"If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." -- George Washington

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Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are enjoying millions in taxpayer-funded grants to facilitate illegal immigration throughout the United States, Reps. Lance Gooden (R-TX) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) say.

In a letter to the National Board of Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), Gooden and Jordan demanded a full accounting for all taxpayer-funded grants that have been awarded to NGOs.

“The surge of illegal immigration, fueled in part by NGOs like those on the EFSP National Board is unsustainable and unfair to law-abiding citizens and immigrants alike,” Gooden said in a statement.

The EFSP was initially created to help homeless Americans.

Posted on: May 26 09:01

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) should not resign from office despite her health travails. So says twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who has cautioned her to stay on in the face of Republicans who would seek to block Democrats from filling a vacancy on the Judiciary Committee and stall President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees.

“Here’s the dilemma: The Republicans will not agree to add someone else to the Judiciary Committee if she retires,” Clinton laid out to Time magazine Monday during an interview with Charlotte Alter at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

“I want you to think about how crummy that is. So I don’t know what’s in her heart about whether she really would or wouldn’t, but right now, she can’t. Because if we’re going to get judges confirmed, which is one of the most important continuing obligations that we have, then we cannot afford to have her seat vacant.”

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New figures show the German economy suffered an unexpected dip in the first quarter of this year, putting the country formally into recession.

Data released Thursday by the Federal Statistical Office shows Germany’s gross domestic product, or GDP, down by 0.3% in the period from January to March. This follows a drop of 0.5% in Europe’s biggest economy during the last quarter of 2022. Two consecutive quarters of decline constitute a technical recession.

The figures are a blow to the German government, which last month boldly doubled its growth forecast for this year after a feared winter energy crunch failed to materialize. It said GDP will grow by 0.4% – up from a 0.2% expansion predicted in late January – a forecast that may now need to be revised downward.

Economists said high inflation hit consumer spending, with prices in April 7.2% higher than a year ago.

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Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is championing a populist-nationalist approach to the United States economy, vowing to impose tariffs on foreign imports to protect American workers and industries from unfair trade competition.

In a series of Twitter posts, Kennedy detailed the nation’s growing wealth inequalities whereby the very top earners — many of which are billionaires — have seen their share of income grow exponentially while the share of income among working- and middle-class Americans has steadily declined.

The breakdown of unions — in part, as a result of decades-long job-killing free trade policies — has coincided with growing income inequalities, Kennedy noted.

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Most of the world’s economies, including the United States, are rapidly ramping up to digitize their currency and ultimately end “paper cash” by creating a Central Bank Digital Currency (or CBDC for short).

Part of the “Great Reset” agenda is to eliminate or reduce untraceable and untaxable cash and crypto transactions and clear the way to establish national government-controlled digital currency.

The agenda is to get a CBDC in every country, get people used to it, and then connect those digital systems into a one-world digitized payment system.

Does this sound too far-fetched? Consider that the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors have already issued a white paper titled “Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation” as a “first step” in exploring the creation of a CBDC.

Make no mistake, a centralized digital currency is coming. President Biden has already sounded what many consider to be the paper dollar’s death knell when he signed Executive Order 14067, which calls for the implementation of a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency.

Posted on: May 26 08:52

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is aiming to strike a deal soon with the White House on raising the debt ceiling, he indicated to reporters Wednesday afternoon.

McCarthy said staff planned to meet at the White House “to try to finish up the negotiations” between House Republicans and President Joe Biden that day and made clear that spending cuts remain a condition of any debt ceiling hike.

The speaker also caveated that “there’s a number of places that we are still far apart.”

House Republicans passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act in April, which would raise the debt ceiling through early next year while drastically reducing spending. The bill’s provisions include blocking Biden’s student loan bailout, rescinding recent funding to the IRS, repealing climate-related parts of the Inflation Reduction Act, and expanding work requirements for welfare recipients.

The cuts are meant to help rein in government spending that, according to Republicans, has driven growth of the national debt, which stands at $31 trillion.

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Thirty years ago, billionaire financier George Soros articulated a plan for a “New World Order” that he wanted to promote through his philanthropic efforts.

I first came across Soros’s old essays when I was working on the biography of my mother-in-law, Rhoda Kadalie. She knew Soros from his work in South Africa. She broke with him later, but kept a few of his publications in her collection.

There are some interesting, long-lost gems. In one address in South Africa in 1994, for example, Soros amusingly admitted that he once pulled his funding out of that country because local activists seemed more interested in seizing his money than in producing results.

Today, Soros is presumed by his critics to be an evil manipulator intent on destroying society. Certainly some of the radical prosecutors he has backed, and the far-left groups funded by his Open Society Foundations, have earned him an infamous reputation, though it is debatable whether the 92-year-old is running his own operation anymore.

Regardless, thirty years ago at least, Soros seemed genuinely concerned about freedom.

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Shares in computer chip designer Nvidia soared this week, taking the company's valuation close to the trillion dollar mark.

The surge was sparked by its latest quarterly results which were released late on Wednesday. The company said it was raising production of chips to meet "surging demand".

Nvidia has come to dominate the market for chips used in artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Interest in that sector reached frenzied levels after ChatGPT went public last November, which sent a jolt well beyond the technology industry.

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Socialist Spain is leading the way in attempts to ban private messaging technology in the European Union, according to a leaked survey of member state opinions on encryption.

A leaked document from the European Council, originally obtained by the tech magazine Wired, which surveyed EU member states on the proposed law that would force messaging companies, like WhatsApp and Signal, to break their encryption and scan the content of private messages to supposedly stop the spread of child pornography.

The proposed legislation has been criticised by privacy rights campaigners as well as by tech experts, who say that it is not possible for encrypted messages to be ‘scanned’ by the providers as the very point of end-to-end messengers is that they are only visible to the parties involved, with even the provider itself being blocked from viewing the content. Therefore, the law would in reality force the companies to break their encrypted services.

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Even with all the protests and mentions of Nakba Day on social media, commemorating this horrific, sad event is nowhere near where it ought to be. Arguably one of the darkest and most awful chapters in the long history of Palestine, the Nakba needs to be fully commemorated in every capital in the world.

The politicization of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the consequent installment of an apartheid regime to govern it is such that few countries dare even to mention these crimes against humanity.

The full scope of the Nakba, a combination of several crimes against humanity, is yet to be understood.

To begin with, the Nakba is a tragedy that began over seventy-five years ago and continues in full force. Furthermore, the full extent of the crimes committed in the early Nakba, from 1947 to 1952, is still being uncovered.

The latest discovery was just published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. According to the article, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, ordered chemicals to be used to poison wells in Palestinian villages.

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The NAACP objects to Governor Ron DeSantis battling against full-woke politics being injected into every school, workplace, and nook and cranny of American life through biased courses on history and diversity training.

Meanwhile, black men, women, and children are dying in cities run by Democrats daily, and the NAACP doesn’t say a word about it.

Take Chicago, for example. The Windy City is a bloody mess. Under the leadership of former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, wokeness reigned so supreme that she refused to grant interviews to any reporter who didn’t win the intersectional sweepstakes. Outside her office, all over the city, murders went way up. Most of those killed were black, despite blacks not being a majority in the city. 

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Those who belong to the woke Left are held together by overlapping interests and shared passions. Not all wokesters support the same causes and certainly not with equal intensity. Thus, warriors against climate change like Karl Schwab and Bill Gates don’t often speak up for the sexual transitioning of children or call for allowing biological males claiming to be women to compete in female sports events. One can likewise read the racialist diatribes of Corey Bush, Ibram X. Kendi, or Al Sharpton without likely running into attacks on fossil fuels or gas stoves. The point is not that these allies never agree on anything. It is that their alliance is looser than some might imagine.

It also seems their collaboration is based mostly on what they loathe rather than what they like. Above all, these collaborators share a chief villain, whom all woke leftists can be counted on to hate, namely, a white male Christian, perhaps living in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s postal district and spewing politically incorrect speech, when he’s not reading the Bible or driving his gas-guzzling car.

It also seems necessary for all wokesters to have a large, intrusive state and ubiquitous surveillance agencies for keeping opposition in line. Equally useful, from their perspective, is a centralized educational system that requires compulsory attendance, except perhaps for designated victim groups, who may do as they like. We also supposedly need properly indoctrinated public educators to deal with all the “neo-Nazis,” or, as the Biden Administration classifies such types, “white nationalist terrorists.” While all elements of the woke Left seek to marginalize their shared enemies, some may also be eager to inflict violence on them. And they can do so while the media turn their collective back on the Left’s “peaceful protests.”

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Michael and Chantell Sackett have waited for well over a decade to learn whether the federal government would allow them to build a home on land they own. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

How is that possible in America? That’s easy. America might be “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave” in the national anthem, but it’s in the stranglehold of the administrative state everywhere else.

“Land” and “water” might be different to most people. Indeed, we have it on good, long-standing authority that they are and that their separate nature is “good.” Just read Genesis 1:9-10 (King James Version: “And God said, ‘Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear’ and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters He called the Seas, and God saw that it was good.”)

The Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mustn’t have read that. They claimed that the Sacketts’ land in Idaho is actually a “water of the United States” under the Clean Water Act, even though their land is not connected to an ocean, lake, river, or stream. Only a lawyer (or maybe a heathen) could make that argument.

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A source familiar with the ongoing talks between the White House and lawmakers from Capitol Hill told Fox News Digital the two sides had "not agreed" on any of the top line items or a one or two year extension of the debt limit as talks continued into Thursday night. 

According to the source, the two sides could not agree on any components until there was an agreement on defense and non-defense discretionary spending.

Other reports said the negotiating parties were nearing a deal on raising the debt limit and cutting spending as the talks continued.

The New York Times reported that the potential deal would provide a two-year increase in the debt limit and cap on all non-defense and veteran-related federal spending. Spending on the military and some veteran related care would increase next year, while non-defense spending would either fall or stay the same, the report said.

Posted on: May 26 08:40

President Joe Biden, writes Politico’s White House Bureau Chief Jonathan Lemire, “has prioritized deal-making throughout the debt ceiling talks. But with GOP obstinate, Biden is changing tactics.”

What in the hell is he talking about, you may wonder. Only last month, Lemire’s publication reported that Biden was “happy to meet” with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., but “not on whether or not the debt limit gets extended. That’s not negotiable.” (Italics mine.) That doesn’t sound like someone who’s “prioritized deal-making” on the debt ceiling.

Back in January, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was unequivocal in saying that “we will not be doing any negotiation over the debt ceiling.” On April 27, The Washington Post reported, “White House reiterates refusal to negotiate on debt limit as pressure mounts.”

Biden’s position was widely known and defended. A slew of columns from Democrats like Dan Pfeiffer, an adviser to former President Barack Obama, laid out why Biden shouldn’t negotiate with McCarthy. Lefty reporter Ronald Brownstein attempted to rationalize the “logic behind Biden’s refusal to negotiate the debt ceiling”—which, not that long ago, was called “obstructionism” or “nihilism.”

Posted on: May 26 08:39

A “doctrine of demons” is invading Christian churches across America, twisting the Bible to advance leftist ideologies that divide people, warns a pastor and author of the book “Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity.”

“I think it is a doctrine of demons,” Lucas Miles, pastor of Nfluence Church in Granger, Indiana, told “The Daily Signal Podcast” at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando on Monday. “I mean, its intention is to divide people.”

He warns that “woke Christianity” or “progressive Christianity” or “the Christian Left” boils down to a false version of the faith, tracing back to a Marxist substructure” that reframes the faith in terms of oppressors and oppressed.

But wokeism, it’s antithetical to Christianity,” Miles said.

He recalls seeing the website for the Black Lives Matter movement, which promoted transgender activism and the abolition of the nuclear family.

Posted on: May 26 08:36

What exactly is America supposed to be these days?

We are told the US evolved from a ‘white supremacist’ republic to an inclusive imperium of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. If so, why are Jewish Demands at the front and center of American Policy?

In truth, the US went from ‘white supremacy’ to ‘Jewish supremacy’, but with the great majority hoodwinked as to the nature of the game. Just ask the Palestinians. If you support BDS, you can’t rise up the ladder(or even hold a low-level job in some states). Palestinian interests sit way in the back of the bus while Jewish Power not only sits up front but steers the bus and owns the bus company. It’s the difference between heaven and earth.

It’s true that US institutions and industries are now more open to all kinds of people, and meritocracy can favor nonwhites over whites(though blacks are favored on identity alone, a kind of ‘inheritocracy’), but mere ability doesn’t cut it(and ability + integrity even less so). As Jews control the gods, the sacraments and taboos of the current order, you have to prove yourself worthy before the altars of Zion and the ‘wokeness’.

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration will be sending a newly created team of street outreach workers to Chicago neighborhoods during the Memorial Day weekend to help with the city’s violence prevention efforts.

The workers are with the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Citywide Crisis Prevention & Response Unit, whose goal is to address street conflicts through mediation and de-escalation.

According to the governor’s office, the unit will send out over 30 workers — whom the state is calling “peacekeepers” — to various neighborhoods. The unit will work with community groups and various city and state agencies on the violence prevention efforts.

The announcement of the strategy comes ahead of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, the unofficial start to summer and a time of year when Chicago has historically seen especially high tallies of shootings.

Webmaster addition: The optics are good, but the reality will probably be disappointing.

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A 16-year-old boy was arrested after he allegedly fired a handgun outside of Washburn High School while police were responding to a stabbing in the auditorium a few minutes earlier.

A large number of officers responded around just before 8 p.m. to 911 calls about a “large fight” in the auditorium of the south Minneapolis school, Police Chief Brian O’Hara told reporters at the scene.

A teenage boy, also 16, was found with a non-life-threatening stab wound to the lower back.


Posted on: May 26 08:33

A high school located in Texas has been forced to postpone its commencement after just 15 percent of the senior class reached the requirements to graduate. 

In a letter sent to parents and families, Marlin ISD Superintendent Darryl Henson said most seniors did not make the cut due to low grades and attendance records. 

District officials have postponed the ceremony to June in order to give students the time to catch up and hopefully check the boxes needed to obtain their diplomas. 

'As a school district, we really want to make sure we're making the best decision in the interest of all children,' Henson told KCEN News

The postponement of the major ceremony comes after the district had already announced a four-day school week aimed at increasing attendance. 

Posted on: May 26 08:33

Advocates recently promoted legislation to clear a controversial New York Police Department of Investigation (DOI) database that they argue keeps tabs on predominately Black and Brown residents in New York.

The G.A.N.G.S. coalition (Grassroots Advocates for Neighborhood Groups and Solutions coalition) gathered at a recent news conference to call for abolishing the database used to unfairly collect information on youth in New York City, and to prohibit any such information from being gathered in the future. Members of the coalition consisted of lawyers from the Legal Aid Society, Legal Defense Fund, Immigrant Defense Fund, Red Hook Initiative, and other counsel and activists.

Iesha Sekou, a Harlem resident, Street Corner Resources founder and activist, summarized that Black and Latino youth being targeted is a violation of their rights. “It is impacting not only for our kids to get jobs, starting careers, but also training, housing, and getting into colleges, because when they do a background check these names are displayed in the gang database, and that’s why it should be cleared. This gang database puts predominately Black and Latino men at a disadvantage to get work or to sustain themselves,” she said. Of the approximately 16,000 people registered in the database, 11,221 are Black and 4,729 are Latino.

Posted on: May 26 08:32

Time and time and time again, insouciant Americans allow the presstitutes to brainwash, indoctrinate, and deceive them. Afterwards they, or some of them, eventually catch on. But despite lesson learned, another precedent that erodes truth and liberty has been established. And despite lesson learned they will sit in front of their TV screens for their next brainwashing and indoctrination by the presstitutes who serve the ruling oligarchy by deceiving Americans. My voice is that of one; theirs are many.

We don’t have to go far back in time, just the adult lifetime of the current older American generation to list deception after deception.

Webmaster addition: Present company excepted, of course! :)

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JPMorgan has laid off 1,000 First Republic Bank employees three weeks after buying out the collapsed firm.

Terminated bank employees were notified on Thursday during a four-minute scripted phone call that they were being laid off with a severance package that included additional pay and benefits for 60 days, a source told Reuters. 

The other 85 percent of the remaining 7,000 of First Republic Bank employees were offered temporary full-time and transitional roles for up to 12 months.

First Republic Bank was the third to fail in March following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, as investors and depositors became worried the bank wouldn't survive as an independent entity.

Posted on: May 26 08:27

The University of California system and leaders at UC Santa Cruz face a lawsuit over forcing people to submit a DEI statement with their application. From The College Fix:

The Pacific Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit on behalf of J.D. Haltigan, a former University of Toronto psychology professor, who argues the university’s DEI statement requirement runs afoul of the First Amendment because it requires Haltigan “to express ideas with which he disagrees in order to be eligible for employment.”

The lawsuit states UC Santa Cruz applicants “must express agreement with specific socio-political ideas, including the view that treating individuals differently based on their race or sex is desirable.”

But Haltigan’s support of colorblind inclusivity, viewpoint diversity and merit-based evaluations stands against UC Santa Cruz’s publicly stated progressive stances and policies, it alleges.

Posted on: May 26 08:27

Do you want to get a Bachelor’s degree at UConn? You must pass the Anti-Black Racism class. From Campus Reform:

Provost Anne D’Alleva announced on May 17 that the requirement will go into effect during the 2024-2025 academic year with a course that will be similar to the one-credit ABR elective that has been offered since 2021.

“An education at our university must provide many opportunities to confront the history and current reality of injustice and human rights abuses, and we expect our students to be leaders in creating a more just and equitable world. ABR and the curricular changes that are in development are a powerful point of departure from the status quo,” D’Alleva stated.

Posted on: May 26 08:22

The NAACP is on high alert — a Republican governor, with an unabashedly conservative agenda and some chance of winning, is running for president. 

It has duly sprung into action with a travel advisory warning people what they’re getting into if they take the risk of visiting Florida’s sunny beaches or world-class attractions.

“Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals,” the statement says.

Posted on: May 26 08:21

Russia will launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike if the West provides Ukraine with nukes, one of Vladimir Putin's closest aides has said in a sinister warning.

Russia's former president Dmitry Medvedev said the West is failing to grasp Putin's willingness to bring about a nuclear Armageddon.

A ranting Medvedev also warned that the Ukraine war could last for 'decades', with long periods of fighting interspersed by truces.

Medvedev - now deputy head of Putin's security council - warned that the war has escalated further with Ukraine receiving warplanes, such as US F-16s, and 'maybe even nuclear weapons'.

'There are some irreversible rules of war,' he said on a trip to Vietnam. 'If it comes to [deliveries of] nuclear weapons [to Ukraine], a preemptive strike will have to be carried out.'

Posted on: May 26 08:20

Jill Biden was left in the quiet and begging for a reaction after a tough crowd failed to respond as the First Lady hoped. 

Biden, 71, spoke at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education Thursday when she suffered the gaffe while talking about uniting the right and left. 

'I’ve visited red states and blue states and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions,' she said, which was followed by silence. 

A flash of confusion crossed the First Lady's face before she took the awkward silence with stride and joked: 'And, um, I thought you might clap for that.' 

Posted on: May 26 08:19