corresponding decline in summer sea ice.

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I was living in Edinburgh when I first saw an advertisement that would transform air travel. “Making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans – £29 one-way.” The fare for EasyJet’s first flights from Luton to Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1995, celebrated in its inaugural advertisement campaign, seems rather pricey by modern standards. You can get a ticket on that route on EasyJet for less than £29 today and fares on some other low-cost carriers can be under a tenner.

But cheap deals might be a thing of the past. France is seeking support from other European Union countries for a minimum price for airfares within the EU in a bid to reduce the number of flights in Europe and reduce the aviation sector’s CO2 emissions. Transport Minister Clement Beaune wants to “open the debate on the fair social and environmental price of a flight ticket”. The Netherlands and Belgium support the idea in principle. Although Brexit means flights from Britain to EU countries might not be covered by any new EU price policies, flights from the bloc to the UK would be.

France has already banned domestic flights for journeys that are possible in less than two-and-a-half hours by train. The Dutch government is going ahead with plans to cap the number of flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport next year, pending EU approval, in a bid to reduce noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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In another move that will surely increase tensions, the Biden administration (current ruling class) will be sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine. These machines will arrive sometime next week.

There is no shortage of ways to prolong and advance a war, and the current rulers of the United States are most definitely pushing all the buttons. “Next week, the first US Abrams tanks will be delivered in Ukraine,” Biden said before reporters while sitting alongside Zelensky, who was on his second visit to the U.S. since the war began.

During Zelensky’s visit to the White House on Thursday the only positive news Ukraine received was that it is about to imminently take possession of the U.S. Abrams tanks which were long ago promised, according to a report by ZeroHedge Kiev has long complained about the incredibly slow rate of getting further advanced Western weapons systems.

At the same time, Russia has warned that they will initiate World War 3 if lethal weapons are sent for Ukraine’s use. So far, Russia has not made good on its vows, and the U.S. keeps pushing further across the line.

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