"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." -- George Orwell, 1984"

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Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a House hearing Wednesday he did not know whether there were government informants present at the Capitol on January 6 – after a former top FBI official testified there were informants there and the feds had to scramble to determine how many.

Garland repeated his answer when getting grilled by Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

Massie asked the AG how many government agents or assets were present on or around January 6, also referencing his own earlier inquiry about people 'agitating in the crowd.' 

'I don't know the answer to that question,' Garland replied.

'You don't know how many there were, or there were none,' Massie pressed.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:51

When Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy discovered the Washington Post’s Emily Heil had contacted his advertisers and labeled him as a person with a “history of misogynistic comments,” he took matters into his own hands and called her.

Portnoy posted the 11-minute confrontation in its entirety on Twitter. Heil initially lies, saying she didn’t characterize Portnoy as a misogynistic racist, before being confronted with her own words.

“We have this Pizza-fest happening on Saturday, and you’re reaching out to our advertisers,” Portnoy said. “You’re basically sending an e-mail that says, to the effect, ‘Dave’s a misogynic racist. Do you want to defend yourselves advertising at this event?’ Right?” he asked Heil.

Heil, seemingly taken aback, didn’t even realize it was Portnoy who had called her.

“I’m sorry. Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m the guy you’re writing the article about, Dave Portnoy,” he replied.

Heil initially denied the accusation, claiming “I haven’t said anything like that.”

But apparently Portnoy brought receipts. He read a portion of an e-mail Heil sent to one of Portnoy’s advertisers, which he also posted to his website.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:51

House Republicans who have previously supported Ukraine are in little rush to approve a fifth round of aid amid growing skepticism within their caucus.

The Pentagon says it still has roughly $5.5 billion worth of authority to keep transferring weapons to Kyiv, even though the last Ukraine aid package Congress passed is set to expire at the end of the month.

How? Pentagon lawyers argue that they can use the remaining drawdown authority indefinitely due to a complicated confluence of circumstances arising from the Biden administration miscalculating the value of Ukraine military aid earlier this year.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:49

 The Senate voted on Wednesday night to approve Air Force General Charles “CQ” Brown, President Joe Biden’s pick to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:49

 Students for Fair Admissions, the group that brought the lawsuit to the Supreme Court that ended affirmative action for admissions at colleges, is now targeting West Point military academy, filing a lawsuit asserting the academy discriminates against white applicants.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:49

A powerful solar storm slammed into Earth on Sept. 18 and 19, triggering stunning aurora shows around the world.

Aurora enthusiasts can thank a massive solar tendril, called a solar filament, for the stunning light show. On Saturday (Sept. 16), it emerged from the sun and ejected a super-hot plasma eruption, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), toward Earth. The CME caused a disturbance in Earth's magnetic field, resulting in a geomagnetic storm that triggered auroras visible as far south as Colorado (+40.4N), Missouri (+40.3N) and Nebraska (+41N), according to Spaceweather.com.

During a solar storm, energized particles from the sun slam into Earth's atmosphere at speeds of up to 45 million mph (72 million kph) and our planet's magnetic field then funnels the particles toward the poles. The supercharging of molecules in Earth's atmosphere triggers the colorful spectacles, which usually remain limited to areas near the poles at high latitudes for the aurora borealis (northern lights) and low latitudes for the aurora australis (southern lights). 

Posted on: Sep 21 09:48

 The leftist activist group Shout Your Abortion has posted six billboards across Interstate 55, which spans through five strongly pro-life states.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:48

The asteroid Dimorphos is behaving in unexpected ways after being hit with a NASA rocket last year, new data suggest.

Recent observations of the roughly 580-foot-wide (177 meters) space rock — which NASA intentionally crashed a spaceship into on Sept. 26, 2022, as part of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission — show that Dimorphos may be tumbling in its normally steady orbit around its parent asteroid Didymos, according to New Scientist. Dimorphos also appeared to be continuously slowing down in its orbit for at least a month after the rocket impact, contrary to NASA's predictions.

California high school teacher Jonathan Swift and his students first detected these unexpected changes while observing Dimorphos with their school's 2.3-foot (0.7 meter) telescope last fall. Several weeks after the DART impact, NASA announced that Dimorphos had slowed in its orbit around Didymos by about 33 minutes. However, when Swift and his students studied Dimorphos one month after the impact, the asteroid seemed to have slowed by an additional minute — suggesting it had been slowing continuously since the collision.

"The number we got was slightly larger, a change of 34 minutes," Swift told New Scientist. "That was inconsistent at an uncomfortable level."

Posted on: Sep 21 09:48

 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis unveiled his energy agenda during an event in Midland, Texas, on Wednesday, promising that his policies will bring back $2 gas and turn the United States into the world’s leading energy producer.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 09:47

 Federal officials have declared Yellowstone River fish too toxic for human consumption after a train derailment that occurred back in June.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:46

 A federal judge rejected a request from Hunter Biden’s legal team this week to allow the president’s son to make his arraignment on federal gun charges through a video conference instead of having to show up in person.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:46

In all of human history, has there ever been a society more gluttonous than our own?  We are addicted to sex, we are addicted to drugs, we are addicted to shopping, we are addicted to eating, we are addicted to entertainment, but our biggest addiction of all may be money.  Even though we were handed the keys to the greatest economic machine the world has ever seen, it was never enough for us.  We always had to have more, and so we have run up the largest single mountain of debt in the entire history of the planet.  If you can believe it, on Monday the size of the U.S. national debt crossed the 33 trillion dollar mark for the very first time


The U.S. national debt topped $33 trillion for the first time ever on Monday, crossing a critical milestone at a time when government spending is already under scrutiny.

The national debt – which measures what the U.S. owes its creditors — hit $33.04 trillion as of Monday afternoon, according to new data published by the Treasury Department. By comparison, just four decades ago, the national debt hovered around $907 billion.

I don’t know if I even have the words to describe how reckless our leaders have become.

It took from the founding of our nation all the way up to 1980 for the national debt to reach one trillion dollars.

But now we have added a trillion dollars to the national debt in just three months.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:40

Today, we called a variety of major American pharmacies to see what the cost of a new Covid “vaccine” would be without insurance.

For those with health insurance coverage, the shots cost next to nothing or nothing at all. However, the story is very different for the mRNA loyalists who remain uninsured.

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After the FDA approved their new mRNA shots, Pfizer set the list price at $120 per dose, while Moderna said their price came out to $129 per dose.

Sure, it’s absolutely insane that people are still getting injected with the mRNA Pharma sauce, but we wanted to know how much they’re being billed to make themselves sick with the hopes to fend off the Wuhan sniffles.

Here’s the numbers that major American pharmacies gave us when we called and asked what the cost of the new vaccine would come out to without insurance.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:39

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reportedly lost track of a significant number of its paid undercover informants present at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, as per a former bureau official's statement reported by the New York Post.

Steven D'Antuono, the former Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI's Washington Field Office, testified to the House Judiciary Committee that the agency had to resort to a "poll" to ascertain the exact number of "Confidential Human Sources" (CHSs) present at the Capitol protest.

In a letter dated Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R) voiced concerns regarding the bureau's management and vetting of its paid undercover informants. "We recently learned from a former senior FBI official that there was internal ambiguity about how many FBI CHSs were present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, so much so that the FBI had to put out a 'poll' to determine the exact number of FBI sources present that day," the committee informed Wray. The letter also revealed that "at least one FBI CHS was in communication with his handler that day as events unfolded."

Posted on: Sep 21 09:37

Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday warned that New York is “at capacity,” and urged newly arrived migrants to settle someplace else — as the Biden administration cleared the way for Venezuelan migrants to get work permits.

Hochul told NY1 that granting Temporary Protective Status to and expediting work permits for thousands of Venezuelans who entered the US before July 31 is “an important first step,” in getting expedited work status for all migrants.

But the governor warned that New York is “at capacity” and suggested that migrants who have arrived since July 31 consider other cities to settle in.

“We have to let people know that if you’re thinking of coming to New York, we are truly out of space,” she said.

“The mayor has done an extraordinary job managing this crisis situation. We have been partners in helping him, but there must be other cities that do not have upwards of 125,000 people, over 60,000 in shelters, that can handle the volume easier in other states.”

Posted on: Sep 21 09:34

New images obtained by Fox News Digital shed light on the Biden administration's planned ID for illegal immigrants, as officials look for ways to track the volume of migrants being released into the U.S.

Fox News, along with other outlets, reported last year on the ICE Secure Docket Card program last year, which Immigration and Customs Enforcement said will "modernize various forms of documentation provided to provisionally released noncitizens through a consistent, verifiable, secure card."

Migrants who arrive at the border illegally and are not removed but instead released into the interior are often given a number of documents depending on their situation. The images show a card with room for a photograph, a QR code and identifying information and security details, as well as the ICE logo in the top left corner.

Webmaster addition: Will those IDs allow the illegals to register to vote?

Posted on: Sep 21 09:33

The city of Denver has reached almost $25 million in costs in order to shelter immigrants as the number of illegals entering the United States continues to grow.

This marks the latest financial hit that liberal cities are encountering as they deal with the immigrant crisis.

Denver city officials declared in an email that the expenses for immigrant housing is approximately $24.8 million, which is $20 million more than what the city expected to spend within the last six months.

Therefore, the spending is up to $1,000 per immigrant each week.

In August, it was reported by Axios that Denver had spent over $23 million in relation to the immigrant crisis. However, the city’s dilemma was said to be stable as leaders worked to establish a plan on how to efficiently provide services to the asylum seekers.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:01

Baba, a mechanic from the West African nation of Mauritania threw himself to the ground and prayed seconds after squeezing through the steel fence at the Mexican border in Arizona

'Joe Biden opened the door for us,' he gleefully yelled as dusk fell and the migrants waited to be picked up and processed by U.S. authorities.

'I wanted to come here to be free. You cannot put a price on freedom,' added Baba, one of an increasing number of migrants from several African countries who are now joining the influx along the southern border.

But while Baba, 25, thanked Biden's border control policies for the chance of a new life in America, there is really one other person he should be showing his gratitude to.

That man is Daniel Ortega, the 77-year-old long-time strongman in Nicaragua, a close ally of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and an implacable foe of the United States which has imposed sanctions on his country.

Posted on: Sep 21 09:00

How would you like to live in Haiti? How about the Republic of Congo? What about present-day Sweden? What about Somalia? Ever consider immigrating to India? If your answer is no; why not? Do you have any reasons?

What about the fact that 70 percent of Indians do not have access to a toilet? Millions live in absolute poverty, malnutrition and misery. How about the fact that millions starve or die from AIDS over all of Africa? Could you live in Haiti where people go around killing one another as a matter of daily life?

The fact is: many countries in the world are one-step from living in the jungle. Simply put, humans step into the Darwin paradigm at the drop of a hat.

Look at Chicago! Last weekend, 24 people shot by 24 other people. Violent deaths by the hundreds in the Windy City! Is that not Third World? Are you noticing a precipitous decline in the viability of America? Do you see what’s causing it?

Writer Mark Lewis said, “Civilization” or “being civilized” are not terms that are wholly easy to define. Vagaries and degrees can exist; it would be hard to argue that any human being is totally “uncivilized” or that any human being (or culture) has a monopoly on the term. We tend to think of “civilized” societies as those who possess at least a modicum of decent behavior and progress. Perhaps “civilization” can best be defined—though possibly not with total accuracy—as a distinction between man and the animal kingdom, or in the word Durant used, the “jungle.”

“Animals—despite some idiotic Leftist claims today—don’t have morality, art, economic goals, religion, science—things that we have often considered to be representative of “civilized” societies. Some animals do, on occasion, show some features of what we might call “civilized” behavior, but such is not
planned by intelligence; it is wholly by instinct and a desire for self-preservation. The “jungle” isn’t “civilized” in any intelligent definition of the word. “Civilization” is an offshoot of humans created in the image of God, yet with a crucial, important conception: God gives man freedom of moral choice and thus the freedom to descend into barbarity and the jungle if we choose to do so.”

Posted on: Sep 21 08:59

Israeli forces closed crossing points with the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, leaving thousands of Palestinians unable to go to work in Israel and the occupied West Bank.

Israel announced last week that it would shut down the key Erez crossing for a "security assessment".

The move comes after a recent flare up of tensions along the separation fence, where Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian on 19 July, leaving 11 others wounded, according to the health ministry in Gaza.

The Israeli army says that hundreds of "rioters" have gathered near the fence and "a number of explosive devices were activated".

Posted on: Sep 21 08:55

As alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), a tick-borne disease that triggers an allergic reaction to red meat, sees a steep rise in cases, eyebrows are being raised over a coincidental alignment with research funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

AGS, first reported in Virginia in 2008, has seen an alarming increase over the past few years. According to a recent press release from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 450,000 people in the U.S. have tested positive for alpha-gal since 2010.

In 2021, the number of positive test results for AGS surged by 41.3% compared to 2017, and testing for alpha-gal peaked at 66,106 persons that year.

The same year, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a significant grant of $1,469,352 toward research into the Rhipicephalus microplus (“Asian blue”) tick. This tick is known to cause AGS, as verified by a publication in the ImmunoTargets and Therapy journal found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Posted on: Sep 21 08:54

WiFi is electromagnetic waves in the 2.4 and 5 GHz ranges. It’s the same thing as the light you see, only it can penetrate walls due to its much longer wavelength. Just like light (and echolocation) these waves also reflect off various surfaces and, when reconstructed properly, can be used to create an image.

Development of this technology goes back at least as far as July 2005, where researchers claimed at an IEEE Symposium that they had created an ultra-wideband high-resolution short pulse imaging radar system operating around 10 GHz. The applications for which were explicitly for military and police use, providing them with “enhanced situation awareness.”

A few years later, in 2008, researchers at UC Santa Barbara created an initial approach for imaging with WiFi that they presented at IEEE ACC 2009. A year later they demonstrated the feasibility of this approach.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:53

Washington and some NATO partners made a strong effort to see if Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky could be put on a peace track with Russia. The effort failed, and Zelensky’s visit to the UN and Washington is aimed at creating support to continue the war – in particular, achieving a commitment from Congress to approve another $24.9 billion in assistance and new weapons for Ukraine’s arsenal.  

Posted on: Sep 21 08:51

Writers and producers are near an agreement to end the Writers Guild of America strike after meeting face-to-face on Wednesday, people close to the negotiations told CNBC’s David Faber on Wednesday.

The two sides met and hope to finalize a deal Thursday, the sources said. While optimistic, the people told Faber, however, that if a deal is not reached the strike could last through the end of the year.

On Wednesday evening, the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers released a joint statement that the two groups met for bargaining and would negotiate again on Thursday. Representatives didn’t respond to requests for further comment.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:50

oe Biden has seemingly wandered off the UN stage without shaking hands with Brazil's Lula at the end of a joint speech.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 77, looked visibly irritated after the two leaders shared a stage to speak about their initiative to improve workers' rights in each country.

But their diplomatic meeting got off to a labored start when Biden, 80, shuffled into a seven-foot Brazilian flag, leaving it teetering as he approached the podium. 

The president made a rambling speech about his 'economic vision to rebuild our economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down' while Lula watched on from his right flank. 

Meanwhile, during Lula's speech Biden fumbled with his headset, which he was using to hear a translated version. 

Posted on: Sep 21 08:47

Global debt has surged to a staggering $307 trillion, marking an increase of $10 trillion in just the first half of 2023. This soaring debt level is ringing alarm bells and has pushed liabilities to record highs, up by an astonishing $100 trillion over the past decade. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we are on the brink of a monumental debt crisis.

S&P Global’s recent revelation that global debt has breached the $300 trillion mark for the first time in history is nothing short of jaw-dropping. To put it in perspective, this debt load represents a mind-boggling 349% of the world’s GDP. If this debt were evenly distributed among the global population, every man, woman, and child would bear a debt burden exceeding $36,000.

In essence, this is an incomprehensibly massive debt bomb, and the fuse has been ignited by inflation. The dynamics are interconnected: bond yields, among other factors, are influenced by inflation. As inflation made its way into the financial system in 2021, it was only a matter of time before bond yields started to rise.

Webmaster addition: See The 11th Marble!

Posted on: Sep 21 08:43

The Israel Police spokesperson suggested that Jews should carry weapons on Yom Kippur in a Tuesday press statement.

The recommendation came in a message regarding police preparedness as the approach of the Jewish High Holy Days brings increased security risk in a Tuesday press statement.

As part of the measures that the public should take, he emphasized was for citizens to carry weapons and be trained in their use.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:43

Rep. Thomas Massie accused Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday of lying during a House Judiciary Committee hearing about his knowledge of federal law enforcement activities during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Massie (R-Ky.) previously tangled with Garland in October 2021 over the same issue, questioning whether undercover FBI agents were present at the storming of the Capitol.

At the time, Massie showed video footage of then-Arizona Oath Keepers president Ray Epps, who had urged protesters on the eve of the “Stop the Steal” rally “to go into the Capitol” — but had never been charged.

The attorney general had replied he would “not comment on pending investigations,” per Justice Department policy.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:42

Shots were fired at the US Embassy in Lebanon on Wednesday evening, spokesperson Jake Nelson told Reuters. He added that no injuries were reported. 

“At 10:37 pm local time, small arms fire was reported in the vicinity of the entrance to the US embassy,” Nelson said.

“There were no injuries, and our facility is safe. We are in close contact with host country law enforcement authorities.”

The incident took place on the anniversary of the deadly suicide car bombing of one of the buildings belonging to the US diplomatic mission in Beirut in 1984. The attack carried out by Islamist militants claimed the lives of 23 people, including two Americans.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:40