"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it" -- Mark Twain

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An American Airlines plane came close to smashing into a private aircraft on the runway of Reagan National Airport on Wednesday morning, according to reports. 

Audio shows an air traffic controller canceling the take off clearance for the AA flight 2134 as the private King Air plane was set to land on an intersecting runway at 10:21am local time. 

As the cancelation goes through, the pilot in the private aircraft, a Hawker Beechcraft, reveals he's already on the ground in Arlington, Virginia. Regan National Airport is also known as DCA. 

The American plane involved was an Airbus A319. There were more than 100 passengers on board. 

The flight was bound for Boston and was cleared to land on Runway 1 and reached speeds of 80 knots, around 110 miles per hour, before being told to abandon takeoff.

Webmaster addition: DEI hire?

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President Biden and his willing accomplices in the mainstream media would have you believe that violent crime in America is at a 50-year low, a narrative eagerly parroted by so-called fact-checkers at Politifact. The reality, however, is far from what they claim. The only thing at a 50-year low is the integrity of violent crime data. Less than a year after taking office, Biden's administration had the FBI dismantle the long-standing crime reporting system, replacing it in 2021 with a new, 'woke' system that is optional for state and local law enforcement agencies to use. As a result, at least 6,000 law enforcement agencies aren't providing data, meaning that 25% of the country's crime data is not captured by the FBI. This deliberate underreporting skews the statistics, painting a falsely optimistic picture of public safety while real Americans continue to suffer from rising crime rates.

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President Trump is back in court on Thursday in the Marxist Democrat Party’s attempt to influence the 2024 election.

Democrats have thrown 91 charges against President Trump in their hopes to flip the election to Old Joe Biden.

The ongoing New York City case has kept President Trump from the campaign trail for weeks now.

Communist Judge Juan Merchan, an America-hating immigrant whose family is raising money off of the case, has ripped apart the US justice system in his efforts to Get Trump – much like communist Judge Alexandre de Moraes has done to the Brazilian legal system.

President Trump made comments on Thursday before entering Merchan’s kangaroo court.

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The U.S. economy grew less than previously thought in the first three months of the year, expanding at an annual pace of just 1.3 percent, revised government data showed Thursday.

The downward revision was primarily driven by data showing that consumer spending grew by significantly less than previously estimated.

This was the smallest expansion in gross domestic product in almost two years. The prior estimate had the economy growing at a 1.6 percent pace in the first quarter.

Consumer spending grew an an annualized pace of two percent in the first quarter, the new figures show, down from the previous estimate of 2.5 percent. In the second half of last year, consumer spending had expanded at a better than three percent rate.

The slowdown in consumer spending is likely related to inflation, which has pinched household buying power. What’s more, most of the excess savings built up during the pandemic due to stimulus programs and Covid-related economic repression has been spent.

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A Florida police officer has been arrested for allegedly hosting a party involving drugs, alcohol, and sex acts with four teenage girls.

Markanthony Fernandez, 24, was hit with four felony and six misdemeanor charges on Tuesday over the inappropriate behavior that allegedly occurred over the weekend of February 3, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident in question involved two 18-year-old girls, as well as a 17-year-old and 16-year-old, police said.

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Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz’s National Unity Party submitted a bill on Thursday to dissolve the Knesset, in an attempt to topple the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The proposal to dissolve Israel’s parliament was submitted by National Unity lawmaker Pnina Tamano-Shata.

“Oct. 7 is a disaster that obliges us to return and receive the trust of the nation; to establish a broad and stable unity government that can lead us with confidence in the face of major challenges in terms of security, the economy and especially in Israeli society,” said Tamano-Shata.

The next Israeli national vote must be held by Oct. 27, 2026, and it is unclear if Gantz has the support of any lawmakers from Netanyahu’s 64-member coalition in the 120-MK legislature.

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Saifullah Khan, a former Yale student who was expelled from the university in 2019 after he had been falsely accused and acquitted of rape the year prior, has filed a defamation lawsuit against fifteen left-wing organizations and an attorney involved in aiding his accuser.

The complaint was filed at Hartford Superior Court on May 14. This is separate from the previous lawsuit Khan filed against Yale University and his accuser. The plaintiff alleges in the new complaint that the defendants defamed him by calling him a rapist.

Khan accuses the defendants of defamation, false light, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and abuse of processes. He is seeking an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages, according to the complaint.

Webmaster addition: Women do lie about rape. Right E. Jean?

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A mayoral candidate in Mexico was assassinated in the middle of a campaign rally on May 29 — with disturbing video showing a gunman shooting him in the back of the head at point-blank range.

Alfredo Cabrera was gunned down in front of hundreds of supporters in the town of Coyuca de Benitez in the southern state of Guerrero as he was making the final stop of his campaign, officials and local media said.

Webmaster addition: Mexico has strict gun control.

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NATO countries will collaborate to create a 'drone wall' on the security alliance's eastern flank that aims to provide round-the-clock monitoring of threats across the border from Russia and Belarus, it has been revealed.

Six nations sharing a land border with Russia or Belarus - namely Finland, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - will pool resources to ensure thousands of military-grade and consumer drones can patrol the skies over their eastern regions.

Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics said the new security measure was a necessity because 'we are back to some extent to where the world was in the darkest days of the Cold War'. 

He expressed concerns that Russia and Belarus were 'weaponising' migration, facilitating the transfer of large numbers of migrants and asylum seekers through their territory and onward into Europe. 

Webmaster addition: Just like Biden is doing here!

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Catholics have expressed horror after a male performance artist danced in drag for young children during Pope Francis’ first World Children’s Day this weekend.

  MacArthur, John F. Best Price: $12.51 Buy New $13.50 (as of 01:07 UTC - Details)  On May 25, Salerno native Carmine De Rosa performed as one of the official artists for the inaugural World Children’s Day. In his capacity as a quick-change artist or a living cartoon, De Rosa appeared as a woman, wearing multiple outfits in drag. He also used suggestive cardboard costumes.

Webmaster addition: Shades of Pope Alexander 6th!!!! 

The following are quoted from William Manchester's "A World Lit Only by Fire- The Medieval Mind and The Renaissance" .Little, Brown & Company, 1992 

"Once he became Pope Alexander VI, Vatican parties, already wild, grew wilder. They were costly, but he could afford the lifestyle of a Renaissance prince; as vice chancellor of the Roman Church, he had amassed enormous wealth. As guests approached the papal palace, they were excited by the spectacle of living statues: naked, gilded young men and women in erotic poses. Flags bore the Borgia arms, which, appropriately, portrayed a red bull rampant on a field of gold. Every fete had a theme. One, known to Romans as the Ballet of the Chestnuts, was held on October 30, 1501. The indefatigable Burchard describes it in his Diarium. After the banquet dishes had been cleared away, the city's fifty most beautiful whores danced with the guests, "first clothed, then naked." The dancing over, the "ballet" began, with the Pope and two of his children in the best seats.

Candelabra were set up on the floor, scattered among them were chestnuts, "which", Burchard writes, "the courtesans had to pick up, crawling between the candles." Then the serious sex started. Guests stripped and ran out onto the floor, where they mounted, or were mounted by, the prostitutes. "The coupling took place," according to Burchard, "in front of everyone present." Servants kept score of each man's orgasms, for the Pope greatly admired virility, and measured a man's machismo by his ejaculative capacity. After everyone was exhausted, His Holiness distributed prizes- cloaks, boots, caps, and fine silken tunics. "The winners", the diarist wrote, "were those who made love with the courtesans the greatest number of times."

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The Israeli government is trying to paint the May 26 attack on the Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza in which dozens of people were killed as an accident. However, analysts say Tel Aviv would have known about the consequences of dropping bombs in a congested area.

The Israeli air strike at a camp in Rafah killed at least 45 people and left more than 200 people injured. Israel claimed that it was a targeted precision strike against Hamas members and that what happened was a “tragic mistake”.

But the videos of and pictures of charred and dismembered bodies of children tell another story.

“Netanyahu is calling this attack “a tragic mistake” because what they did was such a horrible action whose political responsibility can not be taken by Tel Aviv,” says Abdullah Agar, a Turkish military analyst and a former special forces officer. “It’s an attempt to protect Israel and its soldiers from any wrongdoing, using a psychological warfare tactic,” Agar tells TRT World.

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The Danger of Nuclear War 

The use of nuclear weapons is on the drawing board of the Pentagon. It has the support of the U.S State Department. 

Meanwhile legislation is being put forward in the U.S. Congress to initiate World War III. 

“Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced on June 22nd a Resolution which if passed and signed by President Biden, … would commit the U.S. as the head of NATO to launch, on behalf of NATO, war directly against Russia (See Eric Zuesse, Duran, June 20, 2023)

The NeoCon Agenda:

The Project for the New American Century 

The Neocons are firmly behind the Ukraine agenda. 

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) dominates US foreign policy on behalf of powerful financial interests. 

The PNAC dispels the planning of “consecutive” military operations: it describes:

America’s “Long War” as follows: 

“fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars”

The conduct of  “Simultaneous theater Wars” is the backbone of America’s hegemonic Agenda.

It’s a project of global warfare. The PNAC controlled by the NeoCons also dispels the holding of real peace negotiations. 

The Nuclear Agenda and Global Warfare

The PNAC was published at the height of the presidential election campaign in September 2000, barely 2 months prior to the November 2001 elections.  It has become the backbone of US foreign policy. It is the basis for the carrying out a hegemonic global warfare agenda, coupled with the imposition of a “Unipolar World Order”. 

Victoria Nuland who sat in the State Department, currently advising President Biden is the spouse of  PNAC’s Robert Kagan.

Why Does the Biden administration require a $1.3 trillion nuclear weapons program which is slated to increase to $2.0 trillion in 2030?

Superiority in Nuclear War is the backbone of the NeoCon agenda as expounded in the PNAC.

The objective is to “Maintain Nuclear Superiority”, specifically in relation to the US-Russia balance.

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The Netzah Yehuda battalion is an all-male unit of the Israel Defense Forces that was formed to allow ultra-Orthodox Jews to serve in the military while still complying with their religious beliefs, through accommodations like providing time for prayer and limiting interactions with women. 

The battalion is also notorious for its alleged abuses of Palestinians and human rights violations in the West Bank, including an incident that led to the death of a 78-year-old Palestinian American man in 2022. These allegations landed the group, formally known as the Nahal Haredi, on a short list of IDF units that Secretary of State Antony Blinken intended to sanction last month. That move would have cut off the battalion’s supply of U.S. weapons and other military aid — until the Biden administration backed away from those plans under pressure from Israeli officials.

But the battalion has another reliable source of international support: a charitable nonprofit in the U.S.

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It’s been two months since Osaid Alser has heard from his cousin, Khaled Al Serr, a surgeon at Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis.

Before late March, they had been in regular contact — or as regular as the shredded communication infrastructure would allow. Al Serr had created a telemedicine WhatsApp group where he and Osaid, a surgical resident in the U.S., recruited doctors from stateside, the U.K., and Europe to give advice to their overstretched colleagues in Gaza.

“He reported on a gunshot injury in a 70-year old,” Osaid said, of Al Serr. “It was in her head. And really, there were no neurosurgeons at that time.”

“He was sharing those cases, and he was asking for help,” Osaid went on. “It was like, ‘Is there any neurosurgeon that can help me? How can I fix this?’”

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Israel's military has seized control of a strategic buffer zone along Gaza's border with Egypt, in effect taking total command of the Palestinian enclave's perimeter as it continues its assault on the southern city of Rafah. 

The IDF announced last night it had captured the Philadelphi Corridor, a narrow demilitarised zone that runs the 8.6-mile length of the Gaza side of the border with Egypt and includes the Rafah crossing.

Israel says the corridor is peppered with at least 20 tunnels that have funnelled weapons and other goods for Hamas - despite a yearslong blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt - and now aims to locate and destroy all the shafts.

But taking the corridor could complicate Jerusalem's relations with Cairo, which are already strained after an Egyptian soldier was shot dead on Monday in a brief skirmish with IDF troops.

Egyptian media, quoting security sources, also dismissed Israel's claim that the Philadelphi Corridor was filled with Hamas tunnels. 

It comes as the IDF deepened its incursion into Rafah, sending thousands more troops to join existing operations and seizing control of Tel al-Sultan - the neighbourhood where 45 Palestinians perished in a fire Sunday night following an Israeli bombing raid. 

Israeli tanks roll into centre of Rafah for the first time following global outrage over refugee camp airstrike that left 45

Israeli tanks roll into centre of Rafah for the first time following global outrage over refugee camp airstrike that left 45 dead.

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Former Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley has been criticised after she was pictured writing "finish them" on a bombshell while on a visit to northern Israel.

The picture, posted on social media by Israeli politician Danny Danon, showed Haley also writing "America loves Israel always" on the munition.

The images followed an Israeli strike on a displacement camp in southern Gaza's Rafah, which killed at least 45 Palestinians and wounded 200 more, and drew condemnation from various European and Arab capitals.

A CNN analysis found the munitions used in the strike were US-supplied.

Speaking to reporters during the trip, Haley criticised US President Joe Biden, accusing him of being insufficiently supportive of Israel in its war on Gaza, which has so far left more than 36,000 people dead.

Claire's Observations:  Hey, Nikki, I have a GREAT idea for that cushy ambassadorship to Israel you seem to desperately crave; why don't  dress in an IDF uniform;  pick up an Israeli AK 47, and start spraying fleeing Palestinian women and children with bullets?!?  

Make sure the IDF photographers get good images of you, murdering innocent  women and children who had NOTHING to do with the October 7th massacre, which I, and the civilized world, also condemn.

That way, you'll really be "part and parcel" of the Israeli "Final Solution " for its Palestinian residents; of course,  the world calls it genocide, Nikki, in case you have been living under a rock for awhile.  

But please go ahead and do this; it will either secure your coveted role as US Ambassador to this God-forsaken country; or a sweet spot, in the CIA, where you can order torture, and be completely unaccountable for your actions.  Either way, you'll shine :-)

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Nothing to see here.

US Border Patrol agents seized two backpacks filled with guns earlier this month near the US Canadian border.

The suspects fled back into Canada before they were captured.

How many others were able to pass freely into the US under Joe Biden?

Webmaster addition: Criminals don't buy their guns from gun stores or other people, which is why all this inconvenience foisted on us by the ATF won't really reduce crime. National Geographic had a series called "Underworld Inc." and the very first episode was about how guns are manufactured in foreign countries, smuggled into the US, and sold to criminals.

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A new lawsuit was just filed against Fulton County Board of Elections (and its Elections Director Nadine Williams) by sitting member Julie Adams.

Adams has been “unable to get election records necessary to perform their duties in accordance with Georgia law.”

The entire 112-page lawsuit can be found here.

In case you need more background on how corrupt Georgia’s election officials happen to be, here’s my recent article (click image below).

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The so-called Covid “Conspiracy Theories” are collapsing one after another in courts of law and we can call most of them a Covid Conspiracy Fact. The actual disinformation came from those screaming the loudest about the rest of us providing disinformation.

While this is great news, what about all the lives that were ruined during 2020-2021 by fallacies that were accepted as fact? What about those who lost their businesses or jobs? What about those who were unjustly fired or fined? What about the people who died or suffered lifelong aftereffects?

I guess we’re all just SOL. (s*** out of luck).

As the truth finally seeps out, the vindication is somewhat bittersweet.

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By:  Lily Greenberg Call



The president has weaponized the idea of Jewish safety to justify the atrocity in 

Until last week, President Biden was my boss.

Last week, I resigned from my post at the United States Department of the Interior, becoming the first Jewish politically appointed administration official to publicly resign in protest – and in mourning – of President Biden’s endorsement of genocide in Gaza, where more than 35,000 Palestinians have been murdered. This was an incredibly difficult decision, but one that was necessary – and one that felt even more urgent, as the president of the United States has persistently corrupted the idea of Jewish safety, weaponizing my community as a shield to dodge accountability for his role in this atrocity.



I worked hard to elect this administration, first as an organizer for Vice-President Kamala Harris during the 2019 Democratic primary, then for the Biden-Harris ticket in the general election in the swing state of Arizona. I once saw the Biden-Harris administration as a beacon, blinking brilliantly as a hopeful symbol of democracy in the encroaching dark. But now, watching the United States’s complicity in the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, I am only reminded that in times of great horror, many with great power choose to do nothing.

Like many Jewish Americans, I am descended from those who fled Europe and survived violent persecution. My pregnant great-grandmother escaped pogroms by hiding in the belly of a horse-drawn carriage, then crossing an ocean alone, looking for safety in a new land. My inheritance is the weighted absence of those who should be here today: entire lineages of family, who could not escape the coming Shoah, snuffed out and disappeared into memory. I feel the weight of this history every day.

After the nightmare of 7 October, I spent days checking in with loved ones and tending the trauma felt by my community. I remember the days that followed as being clouded over with mourning for loved ones missing or taken hostage, and overwhelming devastation as the confirmed death list ticked higher and higher. And still, I found myself holding my breath, anticipating Israel’s counter to the tragedy.

In the many months since, I have watched as Palestinians struggle to survive the indiscriminate bombing that has plagued their home – a bombing bought and paid for by the United States. Children livestreaming on social media have been forced to step into the shoes of absent journalists, many murdered in this conflict, which has become the deadliest for journalists on record. I’ve seen countless videos of families fleeing falling bombs, children wailing at the loss of their mothers and refugees now cowering in Rafah.

Claire's Observations:  Lilly, you are a person of great moral courage;  God bless you, for having your own personal history and experience informing how you see the genocide in Gaza, and may you continue to witness to your truth of what is happening here.

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